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Topbar+ v1 (deprecated) | Add additional functionality and themes to your topbar


Topbar+ is a lightweight application that expands upon Roblox’s topbar to give you greater control and customisability.

  • Add and remove topbar icons with ease
  • Customise the design of your icons with themes
  • Enhance the default toggle behaviour
  • Easily configure toggle menus for your icons
  • Prompt notifications ()

First look

Creating an icon is simple as:

Utilising Topbar+ and the features highlighted below, we can create beautiful and intuitive topbars in minutes, fully supported on PC, mobile and console:

topbar+ example


By default, Topbar+ mimics the standard Roblox topbar. Themes provide you with the ability to enhance the design and behaviour of this.

‘Soft Blue’ Example


’Rainbow Pop’ Example


Toggle Menus

Easily connect GuiObjects to appear and hide when toggled:




Dropdowns are simple-to-setup menus that by default appear when an icon is right-clicked on PC or long-pressed on mobile:

This default behaviour is configurable using .

For instance, the following settings will bind the dropdown to its icon when toggled and modify the default click-and-hide behaviour:

(Original behaviour left, modified behaviour right)


Cell Size & Alignment Support


Console Support

Customisable Corners


Installing & Using

To learn how to install and use Topbar+, visit the about section of the docs: https://1foreverhd.github.io/HDAdmin/projects/topbarplus/about/#example

See For Yourself!

You can play around with an open source example here:


Topbar+ is actively maintained by the HD Admin Team; feel free to report bugs, suggest features and make pull requests at our repository.

Sours: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/topbar-v1-deprecated-add-additional-functionality-and-themes-to-your-topbar/573313

Pastel Rainbow Theme for Roblox


by NerdyNarwhal

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Install with Stylish


Applies to:


🌈Hello this theme contains the following 🌈
- pastel rainbow shifting gif background
- pastel rainbow border
- blue/purple chat button
- pastel rainbow play button
- pastel rainbow gif background in avatar editor
- roblox icon is now a pastel heart with a white background
(everything is editable if you please and if there's any problems let me know!)

SIDE NOTE: I will say that this isn't the best theme I've made and you should really check out the others. This is literally pure pastel rainbow you've been warned. If you want to remove it and don't know how contact me via instagram.

insta: nerdynarwhalstylish

Notes from latest update:

PLEASE READ: unfortunately I wasn't able to restrict the coding to just roblox so the "theme" will carry on through all websites if you don't want this then follow these instructions.

1) Go to roblox.com
2) Access your chrome extensions and click on stylish
3) Click on installed and look for this theme (if it doesn't show up try again)
4) Click on the pencil icon below the theme (you should now see a bunch of coding)
5) At the bottom look for a thing that says "applies to", then click "specify"
6) Change "URL" to "URL starting with", then in the empty box type "https://www.roblox.com"
7) Click "add" (it's right next to the URL place and remove, at the bottom right)
8) Change "URL" to "URL starting with", then in the empty box type "https://web.roblox.com"
9) D O N E ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Install style as userscript


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Sours: https://userstyles.org/styles/203686/pastel-rainbow-theme-for-roblox
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The Rainbow UI is a cosmetic that enhances the menu interface located at the top of the screen. When activated, the colors of the menu turns into an rainbow/RGB animation. This rainbow animation will continue to cycle until the user disables it by clicking on the same button. This mechanic is similar to that of the Sybaritic Gloveand the rainbow animation it has.

The gamepass is currently offsale and can't be obtained currently.


In order to use this feature, simply click on the gradient square located directly under the SAVE POSITION HOTKEY button. To turn it off, click the same button.




Rainbow UI icon.


The Rainbow UI button.


Rainbow animation.

Sours: https://parkour-roblox.fandom.com/wiki/Rainbow_UI
roblox PLEASE stop this i BEG OF YOU

Rainbow Title + Fonts

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Official Rolimon's Social Media Accounts
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