2016 mustang gt problems

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Ford Mustang 2016 Problems

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  • Sours: https://www.carsguide.com.au/ford/mustang/problems/2016

    The Ford Mustang has been a big seller since the company created it back in the 1960s. Since its debut, it’s seen many upgrades, new styles, and new equipment. As popular as it’s been, though, it’s still had a few off years that caused many headaches for owners.

    The 2015 and 2016 models are two years where Ford didn’t meet customers’ expectations. The issues that plagued them weren’t major, but they were enough to cause more trouble than they’re worth, according to the complaints of Mustang owners. Consumer Reports shows the three areas that earned the Mustang a one out of five rating from owners when it comes to the Mustang’s reliability.

    The Ford Mustang’s in-car electronics

    Rearview cameras let you know if anyone or anything is behind your vehicle while backing up so that you can avoid an accident. It’s a wonderful feature any vehicle should have, at least when it works. The 2015 and 2016 models of the Ford Mustang both experienced problems with the camera.

    Some owners found that the display screen would intermittently freeze-up on them, rendering the feature useless. Others found the screen would suddenly go blank when the car went in reverse.

    In some cases, the problem occurred along with a few others. The satellite radio and a trunk lamp will also cause problems. After several trips to the dealer, some owners finally got answers to the problem. A wire harness, located in the trunk lid, would get damaged, making the devices connected to it faulty. Fixing the wires took care of that issue, but some owners had to have their cameras replaced instead.

    Climate system problems

    One of the biggest known issues that the Ford Motor Company was aware of has to do with an air conditioner that stops blowing cold air. While this problem is nothing new with other cars, it usually isn’t seen until about 100,000 miles or so. These Ford Mustang models often began having that problem at a very low mileage.

    Various repairs were given, such as replacing the coolant and the condenser. Most of the time the issue was covered under warranty, but it was still a hassle for drivers to have to leave their cars at the dealer while they fixed it.

    Eventually, they determined that the evaporator was the culprit and a replacement was necessary. Ford sent out a service bulletin for the proper repair when many complaints about the same problem started pouring in. The repair seemed like good news for Mustang owners, but that turned out to be short-lived for some people because they found themselves dealing with the same problem again about a year or so later after only a few thousand miles.

    The Ford Mustang’s body integrity issues

    The two main body problems people reported with their Ford Mustangs are leaking water and a back window issue. Owners complained that every time it rains, they would find water puddles in the footwell behind the driver’s seat or sometimes the passenger seat. Finding out the cause of the leaking water took several months for most people.

    Some, though, figured out that water was slipping into the body frame through poorly sealed holes in the door frames. The water would slip into those holes and travel toward the rear of the vehicle, but it would exit through the chassis into the inside of the footwells instead of through the drains in the back. The carpeting would soak up some of the water, but the rest just puddled there.

    The back window turned out to be another huge headache for some Mustang owners. Drivers found that when they rolled up that window after having it down, it wouldn’t go up all the way. They noticed it would stop with about an inch gap.

    The design of the windows in the Mustang makes this problem even worse because that gap would be extremely noticeable, and it left an opening between the front window and the back. Not only did it look ugly that way, but it would also essentially allow rainwater to leak into the interior. To fix the issue, the door would have to be taken apart to pinpoint the exact cause.

    These are generally small problems that don’t affect how the car drives, but owners became tired of having to take their cars in for repair, which, at times, would take a week or two. Some felt that they were without their car more than they were with it, which is unfortunate. The Ford Mustang is a classic car and a thrill to drive. When you drop a lot of money on one, the last thing you want to do is part with it for a couple of weeks a few times a year.

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