C7 corvette black tail lights

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C7 Corvette Molded Acrylic Taillight Blackout Lens Package

Adding a set of taillight blackouts is a great way to personalize your Corvette. However, with the new C7 Corvette a simple flat piece of acrylic plastic would no longer work they would have to be custom molded. Until now those molded blackouts for the C7 Corvette have been really expensive. We here at Southern Car Parts have been working with our suppliers to make a set of great looking blackout for the C7 Corvette that will not break the bank or look like it was made in somebody's garage. 

Our molded acrylic taillight blackout package is just what you have been looking for. Each piece is molded in a die to fit the exact size, shape, and contour of your factory tail lamps. These molded acrylic blackouts fit so precise they look like they were installed at the factory. The edges of our blackouts are flame finished for a smooth edge. Each C7 Corvette taillight blackout comes pre-taped with 3M VHB, Clear adhesive. This clear tape cannot be seen when these blackouts are installed on your Corvette. Our taillight blackout package comes with a complete set of four covers, one for the driver outer lamp, driver inner lamp, passenger outer lamp, and passenger inner lamp. 

 Shown below on a granite counter top you can see how much light will show through the blackouts. Rest assured the people following your car will have no problems seeing your taillights when you press on your brakes.

C7 Corvette Molded Acrylic Tail Lights See Through Design

 Below you can see the back side of one of the taillamp blackouts. To install simply clean your C7 Corvette with our provided alcohol swabs, allow to fully dry for five to ten minutes. Peel off the backing of the tape and then install your new blackout lens cover. 

C7 Corvette Z06 Clear Taillight lens blackouts

Application: , , , , , C7 Corvette, Z06 and Grand Sport

Sours: https://www.southerncarparts.com/c7-corvette-molded-acrylic-taillight-blackout-lens-package.html
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Sours: http://www.eastcoastvette.com/ccorvette-blackout-kits.aspx
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Molded Acrylic Tail light Blackout Lens Package for C7 Corvette

Product Description


Blacking out your tail lights has became a great modification on any car. The Corvette is no different, the problem is finding the right blackout kit. Some don't look right, some will break once you take them out of the box. With our molded acrylic blackout kit you are getting the correct size and shape of your C7 tail lights. These are very easy to install just clean off your tail light and allow it to dry and then apply with the 3M VHB tape that you can't see after you install the blackouts. Another problem when blacking out your tail lights is being able to see the brake lights through them. With ours the brake light is clearly visible when you are applying your breaks.

This molded grille blackout will fit all C7 Corvette base models. Models with dual camera will be required to slide the blackout between the grille and camera.



  • C7 Corvette Z06 and Grand Sport

Installation Difficulty


Installation Difficulty 2

Sours: https://www.pfyc.com/mm5/
RPI Designs 2014-2017 C7 Taillight Tint Cover Install!

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Black c7 lights corvette tail

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