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Skyrim: 15 Tips To Get Off To A Good Start As A Beginner

It goes without saying that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most legendary games of all time, and one need only look at its legacy to understand why this is the case. Bethesda Studios definitely met the hype — and more — after releasing a title that is widely considered by many to be one of the greatest open-world games of all time.

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The game has been released on pretty much every system imaginable, so more and more gamers are able to try out a game that has attained such critical and commercial acclaim over the past decade. That being said, people who are just trying out an Elder Scrolls game could possibly be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options at their disposal. So, keeping this in mind, here are a few tips for these beginners, so that their start isn't all that rocky.

Updated April 15th, by Ritwik Mitra: Skyrim's staying power in the gaming landscape is truly impressive. One need only look at the sheer level of people who are still getting into the game to this day to understand how beloved and popular this game really is. For all these beginners who want their new game to be as optimal as possible, here are a number of tips and tricks to keep in mind. Following these pointers will ensure that players don't end up getting stuck between a rock and a hard place early on.

Start Amassing A Fortune

The first and foremost thing to be noted in Skyrim is that the player can take and sell pretty much anything at their disposal. Near the start of the game when money is a pressing requirement, it becomes imperative to abuse this system and clear out merchants so that monetary problems don't come in the way of the player's enjoyment.

Whether this is done by looting bandit caves or stealing from innocents, rest assured that the end result will more than make up for the moral ramifications of the player's actions.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

That being said, raiding and stealing can only be done to an extent. After a point, the player needs to ensure that they don't end up falling prey to their own greed.

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A great example of this are the Giants. While it might seem tantalizing to take on these massive enemies and loot everything they possess, keep in mind that lower-level players will be wiped out in one shot from these imposing foes.

Quicksaving Is Of The Essence

That being said, there's no denying the fact that people should definitely experience everything in Skyrim at least once before settling upon the safest course of action. That is part of the magic, after all.

Make sure to quicksave before heading towards certain doom. This can even include exploring dangerous locations in general, especially at lower levels. There's no greater frustration than losing progress because of a poorly thought-out decision, or a highly challenging enemy ambush that came out of nowhere.

Stealth Is Your Best Friend

Thankfully, not every combat encounter needs to be faced head-on — a player who wants to be silent but deadly can do the same by abusing Skyrim's stealth system.

The fact that most people end up becoming a stealth archer a few hours into their playthrough is a meme for all the right reasons. It's just way easier to wipe out scores of enemies without even revealing oneself.

Diversify Your Combat Skills

That being said, being a stealth archer isn't the only skill that should be at a player's disposal. Skyrim's combat isn't exactly its most engaging part, so players should try to maximize their fun by utilizing everything in their arsenal.

There are plenty of ways to fight whether it be in the form of dual-wielding weapons or a mix of magic and melee. There's enough diversity in Skyrim to satisfy fans who are hard to please in this department.

Never Stop Exploring Every Nook And Cranny Of The Map

Some might argue that exploring Skyrim early on might not be the greatest idea in the world, due to dangerous enemies. However, only by doing this will the player actually grow and fall in love with Skyrim.

Even if there is anything in the world that is level-gated, rest assured that the player will have ample time to come back to these spots. In doing so, they'll discover what they couldn't before.

Use Horses To Climb Steep Cliffs

There are times when players will be exploring the map, only to stumble upon a rather steep terrain. Such areas may simply not be traversable, regardless of how hard people try to jump their way through it.

In these moments, it's better to bring a horse that can traverse these cliffs with greater ease. Just keep in mind that one mistimed jump can lead to the player's doom. This is is why players are better off quicksaving frequently while trying to cross these treacherous steep cliffs.

Use (But Don't Abuse) The Fast Travel Mechanic

Exploring the map can be exhilarating. However, there are times when walking around can prove quite boring after a while.

Thankfully, this boredom can be averted by using the fast travel mechanic to quicken the pace of any main or side quests that the player might be in the middle of. Just remember that Skyrim is still a game that focuses on exploration. Abusing the fast travel mechanic can definitely take away from the overall experience.

Sprinting Economically Is The Best Way To Travel Quickly

While it's great to travel on a horse, most people would be traveling on foot in Skyrim. This makes it imperative to optimize foot travel, and avoid getting frustrated with the limited speed of this movement.

There's a simple solution here — sprinting. However, this doesn't mean players should sprint mindlessly. Instead, players should stop their sprints right before the stamina bar depletes so that players can recover their stamina quickly. This allows them to start another sprint without wasting too much time.

Don't Ignore The Effect Of Potions

Potions are the unsung hero of Skyrim. Glugging down one of these concoctions can provide a huge array of useful benefits.

While players might be more than familiar with the restorative Potions, one shouldn't ignore the wealth of other potions. These can help turn the tide of battle or get rid of any other pesky blockades in the player's way.

Never Stay Stagnant When It Comes To Equipment

As is the case with any RPG, the loot that the player gets can prove to be infinitely valuable in the world of Skyrim. It vastly improves their chances of surviving a particularly tough encounter.

So, it only goes without saying that players should ideally ensure that they never fall behind the equipment curve and are always decked out for any possible situation. Plus, the player often looks way cooler with upgraded pieces of equipment.

Don't Grab Everything In Sight

As is the case with most RPGs, Skyrim features a weight limit. This can get rather annoying to manage at times. For people who don't want their loot to slow them down at inopportune moments, there's a simple solution.

Players should carefully pick and choose the items that they want to carry around. Not only will this prevent the player from carrying useless items, but it'll also allow them to loot more items in their journeys before getting over-encumbered.

Talk To Maramal At The Temple Of Mara To Marry Someone

Skyrim is a place full of opportunities. The Dragonborn can even get married if they wish. However, the process can be slightly confusing for new players. Simply go to the Temple of Mara in Riften and talk to the priest Maramal. After a brief conversation, the player can ask how to get married. Maramal will disclose the details before offering an Amulet of Mara to the player. While wearing this amulet, players can approach certain characters with whom they have a positive disposition, to ask for their hand in marriage.

Players can secure the Amulet of Mara through other mean. However, they must have the conversation with Maramal in order to unlock the option for marriage.

Discover Every Single Questline Possible

A big part of what makes Skyrim so special is the sheer number of quests the player can get lost in. So, it only goes without saying that the main quest — while important — should not be the priority all the time.

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This is why it's important for players to discover as many side quests as possible to freshen up the overall experience and make it actually seem like they're adventuring across these Nordic lands.

Get Mods That Fit In With A Vanilla Experience

But of course, it would be impossible to talk about Skyrim without mentioning the whole host of mods that elevate the overall experience to quite an extent.

That being said, keep in mind that some mods can certainly end up changing the overall game just a tad too much for most people's liking. If the player is trying out Skyrim for the first time, it's imperative to not fall off the deep end. Don't download so many mods that the game becomes utterly unrecognizable from what it used to be.

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How to get married in Skyrim

As Bethesda&#;s most popular console title, with 30 million copies sold, Skyrim still attracts new players in while retaining old fans from Skyrim&#;s lure is limitlessness; players can do anything, even get married and adopt kids. Are you tired of sucking up dragon souls and slaying giants? Maybe it&#;s time to settle down in a cozy cottage in Eastmarch with the love of your life and some children to raise. This guide will focus on how to get married in Skyrim and all the blissful bells and whistles that it brings.

How does marriage work in Skyrim?

A house in Skyrim built with Hearthstone DLC.

Getting married in Skyrim is pretty easy, especially for the Dragonborn. Hopefully, the children inherit their Dragonborn parent&#;s genes. You can marry more than 60 different NPCs across the land, each with a prerequisite that must be met. Once married, you and your partner will go into business together, opening up a small trade shop from wherever you call home. Don&#;t worry; your spouse will do all the work. All you have to do is ask for your share of gold every 24 in-game hours. This gold accumulates, so if you&#;re away from Morndas to Turdas, you can still collect everything you missed. You can even sell extra junk to them.

To get married in Skyrim, you need to obtain the Amulet of Mara and speak with Maramal in Riften. Then, approach the NPC you wish to marry. You must complete their prerequisite quest before the dialogue option shows up. Propose to them and conduct the wedding ceremony. Choose one of your many estates to start your family and finally enjoy the perks of married life. So, how does the Dragonborn do all that? We wonder if deep-space marriage will be a thing in Starfield, Bethesda&#;s next big undertaking.

How to obtain Amulet of Mara

The Amulet of Mara is easy to come by, and there are several sprinkled throughout the game. There&#;s probably one sitting in your inventory right now. To kill two mudcrabs with one stone, head to Riften and speak with Maramal, a Redguard priest and member of the Cult of Mara. You can find him at the Bee and Barb (when you first arrive in Riften) or at the Temple of Mara. He&#;ll sell you an Amulet of Mara for gold. Then, ask him about marriage.

Speaking with Maramal is a crucial step in the marriage process, so getting an Amulet from him is the easiest way to do it. Think of the Amulet like an engagement ring, only much less expensive.

Alternatively, players can find an Amulet of Mara in random chests and play areas. You&#;ll find one north of Dawnstar, on a beach inside the Lover&#;s Tent. The location is unmarked but hard to miss. It&#;s right behind the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, which leads us to believe these two &#;lovers&#; fell victim to the Brotherhood.

Finally, players can complete &#;The Book of Love&#; quest. Start this quest in the Temple of Mara by speaking to Dinya Balu.

How to propose

With the Amulet of Mara draped around the Dragonborn&#;s neck, you&#;re ready to drop to one knee and propose to the man or woman of your dreams. As long as you&#;ve completed their quest (listed below), you can ask them to marry you. Once they&#;ve accepted your proposal, it&#;s time to head back to Riften to plan the wedding.

How to conduct the wedding ceremony

Maramal from The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Speak with Maramal and make plans to conduct the wedding ceremony. However, Maramal doesn&#;t give a specific time for the wedding ceremony, and you can miss it. The easiest way not to miss your wedding is to stay in the Temple of Mara and wait for an hour at a time. Make sure &#;attend your wedding ceremony&#; is set as the active quest. Keep waiting for one-hour periods until the white quest marker appears over Maramal&#;s head. Then, approach the altar.

Maramal will conduct the ceremony, and you may even see some old friends from the past in attendance. On the off chance that you miss the wedding, you can approach your fiancé and Maramal and ask for a second chance. The wedding will then be held the next day. Waiting for one-hour periods in the Temple of Mara shouldn&#;t backfire for any reason.

Perks of married life

After the ceremony, your spouse will ask about where the two of you will live. You will have the option to choose any of the homes you currently own. You can also build yourself a home with the Hearthstone DLC. Your new spouse will meet you wherever you choose, and you&#;re free to move at any time. Don&#;t own a home? No worries, you can move in with your spouse.

Once per day, you can ask your spouse to make you a Home Cooked Meal, which will boost your Health, Stamina, and Magicka regeneration by 25% for 10 minutes. Sleeping in the same house as your spouse will give you a daily bonus called Lover&#;s Comfort, which boosts your skill learning speed by 15% for eight hours. This boost does not work if the Lover Stone is active.

Who can you marry in Skyrim?

Lydia from The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

If all the above perks of married sound intriguing to you, it&#;s time to decide on a spouse. Here&#;s a full list of everyone you can marry in Skyrim, along with their location and prerequisites.

Female marriage options in Skyrim

  • Aela the Huntress: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun &#; Complete the Companions&#; questline.
  • Aeri: Anga&#;s Mill, The Pale &#; Chop firewood with her.
  • Anween: Temple of Dibella, Markarth &#; Complete “The Heart of Dibella.”
  • Avrusa Sarethi: Sarethi Farm, The Rift &#; collect 20 Jazbay Grapes
  • Borgakh the Steel Heart: Mor Khazgur, Haafingar &#; Pay her dowry or convince her to leave her home.
  • Brelyna Maryon: College of Winterhold &#; Complete &#;Brelyna&#;s Practice.&#;
  • Camilla Valerius: Riverwood Trader, Riverwood &#; Complete &#;The Golden Claw.&#;
  • Dravynea the Stoneweaver: Kynesgrove, Eastmarch &#; Give her Frost Salts.
  • Ghorza gra-Bagol: Blacksmith Shed, Markarth &#; Find and give her with The Last Scabbard of Akrash (Book).
  • Gilfre: Mixwater Mill, Eastmarch &#; Chop firewood with her.
  • Hilund: Bujold’s Retreat or Thirsk Mead Hall &#; Complete “Retaking Thirsk&#; and then collect 50 Reikling Spears.
  • Iona: Honeyside, Riften &#; Become the Thane of The Rift.
  • Jenassa: The Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun: Hire her.
  • Jordis the Sword-Maiden: Proudspire Manor, Solitude &#; Become the Thane of Solitude.
  • Lydia: Whiterun &#; Become the Thane of Whiterun. (You must buy the Breezehome.)
  • Mjoll the Lioness: Riften &#; Retrieve her sword from Mzinchaleft.
  • Morwen: Skaal Village &#; Free the Skaal after you deliver her mother&#;s amulet to Runil in Falkreath.
  • Muiri: The Hag&#;s Cure, Markarth &#; Complete &#;Mourning Never Comes,” and kill both targets.
  • Njada Stonearm: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun &#; Complete the Companions’ story arc.
  • Orla: Temple of Dibella, Markarth &#; Complete &#;The Heart of Dibella.&#;
  • Rayya: Lakeview Manor, Falkrieth &#; Become the Thane of Falkreath then buy Lakeview Manor.
  • Ria: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun &#; Complete The Companions’ story arc.
  • Senna: Temple of Dibella, Markarth &#; Complete “The Heart of Dibella.”
  • Shahvee: Argonian Assemblage, Windhelm &#; Recover her lost Amulet of Zenithar and return it to her.
  • Sylgja: Shor&#;s Stone, The Rift &#; Return her Satchel to her father in Darkwater crossing.
  • Taarie: Solitude &#; Complete &#;Fit for a Jarl,” and invest in Radiant Raiment. (You must have Investment perk in the Speech tree.)
  • Temba Wide-Arm: Ivarstead, The Rift &#; Give her 10 Bear Pelts.
  • Uthgerd the Unbroken: The Bannered Mare, Whiterun &#; Beat her in a brawl.
  • Viola Giordano: Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm &#; Rat out Viola during Revyn Sadri’s favor.
  • Ysolda: Whiterun &#; Give her a Mammoth Tusk.

Male marriage options in Skyrim

  • Ainethach: Karthwasten, The Reach &#; Get the Silver-Blood Thugs to leave his mine.
  • Angrenor Once-Honored: Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm &#; Give him a gold piece.
  • Argis the Bulwark: Vlindrel Hall, Markarth &#; Become the Thane of Markarth.
  • Athis: Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, Whiterun &#; Complete the Companions&#; story arc.
  • Balimund: The Scorched Hammer, Riften &#; Give him 10 Fire Salts.
  • Belrand: The Winking Skeever, Solitude &#; Hire him.
  • Benor: Morthal &#; Beat him in a brawl.
  • Calder: Hjerim, Windhelm &#; Become the Thane of Eastmarch.
  • Cosnach: Silver-Blood Inn, Markarth &#; Beat him in a brawl.
  • Derkeethus: Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch &#; Rescue him.
  • Farkas: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun &#; Complete the Companions&#; story arc.
  • Filnjar: Shor&#;s Stone, The Rift &#; Complete the &#;Mine or Yours&#; quest.
  • Gat gro-Shargakh: Left Hand Mine or Kolskeggr Mine, The Reach &#; Complete the favor for Pavo Attius to liberate Kolskeggr Mine.
  • GhorbashtheIronHand: Burguk&#;s Longhouse, The Reach &#; Convince him to leave or pay his dowry.
  • Gregor: The White Hall, Dawnstar &#; Become the Thane of The Pale.
  • Marcurio: Bee and Barb, Riften &#; Hire him.
  • Halbarn Iron-Fur: Bujold&#;s Retreat or Thirsk Mead Hall &#; Complete &#;Retaking Thirsk&#; and &#;Halbarn&#;s Supplies.&#;
  • Moth gro-Bagol: Understone Keep, Markarth &#; Give him a Daedra Heart.
  • Octieve San: Winking Skeever, Solitude &#; Help the gamblers.
  • Omluag: Markarth Smelter, Markarth &#; Talk to Mulush gro-Shugurz in Markarth regarding the smelter workers.
  • Onmund: College of Winterhold &#; Recover his Amulet.
  • Pavo Attius: Left Hand Mine or Kolskeggr Mine, The Reach &#; Liberate Kolskeggr Mine.
  • Perth: Soljund&#;s Sinkhole, The Reach &#; Clear the Draugr out of Soljund&#;s Sinkhole.
  • Quintus Navale: The White Phial, Windhelm &#; Complete &#;Repairing the Phial.&#;
  • RevynSadri: Sadri&#;s Used Wares, Windhelm &#; Return the stolen ring to Viola Giordano.
  • Roggi Knot-Beard: Steamscorch Mine, Kynesgrove, Eastmarch &#; Find and return his Family Shield.
  • RomlynDreth: Black-Briar Meadery, Riften &#; Bring the Black-Briar Mead Keg to Ivarstead and give it to Wilhelm.
  • Scouts&#;Many-Marshes: Argonian Assemblage, Windhelm &#; Talk to Torbjorn Shatter-Shield about the Argonian dock workers.
  • SondasDrenin: Goldenrock Mine, Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch &#; Give his note to Quintus Navale.
  • SorexVinius: Winking Skeever, Solitude &#; Bring kegs of rum to Falk Firebeard at the Blue Palace.
  • Stenvar: Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm &#; Hire him.
  • Torvar: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun &#; Complete the Companions&#; story arc.
  • Vilkas: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun &#; Complete the Companions&#; story arc.
  • Vorstag: Silver-Blood Inn, Markarth &#; Hire him.
  • Wilhelm: Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead, The Rift &#; Investigate and complete Shroud Hearth Barrow.

For more marriage fun, don’t forget to check out some of the best mods in Skyrim downloadable from the main screen.

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How to get married in Skyrim

If you want a break from fighting all of the dragons and demons, then knowing how to get married in Skyrim can provide a nice distraction and a wholesome side quest to take on. No worrying about blood and guts going everywhere, as here there's nothing but love in Skyrim between you and your future husband or wife. If you're ready to tie the knot with your adventuring companion, then here's how to get married in Skyrim and live happily ever after.

Getting married in Skyrim is actually pretty easy; just head to the settlement of Riften, and enter the Temple of Mara. Speak to the priest and ask about weddings, to receive information about how the process works. Purchase an amulet of Mara, then wear it when speaking to your potentially betrothed. If they agree to marry, return to the Temple of Mara to request the ceremony then wait 24 hours. Once the service is complete, speak to your partner to decide where you will settle down and make your home.

You can check out our best Skyrim companions guide to find out exactly who you can or can't marry, because, just like the real world, you can't always get what you want. Sometimes you'll have your heart set on a girl or guy, only to find out that they're already taken by another. Or, you know, they'll be eaten up by a dragon. Just as likely in Skyrim.

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Skyrim - Best Start + Tips \u0026 More! (2021)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wiki Guide

Plan Your Character

There's nothing worse than leveling up and not knowing where you want to put your next skill point. It's important to have a good understanding of the type of person you want your character to be when setting out on your adventure. Will you be a Warrior, Mage, or Thief? Or maybe something in between? Will you focus on secondary craftingskills, or go all in on combat?

Generally, it's good to pick a handful of Skills you want to build on, rather than spreading your skill points between every skill tree - or only focusing on one. Pick skills that best augment your playstyle: For example, someone wanting to be a thief should look to Stealth, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, and a weapon skill like Archery or One-Handed.

Be sure to take advantage of IGN's Skill Builder to experiment with different builds to map out your chosen character as they level up!

Pick a Standing Stone

Standing Stones are large magical stones scattered across Skyrim. In previous games, you would pick a sign to be born under as part of the character creation process - but in Skyrim you have the option to go out and choose that sign, and even swap to other signs.

A Standing Stone, once interacted with, will provide a free bonus at all times that range from a once-per-day free spell, to increases to stats or even an experience gain. The effect will never go away until the player picks another standing stone to swap effects.

Be sure to check IGN's Interactive Map of Skyrim to find Standing Stones near your location - and pick the one that best suits your playstyle to get a buff from.

Get a Free Horse


How get skyrim to

‘Skyrim Special Edition’ Starter Guide – 8 Things to Do First (UPDATED)

The remastered edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may bring with it a host of players brand new to the game. With that in mind, we scoured our own The Elder Scrolls wiki and found a helpful Skyrim Special Edition Starter Guide put together by the community there. All credit goes to their editors. Below you can find what they think is the most valuable information. For expanded versions of these tips, and even more great Skyrim advice, head over to the full overview on the wiki.

Choose Your Race According to Playstyle


Before you choose a race, check out the differences between them and imagine which one best suits your playstyle. Even though Skyrim is not a game that locks you in the choice, you will still find it a lot better to make the right choice at the beginning. For example, if you prefer a tank/melee warrior, you may want to consider Breton, since their ability Resist Magic 25% would be helpful. Or if you prefer to stick to the shadows, the Bosmer (or Wood Elves) have skills particularly well suited for thief builds.

Visit the Guardian Stones

Guardian Stones in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You encounter the Guardian Stones shortly after you escape Helgen, and you need to make sure you don&#;t miss finding them. There are three stones (The Mage Stone, The Thief Stone, and The Warrior Stone), each granting a 20% reduction in the time it takes to level up skills associated with that class. You can work on all your skills simply by fast-traveling from Whiterun to the Guardian Stones and back to switch from Warrior Stone (because you were maybe smithing some gold rings) to the Mage Stone (because you want to enchant those rings). Or, if a quest calls for stealth, it&#;s equally simple to tap the Thief Stone so that set of skills gets a speed boost in leveling up.

Conjure Up One of the Game&#;s Most Powerful Bows

The Bound Bow in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There&#;s a Bound Bow tome in Fort Amol, and the only thing standing between an early-level Dragonborn and pure sniping satisfaction are a few novice spellcasters. Even if you&#;re not planning to be primarily a ranged fighter, the Daedric bow summoned by the Bound Bow spell is one of the most powerful bows in the game, so it is certainly worth picking up. You&#;ll need to improve your Conjuration skill to use the spell, so be sure to check the full guide for tips on easy ways to do that.

To find the spell tome, head to Fort Amol, which is about two-thirds of the way on the Whiterun-to-Ivarstead road that runs clockwise around the Throat of the World. As you enter the interior of Fort Amol Prison from Fort Amol&#;s exterior courtyard, immediately ahead of you is a spellcaster sitting at a desk. Dispose of him as quietly as you can, because there&#;s another spellcaster in a nearby room who is standing by to rush to your victim&#;s aid. Once you&#;ve dealt with the immediate danger(s), look to the right of the right-hand bookcase behind the desk. See that bucket with the lantern in it? Under that lantern is the Bound Bow tome.

It Pays to Be Sneaky

A sneaky thief in The Elder Scrolls Online

Having a high Sneak skill makes life much easier in Skyrim. Even if you are a heavily armored melee machine, there are times when sneaking will help get you past a difficult situation. It can also help in scoring some sweet loot (more on that below). Sneaking also serves as a built-in radar. The open eye symbol will alert you to any enemies that can see you and prevents from them getting the drop on you.

The easiest way to build up your Sneak skill is to constantly sneak while traveling. Here are some other good ways to improve Sneak:

  • The rubber band method: Sneak behind a bartender in any local tavern and place a rubber band on your controller stick to keep your character walking into a corner or wall while remaining hidden. Then just walk away and do something else. It will take a few hours, but your Sneak skill will slowly build over time.
  • Don&#;t poke the bear: You can use the same method as above to sneak around the bear you encounter while escaping from Helgen.
  • Sneak attack the Greybeards: The Greybeards in High Hrothgar are a great way to simultaneously improve Sneak and your combat skills. Just sneak up behind them and attack. They won&#;t die and won&#;t attack back if you don&#;t do this too often.
  • The full Sneak page on the wiki contains tons of other ways to quickly build up this skill.

Having a high Sneak rating will help when it comes to the next tip&#;

Steal a Horse


One of the joys of Skyrim is exploring the vast map to find all of the different waypoints &#; location markers on your map that you can later fast-travel to. However, walking long distances to get to an out-of-the-way cave can be tiring and dangerous&#; unless you have a horse. Horses are faster, sturdier, and can climb rocky mountains better than you. Trying to get to that dragon lair high atop that craggy peak? A horse can usually get you there.

Early on, you can steal a horse from the Whiterun Stables quite easily. There&#;s one in a stall and there&#;s an empty stall next to him. Even with the poor sneak skills you have early in the game, you can open the gate to the empty stall, sneak around behind the horse, wait until your sneak-eye indicator says &#;hidden&#;, and then hop on and ride off into the sunset!

Bear in mind that if you dismount your stolen horse, it will immediately head back to the stable (at a walk, so you can run and catch him).

Actually, Just Steal as Much as You Can in General

Thieves in The Elder Scrolls

Stealing in real life is bad. Stealing in The Elder Scrolls is a time-honored tradition and one of the easiest ways to collect crafting items for Alchemy and Smithing recipes. If you&#;re good enough, you can also steal some pretty powerful potions much earlier in the game than you would be able to craft them.

As long as you are hidden and nobody sees you, you can get away with stealing anything marked red without alerting the guards or placing a bounty on your head. Note that in the early game, it may be difficult to sell stolen goods until you find a proper fence, but you can absolutely still use these items for yourself.

Get Rich with the Transmute Spell

The Transmute spell book in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Transmute Mineral Ore is an Alteration Spell that allows you to convert iron ore into silver ore, and silver ore into gold ore. These higher value ores can be used to craft higher quality weapons and armor, or other items that can be sold for a tidy profit.

The Transmute Mineral Ore spell is available to you right away. Just visit Halted Stream Camp, north by northwest of Whiterun. In the mine, there is a Transmute spell book. It&#;s protected by bandits, but if you can lure some of them out of the camp (by galloping the stolen horse from the last entry in and right back out again, for example), you can pick them off one by one. You can then crouch behind some rocks up the hill from the camp entrance while the remaining bandits search for you inside. They will remain alerted, but won&#;t be able to find you &#; all the while your sneak skill improves quite rapidly.

Get Even Richer Using an Invisible Chest in Dawnstar


You can take a carriage from the Whiterun Stables to Dawnstar, a small village in the northwest of Skyrim. Behind The White Hall, near the entrance to the Iron-Breaker Mine are three rocks and some bushes. Poke around a bit until you see the &#;Open Chest&#; prompt. Voila! An instant source of several level-dependant weapons enchanted weapons, jewels, potions, gold, and more.

The chest belongs to the khajit trader, Ahkari, who camps outside Dawnstar and other cities. Apparently, Ahkari isn&#;t too concerned about people repeatedly stealing her wares. She will restock the contents of the chest every 48 hours if you find her and ask what she has for sale.

For the expanded Skyrim Special Edition Starter Guide, visit the Elder Scrolls Wiki. Once again, special thanks to the Elder Scrolls community members for putting together such as outstanding beginner&#;s guide to Skyrim.

Good luck on your journey, Dragonborn. Beware not to take an arrow in the knee!

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Skyrim Special Edition How To Get The Best Start (First Companion, Tips , Secrets, Tricks...)

Skyrim is an incredibly large and complex game. How big is it? We’ll leave that for you to figure out. However, the game has so much to do that you can easily get overwhelmed, especially in the first five to ten hours.

After multiple Game Informer editors spent dozens of hours apiece in the game, we’ve come away with some simple tips to help ease your path onto the snow-lined paths of Skyrim.

Your Own Personal Hero

PROBLEM: I’m worried about making a crappy character.

SOLUTION: Skyrim doesn’t utilize a traditional class system to determine your abilities. That means picking perks is the main way you’ll shape your character’s abilities, so they’re kind of a big deal. The first time you level, take 5 or 10 minutes to peruse the Level Up screen, and try to pick three of four skill trees you’re especially interested in. For instance, for a strong melee character you might try One-Handed (Weapons), Block (Shield), Heavy Armor, and Restoration magic, just so you can do some healing. You’ll undoubtedly venture out into perks on other skill trees, and that’s fine. However, focusing on leveling the abilities you utilize regularly, and then adding perks to those skills, will go a long way to shaping a powerful hero.

Within your chosen skill trees, think carefully about which perks are the most valuable, and which you will actually use – it’s rare that you’ll want to acquire every available perk in a skill tree. For example, taking dual-casting magic perks won’t do you any good if you regularly use a weapon in one of your hands.

When you level, you’ll also have the choice to assign a boost to health, magicka, or stamina. The easy way to decide is to recall your recent time in the game, and determine which of the three you ran out of the most, and then boost that stat. For instance, if you found yourself constantly running out of the ability to cast more spells, you need more magicka.

Use Your Favorites

PROBLEM: I hate going into the menu every time I want to change my sword.

SOLUTION: This one is a must, but it might be a little confusing without an explanation. Any item or power in your inventory can be set to your favorites menu, and you should put your most commonly used weapons, spells, shouts, and potions into your favorites right away. Enter your inventory, find the item/power, and press the button to “Favorite” that selection. Back in the game, you can press up on the d-pad to call up your Favorites list, and an alphabetized selection of the items you’ve set will be available. You can press either the left or right triggers to assign any item in your favorites menu to one of your hands.

Don’t set every potion or spell you get into your favorites, or the whole system will get unwieldy and slow.

Finally, note that you can set two abilities or items to the left and right taps of the d-pad, respectively. Save these for the two things you find yourself switching between most often. While in the Favorites menu, hold down left or right on the d-pad for a few seconds to set these quick switch options. We recommend at least one of those two d-pad directions for a healing effect – either a Restoration spell or a healing potion.

What’s Your Sign?

PROBLEM: I didn’t choose my birth sign, like I did in Oblivion. Am I missing something?

SOLUTION: Yes. You’re missing something. Birth signs from previous Elder Scrolls games have been replaced by a more flexible system called standing stones. At any one time, you can have the effects of one active stone. These stones are scattered around the world for you to discover, and each have unique and powerful effects, so you should assign one as soon as you get into the action.

Three of these stones are together in one place near the beginning of the game. After exiting your first dungeon, continue to follow your fellow survivor on his way to Riverwood. Don’t make the mistake of striking off alone, even if your companion suggests that you can part ways. Keep following him. On the path, (by Falkreath Hold) you’ll come across three Stones of Power: Warrior, Mage, and Thief. They grant a 20% bonus to leveling skills related to those character archetypes. Choose one. You can always change it later.

[NEXT UP: Navigating the world, and the problem of carrying too much stuff]

Setting Objectives

PROBLEM: There’s too much to do, and I don’t even know what mission I’m on!

SOLUTION: It’s easy to get confused about what you’re even out to do when wandering Skyrim. When you acquire a new quest or miscellaneous objective, you can set it as your active objective in the menu. Be aware that you can set multiple objectives as active, but we don’t recommend it. Pick a single objective, and complete it before selecting another.

You’ll find that even in the first few hours of play you’ll start getting lots and lots of miscellaneous objectives. Like full quests, these can also be set as your active target. In your mission journal, scroll down to “Miscellaneous” and push right to enter the list of miscellaneous objectives, and select just one of them as your active marker.

Don’t dismiss miscellaneous objectives out of hand. Many of them blossom into full and rewarding quest lines once you start them.


PROBLEM: Where the heck am I going?

SOLUTION: Skyrim’s minimal hub shows you a compass with various targets on it, so it’s tempting to try and walk straight to your target. However, the landscape of the game is mountainous and impassible in some places; going in a straight line won’t always get you where you need to go.

This problem will partially resolve itself with time, as you learn the map and the various paths. But in the short term, there’s an easy answer. Purchase the Clairvoyance spell. Available from many magic vendors (try the College in Winterhold or the Jarls’ court wizards), this simple, low-cost spell may be cast to trace a path to your current objective. While it’s not always perfect, the spell will usually get you where you need to go. If you do utilize Clairvoyance, make sure you only have one active objective marker set at a time. Otherwise, things get really confusing.

Stop Looting Everything

PROBLEM: I’ve barely started, and I’m already overloaded with stuff!

SOLUTION: Stop picking up every possible item you find. Seriously. We know it goes contrary to every gamer instinct you have, but there are way more fun things to do in this game than juggle your inventory weight 20 times in every dungeon.

To maximize your looting capacity, look at both the value and the weight of an item. Only take heavy items if they’re extremely valuable. Extremely low-weight items with medium value are often a better bet.

And always pick up gold. Through the magic of game design, money doesn’t weigh anything.

Choose A Craft

PROBLEM: Is it worth spending time on crafting?

SOLUTION: Probably. Crafting gives you increased options for outfitting your character, and it’s not all that hard to get better at a given skill.

Decide early on what you’d like to focus on, and stick with it to the exclusion of the others. You probably won’t ever have enough perks to become an expert in all three major crafting systems of smithing, alchemy, and enchanting (unless you play for a really long time), and collecting ingredients can get tedious.

Of the three, enchantment is the easiest, most flexible, and especially early in the game, the most rewarding. Why? There are no ingredients, so you’re not stuck gathering stuff around the world. Disenchant an item, and you can place that effect on any other suitable item you acquire for the rest of the game. Plus, it’s hard to beat the experience of acquiring a new weapon and immediately enchanting it to catch things on fire when you hit them.

If you do decide to go the Enchanting route, we also recommend doing the quest tied to Azura’s Shrine early on, which can be found near Winterhold. Your reward removes a lot of hassle from the enchanting process.

There’s A Cure!

PROBLEM: Why does everybody I pass keep saying I look sick?

SOULTION: Because you are sick. Some monster has probably given you a disease or poisoned you. There are spells and potions to deal with the problem, but the simple solution is to go find a temple or shrine in any major town. Interact with the shrine, and your disease will disappear. No more disgusted townspeople. Plus, you’ll get a blessing with a passive bonus.

[NEXT UP: Handling followers, buying a house, and surviving combat]

Get Your First Few Shouts

PROBLEM: I want to go exploring, but do I need to do the main story for a while first?

SOLUTION: You can do what you want, but we recommend completing the first arc of the main story as early as you can. From a narrative angle, it will get you invested in the game, the land of Skyrim, and your character. From a gameplay perspective, you’ll also learn about the dragon shout system, and get your first few powers before heading out into the rest of the gigantic system of quests, factions, etc.

In short, we recommend that you follow the main quest thread until you reach a place called High Hrothgar. After that, you should feel free to continue the main story, or branch off into one of the hundreds of other things to do in the game world.

No Place Like Home

PROBLEM: I want to store some of my stuff, and I have nowhere to sleep.

SOLUTION: Consider investing in a house early in the game. You’ll have the option to buy a house in Whiterun relatively soon in the main storyline. It’s expensive ( gold), but it assures that you’ll have a home base to stop in from time to time, and a bed where you can rest if desired. More importantly, your house will have a chest inside, in which you can store items. Put your items in a receptacle you don’t own, and you risk losing them.

If you don’t want to spring for a house, you may want to consider one of the main faction quest-lines early in the game. Most of those will give you a place to sleep and store items.

What Friends Are For

PROBLEM: Who is this crazy girl tagging along with me?

SOLUTION: That’s your follower. There are numerous potential followers in the game, but you can generally only bring one with you as you adventure. The others are still available, but they’ll head back to their home base until you come and pick them up again. You can give your companions some basic instructions by talking to them, and you can even have them carry some extra equipment if you get overburdened. Different followers have different ability sets, so try to find one that complements your style of play. For instance, your mage hero could be well served by a warrior companion who will run ahead to take some damage.

Be careful about directly damaging your follower with your own attacks. While followers will generally recover from wounds that knock them unconscious from enemy attackers, your own attacks and spells have a chance to permanently kill them.

Remember that you don’t have to bring a follower with you on your adventures. Though battles may be a little harder as a result, there are good reasons to travel alone. Followers can get in your way in tight spaces, or attack an enemy before you want them to. Plus, when they attack and kill something, that’s one less opportunity for you to level your skills.

Keys To Combat

PROBLEM: I’m constantly dying!

SOLUTION: Combat is the most complex system in the game, so there’s no easy answer about how to improve. There are dozens of different approaches to fights, and you’re best off finding your own patterns and style.

Start with being deliberate about how you fight. Sprinting in and wildly swinging at all your foes is a sure recipe for a reload. Slow down, and utilize the skills you’ve perked. Before battle, take the time to buff your character with spells and potions, or add poison to your weapon. During the fight, keep an eye on your three main resources of health, magicka, and stamina, and don’t be afraid to pause combat to use potions. Finally, remember to use your dragon shouts and racial powers. It’s easy to forget about these powerful abilities. Shouts, in particular, will recharge pretty quickly. You can sometimes use them more than once in a single fight.

If you feel like you’re doing everything right, and you’re still having trouble, you can adjust difficulty at any time in the menu, even in the middle of a fight.

Play How You Like

PROBLEM: I can’t keep all of these tips straight.

SOLUTION: Don’t worry about it. One of Skyrim’s great strengths as a game is the way it supports many different game styles. Play the way you like to play, and things should progress without too many problems. You’ll figure out most of this advice on your own as you play. You may find one or more of these pieces of advice doesn’t apply to the way you like to play; if so, ignore it.

If you’re especially worried about screwing up something early on, just remember the RPG player’s golden rule: save often. If you assign a perk you don’t like, drop an item you wish you had kept, or choose a story path you didn’t like, it’s easy to reload.

And enjoy the game!


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