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The 10 Best Deadlift Socks

Which are the best deadlift socks on the market right now? 

Deadlifting is often referred to as the king of lifts.

It also happens to cause the most bleeding. Nothing gets the blood flowing quite like dragging a few hundred pounds up your shins, as any veteran lifter knows. 

We’ve put together a top 10 list of the best deadlift socks and shinguards for deadlifting. What makes them the best?

They’ll help keep your skin intact, for one.

To learn about their other benefits, keep reading.

Here’s a list of the 10 best deadlift socks: 

Top 10 Deadlift Socks Compared

Our supplement lists are created by researching the best-reviewed products from the most reputable companies and web sources.

In A Rush? Here’s Our Top Pick:

Our number one selection is the Hoplite Premium Compression Socks. 

Hoplite is a specialty tailor for socks used by ultramarathoners, trail runners, and obstacle course racers.

In that spirit, their compression socks have left no stone unturned regarding durability, support, breathability, and proprioceptive enhancement. 

10. Rocktape – Rock Guards

The Rocktape Rock Guards are 5mm thick neoprene shin sleeves designed for protection, durability, and breathability.

Intended for use in various high-impact sports and fitness activities, the Rock Guards have helped athletes in the realms of rock and rope climbing, mountain biking, trail running, and Crossfit.

As a 3rd generation product, Rocktape has optimized the Rock Guard design based on years of consumer use and feedback.

These have been put through the paces of countless high-intensity scenarios. 

The rear of these shinguards is a light mesh material allowing for a flexible, snug fit.

The elastic foot band, ankle tapering, and heel zipper help ensure the material does not shift around during use. 

It’s worth noting that these are not deadlifting socks. They’re a padded shin covering that straps around the foot but does not cover it.

Deadlift socks can be worn in conjunction with the Rocktape Rock Guards, depending on the level of protection you’re looking for.

As a general rule, shinguards cannot be worn in official powerlifting competitions.

For that reason, the Rock Guards are not recommended if you are training competitively for the deadlift. 


  • Foot band, ankle tapering, mesh stitching for a snug fit
  • Neoprene padding almost guarantees minimal abrasive damage while deadlifting


  • Shinguard, not a sock – unusable in powerlifting competitions
  • Some reviews have suggested durability is suspect with repeated use

9. RxFIT – Neoprene Shin Protector

Like the Rock Guards, RxFIT’s Neoprene Shin Protectors are shinguards – not lifting socks.

While illegal in powerlifting competitions, shinguards can offer even competitive lifters a reprieve from the abuse inflicted by high frequency or high volume deadlifting.

These neoprene-based shin cuffs are 5mm thick. Compression isn’t a concerted design focus here, which might disappoint some.

However, RxFIT’s protectors are stitched with a stretchable lycra fabric at the rear, allowing buyers to size down for a more compressive fit.

They’re also equipped with a foot strap and ankle zipper to maintain the Protectors’ position on the shins. 


  • Foot band, ankle tapering, mesh stitching for a snug fit
  • Thick padding protects the shin from barbell scrapes and impacts


  • Reviews have noted discomfort with the heel zipper
  • Material can degrade quickly with frequent use

8. Bear Grips – Shin Sleeves

Bear Grips is a small, entrepreneurial fitness equipment company.

It was founded in 2014 by a personal trainer who began developing his products through firsthand testing with various clients.

The nature of the company’s origin has informed its chief priority in the product design process: user feedback. 

The Bear Grips Shin Sleeves offer a number of novel features that set them apart from the preceding shinguards on our list.

The sleeves include 5mm of neoprene padding, foot straps, ankle zippers, and flexible back-stitching, but also incorporate a contoured shape for natural compression and a silicone band stitched into the rims to prevent the material from rolling. 

To ensure satisfaction, Bear Grips also provides free size exchanges and a money-back guarantee.


  • Free size exchanges and money-back guarantee
  • Thick padding ensures protection of the shin
  • Silicone band hemstitching to prevent material rolling


  • Off-limits in powerlifting competitions – sleeves, not socks
  • Logo material can sometimes snag the barbell during a pull

7. Hoplite – Compression Calf Sleeves

Hoplite Outfitters have nearly 20 years of experience in trail running, ultramarathons, and obstacle racing.

They’ve transmuted these bases of athletic experience into product design – namely, compression equipment that can withstand the brunt of heavy impact endurance training and racing.

On the trail, combatting moisture, high-frequency impacts, and the resulting influx of blisters, cuts, and bruises isn’t just a matter of technique.

Apparel can and does play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of your anatomy. 

The Compression Calf Sleeves are 90% nylon and thinner than comparable options – meaning they’ll dry quickly and allow lifters to keep the bar closer to their shins during a deadlift.

Technically, these are neither weightlifting socks nor shinguards – but sleeves designed specifically for compressive support around the shin.

They’re still off-limits for powerlifting competitions and should be used sparingly by those intending to compete.

The best socks for deadlifting are coming up next.


  • High durability tailoring
  • Compression focused elements


  • Sleeves, not socks – off-limits in powerlifting competitions
  • Often reviewed as being too small around the ankle

6. TrendWell – Elite Performance Athletic Socks

57% nylon, 22% cotton, 15% polyester, and 6% spandex – the TrendWell Elites represent a baseline for high performance socks.

These are not particularly designed for anyone sport – but work exceptionally well as a general athletic sock.

Arch support, ankle support, a cushioned heel, breathable material, hydrophobic, and odor resistant; to TrendWell’s credit, that’s a lot of work being done by one article of clothing. 

They’re clean-cut, thickly threaded, and provide 360 degrees of compression up and down the length of the material.

Those looking for a little added cushion at the front of the sock may be better served looking elsewhere.

If a pair of simple, all-around balanced athletic socks for deadlifting is what you’re after, Trendwell should have you covered. 


  • 360-degree compression
  • Thick threading protects the shin


  • Reviews sometimes question thread durability with high-frequency use

5. BOORE – Deadlift Socks

BOORE is a smaller fitness supply company offering straightforward, no-nonsense gear with a clean and sleek aesthetic. 

Their deadlift socks are tailored with a focus on compression (at 15 – 20 mmHg pressure, a standard among premium athletic compression gear) and ease of use.

The hem of the socks are cuffed to reduce instances of the fabric rolling or folding.

The shin is threaded with a nylon-spandex blend to provide subtle cushioning for cleans, snatches, and deadlifts.

In addition, the soles are padded and tear-resistant due to the use of high-quality thread.


  • Athletic grade compression
  • Cuffed to reduce fabric folding
  • Tear-resistant


  • Relatively unknown, newer distributor

4. TCK Digital – Camo OTC Socks

The TCK Digital Camo OTC Socks are mostly recognized for their quality as a general athletic sock.

Twin City Knitting, the manufacturer, has been in the business of athletic socks (and other apparel) since 1961. It’s safe to say they have the design down to a science.

With a 64% polypropylene, 27% nylon, 7% elastic, 2% lycra spandex thread blend, the OTC Socks are moisture and odor resistant, breathable via mesh stitching, and highly durable due in large part to the tailoring prowess Twin City Knitting has become known for.

For added stability, every sock is fashioned with a double welt stitching at the hems and specialized arch compression to reduce fabric slipping and rolling.


  • Offers custom “team” colors
  • Double welt stitching
  • High-quality threading


  • Not specialized for lifting – general athletic sock

3. MOXY – Deadlift Socks

Specializing in custom sock designs for Crossfit and other high-intensity athletics, MOXY has been in the sock game since 2009.

By targeting cross-training sports like Crossfit, MOXY has been well versed in the effects of high-volume deadlift training.

Ripped and bruised shins, torn and bloody socks – seasoned lifters know these things all too well. 

MOXY’s deadlifting socks are custom built to include frontal shin padding, specified ventilation regions to accommodate the build-up of sweat, Achilles protection, and patented arch support.

Protection, support, compression, and breathability are given equitable treatment here.

Whether used as powerlifting socks, or weightlifting socks, MOXY’s pair stands at 3rd in our top 3 rankings. 


  • One size fits all
  • Shin padding and ventilation
  • Achilles protection


  • Reviews sometimes question the durability

2. Pure Athlete – Lifting Socks

The Pure Athlete Lifting Socks are tailored specifically for use by Crossfit, weightlifting, and powerlifting enthusiasts.

They join aspects of compression, grip, and shin protection to provide a stable, comfortable foundation for lifters in training and competition.

Lightweight, crafted for an anatomical fit (with design elements corresponding to the left and right sides of the foot), layered for dense shin protection, and with moisture-wicking properties, the Pure Athlete Lifting Socks stand out as some of the best socks for deadlifting on the market. 

One of the most interesting features of these powerlifting socks is the silicone grip embedded in the soles.

Most who deadlift regularly will know the feeling of your feet sliding around in your shoes.

Losing foot position can dramatically impact your deadlift form and put you at risk for injury.

Having your feet locked in place with an additional grip element is a blessing. 

Further, the front of the sock is threaded with anti-abrasion yarn (10X the strength of cotton) to prevent fabric tearing, snagging and ensure heightened shin protection.

The material’s hydrophobic properties mean these deadlifting socks will not become weighed down, or friction-prone by moisture as your training session marches on. 


  • Silicone grip in the sole
  • Anti-abrasion yarn and hydrophobic
  • Anatomical fit


  • Occasional durability concerns with regular use via customer review

1. Hoplite – Premium Compression Socks

Hoplite makes another appearance on the list – and at the number 1 spot, no less.

There happens to be quite a bit of carryover in the qualities of a good ultramarathon sock and the best socks for deadlifting.

Durability against high-frequency impacts and abrasions, hydrophobic material to wick away large amounts of sweat and environmental moisture, long-lasting arch and ligament support, and proprioception-enhancing compressive elements – these are things both endurance and strength athletes can benefit from. 

Nowhere is that crossover more apparent than in the Hoplite Premium Compression Socks. 90% nylon, 10% spandex, and a dense 220 needle knit – these compression socks are tailored to fend off skin abrasions, blister formation, and impacts on the trail.

It makes sense that they’d stand up well to a barbell being dragged against them.

If they can protect athletes from rope burns during a climb, they can do the job of shielding you from some of the damage of sharp knurling during a deadlift. 

Hoplite’s compression technology has been fire-tested by endurance and obstacle course athletes to maximize lactic acid mitigation, blood circulation, and recovery time.

These elements might be less important in an anaerobic activity like deadlifting but shouldn’t be dismissed.

The proprioceptive enhancement brought about through adequate compression can often be just what we need to signal proper form cues during a heavy lift.


  • Arch and ligament support
  • Hydrophobic and thick, supportive stitching
  • Well established high-intensity sports apparel company


  • Occasional customer reviews indicate some durability issues related to deadlifting

FAQs About Deadlift Socks

Q: What Do Deadlift Socks Do?

Powerlifting socks, weightlifting socks, deadlifting socks – it’s up for debate if these are real categories for any given pair of socks.

Sure, there’s branding. But what constitutes a “deadlift” sock, exactly?

Generally, lifting equipment should be defined in consideration of two things: (1) reducing the risk of injury, and (2) providing additional stability to the lift.

Elements like compression, arch support, anatomical design, cuffed hems, and others are nifty add-ons but not critical to the endgame of the best possible deadlift sock.

The main concern is that we do not end up bleeding all over the bar in a public gym or powerlifting meet because the bar just ripped our shins up during the pull. 

Q: Are Deadlift Socks Mandatory?

Deadlift socks – or socks that reach up to the knee, like a typical athletic sock – are required in nearly every mainstream powerlifting federation.

In fact, alongside a powerlifting belt, singlets, and knee sleeves, long socks are about the only other piece of equipment allowed on the competitive platform.

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), one of the largest powerlifting organizations in the world, notes the regulations on deadlifting socks in their rulebook:


Socks may be worn.

(a) They may be of any color or colors and may have manufacturer’s logos.

(b) They shall not be of such length on the leg that they come into contact with the knee wraps or knee cap supporter.

(c) Full-length leg stockings, tights, or hoses are strictly forbidden. Shin length socks must be worn to cover and protect the shins while performing the deadlift.”

Recreationally, it’s simply good gym etiquette to wear apparel that reduces your chance of bleeding on equipment. 

Q: Should You Scrape Your Shins When Deadlifting?

Proper deadlift form involves pulling the bar from the floor in a straight line.

Achieving this necessitates positioning your shins as close to the bar as possible in order to maintain efficient biomechanical leverage.

The further away your shins are from the bar, the more you will be pulled forward out of position once the weight leaves the floor. 

Unfortunately, staying so close to the bar means the knurling (the sharp, carved grip on a barbell) can scrape your shins on the way up.

To some extent, this is unavoidable. However, the goal should not be to “scrape” your shins outright.

Excessive abrasions might mean you’re dragging the bar out of position or keeping your shins angled over the bar for too long.

It can take practice to find the right balance.


Strictly speaking, deadlifting socks are not absolutely necessary to perform at your best.

Strength, technique, consistency, recovery, and effective training principles are always going to be the primary determining factors for progress in the gym. 

Long socks of any kind will help reduce the shin abrasions caused by deadlifting, but the added specificity of the products listed here can provide an extra edge.

There’s something to be said for looking good, feeling good, and playing good – and as you build more training experience, you’ll find that every little bit keeps the progress machine moving along. 

Save your shins. Grab some socks.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best deadlifting socks:

  1. Hoplite – Premium Compression Socks 
  2. Pure Athlete – Lifting Socks 
  3. MOXY – Deadlift Socks
  4. TCK Digital – Camo OTC Socks
  5. BOORE – Deadlift Socks
  6. TrendWell – Elite Performance Athletic Socks
  7. Hoplite – Compression Calf Sleeves
  8. Bear Grip – Shin Sleeves
  9. RxFIT – Neoprene Shin Protector
  10. Rocktape – Rock Guards

Which of the best deadlift socks would you buy? Leave a comment below.

With almost two decades of lifting experience under his belt, Matt shares his knowledge and expertise with us around bodybuilding and supplementation. Deadlifts and barbell curls are his go-to exercises, and, when he's not writing about health and fitness, you'll find him in the gym busting out some arms! Follow Jacked Gorilla on Instagram: @jackedgorillanews


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Are you looking for deadlift socks in the UK? OriGym has got you covered! 

There are tons of options online, so it can be challenging to go through each review and find the right pair for you. 

That’s why we’ve tried and tested the best socks and have narrowed down the best 14 socks you can find online!

Before we get into the article, if you’re interested in a career in the fitness industry, take a look at OriGym’s personal trainer course packages! 

Otherwise, download our free prospectus for further information about our other courses too. 

What are deadlift socks? 

Before we get into the article, we’re just going to explain what deadlift socks are and answer any other questions you may have! 

In the perfect deadlift, the goal is to keep the bar as close to the body as possible. If you do not have the barbell grazing along or close to your shins as possible, it means the deadlift is not being executed correctly.

However, if you don’t wear long socks, you can have nasty cuts on your shins, so it’s recommended you buy a pair! 

That’s why many powerlifters and weightlifters buy deadlift socks because they are longer than other training socks for a good reason! The socks are long to protect the lower leg and prevent the barbell from scraping the shin and causing it to bleed. 

So if you’re thinking ‘why wear deadlift socks?’ The answer is that the socks will help keep the bar and you clean and safe each time you wear them. Also, they look pretty stylish if you ask us! 

Where is best to get wider IPF approved powerlifting socks?

If you’re getting into powerlifting, there are specific rules you need to follow to compete. However, you’ll be glad to know there aren’t any particular rules on extra wide knee powerlifting socks that are IPF approved, apart from logos, when it comes to competing. 

Therefore, you’re able to choose any of the socks on this list as long as it’s a plain colour without a logo but if you are interested, here are the technical rules for IPF deadlift socks in competition:

  1. Any colour of sock is allowed.
  2. Approved IPF Logos are allowed.
  3. Deadlift socks cannot touch knee wraps or sleeves.
  4. Socks must cover the shin when performing the deadlift. 

Feel free to download our FREE 16 Week Strength Training Programme before jumping in.

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Written by Professional S & C Coaches

Now that’s covered, let’s find out where to buy deadlift socks!

Best Deadlift Socks (UK)

1. Strength Shop Deadlift Socks

Price: £12.99

deadlift socks uk

If you’re after deadlifting socks in the UK, you may have come across Strength Shop as they have IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) approved apparel for competitions. 

These socks are not IPF approved, however, the socks give brilliant protection with well-placed cushioning running from the foot up to the shin.

These socks have mesh panels to increase airflow and are designed to ensure air circulation and eliminate any chance of your muscles seizing up, which can be a consequence of less well-designed powerlifting socks.

The Strength Shop socks are made out of 100% cotton to help keep feet dry and help keep the socks secure against your shins meaning no repositioning during your workout. 

With a contoured rib top and ankle, the Strength Shop compression socks for a deadlift will give a custom and contoured fit whatever your calf size.

These socks are a one size fits all and it’s available from Amazon UK. The colour choices are ‘Black’, ‘Pink and Black’, ‘Red’, ‘Black and Grey and ‘Rainbow’.

The Strength Shop deadlifting socks are some of the best you can find online and it’s a trusted brand amongst professional powerlifters and weightlifters. 

If you’re looking for an upgrade in your deadlift shoes, take a look at our article on the best powerlifting shoes you can find online! 

2. Hoplite Olympic Weightlifting Socks

Price: £22.78

weightlifting socks

The Hoplite weightlifting compression socks are breathable with a secure, controlled fit. Hoplite has designed these socks to stand up to intense, high-impact workouts supporting your performance with added shin padding to protect against the deadlift bar.

Designed for deadlifting, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and Olympic weightlifting, the Hoplite weightlifting compression socks rise over the shin and have a thin layer of strategically placed protective padding which prevents muscle cramps and improves blood circulation. 

These socks are lightweight and have a left and right foot specific design to encourage moisture evaporation and quick drying.

Made from 90% nylon and 10% elastane, the Hoplite socks also have a 220 needle knit to keep dirt out and help keep your feet clean. 

The powerlifting deadlift socks also contain an abrasion resistant material on the arch support band and textured padding in the Achilles heel to prevent friction from the sock. 

The Hoplite are an excellent choice for a premium pair of deadlift socks to support your performance and help you hit those PB’s! 

3. Eleven Fitness CrossFit and Weightlifting Socks

Price: £25.95

weightlifting socks uk

If you’re looking for novelty deadlift socks with fun dots and cube shapes, look no further than this product from Eleven Fitness! 

Available in 3 sizes and 12 different colour combinations, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd on the deadlift platform! 

The Eleven Fitness CrossFit weightlifting socks are antibacterial and anti-odour, which is excellent if you want to use these socks on the gym floor or on the platform. 

With 71% polyamide, 21% siltex, and 8% elastane, the Eleven Fitness compression socks use premium Italian fabrics, with certified polypropylene fibre 'Prolen Siltex' antibacterial additives such as silver ions Ag+ which eliminate odours. 

The toes of these socks are seamless for increased comfort, and the Eleven Fitness socks have a compression strength of 18-21mm Hg in pressure.

Available in three sizes, Small for a UK size 2-5, Medium to Large for UK sizes 6-9, and Extra Large for UK sizes 10-13.

The Eleven Fitness weightlifting socks are a great pair of compression socks to help you train harder, recover faster, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimise muscle fatigue.

What’s even better is this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are not satisfied, just contact them and provide you with a replacement or refund, no questions asked.

4. Elite Performance Deadlift Socks

Price: £17.27-£36.99

deadlift socks for women and men

A perfect choice of deadlift socks for women and men, this product from Trend Well fits comfortably over the calf to provide near-perfect protection against barbells. 

Designed to enhance your athletic performance, these socks are available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

Fitted with arch and ankle support, these deadlift and powerlifting socks are designed to look good whilst also having a cushioned sole for maximum comfort.

These socks are antibacterial and have full odor control thanks to their breathable mesh and moisture wicking fabric. They’re also available in a range of colours, including a neon purple or bold red colour so that you can coordinate your socks with the rest of your kit.

5. Cerberus Strength Deadlift Socks

Price: £12.99

deadlift socks women

With top of the market shin protection, the Cerberus Deadlift grip socks have been designed to enhance performance. 

It includes an Achilles tendon support, have premium arch support, perfectly placed padding, and block patches ventilation mesh in the toe and heel for added comfort.

These powerlifting socks feature some of the thickest shin padding available on the market, with extra full cushioning over the shins, perfect for protecting lower legs from barbells, bruising, scraping, and injury. 

Made with a thin and breathable material for durability and longer-lasting performance, these socks are of fantastic value!

Another great feature of the Cerberus deadlift socks is their patented Achilles support and heel padding for impact absorption. The socks will help protect your feet if you’re performing a deadlift or even a squat!

The Cerberus Deadlift Socks are one size fits all, so they’re suitable for both men and women. This product comes in vivid colours of black and red with the text ‘Cerberus’ in red.

If you’re looking for powerlifting socks in the UK, Cerberus should be on the top of your list without a doubt! 

If you’re interested in learning a different deadlift stylet, take a look at OriGyms’ step by step guide on how to do the sumo deadlift! 

6. TrendWell Elite Performance Weightlifting Compression Socks

Price: £17.36 - £39.57

powerlifting deadlift socks

TrendWell Elite Athletic Socks feature arch and ankle support and a breathable mesh upper on the sock's shins. 

These compression socks for weightlifting also feature a cushioned sole and are made from moisture-wicking material to help protect ankles, legs, and shins. 

The TrendWell Elite Performance socks are high-quality at an affordable price with exceptional durability. 

The TrendWell Elite Performance socks are antimicrobial, eliminating the odours caused by a buildup of bacteria from sweaty feet. 

The socks also feature a blister control within the sock that prevents any rubbing on the bottom of your feet or ankles. 

The TrendWell Elite are available in 16 colours, including neon yellow, red, neon purple, and navy blue to pick your favourite colour and show it off to your friends and family! 

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7. Under Armour All Sport Performance Socks

Price: £22.99

powerlifting socks

If you’re looking for weightlifting socks in the UK then Under Armour is always a great shout! The socks are available in black, grey, and white. 

These socks are made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex, the perfect combination of flexibility and durability. 

The Under Armour All Sport Performance Socks are well-built, comfortable, bulkier than other athletic socks for greater protection and all whilst being breathable and cool to wear.

Under Armour has patented HeatGear moisture-wicking fabric blend which keeps feet cool and moisture-free.

These socks feature mesh panels for breathability and arch support to keep you comfortable on your feet for longer and cushioning on the heel and over the Achilles tendon.

If you’re thinking of having a full outfit of Under Armour clothing, take a look at the following articles for further help:

8. Mizuno Performance Socks

Price: £8.82 

powerlifting socks uk

Deadlift socks for those with wide calves are hard to come by, but this product from Mizuno has a polyester and elastic blend that helps contour the sock around your calves.

The colours are available in 'Cardinal' wine red, 'Forrest' emerald green, and 'Royal' navy blue, which is plenty of choice if you ask us! 

These socks feature an elastic 'Gripper Top' which doubles for shin protection, padded foot sole and arch, and toe and ankle support. A ‘Gripper top’ will prevent the socks from falling down and provides a thick bar of protection against barbells. 

With a Y-Heel design, the Mizuno Performance powerlifting socks also contour your foot shape for extra support and a secure fit.

Mizuno even offers the option of a Personalized Name Plate (PNP) on the toe of the sock so it could be a great gift if you’re looking to buy for a friend or family member!

9. TCK Digital Compression Socks for Deadlifting

Price: £8.82 

novelty deadlift socks

The TCK Sports Elite Digital features a compression design to encourage circulation and reduce muscle soreness.

It also features arch and heel cushioning for added protection so it’ll help drive the weight through your feet as you lift the barbell. 

The socks have a mesh layer for moisture and odour control, which is also breathable to allow air to flow through your feet. 

The TCK Digital Compression socks for deadlifts are made from a blend of 64% polypropylene, 27% nylon, 7% elastic, and 2% spandex.

The socks feature DRY-IQ moisture control to help prevent blisters so you can wear the socks all day long! 

Other features include a double welt top to ensure the socks stay in place mid-calf, so you don’t have to worry about the socks constantly slipping down as you lift. 

These socks are available in sizes small through to extra large. The TCK Digitals come in fifteen different colour and design variations to fit any style, a few of which include 'Vegas Gold', 'Neon Orange', 'Neon Green', and 'Royal' so you can choose multiple socks to style with your workout outfit.

10. Adidas Weightlifting Socks

Price: £11.70 - £30.60

deadlift socks for those with wide calves

The Adidas Performance Socks are one of the best deadlift socks you can find online! The socks are available from sizes 4.5 all the way up to size 15.  

The socks are made from a blend of 51% polyamide, 48% polyester, and 1% elastane which offers a stretchy sock which can be taken all the way up to the knee if you wanted too!

The socks feature ribbed cuffs and arches to grip the foot and legs, ensuring they stay secure throughout your workout. 

Adidas offers 100 days free returns and exchange should you be unhappy with your purchase but we believe you’ll love them no doubt if you’re looking for weightlifting socks in the UK!

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Written by Professional S & C Coaches

11. Rymora Compression Socks

Price: £10.95 - £13.95

weightlifting compression socks

With 4.5 stars from almost five thousand ratings on Amazon UK, these socks are available in black, white, pink and a neon yellow. 

The Rymora powerlifting socks offer stretchiness with compression due to their polyester and elastane mix!  

These socks have extra padding over the heel, the achilles, sole and toe to help prevent blisters and provide extra support and protection. 

This product is also breathable due to the ventilation strips on either side of the sock, which is great for long workouts!

It also has a non-slip cuff to keep them in place and has been laboratory tested to provide the perfect amount of compression for boosted blood flow. 

Do you need that extra bit of help to hit your personal best in deadlifts? Take a look at OriGym’s ultimate buyer’s guide to the best lifting straps! 

12. NV Compression 365 Powerlifting Socks

Price: £12.97

compression socks for weightlifting

Available in 4 unisex sizes, the NV Compression 365 Powerlifting Socks features compression properties from the ankle to above the calf to help encourage blood flow. 

There is a second layer of the sock which also helps with oxygen flow to power up performance, reduce cramping, and speed up muscle recovery times.

These powerlifting deadlift socks have an ultra-padded cushioned footbed. The socks prevent pressure up the shins meaning it is great for individuals who suffer from shin splints. 

The socks also feature flexible arch support, so when you deadlift in socks, it will help drive the barbell from your feet above your knees when you lockout!

The woven design of the socks helps them stay secure, which means they’re suitable for high impact workouts like CrossFit and even Olympic Weightlifting!

For the price of £12.97, it has the same quality as some of the more premium brands nominated on this list!

13. Ariat OTC Knee-High Deadlift Socks for Women

Price: £10.00

ipf deadlift socks

The Ariat OTC Knee-High Deadlift Socks are suitable for anyone looking for socks which do the job with no extravagant designs. 

The socks feature arch, heel, and ankle cushioning, ensuring your feet will be comfortable on the deadlift platform at all times. 

The 360 degree wrap around cushioning covers the lower shin all the way up to the bottom of the knee. This will help prevent the barbell from catching any part of your shin as you lockout for the deadlift. 

The rest of the sock is medium-weight that offers superior protection whilst still being breathable at all times. 

With brilliant compression and a contoured fit, the Ariat is a sturdy pair of powerlifting socks at a great price. You will be a fool to miss out on these if you’re looking for socks on a budget. 

If you’re after extra grip on the bar, you should think about investing in weightlifting chalk to allow you to lift heavier weight!

14. 3DActive Compression Socks for Weightlifting

Price: £8.99

deadlifting socks uk

Available in black and blue or black and pink, these socks from 3DActive have double-stitch compression to support the feet and calf muscles by boosting circulation, improving muscle oxygenation, and help speed up recovery in no time!

Seamless from toe to heel, these socks are made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex, meaning it contours around your calves with ease!

The socks from 3DActive are moisture-wicking, antibacterial, breathable and come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed when purchased through Amazon UK. 

Not only are they of a great quality, you can’t grumble at the price either! Despite ticking all of the boxes when it comes to ‘good deadlifting socks’, these are also one of the cheapest options on our list!

Before you go!

Well, there you have it, the best 14 deadlift socks you can find online today! We hope you found your perfect pair, so your knees and shins are protected whenever you decide to go for your personal best!

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for competition socks for deadlifting, you can pick anyone of these as long as it’s a plain colour and doesn’t have a logo.

So buy a pair of deadlifting socks to help keep you safe and the barbell safe for others to use. 

If you’re interested in a career in the health and fitness sector, take a look at our Level 4 Nutrition Course. 

Otherwise, download our prospectus for further information about the other courses we have on offer. 

Difference between Sublimated and Knitted Socks - BREAKDOWN!

Custom Deadlift Socks

Deadlifting is a great way to develop muscles, improve posture, and lose fat. Since deadlifting involves working with heavy weights, using the correct technique and the right equipment—from head to toe—should be a top priority.

Design Your Own Sock

Custom deadlift socks can protect shins from a scrape against the bar and can also keep feet from slipping during this important exercise. Having custom deadlift socks that are tailor-made for lifting heavy weights can keep weightlifters safe and also improve performance. Utilizing socks that are optimized for deadlifting can enhance performance and also add a little boost of power. Customized deadlift socks can add a personal flair to your next work out.

Custom Football Socks

Design your own personalized sports socks with your team color, logo, and text. It just takes three minutes to choose how you want your sock to look and which length works best. And best yet: Our socks are durable and we can color match over 1,000 colors!

Ordering Your Custom Deadlift Socks

· You give us the colors and image of your choice, along with instructions on the design.
· We create a mockup design and send for your approval.
· We incorporate any needed changes.
· You give us final approval on those changes.
· We invoice you, you pay online.
· We ship your socks!

Your logo and design won’t wash out because we don’t screen print or sublimate our socks. Instead, your design, logo, and colors are woven directly into the sock as it is being constructed! That guarantees that your socks stay durable for this season and beyond!

Order as many socks as you need. The minimum order for a single design is 6 pairs per size and a minimum of 15 pairs per design/color. We can handle any volume you need, from as few as 15 pairs to as many as 2,000-plus.

Custom Deadlift Socks Shipped

Don’t live nearby? That’s fine because we can ship your socks almost anywhere in the world. No matter where you live, your socks will arrive three to four weeks from the date the order was placed and payment was received. Need them faster? We also do rush orders.

Since we usually rely on FedEx, we’ll email you a tracking number so you’ll always know where your socks are once they leave our facility.

Start Your Own Design


Socks custom deadlift

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No More Bloody Shins While Deadlifting - Slingshot Shin Savers by Mark Bell

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