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The holiday season is nearly here, and it's practically guaranteed that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be near the top of wishlists for the second year in a row. Unfortunately, it seems that securing a Series X and Series S won't be much easier than last holiday season. Almost 11 months have passed since Microsoft's latest consoles launched, but retailers still don't have them readily available on shelves (both real shelves and virtual shelves). It's common to see multiple Xbox Series X and Series S restocks each week, including bundles, Xbox All Access payment plans, and standalone consoles. There's even a special-edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X releasing in November, but it's only been restocked a couple times since preorders went live. Often times, Xbox Series X restocks occur with little warning, but hopefully as we enter the holiday season more consoles will be available. You can check out all of the retailer listings for the Series X and Series S below.

Where to buy an Xbox Series X: Check availability

In the meantime, you can check the Xbox Series X listings at major retailers as well as the latest restock news below. It could be a few weeks before you actually get the system once you order it, so keep that in mind when planning your downtime. As of now, you still can't really find the console in retail stores without a pickup order. While you can more easily buy the Xbox Series X above MSRP in bundles or on reseller sites like StockX, we do recommend waiting to buy the new Xbox for its list price of $

The Xbox Series X ($) and Xbox Series S ($) released on November

Xbox Series X restocks at Target

Target's Xbox Series X restock strategy has changed pretty dramatically recently; the retailer's new policy is that the Xbox Series X and S can now be sold as soon as inventory is available, rather than waiting for set drop dates. This means we're now seeing Xbox Series X availability nearly every day at Target--however, this is only for certain locations with stock extremely limited. As such, you should make sure your zip code is updated before checking availability at Target. Both Order Pickup and Drive Up will be available for online orders, but no in-store console purchases are allowed.

Xbox Series X restocks at GameStop

GameStop tends to sell the Xbox Series X and S in the form of pricey bundles that include accessories like an extra controller or Game Pass. It most recently restocked the Xbox Series X and Series S in bundles in early October for PowerUp Rewards Pro members. GameStop also had the Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X on October 12 and October 14 (as a pricey bundle).

Xbox Series X restocks at Best Buy

Best Buy restocked the Xbox Series X on October 6. The Xbox Series S was last available on October

Xbox Series X restocks at Walmart

Walmart last restocked the Xbox Series X and Series S via Xbox All Access on October 1. Walmart also had consoles in stock, including the Halo bundle, on September Walmart tends to announce restocks a few hours ahead of time and release stock in waves every 10 minutes.

Xbox Series X restocks at Amazon

Amazon restocked the Xbox Series X in September but it sold out incredibly fast.

When will Xbox Series X|S stock stabilize?

Microsoft initially said that Xbox Series X|S stock would be "constrained through at least June," but it's looking like consoles will be in short supply all summer long. Microsoft hasn't shared an update on the stock situation for several months, though, and Xbox shortages will likely continue for some time due to the global chip shortage. The widespread semiconductor shortage is affecting several different industries, including console production as well as cars and other tech. The shortage has been "steadily worsening since last year," according to The Guardian, and shows no sign of improving right now.

How to buy an Xbox Series X: Tips and tricks

Securing the Xbox Series X|S isn't impossible; it's largely a matter of luck and being ready at the right time. However, here are some things to keep in mind if you're looking to buy a new Xbox (plus, check out where to buy the official Xbox Wireless Headset).

Follow restock accounts on Twitter and turn on notifications: When it comes to buying an Xbox Series X, it's helpful to follow Twitter accounts that tweet about restocks. You may want to turn on notifications for those accounts as well, though keep in mind some of them tweet about deals and other news as well. Wario64 is a great account to follow, as is Xbox Stock Alerts. Of course, we tweet about Xbox restocks on our GameSpot Deals account as well.

Follow a Twitch bot tracking console restocks in real time: Twitch user killercam has a 24/7 stream that uses a bot to track restocks for both the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 at major retailers. The constantly moving wall of text usually shows "Out of Stock" at all stores, but when the bot detects the Series X being in stock somewhere, you'll be one of the first to know, if you're monitoring the stream. You can also follow Cameron Ritz, who runs the stream, on Twitter for updates.

Don't buy from strangers on Twitter: It's never a good idea to buy the Xbox Series X from a random on Twitter who's offering it to you at only a slight markup. Even if the account is verified and seems legit, Twitter scams are rampant, and you don't want to risk losing hundreds of dollars. Stick with major retailers and try to buy at list price.

Stay logged in at major retailers and ensure info is up to date: To help checkout go as smoothly as possible, it's best to have up-to-date accounts at all major retailers, such as GameStop and Walmart. Double-check that your shipping and billing information is accurate as well--you don't want to be updating these sections during a restock when the Series X could sell out any second.

Be ready at exact restock times when announced beforehand: Generally, Xbox Series X restocks happen without much warning, but Walmart and GameStop in particular are known to announce restocks beforehand, though this could range from days prior to an hour before the restock. These pre-announced restocks can sell out particularly fast, but being ready at your computer with payment information on hand will give you the best chance at snagging an Xbox Series X.

Keep an eye on smaller retailers: Stores like Amazon and Best Buy aren't the only places to buy an Xbox Series X. You can also find next-gen consoles at stores like Newegg and Antonline. Stores that require certain membership can also be a good option, like the Exchange (military only) and Costco.

Know whether you're willing to buy a bundle: Some retailers only sell the Xbox Series X in expensive bundles--these include the console along with other items like a bonus controller, a Game Pass subscription, and games. You're paying a premium here to get products you may or may not want, so you should consider if you're willing to pay above MSRP just to own the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X|S accessories

A wide range of Xbox Series X headsets, controllers, and other accessories are available.

The great thing about Xbox Series X accessories is that the vast majority of products that were compatible with Xbox One work with the Series X and S as well, including headsets and controllers.

New Xbox Wireless Controllers released alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S, and they're available in Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue. They feature a more ergonomic design; textured grips on the bumpers, triggers, and back case; and an Elite controller-inspired hybrid D-pad for improved precision. The updated controllers also have a new integrated Share button for capturing and recording gameplay moments.

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Xbox Series X restock: Best Buy, Target, Newegg and more inventory before Christmas

The new Xbox consoles are just as hard to find as the PlayStation 5. While the PS5 has sold more units, the Xbox Series X and S have been out of stock since their November 10 release. Whether you want the powerful Xbox Series X or the slightly weaker but much cheaper Xbox Series S, you've had to acutely monitor various retailers in hopes of getting a brand new Xbox soon.

While it's too late to get the next-gen Xbox systems in time for Christmas online, you can still get one by January if you are keeping up with the latest console restocks. If you want to get an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S before Christmas and play games like Gears Tactics, Call of the Sea, and The Falconeer, these are the retailers that you should keep an eye on and the online tools you can use to track restocks.

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Popfindr, OctoShop, and other tools to find Xbox Series X consoles

Several websites, Twitter accounts, and extensions that keep track of restocks exist, so you can use those to find an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console right when they are restocked. PopFindr helps you see the inventory at local stores if you're planning to pick a console up in person.

If you're getting the console online, then an extension like OctoShop that's also location-based and frequently checks several retailers is also incredibly useful. When it comes to Twitter accounts, set notifications on @Wario64, who consistently tweets when new consoles become available. The Stock Informer Discord channel can also help you track restocks. If you want to forgo those tools though, you'll have to frequently refresh the store pages of the following retailers.

Best Buy

Major tech retailers Best Buy has restored both Xbox consoles multiple times since they came out on November The latest restock happened at 9 a.m. on December 15 and was actually announced beforehand. Those who were able to pre-order there should get their consoles by Christmas, though both store pages now just say that more stock is "coming soon."

Sadly, Best Buy has not had another major round of Xbox console restocks since then, and may not for the rest of All we can do now is keep notifications on for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Best Buy store pages on the off chance that more consoles become available before the end of


Target has sporadically listed new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S units since their launch, though the company often doesn't make any sort of announcements online for such restocks. Most recently, there were reports of consoles being available during the afternoon on December 21, There is no word one when Target will restock these next-gen Xbox systems again.

Online, you'll want to keep an eye on their official Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S store pages. Target has also been one of the retailers to more frequently have some stock in store, so you should use Popfindr to check if any units are available at your Target, or visit the store for yourself.


Newegg is an online retailer normally focused on PC hardware. That said, they've also been selling the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S since their launch on November The site sells the standard Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles on their own, but bundles for each that include an extra controller as well.

Currently, all four bundles are listed as out of stock, though some consoles were available on the website on December It is unknown when Newegg will restock, so keep notifications on for them and keep an eye on Newegg's Twitter for any possible announcements.


As a gaming-focused retailer, a lot of gamers will be looking to get their next-generation consoles at GameStop. They have restocked the Xbox consoles quite a few times since November The latest in-store restock on December 12 even caused issues for employees, as reported by Bloomberg, because they only got an hour's notice on the restock and dozens of people came into the tiny stores looking to get a next-gen console. They also restocked online on December

You might have some luck calling your local GameStop store to learn when they expect another restock. As for online shoppers, GameStop has not yet confirmed when the next restock will happen. While the pages are currently down, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S store pages will go live at their respective links when restocked.


Walmart is another major retailer that has consistently restocked the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles since they released in November According to @RestockPings, Walmart will now only sell the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S online, so you won't be able to get them in-store. They restocked at 3 p.m. Eastern on December 15 and haven't listed more since.

Going to the store page for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S will tell you that the item is unavailable or on backorder. Keep an eye on both official and restock account if you want to know when Walmart will have more Xbox systems.


Amazon doesn't announce their restocks, but have added more stock since the system's launch. They like to do it around other restocks too, so set notifications for them while others are restocking. Outside of setting up all of the aforementioned tools, you can simply just monitor and refresh the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pages on Amazon.

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PS5, Xbox Series X Will Be in Best Buy Stores Thursday (Updated)

Update 9/ Best Buy has made a post on its official site confirming that it will have an in-store console restock event on Thursday, September 23rd. Best Buy employees will hand out tickets for individual consoles starting at , which will guarantee ticket holders an opportunity to purchase that console. The post also allows you to find a participating store nearby.

Online PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks are commonplace enough that our colleague over at Techradar, Matt Swider, now dedicates a whole chunk of his Twitter feed to keeping track of them. But now, Matt’s reporting that Best Buy’s going to hold its first ever in-store PS5 and Xbox Series X restock event this Thursday. If this holds true, this would also be the first time you’d be able to find a PS5 in-store at any major non-club retailer in

What makes in-store restock events so exciting is that bots can’t just buy up all the stock just a few seconds after opening. You’ll still have to contend with resellers and line jumpers, of course, but at least in-person, you can give them the evil eye.

Swider’s sources tell him that we can expect more than 50 consoles per participating store, and he says he has proof that the consoles are being stocked directly at store locations. That last part’s unusual, since they usually go to regional warehouses.

Still, you can see Matt’s receipts here, cropped and scrubbed of identifying info to protect his sources.

See more

The event process will work something like Best Buy’s recent RTX series GPU in-store sales, Swider’s sources expect. In other words, you’ll line up on Thursday morning outside of Best Buy, then managers will hand out tickets between 7 and am local time that you can trade in to make a purchase. You’ll then have to manually take your console home, since Best Buy hasn’t shipped consoles directly to customer doorsteps at all in

Also, you probably won’t be able to pre-purchase online and then claim your console in person. That would kind of defeat the point of the event, and while it’s possible (Target operates on a similar system), Swider hasn’t seen any talk of such a system yet.

Keep in mind, all of this information is still coming from anonymous sources. Swider’s urging readers not to start lining up at Best Buy yet, and instead wait until either he or Best buy can confirm the official ordering method for the event.

If things do proceed like Best Buy’s previous GPU events, though, then you’ll want to head in prepared. At his local Colorado Best Buy last month, our senior editor Jarred Walton saw people show up for the event and many leave empty handed. The experience at that store was peaceful, at least, but that wasn't the case at every store. In New York, Swider says that the first 19 people his team saw in line were all resellers, and that they held spots for line jumpers to join them at the last second, pushing people buying for personal use even further back in the queue.

And we mean “pushing” literally. The line jumpers claimed to have always been there, which led to conflict, and Swider tweeting out that the line was “pure chaos.” Scenes like that might be why Best Buy and other stores haven’t hosted in-person console restock events this year. But it’s been 39 days since the last online console restock, and now we probably know why.

Michelle Ehrhardt is an editor at Tom's Hardware. She's been following tech since her family got a Gateway running Windows 95, and is now on her third custom-built system. Her work has been published in publications like Paste, The Atlantic, and Kill Screen, just to name a few. She also holds a master's degree in game design from NYU.

Xbox One Midnight Release at Best Buy! (FIRST ONE)

It looks like Best Buy could be having a number of members-only PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks this holiday season, but this isn’t good news…

It’s been near impossible to purchase a next-gen console, PS5 or Xbox Series X, since they launched in November last year. Irregular restocks are the only way that gamers can buy them and, even then, they sell out in minutes.

However, it looks like one major retailer could be making this problem even worse. Best Buy could be making some PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks members-only.

What’s worse, gamers will have to pay a hefty price to get access to these holiday season stock drops.

If you’re looking for a next-gen console, be sure to check out the last time the PS5 and Xbox Series X was restocked at every major retailer:

PS5 Xbox Series X

Best Buy Totaltech Members Only PS5 & Xbox Series X Stock Drops?

We recently reported why there is a stock shortage of PS5 & Xbox Series X consoles, however, Sony and Xbox have different expectations on when the consoles will be readily available.

The PS5 stock shortage could be over soon, after Sony acquired chips. Meanwhile, Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series X shortage will continue into

Despite this, it’s almost certain that Best Buy will restock the PS5 and Xbox Series X over this holiday season. This could be part of its new Totaltech membership, however.

While no specific products are mentioned, Best Buy says that Totaltech members will have “exclusive access to some of the most popular hard-to-find products”. This likely means next-gen consoles and maybe even graphics cards.

Read More: PS5 Orders Canceled By PS Direct, Walmart & Others

best buy ps5 xbox

Unfortunately for gamers who are desperate to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X, a Best Buy Totaltech membership doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it costs $ per year!

Let’s hope that Best Buy doesn’t limit next-gen console restocks for Totaltech members. Not everyone can afford the $ extra.

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for instant updates when new consoles go on sale:


One best buy xbox

You can buy Xbox One games and Xbox games from $10 at Best Buy

These Xbox games are up to 40% off at Best Buy right now.

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Looking for a fun way to pass time after a long day at work? It may be time to expand your video game catalog. Lucky for you, the competing Prime Day Best Buy Bigger Deal savings event is offering you the perfect opportunity to do just that—and it's live right now. There's discounts available on all sorts of products during this sale, but one of the most exciting price drops we've seen comes on Xbox One and Xbox games.

Get expert shopping advice delivered to your phone. Sign up for text message alerts from the deal-hunting nerds at Reviewed. 

Through Tuesday, June 22, you can grab these games, originally priced as high as $, for as low as $ One popular pick is the Gears 5 (standard edition), now down from $ to $, saving you 75%. Gears 5 is the installment of the Gears saga, and follows a similar third-person experience, unlike its predecessors. It’s got both single-player and multiplayer modes, so you can choose to take on your favorite character’s journey solo or with your virtual posse. More than 1, Best Buy shoppers also gave this find a star rating, with many praising the compelling, action-packed storyline and high replay value. One buyer even said this immersive game got their heart pumping, so if you’re looking to add some excitement to your gaming catalog, you might want to purchase this product. 

'Forza' is one of Xbox's most consistently excellent first-party series.

If you’re looking for a racing classic, consider the Forza Horizon 4 (digital version) currently discounted from $ to $ (Note that you can also grab the physical version for $) Set in an idealized Britain, you can drive across acres upon acres of woodland, discover lakes, castles and more. Through the changing seasons. It’s gotten a star rating from nearly 2, Best Buy customers, who liked the open-world gameplay, in which they could race in seasonal settings or just drive around. Many also praised the breathtaking graphics, which made for a more immersive gaming experience.

Check out the rest of these heavily discounted Xbox games and find your favorite by clicking the link below—you’ll be clocking in hours on your console in no time. Some options have already begun selling out, though, so you'll want to shop for your favorite gaming adventures today! 

Get Xbox Games at Best Buy from $ (Save $10 to $50)

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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VLOG # 1: Buying my first XBOX ONE at Best Buy!!!

Cyberpunk &#;s Price Slashed To Just $10 At Best Buy

By Josh Coulson


A Best Buy daily deal reduced Cyberpunk's price to $10 only eight months on from its launch.

Only eight months after its launch, Cyberpunk was available for just $10 on PS4 and Xbox One at Best Buy this week.

A number of games and studios have been attempting to navigate troubled waters for the past year and a half. However, few have experienced a more troubled period than CDPR and Cyberpunk The latter's problematic launch can't be blamed entirely on the pandemic either. The game was repeatedly delayed before that and its issues at launch and beyond were caused by CDPR feeling pressured to launch Cyberpunk before it was ready.

Despite the game selling millions of copies, Best Buy appears to be having trouble shifting it. As highlighted in the Reddit post below, Cyberpunk on PS4 and Xbox One was a Best Buy daily deal earlier this week in the US. You could pick up a copy of the game for just $10 on console, an absolute steal regardless of its issues.

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Cyberpunk down to $10 at Best Buy only 8 months after release from xboxone

If you were looking for an excuse to give Cyberpunk a chance, and picking it up for $10 was exactly what you were waiting for, you may have missed your chance. The game appears to have returned to its regular $ Best Buy retail price, at least for now. It's worth keeping an eye on that though as its massive reduction on Tuesday suggests Best Buy has copies of the game it is struggling to get rid of.

As for Cyberpunk's ongoing road to redemption, that took another big step forward this week. Its first DLC was announced on Tuesday. It will be free to all players and includes a new car and new clothing options. It will likely be the first of many DLC packs added in the coming months. Datamines have revealed other packs, some of which may even include new missions and new areas, will be revealed in the future.

Odds are Cyberpunk players would have seen more of the game's planned DLC by now if it hadn't been for its troubled launch. Cyberpunk's roadmap will have been drastically altered as fixing bugs and issues and making the game playable on all platforms took priority. There's also Cyberpunk's next-gen upgrade to look forward to, the launch date of which CDPR is yet to announce.

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Haunted Chocolatier Looks Like The Perfect Evolution Of Stardew Valley

ConcernedApe is building upon the legacy of Stardew Valley in so many wonderful ways.

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About The Author
Josh Coulson ( Articles Published)

Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. That love began with a mild childhood addiction to the Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive since he lives in the UK. Back then, Sonic 2 quickly became his favorite game and as you might have guessed from his picture, the franchise has remained close to his heart ever since. Nowadays, he splits his time between his PS4 and his Switch and spends far too much time playing Fortnite. If you're a fan of gaming, wrestling, and soccer, give him a follow on Twitter @BristolBeadz.

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Exclusive: Best Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X restock today and where to get it next


TechRadar is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

By Matt Swider

TechRadar reported exclusively on the PS5 and Xbox Series X Best Buy in-store restock – the first in – and it saw some success.

The Best Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X restock was today at am local time, and if you followed our PS5 and Xbox restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider, you'd have known about it days ago. Matt will send you alerts when consoles are in stock in the US – if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications. Best Buy saw thousands of people around the United States lined up outside of stores early in the morning, many waiting as long as 17 hours and in rainy weather. The PS5 Disc and Digital were most popular compared to the Xbox Series X, but all consoles sold out before the store opened. There's a Walmart PS5 and Halo Infinite Xbox Series X tonight 9pm EDT and Matt will do a Walmart restock live stream to walk people through the process.

Here's how to get that tweet and all restock alerts:

Prior reporting: Best Buy restock store list today


  • No Best Buy stores will have it


  • Birmingham
  • Huntsville
  • Mobile
  • Tuscaloosa


  • Fort Smith
  • Rogers
  • West Little Rock


  • Avondale
  • Camelback
  • East Tucson
  • Flagstaff
  • Thunderbird Rd.
  • Tucson


  • Arden Fair
  • Atwater Village
  • Bakersfield
  • Burbank
  • Chula Vista
  • Costa Masa
  • Downey
  • El Centro
  • Emeryville
  • Fresno
  • Mission Valley
  • Modesto
  • Montebello
  • Moreno Valley
  • Oceanside
  • Pacoima
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Roseville
  • San Bernardino
  • San Francisco (13th & Harrison St.)
  • Santa Rosa
  • Slatten Ranch
  • Stockton
  • The Plant
  • Torrance
  • Union City
  • Visalia
  • West Covina
  • West Hollywood
  • West LA


  • Academy Blvd
  • Aurora
  • Belmar
  • Colorado Blvd
  • Denver West
  • First & Main
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  • Grand Junction
  • Northglenn
  • Westminster


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  • Norwalk
  • Waterford
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Washington, D.C.



  • Aventura
  • Boca Raton
  • Brandon
  • Clearwater
  • Daytona Beach
  • Doral
  • Florida Mall
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Fort Myers
  • Gainesville
  • Hialeah
  • Kissimmee
  • Millenia Mall
  • North Palm Beach
  • Pensacola
  • Saint Johns
  • South Tampa
  • South Petersburg
  • Tallahassee


  • Athens
  • Augusta
  • Columbus
  • Edgewood
  • Gwinnett
  • Kennesaw
  • Mall of Georgia
  • McDonough
  • Savannah
  • Warner Robins



  • Cedar Rapids
  • Davenport
  • Sioux City
  • University Ave West Des Moines



  • Bucktown
  • Burbank
  • Butterfield Road
  • Champaign
  • Fairview Heights
  • Gurnee
  • Joliet
  • North Riverside
  • Peoria
  • Rockford
  • Schaumburg
  • Springfield


  • Clarksville
  • Evansville
  • Fort Wayne
  • Greenwood
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  • South Bend


  • East Wichita
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  • Florence
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  • Baton Rouge
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  • Shreveport


  • Attleboro
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North Carolina

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New Hampshire

New Jersey

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New Mexico


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New York

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South Dakota


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  • El Paso
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  • Jordan Landing
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  • Baileys Crossroads
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  • Bellevue
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  • Appleton
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West Virginia


Best Buy hasn't had a PS5 restock in 42 days – no wonder

The last PS5 restock date at Best Buy was August 12, which was 42 days ago, as of today, Thursday, September This gap came after the retailer had almost weekly stock of the Sony console, fooling everyone into thinking Best Buy restocked every week. It's been ever longer since it has sold Microsoft's Xbox Series X if you don't count the Halo Infinite-themed console, last selling the regular Xbox Series X on July

It turns out, those overdue shipments of both consoles started filtering into stores late last week, in time for 7am local time today, September

How it worked before: Best Buy would normally hold PS5 and Xbox at regional warehouses and ship to stores only after online purchases were made. Customers, after ordering online, would pick up their consoles three to five days later in Best Buy stores. There was transit and processing lag stemming from when it went from warehouse and to store.

The process today: Customers can line up outside of select Best Buy stores across the US (sorry, Best Buy Canada doesn't seem to be included for September 23), and some people are already in line. This process makes it harder for bots to scoop up the PS5 and Xbox console inventory from Best Buy's vulnerable online ordering system (it's among the worst, right up there with Walmart).

How to buy PS5 and Xbox from Best Buy today

Best Buy's order system made it the most frustrating store when trying to buy a next-gen console. Its directions were never clear ("We're having everyone go through one more step" without telling you that the one more step is just to wait without refreshing the page. Oops.). Bots didn't have any problem with this: reseller bots were able to open multiple windows, dive into page source code and determine the best page with the lowest secret queue timer to scoop up and checkout with hundreds of consoles. The add-to-cart odds weren't in your favor.

So how will it work now? Follow PS5 and Xbox restock tracker Matt Swider for the latest updates. The process will mimic how Best Buy restock Nvidia GPU cards three times over the summer. Select Best Buy stores will have stock of PS5 Disc, PS5 Digital and Xbox Series X, according to our sources. One of the stores we checked in with had just over 50 PS5 Disc and Xbox Series X, and we're told by other stores that seems like a low number compared to stores in major metropolitan areas.

Best Buy PS5 / Xbox Series X restock process:

  1. Wait in line on Thursday morning outside of Best Buy (Best Buy hasn't officially announced its plans and can change things at any time – we're just here giving you the earliest information)
  2. Best Buy managers will hand out paper tickets until they run out. Tickets will be handed out between 7am and am local time, we're told, before the Best Buy store official opens 
  3. Beware of line jumpers (which are all resellers). We've witnessed 20 line jumpers right as Best Buy employees distributed Nvidia GPU tickets in New York City
  4. Only a select number of Best Buy stores (think: flagship stores) will have inventory, so don't go to the wrong store (we'll have a list of stores by Wednesday).
  5. Follow Matt Swider who will tweet updates in case plans change

Will Best Buy ship consoles? Can I buy it online?

First, no, Best Buy will not ship the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles to your doorstep. That hasn't happened in at the retailer, and we don't expect things to change in Best Buy already has enough problems with bots given its vulnerable ordering system, so not having people show up to claim their console would be even more problematic than the previous order online with in-store pick-up process.

There's been talk of a revamped online ordering system to buy the PS5 and Xbox and then claim it in person in stores, but it's not ready for Thursday, September This is why we're asking people to follow Matt Swider for alerts, in case the online system happens in time, saving you from camping for a PS5 or Xbox for hours.

If Best Buy went down this route, it would act more like Target with same-day pickups, which would be an improvement since the three- to five-day wait to ship consoles from warehouses would be flattened given the fact that TechRadar can confirm that consoles are in stock in the backrooms of Best Buy stores right now.

But right now, we're being told that people will have to wait in line early in the morning, by 7am or am local time, like so many did for Nvidia GPU restocks. If that information changes, we'll update this article and notify you on Twitter.

Expect the Best Buy restock line to be chaos

No more resellers and bots, right? It seems great at first blush, and everyone who gets shut out of Best Buy PS5 and Xbox restocks asks us why they're not held in person.

Here's the reason: it's no better. The grass is no greener. Each time we've attended a Best Buy restock of GPUs (remember, it hasn't had the PS5 and Xbox Series X on sale in stores in , which is why this is big news today), there's pure chaos, as evidenced by our PS5 restock and Xbox Series X restock tracker tweet below:

For some parts of the United States, things went smoothly. For others, like New York City, resellers showed up, planted themselves first in line and bought all of the inventory. How fast did these GPUs sell? Before the purchase was even made. They were pre-sold on StockX or eBay and no one got the GPU they wanted for gaming. 

Through our on-the-ground reporting, we identified the first person in line who actually wanted the coveted RTX (the most popular graphics card on sale at Best Buy that day) for gaming purposes. They for No. 20 in line and had a chance.

Moments before the first paper tickets were being handed out by Best Buy managers, that No. 20 in line became No. 40 in line due to last-second line jumpers – "friends" of the people waiting it out in the front of the line, all of whom claimed to have always been there. It turned into a chaotic scene that was not only unfair (an year-old cried) but involved a lot of pushing, shoving and shouting.

The profit margins on the PS5 and Xbox Series X are big, but not as dramatic as Nvidia GPUs. So we'll have to see how this Best Buy in-store restock goes when it comes to ensuring everyone gets their console of choice fairly and safely.

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