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Many elements impact road conditions including construction, crashes, congestion, fires and weather. UDOT provides information about statewide road conditions on the UDOT Traffic website and mobile app which supplies access to over 1,200 cameras, 200 message boards, and in-road and roadside sensors. Click the buttons below to visit the website or to download the app.

The UDOT Traffic App contains the same information as the website for iPhones and Androids.

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The UDOT Traffic website and app are updated by personnel at the Traffic Operations Center. The TOC is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they work closely with law enforcement on on scene crews to assure the website and app are accurate and up-to-date. If you’re going to be traveling on Utah’s highways be sure and check UDOT Traffic before hitting the road.

In addition to the website and app, the Traffic Operations Center also tweets information to help travelers.

Sours: https://www.udot.utah.gov/connect/current-conditions/road-conditions/

511 logoTo hear travel information in Washington by phone simply dial 511. If you have trouble accessing 511, you may still access travel conditions using your phone by dialing toll free 800.695.7623 (Road).

Use the phone keypad or the hands-free voice recognition option to receive:

  • Statewide traffic and road incidents, including construction and maintenance activities.
  • I-90 and I-5 express lane status.
  • Mountain pass weather, road conditions and restrictions.
  • Washington State Ferry information, including schedules, fares, wait times and Wave to Go fare pass information.
  • Statewide emergency messages and alerts including AMBER, Silver and Blue Alerts.
  • Access to the 511 systems in Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Information available only through the voice recognition option:

  • Statewide city-based weather forecast information.
  • Telephone numbers for other transportation options including transit, rail and airlines.

Calling from outside of Washington?
Those calling from outside Washington or having trouble reaching Washington's 511 system can access the information by dialing 1-800-695-7623 (ROAD).

Cell phone users close to the Washington border may have their call routed to other 511 systems. In particular, cell phone users near Vancouver, Washington and Portland (including the Columbia River Gorge) will most likely be routed to the Oregon 511 system. If this happens, try dialing 1-800-695-7623 (ROAD).

Nationwide research has shown that there are many things that can distract a driver, such as food, music, children, passengers, cell phones, etc. So be careful and don’t let yourself get distracted. If possible, have a passenger make the call. If you must call while driving, follow Washington law and use a hands-free device.

Bordering states

Comments or Suggestions?

We know the system isn’t perfect and want to hear from you. Let us know what you think. Email: [email protected]

Sours: https://wsdot.wa.gov/about/news/511/home
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Road Condition Terminology

The following terms will be used to relate to winter road conditions, to maintain consistency, and keep the traveling public well informed. The NDDOT will utilize these terms to inform the public about road conditions that warrant increased awareness.


Motorists can still travel but may encounter areas of challenging winter weather driving conditions on roadways. Motorists should allow extra time to reach their destination and be alert to conditions that may make travel difficult, change rapidly, or cause travel delays. A TRAVEL ALERT has the potential to change to a NO TRAVEL ADVISED if conditions deteriorate.


Motorists should not travel due to hazardous conditions which may make it unsafe to travel. Snow plows may be pulled from the roads during severe conditions. Motorists should take NO TRAVEL ADVISED seriously as those motorists who choose to travel at their own risk may become stranded and emergency responders may not be able to reach them safely. A NO TRAVEL ADVISED has the potential to change to a ROAD CLOSED OR BLOCKED if conditions deteriorate.


Motorists are not allowed to travel on a closed road due to life threatening conditions. The road may be impassible or blocked. Motorists who drive past a road closure device may be fined up to $250.

Sours: https://www.dot.nd.gov/roadreport/roadreport/roadreportinfo.htm
Idaho Transportation Department ramping up I-84 widening work

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Idaho Transportation Department ramping up I-84 widening work

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