1997 ford ranger steering knuckle

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XL3Z-3KAA FORD MOTOR COMPANY Product Description Dorman Suspension Knuckles connect the wheels to the suspension of the vehicle, eliminating knocking noises and uneven tire wear due to bushing failure, steering or alignment issues. Constructed of high quality materials, our Suspension Knuckles provide long lasting performance and increased durability after curb, pothole and collision damage. Replacement is also rust and corrosion resistant. Direct replacement for a proper fit and trouble-free installation Crack-resistant No special tools necessary for installation A rigorous quality inspection has been undertaken to ensure that this part conforms to product standards Product Specifications Color: Black Hub Included: No Installation Hardware Included: No Item Grade: Standard Replacement Material: Cast Iron Package Quantity: 1 Packaging Type: Box

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Seperating Steering Knuckle from Spindle



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How about trying the proper tool?

A slide hammer with a spindle puller attachment.
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Steering Knuckle Spindle Problems of Ford Ranger

1 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 05/25/

Vehicle was going mph and upon impact, passenger's front tire fell due to carter pin possibly not being attached. Bracket where the carter pin was held didn't show any indentations or fragment pieces of pin being in tack. Dealer was notified, and stated it was very unusal for this type of impact.

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3 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 12/25/

While driving mph steering suddenly jerked vehicle to the right. Consumer was unable to steer vehicle. Vehicle was towed to dealer, it was determined that right spindle had broken. Part was replaced.

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4 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 09/06/

While driving on hwy , lost control of vehicle and crossed turning lane and two lanes of oncoming traffic when vehicle pulled to left. Left wheel came completely off and took brakes and steering capacity with it. Side-swiped another vehicle, jumped curb and slid more than 50 ft. Before coming to rest just top-side of a deep drainage ditch. Insurance investigators say steering arm knuckle was defective. Have contacted Ford via voice mail--have not had my call returned. Please help!.

5 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 03/17/

While driving approximately 10mph spindle broke & lost control of vehicle. Hit a parked vehicle. Highway patrolman indicated spindle was defective. Vehicle towed to dealership.

6 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 01/28/

Left wheel broke off and there was a noise due to a spindle breaking,which could have caused loss of vehicle control. Currently the noise has returned. Please provide further information.

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7 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 01/22/

Dry spindles and ball joint bearings, mechanic put pickup on jack said " we wre lucky we didnt wreck" tire leaned outward , eventulay would have fallen off.

8 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 03/03/

Vehicle was involved in a minor side impact accident of 20 mph which caused the front spindle to shatter. Dealer notified, and repairs were being done.

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9 Steering Knuckle Spindle problem of the Ford Ranger

Failure Date: 08/12/

Upper ball joint separated from the vehicle causing loss of control and minor collision, rust found outside both the sides of the knuckle and a missing bolt.

Other Common Steering related problems of Ford Ranger

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How To Remove A Steering Knuckle or Spindle

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Ford ranger steering knuckle 1997

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1993-1997 Ford Ranger Front Wheel Bearings \u0026 Brakes Pt 1

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