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The best graphics settings for GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is still a demanding game in , even putting the best graphics cards in their place. If you have a new RTX series graphics card &#; first, lucky you &#; and a recent CPU from Intel or AMD, you should be able to tear through GTA V without any issues. If you have anything older, though, you&#;ll need the best graphics settings for GTA V. 

We tested all of the graphics settings in GTA V to find which ones made a difference and which ones didn&#;t. You can vastly improve your frame rate without giving up much visual quality if you know what settings to tweak.

How we tested the best graphics settings for GTA V

We tested each of GTA V&#;s graphical settings at p using the internal benchmark. p is, by far, the most common resolution for PC games. GTA V&#;s benchmark has five scenes, each of which produces a frame average. We took those averages and averaged them again to get a single number for each of the graphical settings.

We also tested each setting independently. In the charts below, the number refers to the difference in performance when the corresponding setting alone changed. When testing MSAA, for example, that was the only setting we changed.

For testing, we used a RTX and Ryzen 7 X &#; both at stock frequencies &#; paired with 32GB of RAM (you don&#;t need that much, as you can read in our guide to RAM capacity). We turned every setting up as high as possible to get a baseline &#; either Very High or Ultra, with FXAA and MSAA 8x. To get you started as fast as possible, the settings below are ranked based on their importance, with grass quality impacting performance most.

The best graphics settings for GTA V

Before diving in, it&#;s important to set up our benchmarks. Take into account the differences between each setting, not the frame rate itself. If you&#;re using one of the best CPUs for gaming, for example, you&#;ll end up with a higher frame rate overall. Not all PC components are built equally, either, so your mileage may vary.

Grass quality

Based on our testing, grass quality has the biggest impact on performance in GTA V. Between Ultra and Normal, we saw a 12 frames per second improvement on average. Even bumping the grass quality down to High had a significant performance benefit, giving us an extra six frames on average. We didn&#;t note a difference between Very High and Ultra, though. After rounding, we noted the same average frame rate at both settings: 63 fps.

We recommend leaving this setting at either Normal or High for the best results. There is a pretty significant difference between those settings and Ultra, though. At Normal, GTA V doesn&#;t render nearly as much foliage, rather opting for flat grass textures broken up by the occasional bush. In the city portions of Los Santos, you won&#;t notice much of a difference, however. Because of that, we still recommend turning down grass quality, even if that means giving up some grass when you get into the mountains.


Shortly behind grass quality is anti-aliasing, or in particular, MSAA. Based on our testing, FXAA has little to no performance penalty and doesn&#;t impact visuals much. As a light form of anti-aliasing, you can leave FXAA turned off if you want. There isn&#;t a measurable difference in performance, though.

There&#;s quite a large difference with MSAA, which isn&#;t surprising. Out of all the forms of anti-aliasing, MSAA is usually the most demanding across titles, and GTA V is no different. We gained back 8 fps simply by turning MSAA off, but unlike a lot of other settings, you don&#;t have to resort to turning down the quality all the way. We still averaged 70 fps with MSAA 2x enabled &#; a single frame difference versus turning MSAA off &#; and a respectable 66 fps with MSAA 4x.

MSAA is demanding because it works, especially at lower resolutions. If you&#;re using a p display, we still recommend MSAA 2x (assuming you can achieve the average frame rate you want). At native 4K, it&#;s safe to turn off MSAA entirely. Although some anti-aliasing will still help the image look better, you&#;re giving up a lot of performance for very little visual benefit at that resolution.


Post-FX in GTA V is everything that happens to the image after a frame has already been rendered. That includes the depth of field of the camera, motion blur, light bloom, and more. Although the difference in visual quality is clear when comparing Ultra post-FX settings to Normal, the difference isn&#;t quite as clear while playing. Bloom and motion blur, in particular, are two visual enhancements that you really only miss if you know what to look for. If you have Post-FX set to Ultra, you&#;ll get a better image, but even at Normal, GTA V doesn&#;t look bad

It&#;s easy to give up the enhancements with the performance gains. Between Normal and Ultra, we gained back about four frames, bringing our average frame rate to 67 fps. The difference wasn&#;t as clear between High and Very High, however. After rounding, Very High and Ultra came out with the same 63 fps average, while High earned back one frame (well within the margin of error).

Post-FX is an all-or-nothing setting. Compared to grass quality and anti-aliasing, turning Post-FX down to Normal doesn&#;t earn back as much performance. It still earns back a significant amount, though. We recommend leaving the setting at Normal. If depth of field, bloom, and motion blur are important to you, we recommend Ultra. Based on our testing, there isn&#;t a significant performance difference between Ultra, Very High, and High, so you might as well go all out.

It&#;s worth noting that turning on Post-FX to Very High or Ultra opens up two more settings: Motion blur strength and depth of field. At Normal and High, depth of field is disabled entirely. Once you jump to Very High or Ultra, you can turn it on, though that doesn&#;t mean you should. We ran our tests with the setting on, but turning it off earned back three frames at Very High. If you don&#;t like the look of GTA V with Post-FX set to Normal, turn it up to Very High and turn depth of field off.

Shader quality

Shader quality affects how you perceive the depth of objects in GTA V. Scenes where light and dark areas mix &#; like the screenshot of the alley above &#; are where you&#;ll see the largest difference. When you set shader quality to Normal, you&#;ll get a much flatter image. At Very High, light more accurately falls on different surfaces, giving them more dimension. Pay attention to the blue wall in the screenshot above, particularly toward the back. At Normal, we lose a lot of detail as the wall goes back, while at Ultra, that detail is maintained.

Shader quality has a pretty large impact on image quality, but like Post-FX, you&#;ll quickly forget about it while playing. We increased our average frame rate from 63 fps to 67 fps by turning shader quality down to Normal. We saw the same performance benefit at High, which clocked in at a 66 fps average. Shader quality has a pretty significant impact on performance, but not as much as grass and MSAA. We recommend turning down those settings first. Then, if you&#;re still not getting the performance you want, turn down shader quality to Normal.

Reflection quality

For how good the reflections look in GTA V, there&#;s a surprisingly small performance penalty for turning the setting to Ultra. Set to normal with MSAA turned off, we averaged 66 fps compared to our baseline of 63 fps. At Very High and High, we saw similar performance, averaging 65 fps and 64 fps, respectively. Although our frame rate was technically lower at High than Very High, this is more of a rounding issue. The averages for both settings actually fell within a half of a frame of each other.

Ultra reflections look wonderful, though. Like shaders, turning the reflection quality up adds a level of depth to the game world. In the screenshot above, you can see a clear difference in the reflection between the two cars. Outside of that, however, you can also see light behave much more accurately as it starts to trail off in the darker areas of the floor. By comparison, Normal reflections look flat, washing out the entire floor in a gray color.

Still, there is a large performance difference. We recommend turning the setting down to Normal or High if you&#;re running into performance issues. The good news is that you can turn up MSAA on reflections without much of a performance hit. We noted the same average frame rate with Ultra reflections with MSAA turned off and turned up to 8x.

Shadow quality

Shadow quality is a much less critical setting compared to the ones above. We gained three frames turning the setting down to Normal, bringing our average to 66 fps. We recommend turning this setting down to Normal regardless. As you can see in the image above, there isn&#;t a huge difference in quality, and turning the setting down helps performance. Shadow quality handles how accurately shadows are displayed, which isn&#;t always obvious. In our comparison above, for example, the shadows both look excellent.

We can see a difference around the edges, however. Turned up, the individual leaves of the tree cast a shadow, while at Normal, the edges are blurred together. Similarly, the Ultra shadow is more dynamic, with light peaking through at certain points in the tree. Although it&#;s interesting to see the difference, you&#;re probably won&#;t notice it while playing.

Believe it or not, the shadows settings can negatively impact your gameplay, so you’ll want to try the options before you commit to one. They range from Soft to Sharp, and both extremes have their advantages and disadvantages. If you opt for the Soft setting, you’ll notice that your graphics will be crisper, but your device’s functionality will be limited. If you choose the Sharp option, you’ll see obscure shadowing and lines on your visuals, but your device will have improved functionality.

Textures, tessellation, and everything else

The settings mentioned above are the most essential, based on our observations. You can gain additional performance back by turning down texture quality, particle quality, and anisotropic filtering; however, it’s a minimal upgrade at the end of the day. We tried it out and acquired two frames when we went from the Very High to Normal texture level, bringing our average to 65 fps.

The majority of newer GPUs like the RTX will be able to manage Very High textures without any problems. If you’re using an older computer with a graphics card that has less than 4GB of memory, you’ll benefit from turning textures down as low as you can so that the game itself will run more efficiently.

We didn’t earn much when we turned tessellation off and turned down the particle quality to the Normal setting. We just earned back a single frame and didn’t find a measurable performance enhancement. Comparably, we didn’t measure the difference in performance with anisotropic filtering. Since GTA V is an older game, it only makes sense that it still plays well on older computers, but it’s nice to know there are ways to beef up the graphics if you have a faster device.

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Since GTA V became free on the epic store the number of GTA V players has skyrocketed. More and more players are joining but are facing lag issues since they are not sure which graphics settings to use. So to help those gamers fix lag and use the best graphics settings here is a complete guide to best graphics setting in GTA V. These settings are meant for low to mid-end systems to help fix lag and achieve at least 60FPS gameplay in GTA V. GTA V and GTA Online have the same settings to this guide works for both.

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You can edit the graphics,  advanced graphics, and Display Settings in GTA V. If you have bought the game from steam then you can also use the steam launch settings for GTA V. So without further ado lets begin:

Best Graphics settings for GTA V:


Graphics settings:

Ignore suggested Limits: off

I recommend you keep this setting off especially if you are using a laptop or a low-end system. This option if enabled tends to cause heating issues in some systems and laptops. You can use enable this option only if you have a high-end system.

DirectX Version: Highest (Directx 11)

Go with the highest version of DirectX 11 your graphics card supports. Unless your graphic card is older than 5 years I recommend using Directx If later GTA starts support for DirectX 12 switch to it.

Resolution: Same as your Monitor Resolution

Using a high resolution for gaming is good for your eyes. You can play for longer durations and also it’s less straining to your eyes. So I recommend using the same resolution as your Monitor for the Best Gaming Experience.

If you want to really lower it then * is the lowest you should go. Change resolution only as the last resort. Try all other settings first. Low resolutions make the game look really blurry and thus it’s not recommended.

Aspect Ratio: Default

GTA V settings will auto-detect your aspect ratio in most cases. The aspect ratio depends on your monitor so adjust accordingly so that you get a fullscreen view.

Refresh rate: Same as monitor refresh rate.

A higher refresh rate is better for gaming. I recommend 60 HZ for most devices since that’s the normal screen refresh rate for most devices. You can go higher if your device supports it. But the minimum is 60hz.

FXAA: on

FXAA is not that graphics extensive in GTA V. It helps remove the edges in the game. You can turn it on if you have a mid-end system. Turn it off if you have a low-end system.

MSAA: 4x

Similar to FXAA, MSAA also helps fix the edges in the game making the game look much smoother. It does require some GPU power so if you have a 4GB or higher Graphics card then enable it at 4X settings. Otherwise, disable it.

Nvidia TXAA: Off

If you have a good Nvidia card then enable it. Otherwise, disable it. According to me, you need around 4GB graphics card to use this setting at p resolution. It’s better to turn it off and save the GPU resources for texture quality instead.

Vsync: Off

Vsync adds input lag in online games. Many of you will be playing GTA Online and thus it’s going to be really hard for you guys to play with the input lag. Just disable it.

gta 5 graphics settings

Population density: Low

This setting controls the number of NPCs in the game. Lower it since it consumes a lot of CPU and GPU power. This setting does not impact characters who give missions so you can use this safely without any issues.

Population Variety: Low

This setting controls the variety of NPCs and their clothes etc in the game. Lower it since it consumes a lot of CPU and GPU power. There is no real benefit to this setting other than the eye candy.

Distance Scaling: Low or Medium

This setting impacts the distance to which objects are rendered in the game. If you have a good CPU put it to high. You can see farther and it helps in some missions. The drawback is it consumes a lot of GPU memory. If you have 4Gb or higher VRAM then put it to high otherwise low or medium is recommended.

Texture quality:  High

This is the main reason why we kept other settings low. Use High settings and test your game. If you get less than 60 fps in GTA V then lower the texture quality in GTA V to normal.

This setting is important since it has the highest impact on graphics quality. Make sure to set it at High if you can.

Shader Quality: Medium or High

Shader quality is the second most important setting in GTA V in terms of graphics settings after texture quality. I recommend using high settings since the game looks really good with high-quality shaders. GTA looks really good in HD after all.

Shadow quality: Normal

This is one of the most graphics-intensive settings in the GTA V. By putting this to normal you can easily save a lot of CPU and GPU computing power that you can use for texture quality and other settings. There is no real benefit of shadows in GTA V.

gta v graphics settings

Reflection Quality: Normal

Reflection quality can be comprised a little in GTA 5 Settings. You can set it to normal. High reflection quality in GTA V makes the cars look really good but at the cost of graphics memory. If you have 4GB or higher memory then set this setting to High.

For everyone else normal is the most recommended setting.

Reflection MSAA: Off

Turn this off. It does not have much impact on graphics but consumes a lot of resources. It is recommended that you turn this setting off to boost FPS in GTA V.

Water Quality: Normal

Water quality has no impact on gameplay. You can set it to normal. You don’t spend much time in the water anyway so save your graphics resources instead.

Particles quality: Normal

Normal quality is good enough for most gamers. Unless you have a 4K panel you won’t notice much difference. Set it to high only if you have a very large screen.

Grass quality: Normal

Grass quality has minor impact on forests and grassland sections of the game. You can set it to normal. There is no really benefit to high-quality grass in GTA v settings.

Soft shadows: Sharp

Shadows as previously mentioned do not have any advantage in-game. You can decrease the quality as much as you want in order to save graphics resources. I recommend using sharp shadows. The shadows in GTA V are ignored by us anyways so I think its a good deal.

Post FX: Normal

It has almost no effect on mid-end devices. Honestly, unless you have a graphics card with over 6GB of VRAM do not bother changing this setting. Normal is more than enough for GTA V.

Motion Blur: off

Turn this off in any game you play, especially in shooter games. This tends to hinder vision and cause lag in many cases. Just disable this setting and have fun enjoying lag-free GTA V gameplay.

In-game depth of field effects: off

The depth of the field setting in GTA V makes certain objects look good when viewed from angles. But you should only use this setting if you have a 6GB graphics card or higher. It’s not worth it if you are already struggling with low fps issues.

Anisotropic filtering: off

It helps remove some edges from objects. If you have a good GPU then enable this setting. otherwise, it will just lower your FPS a lot. Turn it off

Ambient Occlusion: off

Ambient occlusion is a method to approximate how bright light should be shining on any object or surface. Useful only if you have large screen and a good GPU.  Unnecessary graphics effects for those on laptops. Disable this for low and mid-end systems.

Tessellation: off

Same as above. Enable this if you have 4GB or Higher VRAM. Low-end systems and laptops should disable this setting.

Advanced Graphics settings GTA V:

gta online advanced graphics settings

For low-end systems simply disable all the advanced settings. These are meant for high-end systems only.

Long Shadows: Off

It gives you better shadow quality and you can see shadows from further away. Honestly no In-game advantage with long shadows.

High-Resolution Shadows: off

Gives better shadows with higher resolutions. If you need shadows to look better enable this option. Its GPU intensive so be careful on laptops.

High Detail streaming while flying: off

Disable this setting. Unless you plan to be flying for more than half the game there is no benefit to using this option. I personally disable it since it helps get me a few extra FPS.

Extended Distance scaling: off

You can see further with this setting set at max. It basically renders objects at greater distances. If for some reason you need this enable this setting.

Extended Shadows distance: off

Same as above just applies to shadow rendering instead of object rendering. I really don’t see why anyone would us this.

Frame scaling mode: off

Disable it. It consumes a lot of resources if used and the graphics improvement is hardly noticeable. Turn it off as shown in the image above.

Display Settings:

Screen Skill effects: Off

This makes the game look fun but at the cost of graphics. It also hinders vision. If you are on a low-end system for whom every FPS matters then disable this setting. You will get a minor FPS boost in GTA V.

Camera Settings:

First Person Ragdoll: Off

Ragdoll is definitely fun to watch and you can get some great meme-worthy content. But ragdoll is GPU intensive. If you are unable to reach the 60 FPS for GTA Online then disable this setting.

I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. I hope this guide helped you get the best FPS in GTA V and GTA Online. You can also check out the steam launch options for GTA V and GTA Online to give you an even better performance boost. If you have a slow system then use the Gaming optimization guide for PCs and Laptops to make your system faster for gaming. If you know more ways to optimize GTA V performance do let us know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming.

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Despite, being an 8-year-old game. Getting High FPS and Consistent Performance in GTA V is no joke. The game is really hardware Intensive, and It&#;s no surprise because the graphics are excellent. Other than this, it is also fairly common with Open World Games, that they demand more than just average hardware.

Apart from its Intensive Hardware Requirements. I think GTA V is still a great game, and If you can dwell in Its multiplayer gameplay. I think enjoyment is endless and you can have a lot of fun. However, to enjoy its open-world gameplay and multiplayer. You&#;ll need High FPS and Maximum Performance. This is where our guide steps in, to teach you about several methods that can increase your FPS to the fullest.

The methods listed in this guide are completely safe. Anyhow, it is still recommended that you make a system restore point. This will help you revert back to original settings if you messed up some settings on accidental.

Make Sure Your System Specifications Are Good Enough For GTA V

There is no point in going through the whole guide. If your system specifications are below the minimum required for GTA V. On paper, the system requirements look good. But trust me, they require more than just that. Anyhow, with something close or above the minimum required specifications. You&#;ll have a chance of getting High FPS after optimization.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q @ GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ GHz
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GT 1GB / AMD HD 1GB (DX 10, , 11)
  • Sound Card: % DirectX 10 compatible
  • HDD Space: 65GB

Note: Before you jump on the bandwagon to apply all the methods. Make sure you do an FPS Test Inside GTA V and note down the average Frames. Once you have applied the methods listed in this article. I&#;ll recommend you to benchmark again and see the difference.

Update Your Windows 10

First things first, update your Windows 10 to the latest version. This is really important because new updates always bring better support for hardware. Ultimately, allowing your Graphics Card and CPU to perform better and providing you with High FPS in GTA V.

  1. Open Start > Search and click Check For Updates.
  2. Now Click on Check For Updates. New Updates will begin to download, else it&#;ll tell you that Windows is already updated to the latest version. Mine are downloaded, and the Laptop needs a restart.

Enable Ultimate Performance Plan

Ultimate Performance Plan is a hidden plan within Windows 10 that allows your Hardware to perform at Max Speeds. By default, Windows 10 has a very balanced power plan, which has tons of limitations. With Ultimate Performance Plan, you can expect much better FPS in GTA V. Along with that, the Window becomes more responsive, and performance in games significantly improves.

As I said, the Ultimate Performance Plan is hidden, so In order to enable it. We&#;ll have to go through some tweaks.

  1. Open Search > Type and Open Windows PowerShell.
  2. Now copy and paste this code In Windows PowerShell.
  3. powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02 -d5df d -aa00 feb61
  4. If you faced some sort of error. Try again, but this time in Command Prompt.
  5. If entered properly, you will clearly see Ultimate Performance mentioned in a message afterward.
  6. Now Open Start Again > Search Edit Power Plan > Afterward, Click On Power Options.
  7. Select Ultimate Performance. Sometimes, it is not visible, so you have to click on Hide Additional Plans.

Once done, you will now be seeing a significant FPS Boost in GTA V. Other than this, you should also feel a more responsive and fast Windows 10 from now.

Lower Visual Effects

If you want the best and most stable performance. You&#;ll have to compromise on the funky features, that are unnecessary and have a negative impact on your GTA V. While using Windows You will notice the exotic animations that come with every click. You might be thinking this is no big deal. Well, it is actually, and they really take consume a huge chunk of power every second.

Disabling them will increase your FPS in GTA V. In addition, the performance will become more stable and consistent.

  1. Open Start > Search and Click View Advanced System Settings.
  2. Proceed to Settings Under Performance Tab. Now in Visual Effects, only checkmark the following
  3. &#;Show thumbnails Instead of icons&#;.
    &#;Smooth edges of screen fonts&#;.

Click on Apply to save changes. You&#;ll now also see a more responsive and faster Windows

Disable Full-Screen Optimization

In order to get high fps and best performance in GTA V., You&#;ll have to make sure that Full-Screen Optimization is disabled. This feature isn&#;t good for any gamer, because it runs the application in a weird hybrid mode, which doubles the impact. In addition to that, it also set frame limiters and allows various notifications to pop up. All these things combine and have a huge negative impact.

Depending on the launcher you are using. All you have to do is find where GTA V is located. If you are using Steam here are steps.

  1. Open Steam > Library > Right Click Grand Theft Auto V > Properties.
  2. Afterward, go to Local Files and Click on Browse Local Files.
  3. Now you will land in the Grand Theft Auto V Folder. Find the GTA5 Application > Right Click > Properties.
  4. Head over to the compatibility tab, and checkmark &#;Disable full-screen optimizations&#;.
  5. Then click on Change high DPI settings, and checkmark &#;override high DPI scaling behavior&#;.
  6. Now you will have to do the exact same thing for the GTAVLauncher and PlayGTAV Application.

Enable Game Mode

If you want to further optimize your Windows 10 For High FPS. It is really recommended that you enable Game Mode. The Game Mode will always prioritize your GTA V Application, and it set its priority to high. This will allow the game to get the most out of your hardware, and a significant FPS increase is always the outcome. Apart from that, It&#;ll also ensure that no irrelevant application is running in the background, and all power is being consumed by GTA V. Game Mode can be enabled with a couple of easy steps.

  1. Open Start > Search and Click Game Mode Settings.
  2. Enable Game Mode and you are done.

Clean Your GTA V Directory

Firstly, it is very important that you have the GTA V Installed In your SSD. Secondly, ensure that the Hard Drive or SSD Health is good. You can check it through Hardware Sentinel or any other program. Other than these two, you will also have to make sure that there are no leftover and virus-infected files in your GTA V Drive. These harmful files can slower your drive, and thus it&#;ll have a huge negative impact on your GTA V&#;s performance. Don&#;t worry though, because I&#;ll take you through some methods that will completely wipe out these files.

  1. Open Run, you can do this by searching for it In start.
  2. Type %temp% In run and click ok.
  3. Press CTRL + A on your keyboard > right click any file > delete.
  4. Now Open My Computer and right-click on the drive where GTA V is Installed > Properties.
  5. Click on Disk Cleanup and only checkmark the useless files. Do not go on to select entire folders, because they will be completely deleted. After you have selected the files, click on clean up system files and you are done.


Disable Notifications While Playing GTA V

When playing GTA V. You will have to make sure that no notifications are popping up every second. These notifications are not only going to disturb you while you play. But they also rack up in the task center, and together they can have a negative impact on your FPS. In addition, some of these notifications, especially those from Game Bar. They can automatically start recording and take screenshots, without you noticing it.

This step is really important because I&#;ve heard people talk about a FPS Increase. Here is how you can disable them.

  1. Open Start > Search and Click Game Bar Settings.
  2. Disable Everything You See Under Game Bars Tab.
  3. Now Head to Captures Tab, and disable everything there as well.

These notifications are strictly related to Game Bar. That means no more automatic recordings, screenshots, and unnecessary disturbance while playing. Now we&#;ll disable the emails, Facebook replies, update notifications, and many others through Focus Assist.

  1. Open Start > Search Focus Assist Settings.
  2. Disable it completely by selecting off, or you can set timings depending when your game. I recommend turning it off.

Hardware Acceleration

Another important step to In order to get high fps in GTA V would be to disable Hardware Acceleration. This is a feature that comes with a lot of third party applications. Hardware acceleration is completely unnecessary because it allows the application to run more efficiently by unpacking its resources in a different manner. This does not change how the application works and on the downside. It is always squeezing a chunk of power, while we play GTA V.

The feature is available within a lot of common applications like Discord, Google Chrome, and Firefox. I&#;ll teach you how to disable it in chrome and discord. Afterward, you can do the same for others. Just make sure it is disabled.

  1. Open Discord > Click on Settings Icon.
  2. Scroll down to appearance, and disable hardware acceleration. Discord will now restart to enable changes.
  3. Now Open Google Chrome > Settings > Advanced > System. Disable Hardware Acceleration and restart Chrome to apply changes.
  4. Ensure that no applications running in the background has this feature enabled. It is not good for performance and will hurt your FPS.

Disable Useless Application and Services Running In the Background

The Last Windows 10 Optimization we are going to make that will help us get stable performance is disabling unnecessary applications & services. You will never notice how these applications run in the background because most of them are enabled In Startup. When enabled, they continuously run in the background consuming a portion of CPU and Memory Power.

  1. Open Run > Type msconfig and click ok.
  2. Afterward, click on services and checkmark to hide all Microsoft services. This will hide the Important ones, that your Windows 10 needs. From the new list, disable all the Services you think are from a third party.
  3. Hit Apply to save changes and go to the startup tab.
  4. In startup, disable all the applications that have Medium to High Priority.

From now on, no unnecessary application will run in the background while you play GTA V. Other than that, you feel also feel a smoother and faster Windows Boot times will also significantly improve.

Best Nvidia Settings For GTA V

In the later stages of the guide, we&#;ll be configuring the Nvidia Settings to get the best performance. The Nvidia Control Panel can completely transform your performance, because of its advanced settings. The settings aren&#;t easy to configure, but I&#;ve got everything covered for you. Just make sure that your Nvidia Drivers are already updated to the latest version. You can do that through GeForce Experience or navigate to the Nvidia site.

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Add Grand Theft Auto V In Program Settings.
    Best Nvidia Settings For GTA V
  2. Now make the following changes.
  3. Image Sharpening &#; Use Global setting (Off)
  4. Anisotropic Filtering &#; Use Global setting (Off)
  5. Antialiasing &#; FXAA &#; Use Global setting (Off)
  6. Antialiasing &#; Mode Use Global setting (Off)
  7. CUDA &#; GPUs &#; Select whatever your primary Graphics Card is
  8. Max Frame Rate &#; Off
  9. Disable Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA)
  10. Select Your Primary Graphics Card in OpenGL Rendering GPU
  11. Power Management Mode &#; Prefer Maximum Performance
  12. Shader Cache &#; Disable ( Highly Important )
  13. Allow Texture Filtering &#; Negativ LOD Bias
  14. Texture Filtering Quality &#; Quality
  15. Disable Texture Filtering &#; Trilinear Optimization
  16. Threaded Optimization &#; Off
  17. Triple Buffering &#; Off
  18. Vertical Sync – Off
  19. Virtual Reality pre-rendered Frames – 1

Optimize GTA V Config File

Another hot topic these days, is what are the best launch Options for GTA V. Well, if you look at the Rockstar site, that has listed all the command lines for GTA V. You will find there are like hundreds of them, and one would simply get confused by looking at them. In this guide though, we have already figured the Best Command Line&#;s for GTA V. These ones are going to Increase your FPS, get you stable performance, and most adequately run your game without any stutters.

Firstly, know that the Steam version of GTA V will allow you to enter launch options. For Epic Games and Rockstar users, you will have to edit the command-line text file in GTA V Folder. In some cases, the file is not created, so you will have to make one and enter the code. It is no big deal, let me teach you how.

  1. Navigate to your GTA V Folder. For Epic Games users, you will have to go to Disk C > Program Files > Epic Games > GTA V.
  2. First, click on CTRL + F on your keyboard and type command line. If no files were found, create a new text file and name it command line.
  3. Afterward, Open the file and enter these codes in a proper manner. I&#;ve also attached their descriptions from the Rockstar site.
  4. -disable hyperthreading &#; Don&#;t count hyperthreaded cores as real ones to create tasks on.
  5. -hdr &#; Set the whole rendering pipeline to bit.
  6. -noquattransform &#; Don&#;t use quaternion transforms for placed entities.
  7. -FrameQueueLimit 0 &#; Removes frame limiter, allows FPS to go above all limits.
  8. -ignoreDifferentVideoCard &#; Don&#;t reset settings with a new card.
  9. For Steam Users, all you have to do is Right Click GTA V In-Library > Properties.
  10. Under General,> Click On Launch Options, and enter this code in proper sequence and spacing.
  11. -disableHyperthreading -hdr -noquattransform -ignoreDifferentVideoCard -FrameQueueLimit

Best AMD Settings For GTA V

If you have an AMD Graphics Card and want to get the most out of your GPU. You have come to the right place, because we have got the best AMD Raden Settings for GTA V. As always, make sure that your AMD Drivers are updated. You can update your drivers to the latest version through the Control Panel or head over to the AMD website, and update them manually.

  1. Open AMD Control Panel > Gaming > Add GTA V Profile > Now Edit It.Best AMD Settings For GTA V
  2. Under Graphics Tab, Select eSports Mode
  3. If you are playing GTA V offline, and you are not a competitive player. You can disable it.
  4. Radeon Boost: Disable
  5. Radeon Boost: Enabled
  6. Minimum Resolution: Set It to maximum
  7. Radeon Image Sharpening: Enabled.
  8. Sharpness: Anything above 50% will get you decent visuals. The more you push it, the fewer frames you get.
  9. Radeon Enhanced Sync: Disabled
  10. Wait for Vertical Refresh: If you have a budget PC with a 60Hz Monitor, and you only want to play the campaign mode. Go for it. On the other hand, Online Players shouldn&#;t enable it. Thirdly, If you have a Gaming Monitor that supports G-Sync/Freesycn, disable V-Sync too.
  11. Anti-Aliasing: Enhance Application Settings
  12. Anti-aliasing Method: Multisampling
  13. Morphological Anti-Aliasing: Disabled
  14. Anisotropic Filtering: Disabled
  15. Texture Filtering Quality: Performance
  16. Surface Format Optimization: Enabled
  17. Tessellation Mode: AMD Optimized
  18. OpenGL Triple Buffering: Disabled
  19. Bit Pixel Format: Disabled
  20. GPU Workload: Graphics
  21. Reset Shader Cache: Perform a reset
  22. Once done, head over to the Display Tab. Best AMD Settings For GTA V
  23. AMD FreeSync &#; Enable, if you are playing single player for smooth gameplay. Disable, If you are interested In GTA Online.
  24. Virtual Super Resolution: Enabled
  25. GPU Scaling: Disabled
  26. Scaling Mode: Full Panel
  27. Integer Scaling: Disable If your GPU Supports one.

Best GTA V Settings For High FPS and Performance

The final and most Important tweak that we are going to address is the in-game settings for GTA V. I know GTA V is quite old, but the amount of setting it provides you to work with is very complex. There is the Display Section, then you have got Graphics Tab. On top of that, there is also Advanced Graphics, so things are not easy to configure.

Anyhow, we&#;ve sorted the best settings out for you. These settings are the most balanced and optimized. They will guaranty high performance, stable FPS, smooth gameplay, and no crashes. All you have to do is just follow the settings bit by bit.

  1. Launch GTA V > Proceed To Settings > Advanced Graphics.Best GTA V Settings For High FPS
  2. Long Shadows: Off
  3. High Resolution: Off
  4. High Detail Streaming While Flying: Off
  5. Frame Scaling Mode: Off
  6. Graphics TabBest GTA V Settings For High FPS
  7. Screen Type: Full Screen
  8. Resolution: Go for &#;, If you have a Graphics Card better than GTX If not, go for something like &#;, for best FPS.
  9. Aspect Ratio: Auto
  10. Refresh Rate: Select Highest
  11. Output Monitor: 1
  12. FXAA: On
  13. MSAA: Off
  14. VSync: Off
  15. Pause Game On Focus Loss: Off
  16. Population Density: Disable, drag the slider to the full left.
  17. Population Variety: Disable, drag the slider to full left
  18. Distance Scaling: Once again, disabled.
  19. Texture Quality: Normal
  20. Shader Quality: High
  21. Shadow Quality: Normal
  22. Reflection Quality: High
  23. Reflection MSAA: X2
  24. Water Quality: Normal
  25. Particles Quality: Normal
  26. Grass Quality: Normal
  27. Soft Shadows: Sharp
  28. Post FX: High
  29. Motion Blur Strength: Disabled, once again lower the slider to the fullest.
  30. Anisotropic Filtering: Off
  31. Ambient Occlusion: High
  32. Tessellation: Off

Don&#;t forget to apply the changes and Restart your GTA V.

ConclusionBest GTA V Settings For High FPS

There is n denying, that GTA V requires a lot more than normal games to perform. But, I think that If you are able to enjoy GTA V without any stutters. It&#;s always a great experience to play the game. The open-world gameplay is fantastic. You get to play a great storyline, and GTA Online has just endless features and modes. The settings mentioned in this guide are perhaps the best you will find in These settings are updated with all the flashy updates, and they will guaranty High FPS. In addition, the methods mentioned will also fasten your Windows 10 and Increase your FPS across all games. Just make sure, that you are following them correctly and hey!, don&#;t forget to benchmark the FPS again!


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