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Stray Kids’ Hyunjin To Be Absent From “Music Core” This Week + ITZY’s Yeji To Be Special MC

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin will not be taking part in the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Music Core.”

A source related to the show stated, “Hyunjin will not be participating in the recording scheduled for February 27. ITZY’s Yeji will join as a special MC.”

Regarding the reason for the artist’s absence, the source explained, “The agency recommended a replacement with a special MC.”

This is most likely in light of the recent allegations of school violence that arose surrounding Hyunjin. On February 22, a post was made by a user claiming to be Hyunjin’s middle school classmate and a victim of school violence perpetrated by the idol. The user requested an apology from Hyunjin.

Regarding the issue, JYP Entertainment announced on February 23, “We are listening to the opinions of people from the school that the member attended as well as the opinions of other acquaintances regarding the issues that were raised, and we are also considering listening directly to the opinion of the writer, if they allow it.” The agency additionally expressed that strong legal action would be taken against the spread of false information.

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Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/1456383wpp/stray-kids-hyunjin-to-be-absent-from-music-core-this-week-itzys-yeji-to-be-special-mc

Stray Kids' HyunJin has been the MC of MBC's show "Music Core" since 2019 alongside SF9's Chani and former IZ*ONE member Kim MinJu. Today, on August 9, 2021, it was announced that fellow Stray Kids member Lee Know and NCT's JungWoo will be joining MinJu as the new MCs of the show.

STAY Give Stray Kids' HyunJin A Warm Farewell As MC Of MBC's "Music Core"

MBC Music Core's Twitter

For STAY, it is a bittersweet day. On the one hand, with Lee Know being the new MC, STAY are overjoyed. However, the fact that HyunJin will not be the MC anymore despite his return to regular promotional activities and even more importantly, that MBC did not afford him a proper farewell, are some things that are bothering STAY.

STAY Give Stray Kids' HyunJin A Warm Farewell As MC Of MBC's "Music Core"


Either way, STAY did not wait for MBC to give HyunJin a farewell but rather, took it upon themselves to make sure HyunJin felt the love. STAY worldwide trended "WE WILL MISS YOU" in response to the news of MBC's new MCs.

Fans thanked him for his hard work and for making their weekends better with his bright energy and presence. At the same time, they also welcomed Lee Know and congratulated him for his new position.

As always, it is all love in the STAY community and we can't wait to see Lee Know and JungWoo as the new MCs of "Music Core".


Stray Kids
Sours: https://www.kpopmap.com/stay-give-stray-kids-hyunjin-a-warm-farewell-as-mc-of-mbc-music-core/
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Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Music Core MC stint ends with Lee Know taking over: Fans say ‘end of an era’

Stray Kids fans will no longer see Hyunjin as the MC of Music Core. Lee Know is set to take over as the host alongside NCT’s Jungwoo. Emotional Stays took to Twitter to thank the Stray Kids star for an iconic MC era, while some slammed MBC for not arranging a proper farewell.

Hwang Hyunjin, the K-pop wonder of Stray Kids, had been an MC for MBC’s Music Core since 2019. The 21-year-old South Korean artist has given fans numerous memorable episodes as the music show’s host.

With Lee Know now announced as his successor, fans reminisced unforgettable moments from Hyunjin’s Music Core stint.


MBC Music Core appoints two new hosts

Up until August 9, it wasn’t totally clear if Hyunjin would return to Music Core. Days before the show’s comeback, MBC announced two new hosts – Stray Kids’ Lee Know and NCT 127’s Jungwoo.

The new duo will be seen on the show with former IZ*ONE member, Kim Minju, on August 14.


Stray Kids fans react to Hyunjin’s Music Core stint coming to end without a proper goodbye

Stray Kids fans have been looking forward to seeing more from Hwang Hyunjin once he returned from his hiatus. However, supporters are now dejected to learn that the 21-year-old will not be coming back.

While some shared precious moments of Hyunjin’s two years as the host of Music Core, others slammed MBC for not giving him a chance to say a proper goodbye to his fans.

A heartwarming tweet of a Stay read: “Thank you Hyunjin for the hard work you’ve put on music core thank you for all the great/ beautiful memories you gave as an mc with us it so hurts your mission is over but I’m looking forward to the future opportunities that will be given to you soon!”

Another fan wrote: “Music Core you owe us a statement of your other 2years MC withdrawal. No proper statement, no proper good bye. Hyunjin worked so hard for the program. He didn’t woke up so early in the morning to film the whole day on MuCore for two years to be forgotten.”

Stray Kids Hyunjin stuns fans in ‘Red Lights’ teaser

After a rather difficult first half of 2021 for Hyunjin and his supporters, Stray Kids’ No Easy comeback era is giving fans everything they wished for!

Recently, the fourth-gen superstar group released a sneak peek of a new track titled ‘Red Lights‘ from their upcoming album ‘No Easy.’ Stray Kids fans had a live meltdown witnessing the 21-year-old in a brand new sensuous avatar in the teaser.

Watch the teaser for ‘Red Lights’ below.

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Sours: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/08/09/stray-kids-hyunjins-music-core-mc-stint-ends-with-lee-know-taking-over-fans-say-end-of-an-era/
60FPS 1080P - CHANI 찬희 X Hyunjin 현진- Fools+Attention+I Like It Show! Music Core 20190216

SF9’s Chani And Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Appointed As New MCs For “Music Core”

New MCs have been announced for “Music Core”!

Previously, gugudan’s Mina hosted the show with Ong Seong Wu and NCT’s Mark. However, Ong Seong Wu stepped down from the program in September 2018, while NCT’s Mark left last month.

It was revealed through the official “Music Core” website that SF9’s Chani and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin will be joining as new MCs and will host together with Mina.To celebrate their first episode, Chani and Hyunjin will perform “Fools,” “Attention,” and “I Like It” for a special stage.

Chani commented, “It is my first time hosting a program, so I am more nervous than when I am performing, but I have been working hard ton preparing. As I demonstrate my hosting skills, I will become an MC that shows a lovable smile to fans.”Hyunjin shared, “I am very nervous, but I am practicing my hosting skills while focusing on pronunciation and the tone of my voice. With a bright smile that I haven’t been able to show much before, I will go into the live broadcasts with a sense of responsibility.”Mina remarked, “I still get nervous although a year has passed, but us three MCs will lead the program steadily with great teamwork.”The first episode of “Music Core” with Mina, Chani, and Hyunjin will air on February 16.

Check out the previous episode of “Music Core” below:

Watch Now

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Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/1303649wpp/sf9s-chani-and-stray-kids-hyunjin-appointed-as-new-mcs-for-music-core

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60FPS 1080P - CHANI 찬희 X Hyunjin 현진- Fools+Attention+I Like It Show! Music Core 20190216

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