Best coilovers for s197 mustang

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Ford has created an impressive list of various Mustang trims, and one of those models is everything that has been made from to ; the Ford Mustang S The fifth generation of Mustangs, more commonly known as the Ford Mustang S, is a generation of pony cars that feature a design reminiscent of Mustangs’ previous era. They now have more powerful engines and can produce anything related to an adrenaline-induced driving experience.

But with great power comes along a great responsibility, or rather, a notable handicap. Many people claimed that the Ford S tends to have somewhat of “boat-like” handling. Some of the Mustang trims under the S have too much body roll, and its responsiveness is pretty lackluster. The claim is not as dramatic as Mustang haters claim it to be, but if you’ve driven one of these pony cars, then you know that there’s probably some truth to this statement. Luckily for you, there’s an excellent way to solve the S Mustang’s handling problems: a coilover kit.

Coilover kits are a great way to improve a car’s handling and it gives you the ability to adjust your car’s ride height. Unlike lowering springs, coilovers offer you more freedom to reconfigure your suspensions. By doing so, your car can go through harsher driving conditions, such as cornering and doing sharp turns. If you’re looking for some coilovers to fit into your Ford Mustang S, then you’re in the right place. Check the list below to see the top eight coilovers for the Ford Mustangs S

#1 H&R Street Performance Coilover Kit

  • Manufacturer: H&R Special Springs
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): N/A

If we’re going to talk about coilovers, then we better start with a manufacturer that’s famous for creating world-class springs: the H&R Springs. The Street Performance coilover kit is an upgrade guaranteed to lower your car’s ride height while keeping it streetable. Unlike most entry-level coilovers, the Street Performance utilizes monotube shocks that are way better at handling unsprung weight. It may not be as cheap as your standard coilover kit, but it sure is a worthy investment if you’re looking for excellent coilover equipment that will last for a very long time.

H&R Street Performance Coilover Kit Features:

  • Ride height adjustability (″″)
  • % made in Germany
  • Custom-valved shock absorbers
  • Emphasizes performance and ride comfort
  • Perfect for street use

#2 KW Variant 1 Coilover

  • Manufacturer: KW Suspensions
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): Progressive

There are selected coilovers out there that offer a legitimate “premium quality,” but it often comes at a very high price. Among these kinds of coilovers is KW Suspensions’ creation, mainly their Variant 1 coilover explicitly made for fifth-generation Mustangs. The KW Variant 1 coilover is arguably one of the best coilovers for the S Mustang simply because of the value it gives for its cost. KW Suspension’s coilovers were made from a special alloy that can withstand harsh and demanding situations like track racing. So if budget is not a problem for you and you’re looking for a premier quality coilover kit, then the KW Variant 1 is definitely for you.

KW Variant 1 Coilover Features:

  • Inox-line stainless steel technology
  • Tested adjustment range
  • Each coilover can be individually adjusted
  • Sporty yet comfortable ride quality
  • Made in Germany

#3 BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: BC Racing
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): |

BR Racing may not be a pioneer when it comes to suspension upgrades. Still, they cemented their name as one of the leading brands of affordable yet effective coilover providers out there. Their creation, the BR Series coilover, is a perfect choice for street driving and weekend track duty. It’s got accessible knobs, so you can easily reconfigure the damper settings, the ride height, and the spring preload. If you’re looking for a great entry-level coilover for your trusty Ford Mustang, then the BR Series is a perfect coilover kit for you.

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers Features:

  • 30 levels of damper setting adjustment
  • Includes pillowball mounts and adjustable camber plates
  • Rebuildable parts
  • Height adjustable to full length
  • One year warranty

#4 Ksport Kontrol Pro Damper System

  • Manufacturer: Ksport USA Suspension
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): |

The Ksport Kontrol Pro is a bang-for-the-buck coilover kit for Mustang owners who want a suspension upgrade that is jam-packed with cool, innovative features that can potentially benefit their car in a lot of ways. With the Kontrol Pro damper system, you can have more control over your car’s handling: whether you want to adjust your car’s ride height into a preferable stance or reconfigure the damper settings to suit your driving style. Whatever floats your boat, the Ksport Kontrol Pro has got your back with their innovative, durable, and reliable coilover kit.

Ksport Kontrol Pro Damper System Features:

  • 36 levels of damper setting adjustment
  • T aluminum collar upper mounts for extra durability
  • Pillowball mounts for better steering response
  • Electroplated body for corrosion and rust resistance
  • Dust boots for damper seal protection

#5 Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit

  • Manufacturer: Rev9Power
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): |

Have a thing for cheap coilovers? If so, then Rev9’s Hyper-Street II coilover kit is for you. This coilover may be cheap, but it’s got all of the essential features you need to set up your suspension system. With over 32 levels of damper setting adjustment, you can reconfigure how stiff you want your ride quality with this coilover kit. The damper setting adjustment is independent of the ride height adjustment, so you won’t have to worry about messing up one while reconfiguring the other. At this low price, the Hyper-Street coilover kit is among the best coilovers for the S Mustang you can have.

Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover Kit:

  • 32 levels of damper settings adjustment
  • Steel alloy construction for durability
  • Damper setting adjustment is independent of the height setting adjustment
  • Includes pillow ball camber plates
  • Monotube shocks that can contain more shock oil

#6 ST Suspension ST XTA Coilover Kit

  • Manufacturer: ST Suspensions
  • Type of Construction: Twin-tube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): N/A

Getting your hands on some premium coilovers is a guaranteed way to transform your Mustang’s ride quality into something more sinister. An example of such a premium coilover is the ST XTA coilover kit, made by ST Suspension. With its body made from galvanized steel, you can be sure that this coilover can withstand loads of punishment. The ST XTA was possible in partnership with KW Suspensions. They made sure that you’ll get the best value out of your money by giving you a competent coilover kit that features performance-focused driving, easy lowering adjustment, and a coilover construction unique only to ST Suspensions. If you’re looking for coilover equipment that can make your Ford Mustang track-worthy, then the ST XTA coilover kit is an excellent choice for you.

ST Suspension ST XTA Coilover Kit Features:

  • Made through KW Suspensions engineering
  • Each coilover can be lowered individually
  • Front/rear axle with thread adjustment
  • Galvanized struts for optimized corrosion resistance
  • Comes with adjustable spring plates, dust boots, and a race spring system

#7 Godspeed MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit

  • Manufacturer: Godspeed Project
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): |

Lastly, we have the MonoSS coilover kit from Godspeed Project. The MonoSS is a streetable coilover kit with a very affordable price tag. All of the features that the MonoSS has can make your car the hot topic of both the track and the street. Such features include weight reduction, exceptional performance on and off the track, corrosion resistance, and even the use of famous high-performance Japanese bearings as its pillow ball mounts. As far as we’re concerned, the Godspeed MonoSS coilover kit is not your average run-of-the-mill coilover, and every dollar you spend on this kit will get rewarded with good handling and a nice-looking aggressive stance.

Godspeed MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit Features:

  • 16 levels of damper setting adjustment
  • Koyo z bearings
  • Anodized shock body
  • Utilizes racing-grade shock oil
  • Lightweight aluminum mounts and forged aluminum/carbon steel brackets

The fifth generation of the Ford Mustang continues to be popular, even up to this day. Many car enthusiasts have put their sights on modifying pony cars and turning them into absolute mechanical beasts, fit for both the track and the streets. An example of such modification is coilovers, capable of solving the boat-like handling that Mustangs always had.

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This is a complete Mustang suspension package and includes springs, dampeners, jounce bumpers, and anti-roll bars. The 3 Best Mustang Coilovers For + Mustang. nelsonbullitt. SENSEN Rear Struts Compatible with Sensen always focused on high quality with good performance. For long durability, maximum products are made of carbon… Kenny Brown Performance Handling Cars, Performance Handling Parts for Mustang, GT; Mustang GT, Shelby GT, Boss, V6; Mustang GT, Mustang Cobra, FOX Mustang, Gen 1 Mustangs; Heritage Camaros; Heritage Mustangs, Trans-Am Heritage Series Cars; GT4 Mustangs; AGS Suspension; Pro4-R Brakes. Best Rear Links. We also carry products from some of the most well-known brands in the industry, including BMR Fabrication, Ford Performance, Vi-King, Bilstein and UPR. Drag Race Package (Level 2) BMR Suspension has taken the guesswork out of making huge launch improvements to the S Mustang, and put it all in one convenient package. Vendor Fortune Auto. Our Mustang Suspension Kit will greatly improve the handling of your Mustang. A little background info, this is my daily driver. Rated out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings. Now: $1, = Installed on my Mustang GT. Mustang GT | 10r80, PP1 w/ a package E85R Lund tuned | MAK delete pipes w/ Borla S-type active exhaust Steeda Adj. Whether it be camber links, lowering springs, cradle lockouts, bushings, shocks or struts, we offer the best selection of , and Mustang GT suspension parts online. Vorshlag Spherical Rear Shock Mounts, S Mustang - Coilover Applications (pair) $ Ford Mustang GT – The Future Expansion and Transformation The last Mustang GT was launched in , so it is exciting to see what Ford Mustang GT has in store. While it’s not overly surprising, this surge is largely due to the market being fairly saturated with these affordable Mustangs. Feb 15, #1. Rated out of 5. Application. Just as much, the same can be said when you're bolting down a racetrack at breakneck speeds. Description. Pan Hard Bar, S Mustang, Team Z, PErformance Suspension, Mustang, Suspension drag wheels/tires of your choosing and you're just about done. star rating 12/22/ I came from driving a civic. Double Adjustable Aluminum Shock Rear. Forums > Mustang s Tech Forums > + Mustang GT L Tech > Best Rear Shocks for Drag Racing? Shock, Heavy-Duty, Monotube, Front, Ford, Each. Uprated performance shocks and struts for the to mustang GT will give your Pony amazing handling ability, reduce body roll, and get the tight, consistent driving that your Mustang should have had from the factory. Installing Viking Crusader Struts/Shocks and Weld Racing Wheels On The MM&FF Mustang S GT project car. Pro-action struts/shocks | BMR SPR springs MM Caster/Camber plates | BMR CB+CB Squared 19x10 SVE SP2 wheels | … Replacing your Mustang's shocks and struts not only restores great ride quality, it also helps with handling and braking. We want your pony to perform as best it can, and we have all … P springs, Tokico d-specs on (now Ford Racing adjustable) Struts/shocks, BMR watts (my only experience is with the heim/polyurethane bushings, so those), one click down on the BMR relocation brackets, Whiteline lcas, stock sway bars. The eibach coilovers are great. Oversize fee: $ $ For those who demand the absolute best performance comes the ST XTA coilover Mail-in Rebate Get $ cash back - Details. Unless you're spending $ on coilovers, your money is better spent on good shocks / struts / springs. The Eibach Multi-Pro R2 kit provides coilover suspension for S Ford Mustangs and we test the system out on the street and at the track - Mustang & Super Fords Magazine One of the best modifications for any Ford Mustang is the installation of a cold air … Hey, planning on buying a suspension setup for my convertible. Get the best dampers you can. Dropping 60 Foots: S Mustang Suspension With Comp Engineering. Oversize fee: $ This is a revolutionary new design we have just come out with to eliminate the headaches of lost adjustment. Hey guys so in the next month I plan to upgrade my suspension on my mustang GT. ( 4 customer reviews) $ 1, $ Specializing in Mustang GT, GT and SVT Cobra Terminator vehicles since Coil Over ( 14 ) Estimated Ship Date: 7/30/ (if ordered today) Free Shipping. You can also expect a significant decrease in front end dive under braking since the rear axle rotational loads are now applied much … starts an all new design era inside and out for the iconic Mustang. Identifying Suspension Types See the image below to identify which type of suspension you have, as it may affect your wheel fitment. Feal Suspension Coilovers for Mustang (SN95) Give your Mustang the best suspension upgrade possible with a set of custom, hand-made-in-America, coil overs from Feal Suspension! FREE Shipping by Amazon. Fortune Auto Coilovers Ford Mustang S [ Series] () FAS Lakewood offers a variety of driveshaft safety loops for the S Mustang. Getting a true rear coilover and a smaller ARB (or removing it entirely) substantially improves several of these issues but the good options are limited and a … Xtreme-Grip™ Watts Link System, S Mustang, Street. Learn More. $1, As with all Raceland products, these coilovers come with a … (2) Compare. In Stock. Ford Mustang Pro Extreme Duty Rear Suspension Kit. Ford Mustang L With S Chassis , Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit by Eibach®. For the first time ever, since it’s introduction over 50 years ago, the Ford Mustang will be available around the globe! The Raceland Ford Mustang Classic coilovers are ideal for the driver who is seeking high performance at an affordable price. Choose the Gas-A-Just or GR-2 for a a factory type ride quality. Steeda S Mustang 12mm Spacer Kit for Billet Rear Shock Mounts All () Sale $ $ These kits are put through a series of track, slalom, high speed lane change and skid pad test over different road surfaces, giving your vehicle the best … Installing a Bulletproof Strange Engineering 9-Inch Rearend in a S Mustang GT Go Mustang GT Mustang GT V6 Mustang Pre V6 Mustang General Mustang Discussion. UPR Products Coil Over Kit with Springs. Add to Cart. The right fit. The loading directions is changed towards the bearing link of the front axle suspension arm while using the coilover kit. These are the features and benefits to be on the lookout for to make sure that you select the best coilovers for your S Mustang … Mustang Koni OEM STR.T Non Adjustable Rear Shock You'll find control arms, struts, shocks, lowering springs, panhard bars, K-members and more. Mustang GT suspension upgrade Discussion in 'SN and New Edge Mustangs' started by MephistoGT, Feb 15, BMR Suspension has taken the guesswork out of making significant handling improvements to the S Mustang, and put it in one convenient package. We want your pony to perform as best it can, and we have all … The ISC Suspension Coilovers for the S Ford Mustang GT are a great option if you’re looking to upgrade not just your springs, but your shocks too. (''14 Mustang) Best Selling Suspension for your Mustang (+) OPR Front Sway Bar End Link ( All) $ (+) FORD, FORD MUSTANG, MUSTANG GT, SVT COBRA, MACH 1 MUSTANG, SHELBY GT , COBRA R, BULLITT MUSTANG, SN95, S, V6 MUSTANG, FOX BODY MUSTANG, AND MUSTANG ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF FORD MOTOR … In addition to revising our existing products and developing new top secret industry firsts, we have designed and computer analyzed additional products that are currently meeting our last requirement: race proven. Add To Cart. Whiteline Ford S Mustang Adjustable Rear Sway Bar $ $ Whiteline Sway Bars are built with the highest quality solid spring steel, allowing the bar to perform its function as a spring more effectively than hollow, non-spring steel bars commonly The Phase 2 kit boosts the Ford Mustang engine output to HP and lb-ft of torque - an incredible increase of HP over stock. Viking Berserker Adjustable Front Coilover Kit Sway Bar ( Mustang) Regular price: $1, Mustang Suspension Upgrades The factory suspension system just doesn't cut it when it comes time to go carve corners or get a low-down, race-ready look. They deliver great dampening ability for the best possible ride. 1 of 2 Go to page. Whether yours is a classic '67 or fresh out of the factory, our car suspensions make a great muscle car even better. DIY easy install for lowering and handling transformation. Current Mustang GT || Tech and Talk S Suspension: Which brands are best? Search Search. Coil overs. Posted by Chris Evans on June 6th, I have had these parts on my 91 mustang for 2 seasons now. Street legal or track use, autocross. Here’s Your Daily Dose of Dopamine. 6 mo ago. The thing i tell most people is with a cheap coilover is you get adjustability at the cost of (more times than not) bad valving and poor spring rates. While it’s not overly surprising, this surge is largely due to the market being fairly saturated with these affordable Mustangs. The watts link replaces the panhard bar in a few simple bolt-on steps for ease of DIY installation. Upgrade your suspension system with this top-grade performance suspension components to enjoy a smooth vibration-free ride. Mustang Koni OEM STR.T Non Adjustable Front Strut Adding the sublime-handling Griggs Racing Products GR40 Shop Ford Mustang vehicles for sale in Corona, CA at Project Budget WHP S Mustang Track Car: Part 7 – Springs, Shocks and Bars. If you’ve got a S, you’re already a leg-up on the older Ss. Height & Mounts Shocks I wanted to get your guys opinion on which kit would be best to go with. Handling Performance Package, Level 1. Cold Air Intake. Recommended Communities. Choose from our many S shock, struts, and spring kits to get your stock or lowered Mustang handling and riding like new. Ford Mustang GT Without Magnetic Ride Control , Street Performance Front and Rear Lowering Coilover Kit with "" Front and 1"" Rear Body Drop by H&R®. $ S Suspension: Adjusting Instant Center & Anti-Squat. We also have a great selection of Mustang coilovers, including coil-over kits and coil-over spanner wrenches. For your Ford Mustang GT Coupe. Best Rear Links. Over the past few years, the S Mustang made a significant jump in popularity at the drag strip. Air Lift Front Suspension Kit ( Mustang S) $1, Vorshlag has been making spherical shock mounts for many years, for a variety of chassis: Corvette, many BMW applications, NA/NB Miata, 86 and more. I think I have my choices down to 3 kits. Quick view Compare Choose Options. Finally decided on the best suspension setup for a S Mustang. It is amazing how much straighter the car is down the track and how much smoother the wheelie is. These KYB shocks and struts fit any budget and suspension combination you want. Best Selling Products Newest Products S S Suspension Suspension. That's why Mustang Suspension parts are what you need to add to that HP Coyote engine or beefed up HP V6. Project Budget WHP S Mustang Track Car: Part 7 – Springs, Shocks and Bars. Shop Late Model Restoration for the best selection of Mustang coilover kits! Free shipping on many items 1 PAIR Gabriel Front VST Gas Struts for Ford Mustang GT G (Fits: Ford Mustang) 5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings - 1 PAIR Gabriel Front VST Gas Struts for Ford Mustang GT G Vorshlag Rear Spring and Ride Height Adjustment Kit for S Mustang The S generation Mustang () has a solid rear axle with a "divorced" rear spring, mounted inboard from the Vorshlag Ford ''14 S Mustang Aluminum Camber/Caster Plates & Perches from $ The BR Series BC Coilovers for the + Mustang are perfect for your Mustang they will give you the ultimate balance between an aggressive stance, comfort, and performance. Pack, Guard Metallic with factory stripes Suspension: BMR SP Rev. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $ These are the Same Shocks used on Ronnie Reynolds record setting Mustang. Dominate the highways and the track in your 'Stang with a new Ford Mustang Suspension Kit from Project Budget WHP S Mustang Track Car: Part 7 – Springs, Shocks and Bars. Mustang GT Tokico D-Spec Adjustable Shocks & Struts () Mustang GT Tokico HP Suspension Package. Countless hours of design, engineering, and track testing gives you the best combination of parts for remarkable traction and launch consistency on the street and track. I have stock springs and shocks. Ford Mustang GT , Front Strut Mount by Ford Performance®. DRP Sale price: $1, Posted by Chris Evans on June 6th, I have had these parts on my 91 mustang for 2 seasons now. Mustang. The Perfect Mustang Suspension Packages . Ford Mustang Pro Extreme Duty Rear Suspension Kit. Bilstein - Bilstein B6 Performance Series Shocks and Struts. This Animation of a Watt’s Linkage setup on a … Mustang (S) Drift Parts. About Camber Plates Their normal kit is a part number , but we needed two of the smaller half circles to clear our X-pipe, and can be special ordered through Lakewood. No Retailers, No Markups! Our tested and proven performance parts for the Mod Motor V8 powered Mustang are a great way to make your S unique. Over the past few years, the S Mustang made a significant jump in popularity at the drag strip. Mustang , , Trick Flow s, /4" Headers, 3/4 Race Cam, Edelbrock AirGap Intake, Holley Street Avenger rwhp.

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Springs vs budget coilovers?

Nov 3,
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Ruby GT PP 10A w/ Magride, Recaros
On my 16 I first went with a set of used BMR SP performance springs. They worked well enough, drop was ok, but still left me wanting more in the handling and looks department (minimal drop in rear). Bear in mind I started to track the car and generally drive pretty hard, but it is my daily too.

Then I moved to the BC racing coilovers. They handled really well, but sacrifice a lot in the ride quality department. I rode around on those for about 8 months, and never felt I could find a happy medium between good handling and adequate ride quality on the street. Even dialled right back to full soft I found myself apologising to passengers as we crashed over shit Sydney roads. Full stiff on the track was great though, and I generally rode around somewhere near midway. I was also running 20" wheels, and had I paired the BCs with a set of sway bars, I could have softened them up and maybe my opinion would be different. That will be the first and last set of cheap coilovers that I buy.

Now I have the chance to do it again, I've chosen better dampers (magride), and to pair that with a set of springs and bars, which are being installed right now.

If I were you I'd seriously consider saving up for better coilovers. I still rate having that adjustment when you need it, being able to soften for long drives, but dial it up when you want to have fun. I think if you go springs you will always wonder what could've been, but I'm now a firm believer in buy nice or buy twice lol
GT PP 6MT - sold

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How to install coilovers on a s197 mustang GT

S Mustang Coilovers - Coiled Over

| How-To - Chassis and Suspension

Eibach's New Multi-Pro R-2 Kit Bundles Coilover Benefits For Ss With Its Bolt-In Package

Horse Sense: Even with its reservoirs, hoses, and such, Eibach's Multi-Pro kit weighs 13 pounds less than the matching stock components. No one was more surprised than the Eibach crew, who says their kit scales 62 pounds and the stock stuff comes in at 75 pounds.

Once as racy as open headers, coilover suspensions have moved into the street scene to stay. Thanks mainly to their ride-height adjustability, coilovers are now prized by everyone from street cruisers to performance junkies. But there's much more to coilovers than dropping your ride into the weeds for car shows, which is why Eibach Springs has engineered a bolt-on coilover kit for S Mustangs.

Eibach's new system, the Multi-Pro, builds on coilovers' true strengths: foremost, a quality shock and spring combination designed to give the best possible suspension control. Other advantages are relatively easy and inexpensive spring changes, adjustable corner weights, rebuildability, and yes, adjustable ride height. In the Multi-Pro R2 case-the system we're detailing here-there is also "double adjustability" in the Eibach-built dampers. That is, both compression and rebound dampening are adjustable separately.

In short, the Multi-Pro R2 kit can put Indy car levels of twiddle and fiddle into the spring/shock combination. Such adjustability sounds sexy, and it is, but as many of the more enthusiastic Mustang street fans have found, dialing the ride height up and down on the same schedule as a department store elevator is too much work. After a car show or two, the ride height is invariably set to a workable street height and left there.

The same is true for street/track machines. Typically these cars are set to an acceptable compromise and left at that. However, all this adjustability is good for setting up the car just the way you want it; a real boon when changing wheels and tires. Let's not forget the coilover's strong-est suit: excellent dampening and chassis control. This also suggests why "cheap Charlie" coilovers aren't worth the trouble.

Eibach has combined all the coilover strengths into a package that bolts onto a new Mustang. There are perhaps two minor holes to drill in hidden places, but the rest is bolt-on work.

Eibach designs, prototypes, and manufactures its own struts and shocks in house, including the valving and gas pressurization. These are monotube inverted shocks with the piston at the top of the shock, so they use a remote reservoir. As there is no stock counterpart to the reservoir, they are mounted wherever is convenient using billet aluminum brackets. The monotube design, besides allowing better hydraulic characteristics, leaves room for a generously sized shaft. That means extra rigidity for greater precision from this suspension locating part.

The front strut bodies are made from electropolished stainless steel that's been cleared of iron impurities, so the stainless steel is more rust and corrosion resistant. Combined with the nicely finished springs and other hardware, the struts have a surprising luster-at least until you drive through the first puddle.

Eibach, which supplies springs to everyone from street machines to NASCAR, Formula One, dirt bikes, buggies, and trucks, obviously makes its high-quality coil springs in-house. For the Multi-Pro kits, the company uses its popular inch diameter coils, which are available in a comprehensive span of spring rates. It doesn't matter if you're equipping a flyweight drag car or a show car dripping with stereo gear, Eibach has the springs for the job.

The rear shocks are not so flashy: just DOM hydraulic tubing finished to a matte-black sheen. Both front and rear shocks feature remote reservoirs required by the inverted design and give less oil aeration and more consistent dampening.

Installation is essentially the same as R&Ring the stock springs and shocks, with the addition of fitting the remote reservoirs. These are connected to the shocks with Eibach-specific stainless steel hoses that are sleeved in vinyl and attached with hard steel fittings. Swivel fittings may be used in the future, but those will be installation niceties only. The reservoirs must mount on the chassis near the shocks, which is easy enough to do thanks to the billet aluminum brackets supplied for this job.

Our one-day Eibach visit didn't allow for much more than around-the-block ride evaluation on mainly newly paved asphalt surface streets, so our driving impressions are preliminary. Still, it was easy enough to feel the tighter precision afforded by the Multi-Pro gear. Ultimately it's impossible to describe the combination of stiffer valves and springs coupled with the better ride dynamics of up-market dampers, but it's a good experience from the driver seat.

Eibach damper engineer Brent Boggs said he valved the Multi-Pro kit 10 percent stiffer than stock as the starting point, and that is how we drove the car. The test car certainly felt controlled to us. We doubt we would want anything stiffer, except possibly at the track, but that's not the customer feedback the Eibach staff receives. They say the call for "more rate, more rate" is what they hear, so stiffer valving is on tap by way of the separate compression and rebound adjusters.

We didn't get a chance to play with the adjusters during our quick inspection, but no doubt the Multi-Pros can get as stiff as a double scotch, hold the rocks. A little more compression dampening would no doubt remove the minor baby-buggying in the ride (the car bounces seemingly straight up and down in short, repeating motions induced by pavement imperfections completely unfelt in standard sedans). And hey, with the double adjustability, that sort of tuning is possible.

The bottom line: the Multi-Pro R2 we tried rode a touch stiffer than stock but definitely wasn't harsh, and was well ahead of how such cars normally ride for a noticeably lowered suspension

Eibach says the only trouble they've had with the Multi-Pro kits is keeping them in stock. They fly out the door as fast as they can build them, and they're building plenty of them so they're available now. For handling and track car fans, the Multi-Pro kits seem well worth consideration.

With its premium parts and hand-built assembly at Eibach's Corona, California plant, the Multi-Pro is not inexpensive. In double-adjustable R2 form, the complete front and rear kit goes for a bit over $2, on the street, as shown in the following table:

DescriptionPart NumberRetailStreet Estimate
R2$2, $2,
Pro Street$1,$1,{{{}}}

We list the Pro Street system for reference. It's Eibach's entry-level coilover system with non-monotube, non-inverted, non-adjustable shocks. The Pro Street system is good for street cars; the R1 better for street cars; and R2 the ultimate for street cars, and nicely suited for track cars also.

Straight-line fans can soon benefit from the Multi-Pro technology and hardware. Eibach was working on a Multi-Pro Drag Launch kit when we visited; it should be available shortly after you read this. The kit uses the same shocks with drag-oriented valving, different rates, and laternate spring heights, with all the rest the same. During testing, an air bag was fitted to the right rear coil spring; chances are good it will be part of the production kit.

Eibach's testing results sounded promising, with a second gain attributed to the Multi-Pro kit. A customer S with Saleen supercharger and iced charge cooler has been running the system in the eighth-mile drags at nearby Irwindale Raceway. This allows rapid feedback and physical changes as the car can easily be brought to Eibach's headquarters in Corona, where the Multi-Pro kits are engineered, prototyped, and manufactured.

As expected, the Drag Launch is valved to let the front end rise and stay up for awhile. Loose rebound valving and longer than normal front springs are some of the details. Pricing and exact availability were not available at press time.



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Coilovers for s197 mustang best

MeisterR GT1 Coilovers for Ford Mustang (S)


MeisterR GT1 for the Ford Mustang (S) is race proven suspension designed for both the road and track. The GT1 coilovers for the Ford Mustang (S) are manufactured and engineered by suspension masters in the UK.

All Meisterr GT1 feature our unique Staggered Digressive Valve (SDV) technology which enables the damper to absorb uneven surfaces whilst retaining excellent steering response and control. This unique valve technology provides responsive turn in, superior chassis control and sublime ride comfort. Our advanced suspension technology provides excellent all round performance on the road and track without compromise.

Since , MeisterR Advanced suspension has been extensively tested by enthusiasts through to professional race teams across motorsport disciplines. The latest GT series of suspension offers the very best in performance suspension for the GT1.

MeisterR Staggered Digressive Valve (SDV)

Main Features:
stage damping adjustments (Compression and Rebound Combined)
Staggered Digressive Valve (SDV) technology provided unique digressive damping curve on compression and rebound.
Independent ride height and springs pre-load adjustment.
Bump Stop and Rubber Boot included.
2 year limited warranty.

Spring Rate and Information:
Front Top Mount: Aluminium with spherical bearing and camber adjustments
Front Spring Rate: 7kg/mm
Rear Top Mount: None
Rear Spring Rate: 5kg/mm

Meisterr GT1 are custom built to order for the Ford Mustang (S) ,The GT1 are custom built specific to your intended use. Typical build time is 4 &#; 6 weeks, please enquire when ordering.

Please Note: The photo is for illustration purposes only. The actual product may look different from the photo shown.

2011-2014 Mustang GT, V6 Eibach Pro-Street Coil Over Kit Review \u0026 Install

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