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We purchased at the Gilbert Arizona…

We purchased at the Gilbert Arizona location and have had the absolute worst customer service from them as well as corporate in San Diego California. They can not deliver on the product promised but have no problem taking your money first. They should of stayed in San Diego! Highly recommend not purchasing from this company


Derreck Brown

Do not trust Delta Park - Mor Furniture Ched Pennington

Delta Park, Oregon - Location
Do not buy anything from these clowns especially Ched Pennington. We spent 5k at the end of July beginning of August with Mor Furniture and we were told we would receive our order September 1st. We waited and called a few days later to see what was going on. Well our order got pushed out; however, I had to call and find out. Then I called again 2 weeks later to see what is going on and was told it wouldn’t be until December, I understand the Covid excuse though if I have to call and get my own updates while these jokes of an excuse just hang on to the 5k we paid for furniture we haven’t received for 45 days is BS. On top of it we have to wait another two weeks before we get a refund even though Mor which are a bunch of thieves stealing money and not delivering on what they say. We had already waited 45 days what’s another two weeks. Do not buy anything from this company and is extremely difficult to get ahold of anyone by phone with Mor.

April Chambers

Twice I ordered furniture that was…

Twice I ordered furniture that was back ordered 6 months and I was never informed or apologized too. I called to get a refund and again was not apologized too just a curt response and got hung up on. While shopping I had to beg someone to ring me up! I will never purchase from them again!

Jennifer Paxton

Horrible Experience

I truly cannot let my experience at Mor go without it being shared and we should have run when we saw the red flags. Heather our salesperson was fine. Upon check out her male coworkers were making comments about women liking to clean and other insulting remarks about women being great “housewives”. They looked to my husband for that “good old boy” confirmation, and he said that it was not funny but rather inappropriate and they should not be talking like that to any women and not in front of his family, a wife and two daughters!!! The men there were condescending douchebags and the women just seem so damn uncomfortable that all they know how to do is laugh off the bullying. Heck I cannot say that I blame them since they were probably just so embarrassed in front of their customers. The men were not wearing masks in the showroom and at check out with their customers nor was a man sitting at one of the tables on a laptop. I thought to myself we are all in masks coming into your “family-owned” business and the least you can do is keep the masks on your face while you are helping families during a global pandemic. I had even made several comments about the employees not wearing masks to which I was given that awkward laughter.

We came into the store at the end of June and at that point Heather offered to have 1 of 2 bed frames delivered since we had been waiting. A bed frame that had been available since we placed our order a month ago yet not until she saw us in the store did she offer to get the Sheridan II out to us. There was not much of an update on the Ashland Grey Queen bed other than sometime in July or early August.

I called on August 3rd and was greeted by a sassy, non-apologetic customer service representative that literally had nothing to offer besides another make believe delivery date of August 12th and “if you don’t want it you can cancel it”. To which I responded, “clearly I want it since I made the purchase and am following up again on when I can expect it”. She was rude and essentially hung up on me. My call on August 16th was answered by Donna who was much nicer but again said that Mor is not to blame and that it could be an issue with customs, COVID, etc. Today we were given a new estimated delivery date of August 26th and I am more than confident that if I called on the 26th it would be another 2 weeks out. Although I realize that Mor is not the manufacturer of the bed, I do strongly believe that Mor has a responsibility to its customers to have answers. Especially when they are continuing to sell these items when there is really no line of sight as to when these items will be delivered. Certainly, the manufacturers have an obligation to the furniture companies not just a flippant shrug.

As a customer, the level of finger pointing and “passing the buck” mentality is incredible. Every time we would ask where our order is, no one from your company would take any accountability whatsoever. It was this guy’s fault, or the delivery company’s fault, or we’re getting it from overseas…honestly, do you think I care? I ordered the product from your showroom, so as far as I am concerned, it's YOUR fault. If you don’t have the product to sell/deliver, then DON’T SELL IT. Seriously, do you think we are stupid? I feel tricked buying anything from your store. Our money went into your pockets in two seconds, but almost 3 months later, nothing? That’s what scam artists do, and as far as I am concerned, that’s what you are. A scam artist. My daughter is six years old and shows more accountability than your business. The least you could do is show us some compensation for making my daughter wait for her bed frame. You people are pathetic. At this point, I will never shop at Mor furniture ever again and if I could return every single dollar spent with you I would. I will tell everyone I know not to shop there. I will be putting negative reviews on every social website I can find about Mor furniture. You people are no better than used car salesmen and should be ashamed of yourselves. I never expected this level of B.S. from an American company. Supporting local is not always the best option!

Edit: Mor was bought by a Chinese company called Healthcare Co Ltd.... maybe they should have stuck to healthcare because they are not nailing furniture.

Worst company ever

Worst company ever. Save your money and go to Ikea. Spent over a grand for a dining room table. I received two boxes and had to play Bob the builder. At least it was free delivery. Oh yea free delivery means drop off at door. If you want them to bring it in the house is an added charge. They suck, I only have 3 usable chairs left screws have fallen out or chairs broke.


Kmichelle Holthaus

Don't buy an extended warranty.

Don't buy an extended warranty..Not only does Mor Furniture not stand by there store pay $99.00 for extended service warranty and they refuse to honor that warranty. Both Mor furniture and furniture care protection are pointing fingers at each other.
And the consumer suffers with a piece of defective furniture, and are out hundreds of dollars. I work very hard for my money and expect and deserve better treatment than what I received from Mor Furniture

kelsey elston

Worst customer service ever

Worst customer service ever. We went to order a couch and bought a specific one because they swore it would be here in 2-3 weeks. 3 weeks go by and no one contacts us. We call to try to talk to someone about it and they say they don't even have our order in the system. We show them a reciept and they are able to look it up but then tell us it won't be for another couple months. This has happened three times between my family and our extended family. We asked for a refund and now are being told we won't get one for 10 days.


Terrible Delivery/Setup experience.

Changing my review at this point since we were told our mattress was in stock and could be delivered before our move in date, we asked this several times and specifically picked this mattress/frame/box spring because they could be delivered quickly and were available in their warehouse. Now the week we are moving in they have suddenly told us it is not in stock... even though it was when we ordered... and they expected delivery is now a week after we move into our home. Cherry on top of this cake, their rude replies when asking their customer service about our order.

UPDATE: After much back and forth they agreed to at least deliver the mattress only a day late rather than week late, even if they didn't have the box spring (even though then never bothered to tell us this). They then showed up with both the mattress and box spring which, okay sure sounds good... Except their install guys actually put together the bed frame incorrectly, SO INCORRECTLY IN FACT there was a large corner of metal sticking out about 3/4 of a foot on one side. It was even missing a bolt so would have been very obvious during setup that it was done wrong and they chose to leave it (still missing a bolt which we were not even provided) rather than tell us or reassemble the frame correctly. After they left I gouged my calf with this jagged chunk of metal they left sticking out... We ended up having to dissemble everything ourselves and putting the frame back together correctly so the giant corner of metal that was sticking out (which has left a large bloody gash in my leg) was now squared with the mattress and matching the other 3 corners.

This was by far the WORST delivery/setup furniture buying experience we have ever had, this is including 3 other appliance deliveries, a second guest bed, movers, and a couch which have all gone smoother. Zero offers from the store to refund any fees or make any apologies for the trouble.


warning! avoid this furniture company! i would give no stars if i could! take your money somewhere else! waited over 2.5 months for 2 chest of drawers $1000 each!!! they came in their own box so you can't even inspect it. i got home, opened them up and was super disappointed by how low quality and poorly built they are! the drawers were built slanted so they don't even close!!! whoever built them surely didn't give a s*** about their job! i could've went somewhere else for cheaper and better quality! save your money or use it somewhere else that it!

I dont usually review but when i saw…

I dont usually review but when i saw all the bad rating then i wanted to say that i had great experience my furniture did come late but this is pandemic and financing started after the purchase. customer service was good when i asked them to replace the defected item during delivery i dont understand all the bad reviews...

Eli Rodríguez

Worst furniture and Useless insurance

I should have read the reviews before buying anything from this cheap scammers! Salesmen will promise you whatever you wanna hear I bought a sectional couch(leather) but I told the sales person I was afraid of it peeling off. They told me not to worry just buys a 4 years insurance and if it ever peeled it would be repaired or replaced. A little bit over a year and sure enough, the thing starts peeling off really bad. So I went to the Visalia store and tell the one sales man, that nice sales person had now turned into this vicious condescending guy who seemed he was the one paying from his pocket! Then I called the insurance company. You can feel right away they’re looking for ways to get out of it. So the excuse I got was since the peeling was really bad they only cover one accident and no multiple peelings AND if it peels on the seating area ITS NOT COVERED well of course that’s where’s its going to peel. So I Spent over 1100 dollars on a the worst piece of furniture I’ve ever bought! And their insurance it’s a joke and a shameless robbery. Never buying anything from Mor ever again!


Shannon Freymuth

Zero Stars

They have the absolute worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. 4 different exchanges to get good product. Delivery service is a joke, can't ever get ahold of anyone. Driver lied and said he was there and no one was there. Said he waited 15 minutes and had to leave. I had left work early to be there and was sitting by the front door the whole time. I also have a ring proving they weren't there. They took the driver's word over the customers and rescheduled the delivery for Saturday. Mind you that wa as with 2 days notice and I had other plans and had already left work for the day. Customer service was of absolutely no help. Never again, if I could give zero stars I would.

The worst company ever

One of the worst customer experience I have ever had. I will never buy from this company again. 4 months to wait for $9k worth of furniture to come in and then they tell me that I need to wait another 3 weeks for it to be delivered from their local warehouse.

This is by far the worst business I…

This is by far the worst business I have ever dealt with. Buyer beware. They sell you a completely useless furniture care plan and then deliver damaged furniture. They refuse to come pick up the furniture. They admit it’s damaged but sorry no return policy. They want you to get something else from their store. No, I don’t want any of the crappy stuff. The delivery guys were very hard on the furniture in my house. A dresser I have was damaged. The nightmare goes on and on.


After purchasing and wait over 2…

After purchasing and wait over 2 months. I decided to pick the furniture up and save that fee - as soon as the furniture left the warehouse I took possession and it is now mine. They have a no refund return policy (which I was unaware of and didn't read the fine print, wasn't particularly brought up too me either) I get home and it's not what I ordered completely. I mixed the recliner colors up when I scheduled the order for some splash. When I open at home all the same color and now since I took them home and it is now mine and is against they're policy for return.

Go figure I get home and it doesn't fit and look exactly. I attempted to call in but that doesn't exist, and so was explained at the store they have a no return policy. Say goodbye $2400 for a couch and recliner that was wrong to begin with and then no returns. Doesn't hurt my feelings at all to not do business with them again. I have spent close to $10000 over the life of doing business with them. See ya...

Jennifer Carter

If I could give Mor Furniture less than…

If I could give Mor Furniture less than one star I would. Not only is the majority of our furniture falling apart after just over a year but we bought the extended warranty and it turns out to be less than useful. We had to call for some damage and with COVID we had a hard time getting a hold of anyone there and when we finally did we reported damage on three items and since we reported all of the damage at once we were told by a VERY condescending man named Matthew Phillips that the claim was denied simply because we reported it all at once!! I highly suggest you shop ANYWHERE but Mor Furniture if you want any type of quality and customer service.

Avoid these for peace of mind.

Bought a sectional sofa in Dec 2020 and ETA for delivery was given as Feb 18th. With no intimation or updates I called to check delivery status and was told delayed until March. After agreeing for part delivery now the status has changed to May for remaining parts of sofa. Sad and with an average product I would totally avoid these unprofessional business.


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Miramar’s family-owned Mor Furniture sells 36-store chain to Chinese buyers

Mor Furniture for Less, a 36-store furniture chain that’s been owned by a local family for the past 42 years, is being sold to a multibillion-dollar Chinese home furnishings conglomerate named Healthcare Co. Ltd.

Headquartered in Miramar, Mor Furniture has six stores in San Diego County and has expanded into six other states throughout the West Coast. Founded by Richard Haux Sr. in 1977 as a waterbed store, the company has grown to bring in roughly $310 million in annual sales.

“Healthcare Co. is an ideal partner with deep roots in the mattress business and they share the same company values as Mor Furniture,” said Richard Haux Jr., CEO of Mor, in a statement. “With some of our original investors nearing retirement age, the timing is perfect to bring on a new partner with a fresh perspective for the next steps in our journey.”

Healthcare Co. said it’s paying $68.4 million for the retailer and expects to close the deal by the end of October. A Healthcare Co. representative said shoppers shouldn’t expect any immediate changes to the stores.

“At this time, there are no changes planned for the stores and each of the 36 stores will continue to floor a wide range of home furnishings,” said Sheila Long O’Mara, a Healthcare Co. spokeswoman. “Once the sale is finalized, the stores will remain branded as Mor Furniture for Less across its seven-state region. The reporting structure for the corporate Mor management team will shift, and the team will report to Healthcare Co. executives in China.”

Based in Rugao, China, Healthcare Co. is best known as a mattress manufacturer and the owner of Mlily USA. But the public company, which has a market cap of over $5 billion, is a global home furnishings giant with 20 holding companies worldwide. The purchase of Mor Furniture is the first retail acquisition the company has made in the United States, Healthcare said in a statement.

The company said it hoped the Mor purchase will help it get a better understanding of U.S. retailers and customers.

“The direct day-to-day contact with consumers through Mor’s vibrant retail locations gives us the opportunity to gather critical information about consumer shopping behavior in the U.S.,” said James Ni, chairman and chief executive officer of Healthcare Co. in a statement. “Direct consumer interaction will help us hone our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product development and better serve our growing network of customers throughout the world.”

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Mor Furniture For Less Employee Reviews

Horrible place to work

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) - Tempe, AZ - October 12, 2020

I worked at Mor for about 18 months at the Tempe AZ location. Talk about a miserable experience. I had commissions stolen by managers, was actually sexually harassed by a 65 year old female manager who was taking a wide array of pills prescribed to her and was in her own world. Yes, she was a manager. I would never suggest working for this company. They make you learn this long script before you’re even allowed on the sales floor. If you mess up one word, it’s back to the beginning and it’s seriously like 2 pages long. It almost felt like being in a cult, having to recite this every day. You get no vacation until after you’ve been there 12 months and then you just get 5 days.


Better than being unemployed


No vacation, lots of nights, weekend and holidays worked


Get Mor from Your Home Furniture Store

Mor Home Furniture Store

When on the hunt for new home furniture, Mor Furniture for Less is the place to shop. Out of all the furniture stores on the West Coast of the United States, we are the largest family-owned chain. Here at Mor Furniture for Less, we bring that sense of family to everything we do. We know what families want most out of a home furniture store: reliability, convenience, and most importantly, affordability.

However, you also want home furniture that is stylish and built to last. You need pieces that will stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use, the many holiday gatherings and get-togethers, family movie nights, slumber parties, and more. You need pieces that match your decor and complement the theme of your living space without feeling stuffy. That's precisely what Mor Furniture for Less provides.

Why Shop Mor Home Furniture Store

We find that many casual shoppers become Mor Furniture for Less customers for life after purchasing home furniture from our friendly design associates. That's because here at Mor, we present several undeniable offers. Not only do we offer traditional price matching to ensure that if a piece you buy goes on sale shortly after purchase that you will receive a refund, but we also feature a Double-the-Difference Guarantee. This guarantee states that should you find an identical piece of home furniture at a local competitor for less, we will refund you the difference times two. Not many furniture stores can say that.

Additionally, Mor Furniture for Less covers all purchases with a limited warranty to make sure that your new home pieces don't let you down. And, customers can opt to purchase the Mor SafeGuard home furniture extended warranty to protect against future accidental damage, spills, and stains.

If you're looking into furniture leasing, be sure to check out our flexible financing options for those who qualify. Shop Mor Furniture for Less today, either in-person at one of our beautiful showrooms, outlets, or clearance centers, or browse products online from anywhere. Let's transform your house into a home.


Less mor furniture for

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