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RockShox forks overview: models, details, pricing and specification

RockShox is one of the market leaders when it comes to suspension, having provided some of the best mountain bike forks and rear shocks to mountain bikers for almost 30 years.  

RockShox released the first-ever mountain bike suspension fork in , called the RS-1 — it had two-inches of travel and was essentially a downsized motocross fork. In the years that followed, RockShox even tried suspension forks for road bikes for the Paris-Roubaix, but as the technology has grown, it has found a permanent home in mountain biking. 

Now under the umbrella of SRAM, RockShox forks have come a long way, and now the brand produces everything ranging from lightweight mm XC options to dual-crown big-impact-eating forks for downhill bikes. 

RockShox forks: range overview

RockShox SID

Efficient enough for the up and the downs

Travel: mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 32mm, 35mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost, 15 x mm



Not as light as the Fox 32

The Sid is RockShox's all-out XC fork. Available in , , and mm versions, depending on the model, the fork comes in both boost and non-boost spacing and with lowers for and inch wheels and tires. 

For the latest models, each version uses the Charger 2 damper with the top-of-the-range version bouncing on a Charger 2 RLC damper, DebonAir air spring, a carbon crown, blue lowers and the new foil Graphics. 

RockShox Pike

The gold standard for trail forks

Travel: mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 35mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

Spring and damper

Shaves weight from the previous version

Silver lowers

Top-end spec is expensive

Serving as RockShox’s do-everything trail fork, the Pike is available in travel from mm to mm and sees 35mm stanchions, which add weight but also stiffness. 

Only available in boost-hub spacing, the Pike features the new Charger damper in either the RC 2 or RCT3 spec as well as a Debonair or Solo Air spring. It will accommodate both and inch wheels with room for inch tires. The Ultimate and Select + specs also see the new SKF Wiper seals and Maxima Plus Oil. 

RockShox Lyrik

One of the best long-travel enduro forks

Travel: mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 35mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

One of the most sensitive and tunable forks on the market

Red lowers

Cost of Ultimate spec

Taking a step up in travel, the Lyrik is designed for more aggressive riding and uses a stiffer, heavier chassis for more precise tracking. The stanchions are still 35mm, but the walls are thicker to limit deflection under load.

Available in travel from mm up to mm, even the bottom-of-the-range Lyrik RC sees a Charger 2 damper with external rebound and low-speed compression adjustments. 

Jump up to the Ultimate version and you’ve got yourself a Charger damper in either the three-position RCT3 or RC2 as well as the low-friction SKF seals, Maxima fluid and BoXXer-red lowers.

RockShox Zeb

Mirror mirror on the wall, the Zeb is the burliest of them all

Travel: mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchian diameter: 38mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

Mega stiff 38mm stanchions 

Up to a massive mm of travel

Hugely controllable and sensitive internals

Supple yet supportive

Accurate setup guide

Custom fender

Lighter than Fox 38

Added weight unworthy trade-off for lighter riders

Minimum mm rotor size

Very pressure-sensitive setup

RockShox has adapted the excellent internals from the Lyric fork and packaged them up in a beefier 38mm stanchioned chassis to offer ultimate stiffness and smoother compression for riders who are charging the hardest descents or lapping the enduro trails on the e-MTB. 

While structural rigidity has been a driver for the increase in tube size RockShox understands the importance of compliance as well, torsionally the Zeb is per cent stiffer than the Lyrik to allow pinpoint accuracy in corners however fore/aft and side bending sees only a small increase, 2 per cent and 7 per cent respectively, to help the fork feel less punishing through pinball action sections.

The Zeb comes in a range of travel options from mm to an outrageous mm for those that are really sending it deep. RockShox offers the Zeb in four options, starting with the basic Zeb equipped with the Charger R damper to the Zeb Ultimate that gets the full Charger RC2 works with low and high-speed compression adjustment.

RockShox BoXXer

Uber tunable and tracks the ground like velcro

Travel: mm, , mm | Stanchion diameter: 35mm | Steerer: Straight | Axle: 20xmm, Boost


The smoothest DH fork out there

Extra-low friction air spring

Not as robust as forks with wider stanchions

With 35mm stanchions, the dual-crown BoXXer DH fork is available for both and inch wheels and is equipped with a special downhill-specific friction-reduced DebonAir air spring. 

With the option of a Charger or Charger RC2 damper, the fork tops out at mm of squish, and the flagship Ultimate version is equipped with new low-friction SKF wipers and Maxima Plush Oil said to reduce friction and quiet damper noise, too.

RockShox Revelation

Almost as good as the Pike at a fraction of the price

Travel: mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 35mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

Debonair Spring with option for Charger 2 Damper

Lacking a bit on sensitivity and square edge hits

Based on the same chassis as the Pike, the Revelation offers the same range of travel as its more expensive cousin (mmmm) with a less-refined damper. All the Revelation forks bounce on a DebonAir Spring but trade the Charger damper for the Motion Control version. 

RockShox Yari RC

The most budget-friendly properly big fork you can buy

Travel: mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 35mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

It’s a Lyrik with a downgraded damper

Motion control lacks support over big hard impacts in an enduro setting

In the same way the Revelation is to the Pike, the Yari is to the Lyrik. Borrowing most of the design features of the Lyrik, the Yari features the same amount of squish but downgrades to either a Charge RC or Motion Control damper. 

With 35mm stanchions, the Yari is often found on e-MTBs as it offers big travel and plenty of stiffness but doesn't send the already high cost through the roof. All the Yari forks are equipped with the brand’s DebonAir or Solo Air springs. 

RockShox Bluto

Lightweight and simple to set up

Travel: 80mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 32mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

Simple setup


No room for a fender with in rubber

35mm stanchions would be worth the grams

Named after Popeye’s arch-nemesis, the Bluto is one of only a few production suspension forks for fat bikes. With enough room to clear a 26xinch tire, the Bluto offers 80mm, mm or mm of bounce and mm hub spacing. RockShox also says the seals and grease used in the fork are rated for low temperatures and don’t freeze up in arctic conditions. 

With 32mm stanchions, the fork comes with a Solo Air spring and a Motion Control damper, which allows for external rebound, compression adjustment and lockout. The RLT3 spec has three-pedal modes and low-speed compression.

RockShox Reba

Budget-friendly charger once you’ve added a token or two

Travel: : 80mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 32mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost, 15xmm

Borrows the chassis from the SID

Needs a token or two, especially in longer-travel options

Designed for XC or light trail riding, the Reba is a capable budget-friendly fork. For the money, it’s one of our favorite forks in the RockShox catalog. 

Although it features similar travel numbers as the Revelation, the 32mm stanchions mean it doesn’t track quite as straight through heavy braking or high-speed cornering. RockShox makes the fork in up to inch versions, and each comes with a Solo Air Spring and Motion Control damper. 

RockShox Judy

A fork with history that's ideal for beginners

Travel: 80mm,mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 30mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost


Adjustability for the price

TurnKey damper reserved for beginners

First launched in , the Judy has come quite a long way. Positioned as a budget-friendly XC and light trail fork, the Judy sees plenty of trickle-down tech from the Pike.

Available in travel ranging from 80mm to mm, it’s available in and inch sizes and sees enough clearance for a inch tire. Both versions of the Judy fork - gold or silver - feature a Solo Air spring. 

The Gold Spec version gets a Motion Control damper complete with rebound and low-speed compression adjustment and lockout. The Silver spec sees a TurnKey damper, which still offers rebound adjustment and lockout.

RockShox Sektor

The living, breathing definition of trickle-down technology

Travel: 80mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 35mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

DebonAir spring

Structurally the same as the Revelation

Damping can get overwhelmed if things get rowdy

Placed at the lower end of its product range, RockShox gave the Sector a makeover last year upgrading the fork with aluminum uppers and a DebonAir spring. Available with 80mm to mm of travel, the axle to crown measurements are the same as the Pike, and the fork is controlled by a Motion Control damper. 

With 32mm stanchions, Boost-hub spacing and a tapered steerer tube, the Sektor is a veritable sleeper - a high-performing fork for those that don’t have much to spend.

RockShox Recon

Budget fork that doesn’t skimp on adjustability

Travel: 80mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 32mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost, 15 xmm

Low-speed compression and rebound adjustability

It's porky on the scale

Taking another step down in price, the Recon RL is a value-based fork with 32mm stanchions that covers travel from 80mm up to mm. It features a Motion Control damper, Solo Air spring and will even play nice with a bar-mounted lockout remote. 

RockShox 35

Robust stanchions at an unbeatable price

Travel: mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 32mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15xmm, Boost

35mm stanchions

DebonAir spring


As you can probably guess from the name, the 35 is based around a 35mm chassis and is a supremely stiff fork when you consider how low it sits in RockShox's product hierarchy. 

Boasting travel options from mm to mm, the fork floats on the DebonAir spring. It comes fitted with a Motion Control damper and can be had with a simple lockout, too. 

RockShox 30

Entry-level off-road-ready fork

Travel: 80mm, mm, mm | Stanchion diameter: 30mm | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 9m QR

Easy setup air spring version

Coil spring should be avoided

Doesn’t take much to overwhelm the TurnKey Damper

Occupying the lower step of the RockShox range of suspension forks is the The fork uses 30mm stanchions and is one of the only proper off-road forks that will still accept a quick release.

Available in two spec levels, the 30 Gold RL has a Motion Control damper allowing for low-speed compression, external rebound adjustment and lockout, as well as a SoloAir Air spring. The Silver TK comes in either SoloAir or coil-sprung varieties and gets a TurnKey damper. 

RockShox fork tech explained

When it comes to mountain bike suspension forks, you need to understand what dampers, air springs volume tokens and sag gradient do. After all, these parts are responsible for the way your fork performs.

RockShox Charger Damper

With a fully sealed bladder to keep suspension oil and air free, the Charger is RockShox's best damper. The latest version sees changes in the valving to help the fork sit higher up in the travel by allowing less high-speed compression, more usable low-speed compression damping and additional rebound control. The updated version also gets SKF seals in the upper and lower legs, and a new piston wear band inside the damper claims to reduce friction over its predecessor.

Motion Control Damper

The Motion Control damper is RockShox's mid-range emulsion damper — it’s not a sealed unit, meaning air can mix with the oil as the fork actuates, leading to less controlled damping after repeated hits.

TurnKey Damper

The TurnKey damper is RockShox's most basic and affordable option found on the entry-level forks. As a basic emulsion damper, the TurnKey offers the least controlled dampening.

DebonAir spring

With a high-volume negative air spring and minimal breakaway force for small-bump compliance, the DebonAir spring is RockShox's flagship air spring. 

Solo Air spring

The Solo Air gets its name because you only have to add air to the one valve, and it will equalize the negative pressure on its own. In years past, RockShox offered a Dual Air spring that required you to pressurize both the positive and negative air chambers. 

Bottomless Tokens

Bottomless Tokens are what RockShox calls the spacers used to adjust fork progression. Adding tokens reduces the volume of the air spring and makes the fork harder as it dives deeper into the travel to prevent a possible bottom out. Tokens vary in color depending on your fork and air spring.

Sag Gradients

RockShox streamlines setting up your fork by printing the sag gradients directly onto the upper stanchions, eliminating the need for tape measures or rulers. 

Born and bred in Colorado, and now based in Australia, Colin comes from a ski racing background and started riding as a way to stay fit through the summer months. His father, a former European pro, convinced him to join the Colorado State University collegiate cycling team, and he hasn't stopped since. It's not often he pins on a number nowadays, and you'll likely find him in search of flowy singletrack, gravel roads and hairpin corners. Colin has worked at and is a regular contributor to Australian Mountain Bike and Cyclist magazines. 

Rides: BMC Team Machine SLR01 Trek Top Fuel 9 Ibis Ripley


RockShox 35 Silver R mm Fork (New Takeoff)

Category: Single Crown Forks
Condition: New - Owner
Wheel Size: " / B
Front Travel: mm
Front Axle: 15 x TA Boost

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Last Repost Date: Nov
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Rock Shox Silver R MM Fork (15xmm Boost Spacing w/ Bolt Thru axle) " tapered steerer tube wheel

*Specs from Commencal Website listed as:
27,5, Coil, rebound, Boost (15 x mm), 44 mm offset

This is a new take off from my Commencal Meta HT AM. Front wheel was never even put on, removed when building up the bike when it arrived. Does have the star nut inside the steerer tube but I removed the crown race for the new fork I installed. There is some scratching from the crown race removal but that is it. This is a brand new, unridden fork.

Steerer tube is at mm length (just about 7 3/4 inches). This was removed from a size Large frame.

Please feel free to ask question; please do your research before buying - no returns.

Shipping included in price within the U.S.

Send Message

Restrictions: Reasonable offers only, No Trades, Will ship within country only

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Review: Rockshox 35 Gold

The world of mountain bike suspension has certainly advanced in the last decade with better and better technology slammed into our forks and shocks. The reality is that even the lower end forks now perform better than the highest quality forks of a decade ago, but how well do they really perform? We slapped Rockshox&#;s budget offering the Rockshox 35 Gold on an aggressive hard tail and spent the last six months putting it through it&#;s paces, here&#;s our thoughts&#;.

By Mike Branch

Product: Rockshox 35 Gold Fork mm


Available at: All good bike stores

The Nitty Gritty

The 35 Gold is aimed at riders on a budget that want a fork that can hit the trails as hard as some of the higher end forks. Available in travel sizes from mm, with 35mm fork stanchions and a motion control damper, it certainly delivers this on paper. The Motion Control damper has been proven over time by Rockshox and was the damper adorning their higher end forks not so long ago, it&#;s no Charger damper but it gets the job done. Travel on these forks can also be adjusted without buying a new air shaft, travel spacers can be removed from the air shaft to increase the travel up to a maximum of mm; definitely one of the better features of these forks.

Spring type: Debonair Air Spring

Fork Offset:

  • &#; 37/46mm
  • 42/51mm

Volume adjustability: Black 32mm Tokens

Stanchion diameter: 35mm.

Lowers materials: Magnesium.

Axle to crown height: (mm Travel fork)

Axle size and style: 15xmm (Boost).

Steerer tube standard: /8&#; to /2&#; Tapered.

CSU / Steerer tube materials: Aluminium.

Test Results

The setup on these bad boys was not as easy as some of the higher end forks and we found that they were very sensitive to pressure changes, too little air and it felt plush but bottomed out quite easily. Small adjustments up could easily lead to too much air and a harsh feel, unfortunately the Rockshox Trail Head app was of little use to us. After a bit of mucking around and testing we settled on 85PSI for an 88kg rider with -5 clicks of rebound. This seemed to give us the best balance and didn&#;t bottom out easily despite our best efforts.

The forks were whacked on a Commencal Meta AM HT frame and we spent a lot of time spanking the dirt with this bike and fork alike. Trail centres we tested on included Mt Joyce, Ironbark, West Mt Cotton and a couple of secret locations known for their steeps and technical trails. The forks once set up performed reasonably well and held up to a fair amount of abuse, the motion control damper works well but can feel quite harsh compared to a Charger damper. We did struggle to get good small bump sensitivity with the forks whilst maintaining mid stroke support and bottom out protection.

Out of the box these forks look good but you can tell with some of the finer details that it is a budget offering from Rockshox, notably the rebound knob which is made of what seems like cheaper plastic and lacks the feel of other rebound knobs on rockshox forks. With any cost saving there comes sacrifice and we felt that these forks could certainly go well on most trail bikes, but when things got a little rowdy, we would like a plusher fork with a bit more adjust-ability.

The Final Word

Rockshox &#;s 35 Gold is a good quality budget fork that we are seeing on a large amount of OEM bikes, particularly the lower end spec bikes. They are well priced and offer a decent damper and versatility when it comes to travel changes, for those on a tight budget these may be the right forks for you. We felt that we would rather spend a little extra and get a Yari in the same travel size, considering it&#;s only another $ At least a Yari can be upgraded and is more compatible with the long travel bikes we love to ride. Horses for courses, this fork does what it is intended to do at a budget price and will get you started before you are able to upgrade or be a good addition to a cheap bike build.

Do these forks get the job done? Yes.

Would we buy a set for a build or put them on another bike? Not unless we didn&#;t have the budget for a better fork.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep the brakes wide open&#;..

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Budget Enduro \u0026 All Mountain Fork? Rockshox 35 Gold RL 140mm 29er Fork Feature Review and Weight

RockShox quietly releases budget &#;35&#; fork

Gently slipping on to RockShox’s product page is a new fork, the 35 Gold RL. While details are scarce, I managed to pick up a few details, largely thanks to Bird Cycleworks, who published a blog post about the forks recently.

The 35 Gold RL is a budget fork, sitting below the Revelation in the range. It’s called the 35 because it broadly shares the 35mm stanchion chassis with forks such as the Revelation and Pike.


RockShox 35 Gold RL details

The 35 has 35mm stanchions, which should mean that chassis stiffness is comparable to the Revelation and Pike trail forks.

Much like these forks, the 35 comes in in and 29in versions, with both wheel sizes getting a choice of fork offsets (37mm and 44mm for the in fork, 44mm and 51mm for the 29in fork). BikeRadar has a handy guide to fork offset and frame geometry to explain all of that.

RockShox will be offering the fork in travel options from to mm across both wheel sizes.

The 35 seems to be very similar to the previous generation Revelation, which now comes with the Motion Control RC damper or Charger RC damper

The 35 relies on the tried and trusted DebonAir air spring, which has consistently impressed BikeRadar in testing — there’s an increased size negative air spring and lower friction seals, which help keep forks nice and supple early in the stroke.

Damping is taken care of by the Motion Control damper (this controls the speed at which the fork moves through its travel). This is an older damper, so it’s no surprise to see it on this new entry-level fork. It is, however, still a really competent unit, which offers a lock-out too — either fork or bar mounted in this case.

The Post Mount brake interface is designed to allow the use of mm rotors without adaptors, and we believe the forks will be rated to mm rotors — something we’re yet to see on the trail, but could make sense for electric bikes.

A hex key operated Maxle Stealth axle keeps the front wheel in place, and the stanchions look to have the slippery Fast Black coating on them, as is the norm from RockShox.

In many ways, the 35 seems to be very similar to the previous generation Revelation, which now comes with either the Motion Control RC damper or the new Charger RC damper, and so could be assumed to be a slightly cheaper replacement for the most basic Motion Control Revelation, now discontinued.

What does this all mean?


Big ticket suspension forks dominate the mountain bike press, with their up-to-date technology, lairy colours and eye-watering prices. Over time though, these technologies trickle down and the ‘budget’ forks we see now are as good as top-line forks from five or six years ago.

RockShox’s Motion Control damper might not feel amazing when run head to head with a Charger RC or RCT3, but there’s still far more control and composure than a budget fork from a couple of years ago

I would suspect that RockShox is using a thicker grease and less sophisticated seals and bushings in the 35 to keep the cost lower than the Revelation. This will have some impact on the sensitivity of the fork, when run back to back with its pricier siblings.

However, when it comes to the world of budget forks, I suspect the 35 could be a real step up in performance. The Motion Control damper, DebonAir Spring and that 35mm chassis are all features I’ve praised in the past.

So where might this lead the industry?

Having a truly competitive budget fork, with competent damping and a decent, stiff chassis is something that’s largely been lacking in the market, especially if you’re a brand that wants to supply bikes with suspension from the two major brands: RockShox or Fox (and there’s certainly some caché in doing this).


Potentially, this means that we’ll start to see more ‘aggressive’ trail bikes being built at yet lower prices, because there’s now a fork to give the performance on both the trail and in the pocket.

If the aforementioned Bird Cycleworks blog post is to be believed, Bird will be offering its Aeris full-suspension bikes for under £2, in the UK when the 35 is available, and I suspect other brands will be plugging these in to bikes below £1, very soon too — a price below which forks can often hold back a bike’s performance.

This could be good for consumers in another way too as RockShox’s effectively shared chassis’ are easily upgradeable. If you’re able to buy a bike with a 35 fork up front, I suspect it’ll be perfectly feasible to upgrade the dampers, for example, to a more sophisticated version down the line for a few hundred pounds. And, for a lot less, upgrade the seals and fluids to ones with lower friction relatively cheaply, giving improved sensitivity.

RockShox 35 Gold RL prices and availability

I’ve contacted RockShox for global pricing, and will update when I have this. At the moment, I’m told (by Bird) that in the UK the forks will be priced at £, though the UK distributors ZyroFisher will only be bringing the ″ forks with the 44mm offset, and the 51mm option for the 29er.

It is possible to pre-order a Bird with the 35, with delivery from May this year.


Silver review 35 rockshox

Guide to OEM, entry level, or just plain cheap RockShox forks. With eight model series to pick from &#; each with mulitple versions &#; it can be a miniefield.

Read more: Best mountain bike suspension forks

RockShox forks covered in this guide

  • XC30, approx £
  • 30, approx ££
  • 35, approx £
  • Judy, approx ££
  • Reba, approx ££
  • Recon, approx ££
  • Revelation, approx £
  • Sektor, approx ££

merida one twenty

Looking for a RockShox fork under £? Or maybe you&#;re looking for more information about a RockShox fork that&#;s fitted to an existing bike &#; or on a future bike purchase? We&#;re here to help.

At this more affordable end of the spectrum, there are still eight different RockShox fork ranges to wade through. In total there are 30(!) different entry level RockShox forks out there. And there&#;s plenty of overlapping features, buzzwords and acronyms.

Fundamentally though, at the sub-£ level, all these RockShox forks fall within the XC-Trail remit. Where these forks differ from each other is in performance, materials and adjustability. There are also super-useful things like sag gradients on the stanchoins that are typically only found on forks with the Fast Black coating.

As they get more expensive, forks get lighter, stiffer, more adjustable and more capable. With that said, these days pretty much any fork from RockShox isn&#;t going to be awful. They&#;ll all work. There is even some argument that some well-sorted but heavy cheap forks actually offer a better ride experience than more expensive, lighter, flexier mid-range forks.

‘Buy Now’ links

You will notice that beneath each product summary is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on one of these links then mbr may receive a small amount of money from the retailer should you go to purchase the product from them. Don’t worry, this does not affect the amount you pay.

As RockShox forks get more expensive you get:

  • Larger diameter stanchions
  • Aluminium stanchions instead of steel
  • Air spring instead of coil
  • More sophisticated dampers
  • Adjustable damping
  • More travel
  • Sag gradients on stanchions
  • 15mm bolt-thru axles instead of 9mm quick release

Anyway, you came here to get help in choosing and/or identifying cheap RockShox forks. So let&#;s get to the forks themselves&#;

rockshox forks

RockShox XC30 TK [B4]

RockShox XC30, approx £

The classic OEM RockShox suspension fork. Impressive suspension performance for the money and possible to service and keep tip-top.

  • 80, , mm travel.
  • 30mm steel stanchions.
  • Nickle coated stanchions.
  • TurnKey damper.
  • Coil spring.
  • Fixed rebound.
  • 9mm QR axle.

RockShox 30 Silver TK [A4]

RockShox 30, approx ££

The 30 series has been around a while and appears to be being slowly replaced by the new Judy sries (see below), so you can find these being flogged off really cheap.

  • 80, , mm travel.
  • 30mm stanchions (steel on Silver TK [A4], aluminium on Silver TK [A5] and Gold RL [A2]).
  • Nickle coated stanchions on Silver TK [A4], Fast Black coated stanchions on Silver TK [A5] and Gold RL [A2].
  • TurnKey damper on Silver TK [A4] and Silver TK [A5], Motion Control damper on Gold RL [A2].
  • Coil or air spring on Silver TK [A4] and Silver TK [A5], air spring on Gold RL [A2].
  • Adjustable rebound on Silver TK [A4] and Silver TK [A5], adjustable rebound and low speed compression on Gold RL [A2].
  • 9mm QR axle.

RockShox 35 Silver R [A1]

RockShox 35, approx £

A genuine game-changer for forks that come with bikes (OEM). Much fatter stanchions and bolt-thru axle for stiffness and some 35s even come with the sophisticated DebonAir air spring.

  • , , , , , mm travel.
  • 35mm stanchions (steel on Silver R [A1] and Silver TK [A1], aluminium on Gold RL [A1] and Gold RL [A2]).
  • Fast Black coated stanchions.
  • Unnamed damper on Silver R [A1], TurnKey damper on Silver TK [A1], Motion Control damper on Gold Rl [A1] and Gold RL [A2].
  • Coil spring on Silver R [A1], coil or air spring on Silver TK [A1], DebonAir air spring on Gold RL [A1] and Gold RL [A2].
  • Adjustable rebound on Silver R [A1] and Silver TK [A1], adjustable rebound and low speed compression on Gold RL [A1] and Gold RL [A2].
  • 15mm bolt-thru axle.

RockShox Judy [B1]

RockShox Judy, approx ££

Slowly but surely replacing the 30 series of forks listed above. Essentially offering more tyre clearance in a slightly lighter but stiffer chassis. Still rocking skinny 30mm stanchions, mind.

  • 80, , mm travel.
  • 30mm stanchions (steel stanchions on Judy [B1] and Silver TK [A2] and Silver TK [A3], aluminium stanchions on Gold RL [A2] and Gold RL [A3]).
  • Nickel coated stanchions on Judy [B1], Fast Black coated stanchions on Silver TK [A2] and Silver TK [A3] and Gold RL [A2] and Gold RL [A3].
  • TurnKey damper on Judy [B1] and Silver TK [A2] and Silver TK [A3], Motion Control damper on Gold RL [A2] and Gold RL [A3].
  • Coil spring on Judy [B1], coil or air spring on Silver TK [A3], air spring on Silver TK [A2] and Gold RL [A2] and Gold RL [A3].
  • Adjustable rebound on Judy [B1] and Silver TK [A2] and Silver TK [A3], adjustable rebound and low speed compression on Gold RL [A2] and Gold RL [A3].
  • 9mm QR axle on Judy [B1], 15mm bolt-thru axle on Silver TK [A2] and Silver TK [A3] and Gold RL [A2] and Gold RL [A3].

RockShox Reba 26 [A1]

RockShox Reba, approx ££

Since the newer 35 and Judy series of RockShox forks came out, the Reba looks a tad long in the tooth. Having said that, if you can find one going for a song in the sales, you&#;d not go far wrong with a Motion Control damper Reba.

  • 80, , , mm travel.
  • 32mm aluminium stanchions.
  • Fast Black stanchions.
  • RL damper on RL [A6], Motion Control damper on 26 [A1] and 26 [A2] and RL [A8] and RL [A9].
  • Air spring on 26 [A1] and RL [A6] and RL [A8], DebonAir air spring on 26 [A2] and RL [A9].
  • Adjustable rebound on 26 [A1] and 26 [A2] and RL [A6], adjustable rebound and low speed compression on RL [A8] and RL [A9].
  • 15mm bolt-thru axle.

RockShox Recon TK 15&#; [A2]

RockShox Recon, ££

There are currently nine(!) different Recons listed by RockShox. Almost the only thing common to them all is use of 32mm diameter stanchions with Fast Black coating. The Recon is RockShox&#;s key offering to the OEM complete-bike market. Hang on while we wade through them all&#;

  • 80, , , , , mm travel.
  • 32mm stanchions (steel stanchions on TK 15X [A2] and TK [B1] and Silver TK [C1] and Silver TK [D1] and Silver RL [D1] and RL 15X [A2] and RL [B1], aluminium stanchions on Gold RL [A5] and Gold RL [C1]).
  • Nickel coated stanchion on Silver TK [C1], Fast Black coated stanchions on TK 15X [A2] and TK [B1] and Silver TK [D1] and Silver RL [D1] and RL 15X [A2] and RL [B1] and Gold RL [A5] and Gold RL [C1].
  • TurnKey damper on TK 15X [A2] and TK [B1] and Silver TK [C1] and Silver TK [D1], Motion Control damper on Silver RL [D1] and RL 15X [A2] and RL [B1] and Gold RL [A5] and Gold RL [C1].
  • Coil spring on TK 15X [A2] and TK [B1] and Silver TK [D1], air spring on Silver TK [C1] and Silver TK [D1] and Silver RL [D1] and RL 15X [A2] and RL [B1] and Gold RL [A5], DebonAir air spring on Gold RL [C1].
  • Fixed rebound on TK 15X [A2] and TK [B1], adjustable rebound on Silver TK [C1] and Silver TK [D1], adjustable rebound and low speed compression on Silver RL [D1] and RL 15X [A2] and RL [B1] and Gold RL [A5] and Gold RL [C1].
  • 9mm QR axle on Silver TK [C1], 15mm bolt-thru axle on TK 15X [A2] and TK [B1] and Silver TK [D1] and Silver RL [D1] and RL 15X [A2] and RL [B1] and Gold RL [A5] and Gold RL [C1].

rockshox forks

RockShox Revelation RC [A2]

RockShox Revelation RC, approx £

Similar to certian fork ranges above, the Revelation&#;s days are arguably numbered since the arrival of the new RockShox 35 platform. There&#;s actually only one Revelation model name currently (the RC) but there are two versions of it (the older A2 and the newer virtually identical A3).

  • , , , , mm travel.
  • 35mm stanchions.
  • Fast Black coated stanchions.
  • Motion Control damper.
  • DebonAir air spring.
  • Adjustable rebound and low speed compression.
  • 15mm bolt-thru axle.

Thanks for reading our guide to OEM, entry level, or just plain cheap RockShox forks. Happy hunting!

RockShox Fork Lineup Explained! - What Are The Differences?

Your complete guide to the RockShox fork range

Following in the footsteps of competitor Fox, RockShox has unveiled the ZEB. Using a similar 38mm stanchion, the ZEB is built with stiffness at the forefront of its design. It's aimed at enduro riders looking for that bit extra to get them through the stage as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Against a mm Lyrik in its 29" flavour, the ZEB promises to be % stiffer torsionally, 7% stiffer under side bending loads and 2% stiffer under for and aft loads. Inside, the fork gets the latest Charger damper and DebonAir air spring. Unlike the rest of the RockShox range, the ZEB also receives an additional negative volume for an even more DH-esque feel. The new fork also gets Maxima Plush fluid paired with SKF wiper seals in line with the RockShox range.

The ZEB is available in b and 29" wheel sizes with , , , and mm travel options. You also get the choice of 38mm and 44mm offsets.

The ZEB Ultimate gets a DebonAir air spring along with RockShox flagship Charger RC2 damper. Then, there's SKF wiper seals and Maxima Plush damping fluid. The ZEB Ultimate will set you back £

The ZEB Select+ looks to be OEM only, but it comes sorted with a DebonAir air spring, a Charger RC damper and the same seals and damping fluid as its pricer sibling.

Next up, the ZEB Select is kitted with a DebonAir air spring, but it's downgraded to a Charger RC damper. The rest of the goodies follows suit with the rest of the range. The ZEB Select is priced at £

Finally, the ZEB is the base model still coming with a DebonAir air spring. Still, there's a Charger R damper and Maxima Plush damping fluid. This fork does away with SKF wiper seals for a cheaper alternative. This model costs £

RockShox Pike

rockshox pike suspension fork range jpg

The Pike is RockShox go-to trail fork, using 35mm upper legs. Initially launched in , it's seen several updates, most recently moving to Boost-only hub spacing and gaining an updated Charger 2 sealed damping cartridge and a Debonair air spring. The Debonair spring uses a higher volume negative air spring to help reduce breakaway friction and hence improve sensitivity. 

The Pike comes in mm, mm, mm, mm and mm travel options in both " and 29er wheel sizes, with clearance for up to " tyres as standard. 

Topping the range is the Pike Ultimate, priced at £ It comes sorted with a Charger RC2 damper, a DebonAir air spring and SKF wiper seals. Then, as usual with RockShox forks, there's Maxima Plush damping fluid, and this model comes in a Gloss Silver Signature or Ultimate High Gloss Black colourways. The Pike Ultimate is priced at £

Then, there's the Pike Select+ that runs a DebonAir air spring, a Charger RC damper along with low friction SKF wiper seals and Maxima Plush damping fluid. Much like the ZEB Select+, the Pike Select+ looks to be OEM only.

The Pike Select comes with a DebonAir air spring with a Charger RC damper and Maxima Plush damping fluid. Note that SKF wiper seals are seen here. The base model Pike Select will set you back £

RockShox Lyrik

rockshox lyrik suspension fork range jpg

While the RockShox Lyrik might look similar to the Pike - it does share the same 35mm diameter upper legs - but it's made for much more aggressive riding, with a beefed-up, stiffer and accordingly heavier chassis. 

There are mm, mm, mm, mm travel options for both " and 29" wheels and the Debonair air spring system is used in the forks.

As usual, the Lyrik Ultimate tops the range with its DebonAir air spring and a choice of a Charger or Charger RC2 damper. Then, there's a pair of low friction SKF wiper seals, Maxima Plush damper fluid, and there's a BoXXer Red Signature colour option. The Lyrik Ultimate will set you back £

The Lyrik Select+, as with other Select+ models, is OEM only and it's sorted with a DebonAir air spring, a Charger or Charger RC damper with SKF seals and Maxima Plush damper fluid.

Rounding off the Lyrik range is the Lyrik Select. It gets the shame DebonAir air spring, but on this fork is a Charger RC damper. This fork drops the SKF wiper seals but keeps the Maxima Plush damper fluid. This fork will set you back £

RockShox Domain

Rockshox Domain suspension fork range jpg

The Domain brings the stiffness of the ZEB's 38mm stanchions to a more wallet-friendly price point. The Domain shares many similarities with its bigger brother, but it gets series aluminium upper tubes. Then, the Domain comes sorted with a DebonAir air spring.

The fork is available with , , and mm of travel, offering space for up to a " tyre on both b and 29" models.

It also comes with either " or " steerer options for OEM e-MTBs and three crown sizes with 59mm, 63mm and 69mm options. The latter being big enough to fit that " steerer.

Costing just £, the Domain RC gets a DebonAir air spring with a cheaper, less sophisticated, Motion Control RC damper and Maxima Plush damping fluid.

The Domain R looks to be OEM only, but it gets a DebonAir air spring. With this fork, RockShox is rather quiet over which damper it gets, but you'll find Maxima Plush damper fluid.

RockShox Yari

rockshox yari suspension fork range jpg

The Yari is a more affordably priced version of the Lyrik, using the same chassis but less refined dampers across the range to keep the cost down. It comes with mm of travel right up to mm with 37mm to 51mm fork offset options available.

The Yari RC is the only entry to the range, and it gets a Motion Control damper. Unlike the Charger dampers seen in more expensive units, this isn't a sealed damper - it's an emulsion damper where air and oil aren't separated from each other. It's got adjustable rebound and compression damping. As with the rest of RockShox' fork range, it runs a DebonAir air spring, and this one will set you back £

RockShox Revelation

rockshox revelation suspension fork range jpg

As the Yari is the more affordable version of the Lyrik, the Revelation is to the Pike, with a 35mm legged chassis derived from it, though not precisely the same. It's offered in mm, mm, mm, mm, and mm travels for " and 29" wheels, though one solitary fork is available in 26". All the forks get the Debonair air spring.

The Revelation RC uses the Motion Control damper with rebound and compression damping adjustment and a DebonAir air spring. It then gets Maxima Lower Leg Performance Lube to reduce friction. This fork costs £

RockShox SID SL

Rockshox SID SL Suspension Fork range jpg

The SID SL is the all-out cross-country racing fork in the lineup. saw radical updates to the platform in two SID forks, the SID and the SID SL.

SID SL is an out and out race fork. It gets 32mm stanchions, mm of travel, a 44mm offset, comes for 29ers only, and interestingly has an alloy steerer rather than carbon. Rockshox says they focused research on alloy crown/steerers first rather than carbon ones; potentially, they will follow on, we reckon. This fork weighs a claimed 1,g. 

The SID SL Ultimate tops the SID SL range with its DebonAir air spring, lightweight Charger Race Day damper and machined, and anodized crown. As with many other RockShox forks, it gets SKF wiper seals and Maxima Plush damper fluid. This fork is compatible with only 29" wheels and only comes with mm of travel. It's available in the Signature SID Blue colourway or Ultimate High Gloss Black and will set you back £ with a remote and £ without.

On high-end Specialized bikes, you'll find the SID SL Ultimate with Spesh's BRAIN tech. It gets special Position-Sensitive technology and the Inertia Valve that automatically opens up and locks out the suspension based on the bumps it senses.

Then there's the SID SL Select+, an OEM fork that gets a DebonAir air spring, a Charger 2 RL damper and SKF wiper seals. There's also Maxima Plush damping fluid, and just like the range-topping fork, it's only available with mm of travel and for 29" wheels. 

The SID SL Select comes with a DebonAir air spring with a Charger RL damper, along with SKF wiper seals and Maxima Plush damper fluid. With a remote, it'll cost £, without, it'll be £

Finally, the SID SL looks like another OEM fork, but this one gets a Rush damper with a DebonAir air spring. This fork gets the same seals and fluid as the rest of the range.

RockShox SID

Rockshox SID suspension fork range jpg

The second fork, the SID, is a mm fork with a 35mm stanchion. That's the same size as Revelations, Pikes and even long-travel forks like the Lyrik too. Rockshox says this new chassis is stronger and stiffer with just a little weight gain. 

The SID Ultimate gets the Charger Race Day damper, a DebonAir spring, and a 44mm offset. Again the Ultimate comes in that electric blue colour as well as black, weighing in at 1,g. There's then the same anodized and machined crown you'll find on the SID SL, and of course, there are SKF wiper seals and Maxima Plush damper fluid. This fork will set you back £ with a remote lockout or £ without.

Another OEM for the SID Select+ comes with a Charger 2 RL damper, a DebonAir air spring, and the pricer fork's wiper seals and damper fluid.

The SID Select fork, as you might have guessed already, gets all of the kit you'll find on the Select+ but with a Charger Rl damper. With a remote, it's priced at £, without it's £

Finally, there's the SID, which again is seemingly OEM only. It gets the Rush damper, DebonAir air spring with SKF seals and Maxima Plush damper fluid.

You might also be interested to know the Charger Race Day damper is backwards compatible with all mm SID and Reba forks all the way back to MY

Rockshox 35

rockshox 35 suspension fork range jpg

The RockShox 35 is a fork that you'll find on lower-end mountain and e-bikes. As its name suggests, it gets 35mm aluminium stanchions and comes with mm of travel up to mm along with 37mm to 51mm fork offsets. It fits up to a " tyre and is compatible with two or three-point fenders. It's also available with a " tapered steerer.

The top of the range 35 Gold RL comes built with a Motion Control damper with a DebonAir air spring. This one is priced at £

Then, there's the 35 Silver TK which has an e-mtb focus. RockShox is quiet about the damper in this fork, but it uses a coil spring or the Solo Air spring. This one comes with a TurnKey lockout, but it's OEM only.

Also, OEM only is the 35 Silver R. It gets all of the bits and pieces you'll find on the 35 Silver TK apart from the TurnKey lockout, and it only gets the coil spring.

RockShox Reba

rockshox-reba-rl copy.jpg

The Reba is a more affordable cross-country and light trail riding fork, offering mm, mm, mm, mm and mm travel options in 26", " and 29" wheel sizes. It uses 32mm upper legs made from aluminium and is available in tapered and straight 1 1/8th steerer tubes. This fork is compatible with either OneLoc or TwistLoc remote lockout switches.

The Reba RL is the only fork in the range and uses a Motion Control damper with rebound and compression adjustment with a Solo Air spring. With a remote lockout, it's priced at £; without, it'll be £

There's also the Reba 26, which gets all of the kit you'll find on the RL, but it's tuned for lighter and smaller riders. However, this one doesn't get remote lockout compatibility.

RockShox Bluto

Rockshox bluto fatbike suspension fork jpg

The Bluto is one of the very few dedicated fat bike suspension forks available. It's based on the 32mm legged Reba chassis but stretched to accommodate super fat rubber on a 26" rim - up to " wide. It comes in 80mm, mm and mm travel with a Solo Air spring.

It only comes in one model, the Bluto RL, which gets a Motion Control damper with seals and grease that's specially rated for low temperatures to maintain consistent performance through all conditions. RockShox is asking for £ for this fork.

RockShox Judy

rockshox judy suspension fork range jpg

The Judy name is another blast from the past. It is designed as a low to mid-range fork that offers plenty of clearance for Plus tyres up to " wide, using Boost hub spacing to achieve this. It comes in either mm or mm of travel and " or 29" wheel sizes.

The Judy Gold RL is the higher-spec model, with a Motion Control damper featuring rebound and low-speed compression adjustment to lockout. It uses a Solo Air spring and gets aluminium uppers only with a tapered steerer. It'll set you back £ with a remote lockout or £ without.

The Judy Silver TK is the entry-level model with Turn Key damping that offers a lockout and rebound adjustment. Again, there's a Solo Air spring, and it has a tapered aluminium steerer. Still, the upper legs are made from heavier steel. This one costs £ with a remote lockout and £ without.

Then, Judy gets a factory-set rebound, a TurnKey lockout, and it's compatible with 9mm QR axles. It also comes with a coil spring. This fork is OEM only.

RockShox Recon

Rockshox recon suspension fork range jpg

The Recon is designed as a cost-effective, high-value cross-country fork built with 32mm stanchions. It does not come with Boost spacing, but it does come with travel from 80mm up to mm. It also fits up to " tyres without fenders.

The Recon Gold RL is the more advanced fork, coming in " and 29" versions. It uses the Motion Control damper with rebound and compression damping adjustment, and the steel 32mm upper legs are black anodised. Note that this fork is OEM only.

The Recon Silver RL comes with a Motion Control damper with low-speed compression to lockout. There's also a SoloAir air spring. This is the only fork you can pick up off the shelf, and it'll set you back from as little as £ with 9mm QR compatibility up to £ with boost spacing and a 15x axle.

Rounding off the whole of RockShox fork offering is the Recon Silver TK. It gets boost spacing and the TurnKey lockout.This is also an OEM only fork.

Fork technologies and jargon buster

Charger 2 damper

This is RockShox current range-topping damper. It's a fully sealed unit that uses a bladder to keep the damping oil isolated from the air. It's available in different formats depending on the application. Still, the three main specs are the basic RC with adjustable rebound and low-speed compression to lockout. The RCT3 has a three-position compression setting from lock-pedal-open with low-speed compression adjustment in the open mode and the RC2, which gets high and low-speed adjustable compression damping plus rebound. The latter is only seen on dedicated gravity forks.

Charger damper

This is an updated version of the Charger 2 damper seen on 'Ultimate' forks with some changes to the valving, such as less high-speed compression damping and more low-speed compression damping to make the fork sit up high in its travel. 

There is also a new piston wear band inside the damper, which is said to better manage oil flow, while a new rod seal from SKF is claimed to reduce friction by upwards of 30% at the rebound shaft.

It is available in RC2 and RCT3 versions, with the same differences in adjustment as the regular Charger range.

Bottomless Tokens

This is a term for volume spacers that can be added to the fork's air spring to adjust how much progression there is - how much harder it becomes to move the fork as it goes deeper into the travel. Adding more makes the fork harder to bottom out under hard riding; having less means it's easier to achieve full travel for a given starting pressure.

To fit them, you need to take all the air out of the spring and then remove the top cap using the correctly sized spanner or splined cassette tool. You can put multiple tokens into a fork as they thread together and attach to the top cap. Different colour tokens fit different fork models.

  • Black bottomless tokens fit these Solo Air forks: RS-1 SID, Reba, Bluto, Revelation.
  • Grey bottomless tokens work with these Solo Air forks: Pike, Lyrik, Yari, Pike DJ, BoXXer.
  • Dark red bottomless tokens fit in these Dual Position Air forks: Pike, Lyrik, Yari.

Debonair spring

This is the premium air spring that RockShox offers. It uses a higher volume self-balancing negative air spring relative to the standard Solo Air design to offer a reduced breakaway force for better small bump compliance and a more linear starting stroke.

Dual Position Air spring

This is an air spring that allows you to externally adjust the travel by up to 30mm, depending on the fork.

Motion Control

This is the mid-range damper and it comes in a few different formats. All are emulsion dampers, where the damping oil isn't separated from the air in the fork, which can lead to less precisely controlled damping when the two materials mix -become an emulsion - under more extreme use. Not having the damping oil under any positive pressure - as it is in a sealed damper - can lead to loss of damping control due to cavitation as well, though this is rare.

Sag gradients

RockShox is the only company to anodise sag markers onto their fork legs to ease setup. All of their forks - except budget ones - have this feature. Very welcome it is too.

Solo Air spring

This is the standard air spring seen on RockShox forks. It's called Solo air because you only need to add air to a single valve and the spring will equalise the negative chamber by itself. At one point, they had a Dual Air spring that required you to do this via a second valve, hence the name.

Turn Key damper

This is the most simple and hence affordable damper seen on RockShox forks. It's a basic emulsion damper.

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