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Freddie Mercury is the music icon behind the band Queen, whose hits include ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

Freddie Mercury did not have tattoos. His fan website states that, though he was intrigued by tattoo design, he did not have any tattoos of his own. He can also be seen in countless images performing shirtless and has no visible tattoos.

Who was Freddie Mercury?

Freddie Mercury was born to parents Bomi and Jer in 1946 in Zanzibar, Tanzania. He is the elder brother of Kashmira, who was born in 1952.

Mercury became a well-traveled child, attending a boarding school in Mumbai. It was during his education that he discovered music, firstly studying piano and then joining a band.

During the 1960s, a revolution unfolded in Zanzibar. The family fled the unrest and relocated to London.

His interest in music still strong, Mercury then attended the Ealing College of Art, and in 1969, joined Ibex, a band. He would be part of several musical groups before finally joining the legendary band Queen.

Mercury had a distinctive appearance and was teased for his teeth. Though he is said to have been self-conscious about this, he chose never to change the appearance of his teeth, despite his wealth making this sort of procedure accessible, for fear of damaging his vocal range.

As an adult, his sexuality was the subject of much speculation. He began dating Mary Austin in 1969, though this relationship ended when Mercury revealed that he was bisexual. 

He was romantically linked to several others in his lifetime and had a notable relationship with Jim Hutton, who remained by his side for several years until his death. Mercury remained close friends with Mary Austin throughout his life, saying “All my lovers asked me why they couldn’t replace Mary, but it’s simply impossible.”

On 22nd November 1991, Mercury released a statement explaining that he was HIV positive and was suffering from AIDS. He died just hours later, on 24th November 1991.


Mercury formed Queen with John Deacon, the group’s bassist, Roger Taylor, a drummer, and Brian May, a guitar player, and the group played their first live performance in 1971.

Their first album was released two years later, with Mercury’s showmanship giving the band a unique appeal. They achieved two number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, which both topped the charts in 1980.

Queen released an impressive 15 studio albums in total. Between 1976 and 1980, they received four Grammy nominations.

After Mercury’s death, the band continued to release music, including a hugely successful ‘Greatest Hits’ album.

The band has been immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an honor they received in 2001.

In 2018, the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was released which detailed the experiences of Queen. Rami Malek plays Mercury, winning the Oscar for best actor for the role.

In his award speech, Malek stated that Mercury “Lived his life unapologetically as himself.”


Peter Freestone, the former personal assistant of Mercury, has created numerous blog posts answering fans’ questions about the musician. Responding to one fan, Freestone confirms that Mercury did not have tattoos.

“Ne, he never had any tattoos of his own,” he says. Despite never being inked himself, he was interested in the artistry of tattoos. 

“He was fascinated by some [tattoos] on other people. He didn’t like the small basic ones, but was intrigued by the artwork involved in the more complicated ones.”

The icon has, however, become the subject of many fan tattoos. Many have chosen a tattoo as a tribute to the icon, with fans toting inkings of him in various unique designs.


No question, Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest vocalists (and songwriters) of all-time.

Born Farrokh Bulsara, but known to world as Freddie Mercury, he was introduced to the world as the front man for British rock band, Queen. While it may be sad to think that it is coming up to 27 years since his passing, his musical legacy continues to bring joy to our lives.

Most of you reading this were probably quite young, or weren’t even born prior to 1991, yet know his name and his band’s music well. Queen’s songs are so iconic that people will be listening to them for decades to come. Well, we certainly will be.

Considering the likes of Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones are still touring to this day, if it weren’t for his illness, Freddie may well have been doing the same. Queen do still tour, however I’m sure many of us would agree that it would have been incredible to, just once, witness a Queen performance (with the original lineup) in person.

The Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, starring Rami Malek as Freddie, is due for release in a few weeks time; it will be rather difficult to resist singing aloud in the movie theatre. To celebrate the film we’ve collected images of the best Freddie Mercury tattoos on the world’s biggest Queen fans.

Freddie Mercury memorial tattoos are up there in popularity with other dearly departed artists such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Marley. There are quite a few variations of Freddie dressed in that pink and black outfit from the “I Want to Break Free” music video – so many that they now have their own separate post. Below you’ll find some wonderful pieces in full colour, black and grey realism, and some neo trad and abstract styled tattoos.

What’s your favourite Queen song and what style of Freddie Mercury tattoo would you get?

Have you seen Bohemian Rhapsody? What did you think of the film?

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38 Rocking Freddie Mercury Tattoos

If you are a 90s kid and have a great interest in rock bands and music in general, you must be aware of the band, The Queens. It was a hugely successful and popular band. Freddy Mercury, the lead singer, besides being a songwriter and a record producer, was regarded as one of the most significant artists in the history of music.

Because of such fame, there has been much tribute that has been given to the singer and many fans show their love for the band and the singer, in particular, by getting them inked on their bodies as a form of permanent tribute. It is quite necessary that you must find a great tattoo artist for your Freddie Mercury tattoo who is amazing at making portraits for this tattoo that could be one of the most significant ones that you might have had before. We have, therefore, compiled a list of some Freddie Mercury tattoo designs that you can choose from to avoid any such confusion.

Freddie Mercury

The picture of Freddie Mercury singing accompanied by a yellow rose flower looks pretty splendid.

Freddie Mercury

So we all know what a king he is and to stress this so much more, here is king Freddie on a piece of card. Now isn’t that creativeness?

Freddie Mercury

The image of Freddie with the strokes of lines look amazing. What looks more amazing is the colorful triangles background which accentuates the overall portrait.

Freddie Mercury

This keeps yourself alive tattoo cans serve as a great reminder that to live a great life, you must keep yourself alive.

Freddie Mercury

It seems as if the tattoo on the left is a carbon copy of the picture on the right. The tattoo is very realistic looking and hence shows off the skills of the artist.

Freddie Mercury

Look at this abstract piece of art! It is quite creative to look at and ever so unique.

Freddie Mercury

Who said you can just have Freddie Mercury on your bod when you can go ahead and get the whole group inked.

Freddie Mercury

So if you just adore cats, you must know that who else is a cat daddy? Well, the banner on the tattoo says it all.

Freddie Mercury

This tattoo has quite some sass in it. Very stylish and intricately done, this tattoo is extremely attractive.

Freddie Mercury

Looks like this skull head is on fire. The disco vibes are pretty clear with the colorful background and the musical notes that accompany it.

Freddie Mercury

You know which team to choose when it comes to being a champion. It’s team Freddie Mercury!

Freddie Mercury

Who else than Freddie Mercury can kill the dance steps and groove away the night? It is the killer queen.

Freddie Mercury

Desire to live forever? You know, it is kinda true that one should be young by heart and then the age doesn’t matter. This picture is an emblem of that.

Freddie Mercury

Mercury had a colorful personality and probably, the Gods knew about it. *wink wink*

Freddie Mercury

This tattoo of Freddie is quite simple and without some over the top colors being used.

Freddie Mercury

This portrait of Mercury makes him look really cool and nonchalant. He has two pictures in this tattoo, one, a full-size image and another, just of his face.

  • Portrait With Autograph Tattoo

Freddie Mercury

You might not be able to meet him again or probably go to his concert, but the great news is that you can still get his autograph tattooed on yourself and pay him regards.

Freddie Mercury

The lines, “I can’t get over the way you love me like you do.” was taken from the song “I Want to Break Free” written and performed by the band members. It was once sung in  The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert by Lisa Stansfield.

Freddie Mercury

This skeleton has Freddie mustache and his king crown. Maybe it represents his presence even after his death. Well, who knows? it might mean something else to the wearer.

Freddie Mercury

You do not really have to get the full image of him to show your love. Even his face would suffice as a reminder.

Freddie Mercury

This picture looks extremely lifelike. The colors that are used are what makes the whole design vibrant. Look at the intricacies! The artist has done such a great work.

Freddie Mercury

This shows one of the greatest moments of his life, that is, his time on the stage amongst people.

  • Classic Freddie Mercury Tattoo

Freddie Mercury

This design is something special as it makes him look like a rockstar. This is a classic Freddie Mercury tattoo.

Freddie Mercury

This ink design makes Freddie look like he has been painted with oil colors on the wearer’s arm.

  • Amazing Freddie Mercury  Tattoo

Freddie Mercury


Freddie Mercury

This black and white ink is quite different from the kind of colorful personality that Freddie had.

Freddie Mercury

This design shows Freddie in action.

Freddie Mercury

You can get this marvelous design done on your shoulder which extends to the arm.

Freddie Mercury

Quite a vibrant design! This color palette makes the tattoo look a little caricaturish, but it is an extremely cheerful image of Freddie.

Freddie Mercury

Yet again a classic portrait of Freddie done with beautiful colors.

Freddie Mercury

King Freddie tattoos look great on the arm. You can also have it done on your shoulder too.

Freddie Mercury

Feel the energy this picture is throwing at you. This is the energy when Freddie is on stage. Probably many have felt that during his concerts but those of us who haven’t, we got this picture to hold on to.

Freddie Mercury

With five stars adjacent to him, this picture of Freddie depicts his stardom. This is quite appropriate as many celebrities too have been starstruck by him!

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Cindy's Freddie Mercury Tattoo Still Photos

40 Freddie Mercury Tattoo Designs For Men – Queen Ink Ideas

Whether you are a singer looking to celebrate your craft with a tattoo of one of the greatest rock performers of all time, or you have always been a fan of Freddie Mercury, a Freddie Mercury tattoo is a manly and stylish art piece that can complement the pieces that you already have.

From his quirky style and memorable mustache to his eye-catching on stage persona, he was someone that grabbed the world’s attention for several reasons.

Mercury was a man who could hold crowds in awe for hours on end and he was a performer that many musicians aspire to. For a singer or songwriter who wants to remember one of the greats of all time, a Freddie Mercury design is a way to remember his effect on the music world. Whether you loved Queen’s music or you simply admired Freddie’s vocal talent, he is a man to be remembered.

A Freddie Mercury tattoo should be done by an artist who is an expert at portraits, so you can be entirely sure that you do his memory and persona justice. The intricate details, the finesse, and the need for it to look like him mean that only the very best should be entrusted with your Freddie Mercury tattoo, which will be a lifetime tribute to one of rock music’s greatest performers.


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