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To begin by answering the question, the current max level cap in Borderlands 3 is 72, after the June 24th update in 2021. Gearbox Software and 2K Games released Borderlands 3 on September 13, 2019, with a starting level cap at 50. Since then Borderlands 3 has received multiple DLCs and game updates with the latest introducing the 72 max level limit and crossplay.

Once your character hits level 72, any experience you receive will only count towards your Guardian Rank. The Guardian Rank has no limit as its purpose is to reward you with tokens that increase your stats and allow you to unlock skills in the Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter trees after you finish the main story of Borderlands 3.

Now let's proceed to answer all Borderlands 3 level and progression questions, starting with reciting all the Borderlands 3 level cap increases.

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Borderlands 3 Max Level Increases List

  • September 13th, 2019 – Release: The initial max level in Borderlands 3 was 50, similarly to the other three Borderlands games.
  • February 13th, 2020 – 6-month Patch: The first patch increased the max level to 53.
  • March 26th, 2020 – Patch & DLC2: Guns, Love, and Tentacles Release: This patch increased the level cap to 57. From this point on, players were able to unlock two capstones in the skill tree.
  • June 25th, 2020 – Patch & DLC3: Bounty of Blood Release: The introduction of the third DLC increased the max level to 60.
  • September 10th, 2020 – Patch & DLC4: Pyscho Krieg and Fantastic Fusterluck Release: The free update that accompanied DLC increased the max level to 65.
  • June 24th, 2021: The latest increase was introduced with the June 24th, 2021 update that also introduced crossplay, permanent events, and a lot of tweaks and fixes. The current max level is 72.

When Will the Borderlands 3 Level Cap Increase?

At the moment, we don't know if and when the level cap will increase further. However, the max level Borderlands 2 was 80, so we can assume that Borderlands 3 will follow a similar pattern. Celebrating the 2nd anniversary since the release of the game on September 13, 2021, with a new DLC and a final increase in the level cap by 8 levels would be very fitting.

How Many Skill Points Do You Need to Reach a Capstone

25 points, if you spend points depth-first and don't spend any unnecessary points on the same tree level (horizontally). You will have to reach level 29 for that.

Borderlands 3 max level cap

Can You Unlock All 3 Capstones?

As we mentioned, getting to the bottom of a tree to unlock a capstone requires 25 skill points. At level 72, you have 68 skill points, so you can only unlock two capstones. To max out all three trees and unlock all three capstones, you must have 75 skill points. If the max level is increased to 80, players will unlock all three capstones at level 79 when they hit the 75 skill point mark.

You can unlock 2 capstones at level 54 when you have 50 skill points.

Max Level XP Requiements

Below you will find the XP requirements for each level and the skill points you have available:

LevelXP RequirementSkill Points

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Why Level 72 in Borderlands 3 is Such a Big Deal

By Richard Warren


Borderlands 3’s latest patch allows players to level their vault hunters up to 72, and this number is a meaningful one for series veterans.

Borderlands 3 has received what could be its final big update, as Gearbox will likely be switching its attention over to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In this new Borderlands 3 patch, some exciting features are added, with cross-play being one of the biggest. Players can also replay seasonal events, allowing them to hunt down the exclusive loot or fight the special enemies whenever they see fit. The update raises the level cap, too, and the number should be familiar to longtime Borderlands fans.

Borderlands 3 now allows gamers to level up their Vault Hunters to 72, which is the same exact level cap as the one from the second Borderlands game. The two games sharing this level cap is fitting, as it sees Borderlands 3 getting its characters to the same power level as the likes of Zer0 and Salvador. However, if players read into this number, it becomes clear that it means much more than the other level increases. In fact, Borderlands 3 fans could view it as a proper sendoff for the 2019 game.

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Allowing Borderlands 3 Players To Maximize Their Final Builds

Borderlands 3 players can now upgrade their Vault Hunters as far as possible, making full use of all the available skill trees. With the Designer’s Cut DLC adding a new skill tree for each character, this level cap raise could not be more welcome. Before, players had to sacrifice a part of their build of they wanted to mess with the new skill tree. Now, however, they can keep their old builds intact while also incorporating a part of the new addition. This should create even more build variety, something that is always welcome within the Borderlands series.

Equally important is the fact that players no longer need to re-grind for loot. Whenever a level cap increase happens in Borderlands 3, players are forced to hunt down all their top tier weapons again. However, with level 72 seemingly being the end, that will no longer be an issue. Players can max out their Vault Hunters, enter a Mayhem 10 session, and acquire a level 72 version of a Borderlands 3 legendary. Once obtained, there will be no need to worry about the weapon going out of date again, as the cap will no longer be increasing. For those that have not wanted to grind due to their loot possibly going out of date, they can finally do so safely.

Bringing An End To Borderlands 3’s Post-Launch Support

The most noteworthy thing about Borderlands 3’s leap to level 72 is that it likely serves as a capstone for the game. With Borderlands 2’s original DLC run, level 72 served as the endpoint, with no more levels added until Commander Lilith's Fight for Sanctuary. With the 2019 expansion being a surprise that came long after the DLC releases had stopped, its increase to level 80 was a bit of a special case. For years, level 72 was the final rank for Borderlands 2, and the number has stuck with gamers because of that. As such, with the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters finally at 72, it can be assumed that no further leveling changes will be coming.

With no more levels on the way, Borderlands 3 fans may want to give up hope for a third Season Pass. It seems like the Director’s Cut will serve as the final paid DLC for the game, and while it is possible for something like Commander Lilith’s Fight for Sanctuary to appear one day, fans should not be expecting it. This new level cap, while great from a gameplay perspective, doubles as a sign that post-launch content is coming to an end. For those that love Borderlands 3, this could make the update as sad as it is exciting.

Once players have maxed out their characters and completed the upcoming Vault Cards, they will have likely experienced all the content for Gearbox’s latest looter shooter. With Gearbox closing a big chapter of the Borderlands universe, fans can now look back at Borderlands 3 in its entirety. While gamers have delivered plenty of criticism for the game’s divisive story and lack of raid bosses, it did do a lot right in terms of its gameplay and visuals. As such, it will be interesting to see its legacy now that the final level cap has arrived.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner Has Died

Unfortunately, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner passes away at age 58, just two days after he announced he was taking medical leave.

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The current max level in Borderlands 3 is capped at level 72. When you reach the maximum level cap, you won’t gain any experience points (XP) that count towards your character’s level progression. Therefore, you won’t be able to unlock new skill points beyond that point. You will keep getting XP that counts towards your Guardian Rank. This is an infinite progression system that allows you to buff your Vault Hunter’s stats and unlock special rewards.

Borderlands 3 Max Level

  • LVL 50 – At Launch, September 13th, 2019, just like every other Borderlands game.
  • LVL 53 – Since the February 13th, 2020 patch, you are able to level up to level 53 just 1 skill point short to reach 2 capstones.
  • LVL 57 – Since the March 26th, 2020 patch, you are able to level up to level 57. This free update was in conjunction with the release of DLC2: Guns, Love, and Tentacles.
  • LVL 60 – Since the June 25th, 2020 patch, you are able to level up to level 60. This free update was in conjunction with the release of DLC3: Bounty of Blood.
  • LVL 65 – Since September 10, 2020, you are able to level up to LVL 65. This free update is in conjunction with the release of DLC4: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC.
  • LVL 72 – Since June 24, 2021, you are able to level up to LVL 72. This free update came alongside Crossplay, permanent events, and a ton of tweaks.

Can You Max all Skill Trees in Borderlands 3?

No, there are currently not enough skill points to max out all the skill trees. However, you are able to obtain 2 capstone skills. These are the final skills at the bottom of a skill tree. You do need to focus on going down the tree in order to reach this. Therefore, you cannot max out a lot of different skills in each tree.

Will the Level Cap Increase?

There are currently no new announcements from Gearbox Software nor 2K Games that the level cap will increase any further. However, Graeme Timmins, GBX developer who is the Lead of the Borderlands 3 Live Team, has mentioned that it’s nice to have a level cap increase with a new piece of content.


How to reach the Max Level?

When you play through the main story campaign of Borderlands 3 your character is probably somewhere around level 32. At that point, there are a couple of things you can do.

You can hop into the Slaughter Domes and defeat waves of enemies that are scaled at your level. As you continue to level up, so will your enemies.

Or you can hunt down the Proving Grounds. These are like mini raids that you run. Each Proving Ground has its own theme of enemies. This is a great place to get some legendary class mods.

You can activate Mayhem Mode. This lets you scale up the enemies and add gameplay modifiers to your play session.

Or you can jump into True Vault Hunter Mode. This is like a ‘NEW GAME+’, you can replay the game again with increased difficulty.

My recommendation: Once you completed the main story campaign, I would activate Mayhem Mode and set it to Mayhem Level 1 (M1). Pick a fun modifier like “Lootsplosion” to increase your loot. Go and complete the remaining side quest and hunt down the Proving Grounds. When you reached the Max Level, I would check out some of the awesome character builds and dive into one of the Takedowns. When you want a bigger challenge you can increase the Mayhem difficulty. There is exclusive Mayhem LVL4+ gear and Mayhem LVL6+ gear. The higher the Mayhem difficulty tier the more likely your loot will be anointed, with a 100% drop chance at Mayhem 8+.

The fastest way to reach the Max Level?

I have a complete guide on how to level up fast. You can use gear or increase the Mayhem difficulty to boost your XP Gain. Farming bosses for legendary gear is also awesome because you will get a lot of XP and legendary weapons. A good location to farm for XP is Eden-6, go and fight the Psychobillies. If you can DLC1, the Handsome Jackpot, you can farm the scraptraps. Check this guide for an in-depth walkthrough.

Best Character Builds

As you level up your character, you want to create an awesome build that swiftly destroys your opponents. Because as your character level increases so will the difficulty of the game. Therefore you need to build that erases your enemies.

New World

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Borderlands 3 - The Big Patch Is Here! (New Level 72 Cap, Permanent Seasonal Events, and Crossplay!)

Update Notes

Today we will release an update and hotfixes for Borderlands 3, which will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PST. This update adds crossplay functionality for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Mac, Stadia, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, makes seasonal events permanent, toggleable additions to the game, increases the level cap to 72, introduces The Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels, and more!

The Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels is LIVE

Bring the fight into round two against Joey Ultraviolet and his gangs of underlings, tearing apart their scenic Villa Ultraviolet mansion in the process. The Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels features a new set of themed items cosmetic items, unlocked via the same Challenges and thresholds from last year.

Crossplay is available for players on Xbox, Stadia, Steam, and Epic!

Crossplay between the aforementioned platforms is made possible by SHiFT Matchmaking, and you'll be greeted by an opt-in window when the Crossplay Update is live.

The Level Cap has been increased to level 72!

Events can now be enabled any time!

Bloody Harvest, Broken Hearts Day, and Revenge of the Cartels will be able to be toggled on and off in the main menu!

  • Added seasonal event gear, normally awarded by challenges during the season, to drop from their respective bosses
  • Added Wedding Invitation and Polyaimourous to the drop pool for Loot Hearts
  • Increased Captain Haunt's drop rate for Legendary seasonal gear
  • Added Bloody Harvest Anointments to the Re-Roll Machine while the event is active

If the event is not active in the main menu, players will not see these Anointments roll on gear.

  • Updated the Operative’s Heartbreaker skin to also appear on his Barrier tech
  • Updated Maurice’s audio during Broken Hearts Day to give priority to audio about rewards instead of generic praise for breaking hearts
  • Addressed a reported concern that Challenges during events were sometimes marked as “complete” if the player completed the previous year’s
  • Prevented an additional non-functioning Black Market machine from appearing early when a player joins in splitscreen
  • Adjusted the inventory pop-up to prevent a shadow from appearing on the other player’s screen during horizontal splitscreen
  • Addressed a reported issue that was causing the visual effects for “Double Barrel” to not stretch correctly in splitscreen
  • Adjusted the friend roster in 3- and 4-player splitscreen to prevent a hidden button prompt from appearing
  • Addressed a reported concern that was causing players to occasionally not be added to splitscreen play
  • Updated UI in splitscreen so both users could correctly see mission objectives, buddy health, and ECHO portraits
  • Adjusted the dropdown menus on profile Roster Cards in the SHiFT Menu to display correctly in splitscreen
  • Adjusted the location of the News in 4-player splitscreen
  • Addressed a reported progression blocker during “Mysteriouslier: Ghosts of Karass Canyon” that could occur when saving and loading back into the game
  • Updated the “Malevolent Practice” side mission to prevent the mission icon “!” from appearing in an unexpected location on the map
  • Prevented players from traveling to undiscovered locations while doing the Mysteriouslier Missions
  • Updated Outrunner vehicles to share vehicle kill stats with all players in the vehicle
  • Added missing localized text on Vault Card Rewards
  • Mitigated some instances of Vault Card Challenges from already appearing completed for the day. Additional measures will be included with Vault Card 2 to prevent this.
  • Added localized audio for the Maya Funeral Behind-the-Scenes content
  • Updated the audio to be in sync with the videos in the Behind-the-Scenes content
  • Addressed a reported concern that players could start Arms Race with only 1HP if they had a HP-lock Legendary artifact equipped
  • Addressed a reported concern that extracted loot from Arms Race would sometimes not be in the player’s bank after returning to Sanctuary III from Arms Race
  • Updated the ECHO device with new display screens for the Anointment Reroll machine and the Mayhem 2.0 menu
  • Addressed a reported concern that countdown notifications for Arms Race would show despite not being triggered
  • Adjusted UI elements for the Gear Up Extractor and Re-Roll Machine to display better in ultrawide
  • Addressed a reported crash that could sometimes happen when players changed between performance and resolution modes
  • Addressed a reported crash on PlayStation 4 that could occasionally occur when switching maps quickly
  • Prevented a reported progression blocker that could occur if players killed Mouthpiece before the mission objective to kill him became active
  • Prevented a reported progression blocker that could occur when players died as the dropship was creating enemies in Slaughterstar 3000
  • Updated “Space-Laser Tag” to address a reported potential blocker that could occur if the “Secure control room” objective was completed too quickly
  • Updated the Blind Sage Shotgun’s on-kill ability to activate when equipped by the Operative’s Digi-clone
  • Updated how the effect of the Victory Rush artifact is calculated. Now, players will have a 60-second buff applied to the player on Badass kill that is reset with additional Badass kills
  • Adjusted the Re-Volter Shield to correctly remove its shock behavior if unequipped
  • Adjusted the Super Soldier Shield to prevent it from receiving multiple stacks of modifiers
  • Addressed a reported issue in PC crossplay that was occasionally causing decorations placed in Crew Quarters to not save properly
  • Addressed a reported issue that was causing unexpected results in the invitations menu during crossplay
  • Addressed a reported concern where players were unable to join multiplayer when resuming from PlayStation’s “Rest” mode
  • Addressed a concern that Pappy and Pappy’s Jalopy were occasionally still hanging around after being destroyed
  • General optimizations and improvements to matchmaking
  • Addressed a reported concern that a system message would occasionally appear while skipping cutscenes
  • Addressed a reported issue where players were unable to fast travel to their vehicles using the ECHO map Fast Travel Feature
  • Addressed a concern that the button prompts to change weapon skins were missing when inspecting a weapon
  • Updated outlines to be consistent in sizes when in both performance and resolution modes
  • Adjusted the Manage SHiFT Friends page in the SHiFT overlay to only show SHiFT friends (instead of including platform invites as well)
  • On Epic, added platform icons to invites to see what platform the invited party is on
  • Updated various menu items that were offset

Grease Trap

  • Made it easier to grease enemies more before setting them on fire
  • Increased based damage 20%


Needle Gun

Today’s changes to Borderlands 3 also activate ALL of the True Trials!

During this event, all the Trial bosses have received a HUGE boost to their health and the damage they will be dishing out to players. This mini-event cannot be turned off, so new players beware!

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine will be moving to a new location on Thursdays at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET and is activated with a hotfix.

These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that reads, “Hotfixes Applied!” If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

  • Activating the True Trial of Survival event, which will be active until July 1 at 8:59 AM PT
  • Activating the True Trial of Cunning event, which will be active until July 1 at 8:59 AM PT
  • Activating the True Trial of Discipline event, which will be active until July 1 at 8:59 AM PT
  • Activating the True Trial of Fervor event, which will be active until July 1 at 8:59 AM PT
  • Activating the True Trial of Instinct event, which will be active until July 1 at 8:59 AM PT
  • Activating the True Trial of Supremacy event, which will be active until July 1 at 8:59 AM PT

As a reward, the bosses will be dropping the two Legendary weapons from their events. In addition, the chests at the end of each of the Trials will be full of Legendaries regardless of how quickly you completed it or how many objectives you scored!

With the introduction of the final level cap increase, we determined this was the best time to make changes to the current Anointment meta. We have found that a few character-agnostic Anointments were proving to be the go-to for all characters and builds. With the changes we are making today, we're hoping to see character-specific Anointments become meta, rewarding players for building into their character tree and Action Skills even more so than before. We will be monitoring community feedback very closely as we anticipate there will be a lot of discussion surrounding this topic. We will make further adjustments to these changes as deemed necessary.

  • Astral Projection damage is increased by 100% for Phasecast and related Action Skills

Increased to 200%

  • While Phasegrasp is active, Weapon Damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 150%

  • Slam damage is increased by 100% for Phaseslam and related Action Skills

Increased to 300%

  • Orb damage is increased by 100% for Phaseflare and related Action Skills

Increased to 200%

  • While Fade Away is active, Weapon Damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 150%

  • While Gravity Snare is active, Weapon Damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 250%

  • After using Rakk Attack!, gain 50% critical hit damage for a short time

Increased to 100%

  • After using Attack Command, gain 30% lifesteal for a short time

Increased to 50%

  • While Iron Bear is active, Bear Fist damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 300%

  • While Iron Bear is active, Salamander damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 200%

  • While Iron Bear is active, Rail Gun damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 150%

  • While Iron Bear is active, Minigun damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 150%

  • While Iron Bear is active, V-35 Grenade Launcher damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 200%

  • While Iron Bear is active, Vanquisher Rocket Pod damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 150%

  • While Iron Cub is active, Weapon Damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 150%

  • After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% critical damage

Increased critical damage bonus to 100%

  • MNTIS Shoulder Cannon damage is increased by 100%

Increased to 150%

  • While Barrier is active, Accuracy is increased by 60%, and Critical Hit damage is increased by 70%

Increased Critical Hit damage to 125%

  • While Digi-Clone is active, regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second

Increased to 30%

  • Killing an enemy grants 5% Weapon Damage and Reload Speed for 25 seconds; this effect stacks

Increased to 12.5% Weapon Damage, Maximum stacks capped to 10

  • On Action Skill End, Action Skill cooldown rate is increased by 20% for a short time

Increased to 50%

  • On Action Skill End, Gain 15% Life Steal for a short time

Increased to 30%

  • Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% Health

Lowered to 150% increased Weapon Damage

  • While under 50% health, deal 150% bonus radiation damage

Lowered to 100% bonus damage

  • Consecutive Hits increase Weapon Damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses

Limited the amount of times this could stack to 100

  • On Action Skill End, Splash Damage is increased by 200% for a short time

Lowered to 125%

  • While an Action Skill is Active, Weapon Damage is increased by 200%

Lowered to 100%


72 borderlands 3 level

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