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Modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, chroma key, clone-stamping for Web-based Educational Experience


Winner of the Canadian Screen Award for General Websites, Education, Nova Polar Lab is a web-based immersive educational experience that teaches users about the science of climate change by visiting labs and playing games backed by real scientific methods. To the right is a reel of my work on this project.

Above is a summary of my work on Nova Polar Lab

I worked closely with the developer, creating a navigation globe to be applied to a click and drag system. When the icon on the globe is clicked, a isometric map representations of the environments appear, foreshadowing the milestones of the adventure

After I removed the tripods from the photos were removed in Photoshop

tripod on.PNG



tripod off.png

3D objects and terrain were composited over 360 image and video to support aspects of the story


I was also responsible for Chroma Keying the window in scenes with the host.

Was also responsible for decimating and UV mapping various photogrammetry models to be run on a web browser.


A web & VR experience

NOVA Polar Lab

NOVA Labs approached us to create a classroom experience, at the high school level, examining scientific exploration in the polar regions.

Thought Café brought me on to drive the UI design for a VR & web application for educational, in-classroom use.


Finding a balance between ideal design and what was technologically feasible and optimal was an exercise in team communication.

Designing graphics for all platforms, considering display formats and processing power meant careful thought on the design side. Our team understood that it was impractical to animate every clickable button, and use transparencies on every pop up box as these things will slow down the experience on a slower processor. Our main priority is always for a student to stay immersed and complete the experience, bells and whistles can come later. We were conscious of the client's timeline and budget in recommending a design concept that met their parameters.

Working from a process of sketches to wireframing to prototyping, each step was taken in collaboration with a programming team to discern what was practical.

Often times, keeping an open mind and being clear about the reason for each decision kept the entire team on the same page, and the process flowing smoothly.


A web and VR experience taking students through the physical labs where scientists are researching environmental and geological changes to perceive and predict future climate change.

Students can walk through outdoor and lab environments where scientists complete research. Concepts are taught through games and videos. Students receive in-game phone calls with scientists from the field, sharing information on their current research. Lastly, students collect stickers and notes to fill an in-game notebook which can be adapted into a real life notebook depending on a teacher’s preference.

The Games

Students play through games that range from puzzle solving games, to arcade-like research simulation games.


Notebook & Stickers

The in-game notebook is a students biggest connection to their own physical world. These notes can be printed outside of the game, giving students a physical copy of their digital notebook. The notes in the notebook are also a player’s cheat sheet to review topics they have already learned. The in-game stickers allow players to track what topics they have already covered or still need to cover.

It takes a team!

This project was only made possible through the combined effort of a small team of scientists, programmers, project manager, game designer, and myself the illustrator and designer. Without the continued cooperation, contribution, and communication of each individual, this final product would not exist.


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 polar lab - pbs nova & wgbh

Created in partnership with WGBH and PBS Nova to accompany their feature documentary Polar Extremes, The Polar Lab is an immersive multimedia experience that allows players to discover how climate history is studied. Through Nova Labs, six million students have participated in interactive experiences like this one since 2012.

Copy of basecamp.png

360º environments

The home base of each level of the game is a 360 degree clickable landscape, using actual footage of Arctic and Antarctic locations, as well as renowned climate research labs. The player explores, watches videos, plays mini games, all while completing missions to advance to new levels.

Copy of globe.png
Copy of notebook.png

mini games

Clever mini games allow players to test what they’ve learned at each level, and get a taste of how climate scientists work

Copy of sealdivinggame.png

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Polar lab nova

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This Cave Has Been Frozen Since the Last Ice Age I NOVA I PBS

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