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At this point, it's nearly impossible to troll for hair ideas without coming across a lob haircut—or several. The long bob—hence lob—entered the mainstream around 2015 and has held on as a fave among celebrities and Insta girls ever since. There’s a reason the cut, which ranges from mid-neck to collarbone length, is so popular. It’s universally flattering since the short length brings all the attention to your face, it looks great on all hair textures, and it’s super versatile.

“A lob gives you the look of a shorter haircut, but with the feeling of longer hair,” says Ryan Trygstad, co-owner of New York City’s Mark Ryan Salon. “It has the option to look both long and short, and has so many styling options. They can be waved for a beachy look, air-dried for a lived-in cool-girl look, or flat-ironed for a sleek, polished look.” 

Long bobs are also ridiculously easy to maintain. “Lobs are great for low-maintenance girls,” says Trygstad. “They’re low-commitment because they grow out to a long hairstyle pretty easily.” However, to keep the cut looking fresh, he recommends getting a trim every six to eight weeks. 

Since lobs are so flexible, there’s a style to suit everyone, whether you prefer your hair stick straight, full and curly, or somewhere in between. Scroll on for the best lob haircut ideas. As these photos prove, there’s really no going wrong.

Sours: https://www.glamour.com/gallery/best-lob-haircuts

21 Hottest Long Wavy Bob Haircuts Anyone Can Pull Off

Fabulous Bob for Black Hair

long wavy bob for black hair

Instagram @styledby_bam

This perfect long wavy bob haircut for black hair made out of the frontal sew-in wig, is curled from the middle hair down to the tips for added elegance. The volume brought by the curls spices up the style even more.

Lovely for an African American

long wavy bob for african american

Instagram @bflyyexperience

Black girls need some big curls! Let them catch you with this long wavy bob hairstyle that is sure to bring out that pretty face of yours!

Flawless Inverted Bob

long wavy inverted bob

Instagram @auralisflores

More loose curls can be styled at the front with this wavy inverted bob. Ease up your nape with shorter but fuller, more layered locks.

Outstanding Naturally Wavy Hair

outstanding naturally wavy bob hairstyle

Instagram @mardimcdeehairstylist

What’s the key to flaunting natural waves? Use big barreled curls, rollers, or tie your hair right after the shower, and you’ll achieve this long bob on wavy hair.

The Perfect Angled Bob

long wavy angled bob

Instagram @caitlinbrownhairr

The angled cut on this long wavy bob hair adds volume on top of the texture that the soft waves provide. Caramel highlights on this mocha hair are very much on the front page of making you look glam, thanks to the waves that make them shine even more.

A Remarkable Sew-In Bob

long wavy bob sew in

Instagram @cam_cbsquared

No dull day is spent when you’ve got a new hairstyle to wear! The wavy style of your sew-in bob is an easy wear, doing wondrous things for your look. Casual and elegant in all aspects, this one never goes out of style.

Wonderful for Thin Hair

long wavy bob for thin hair

Instagram @almabosco_hair

Perfect for thin hair, this long bob for wavy hair is a crowd-pleaser. With a much lighter look, the texture offers a softening effect to your whole look, making you look all dolly and cute.

Outstanding Wavy Blonde Bob

long blonde wavy bob

Instagram @tanjas_hair

If you think being blonde means sporting a solid monochromatic color, then you are in for a treat! Having blonde locks can be exciting, with different shades to choose from. With this long bob with wavy hair, you can show off your different “blondes” and in just one hairstyle!

Beautiful Wavy Lob with Fringe

long wavy bob with fringe

Instagram @locksbyalanah

Long wavy bobs can be arranged in all sorts of manners. Picking a soft wavy look with a light fringe gives a very delicate look. This one’s a favorite among young teens.

Amazing Blunt Bob

blunt long wavy bob

Instagram @glambyvictoriaholmes

Thin wavy strands on this long bob cut resemble a wet, morning hair look which says, “I don’t care, I look cool in this messy bed head.” The texture is the trademark of the look, with the blunt cut as a balance to the messy vibe of the style.

Perfect for Thick Wavy Hair

long layered bob for thick wavy hair

Instagram @lockworxsalon_candace

Thick hair as a canvas for showing luscious waves is a perfect set-up to looking magnificently stunning! The highlights are much more noticeable with the texture on this long wavy bob cut.

Chic Long Wavy Bob Weave

Long Wavy Bob Weave

Instagram @ilovekeeesh

Symbolic of fluidity and femininity, long waves like these are iconic to this bob weave. And since it comes in a pre-made manner, you’ll be able to try this look anytime easily.

Beach Ready Asymmetrical Bob

Q&A with style creator, Nicole Ruiz
Hair Stylist @ Rae Talbot Salon in Castro Valley, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a long asymmetrical wavy bob (or lob) and can go for anyone who is looking for a bit of an edge to their look while still looking organic and earthy.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Know that adding texture is what is going to make this look unique, as it appears here in the photo. Beach waves, crimps, curls, whatever you prefer, you can add. Using Hair Resort Spray and Touchable by Kevin Murphy is how we accomplished this lived-in texture while still looking healthy and shiny.

Soft Wavy Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Amanda Moreland
Hair Stylist @ Brocatos Studio of Hair Design in Baltimore, MD

How would you describe this look?

This is a pretty lob with bangs. In this case, we decided on a blunt perimeter all around as opposed to an inverted perimeter. D helped to not elongate her face too much. We finished with some soft, textured, long layers to bring dimension to the cut and remove weight from the midrange of her hair.

My favorite thing about this haircut would be its versatility. There are so many different ways to shape, layer, and style this cut, depending on your client’s individual hair needs. I personally love finishing this look with soft waves and a texture spray to give it a lived-in look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For a client who is looking to leap a lob, I would say go for it! It’s a cut that can be personalized to any hair type, thickness, and personal style aesthetic. Especially with the blunted perimeter, this can make finer hair appear fuller and thick hair appear tamer just by changing the types of layering and texturizing used. This look can be worn blown out straight styled in waves.

My go-to products for achieving these looks would be Amika’s Plus Size Mousse as well as Bumble and Bumble’s Glow Thermal Protection Spray when blowing your hair dry. These two in tandem are a fierce duo to keep your hair protected from the heat as well as adding soft volume. For finishing products, I am partial to Amika’s Undone Matte Texture Spray and Fluxus Light Weight Hairspray if you’re curling your hair to keep your style looking textured and lived in all day.

If you’re opting for a smooth blow out, I like using one drop of Bumble and Bumble’s Hair Dressers Oil and working it through the midshafts and ends of the hair to keep your blow out looking polished and silky soft.

An Eye-Catching Graduated Bob

Q&A with style creator, Dora Kasle
Hair Stylist @ Salon Institue Toledo in Ohio, USA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a graduated bob, angled longer in the front, highly textured in the back. My favorite thing is all the texture I was able to create in the back to give it volume but lay correctly. She didn’t want the stacking to be too short in the back, so instead of making the graduation go higher, I used texturizing techniques to give her still the volume and movement she wanted.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I think this is an edgier look that requires someone who takes care of their hair and does it most days. This client had thicker hair, so that helped with the stacking and volume in the back. This look could be done on thick or thin hair, but it might not have the same volume effect on thin hair.

This look would need to be accomplished with more products and different texturizing techniques. My client requested that her hair not sit on the back of her neck too much. This is the perfect look for people who want shorter hair but get annoyed when it sits on the back of their neck, but they don’t want it cut too short. You can cut the under layers down more while still maintaining some length in the top and front.

Fantastic A Line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Kate Spinks
Owner / Operator @ Hair For Buddha in Erina, NSW, Australia

How would you describe this look?

This look has soft textural waves that are great for an everyday look or going out!

Any advice for someone considering it?

My favorite go-to product to create this look is Eleven Australia Haircare and followed by Eleven Australia Flat Iron. I use Miracle Hair Treatment to prep the hair. Then, I follow with Eleven Sea Salt Spray, which will add texture and movement through the hair.

Blow-dry the hair with a medium round brush. Section the hair out and curl with iron. My favorite tip to clients is once you have finished curling the hair, go back in and straighten ends out for more of a lived-in finish.

Grab a wide-tooth comb to brush the curls out. Then, use Eleven Australia Dry Shampoo to add texture, gloss the hair with Eleven Australia Smooth and Shine Serum, and finish off with Eleven Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray.

Stunning Long Wavy Bob on Brunette Hair

Q&A with style creator, Robyn Wall
Stylist @ Pony Salon in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look?

It’s a beach waved bob, and my favorite thing about it is the excellent swing she gets with this length!

Any advice for someone considering it?

A 1/14 inch curling iron is the perfect size to use. Finish with a texturizing powder to get the body and a textured separation through the waves.

Layered Bob

Q&A with style creator, Maddison DeVore
Hair Stylist @ Tease Salon in Corydon, IA

How would you describe this look?

What I like most about this look is the contrast of the dark base and the bright blonde pieces, especially when it’s styled with these loose waves.  The blonde really pops.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is perfect for anyone who can’t make it to the salon on a regular basis. Being a mom and a business owner myself, I know just how hard it is to make time for yourself. With this look, you’ll have all the style but not the upkeep. People will think you just had your hair done even though it could have been a few months prior. It’s so easy to add a few waves and go.

My go-to products are Redken 450, Babyliss 1″ curling iron, Kenra Dry Texture Spray, and Kenra 25 hairspray. All of these products work well with any hair type and add protection, texture, and hold.

Trendy Wavy Lob with Side Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Dana Lyseng
Hair Stylist @ Supernova Salon in North Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look?

This look is a modern, messy shag. I love this look because it’s very soft, feminine, and sexy. The movement creates a lived-in, relaxed feel while still being modern and city chic.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would suggest that the client loves a more textured and messy feel. These looks are amazing for smooth or wavy hair. My client Tonya has quite straight hair, so we worked with a 1 1/4″ curling iron to create some beach waves to make the look have more volume and texture. Clients have to love a bit of hair around the face, and a big soft sexy fringe is a must for shags.

For wavy long bobs, I recommend working with dry shampoos and texture products. I love the Dry Me from EIMI Wella styling and the Texture Touch also from Wella EIMI. First, blow out the hair for volume, work in the beach waves in opposing directions for fun texture, and then use the dry shampoo for shape, hold, and more texture.

Fantastic Side Parted Lob

Q&A with style creator, Brit Wright
Owner @ Bella Salon and Boutique in Chipley, FL

How would you describe this look?

The blunt cut lob is one of the most sought-after bob haircuts with its blunt, super-texturized, and naturally wavy look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s versatile and easy to style, which makes it suitable for every head. If your hair falls flat, seek the help of a texturizing spray like Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort ($30). Mist the lightweight product through damp or dry hair for undone texture or focus on the roots for volume.

A Gorgeous Bob for a Round Face

Q&A with style creator, Candice Manibog
Hair Stylist @ Candibird Salon in Sacramento, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is sassy and sexy. The combination of baby lights and balayage was utilized to create this gorgeous color. I really enjoy creating the perfect custom tone for each individual guest. It’s no secret that I have a real infatuation with red hair, and this copper glow is no exception! It is bold yet dimensional, and I love the way this color placement compliments the haircut.

This textured, wavy long bob was cut with a razor, and the razor creates texture and movement in the hair while also removing bulk. My favorite thing about it is the messy, undone but done feel of it. It’s almost as if she “woke up like this.” It’s perfectly tousled with subtle piece-y bits that just make the look pop.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This haircut is great for medium to fine hair. It’s the perfect California beach babe vibe while it also feels sultry enough for a girl’s night out!

This haircut is perfect with some beach waves thrown in, and I always love the ribbons of dimension you see when balayage is curled. For this look, use a one and 1/4-inch curling iron, alternating every other section curling away and toward the face, leaving just the ends straight to create the perfect wave. After the curls have cooled, lightly comb through, and tousle hair using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

This style is all about the texture, and in this case, the more, the merrier! Finish the look using your favorite dry texturizing spray to create volume and really bring that style to life. Here, I used my favorite, Kevin Murphy’s “Bedroom.hair.” I love it because it smells delicious and gives a light, weightless hold while spicing up your style. It is also great for revamping your curls on second or even third-day hair!

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/long/wavy-bob.html
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60 Styles and Cuts for Naturally Curly Hair

Curly or wavy hair is equally referred to as a blessing and a trouble. Curls do not always settle as you’d like them to, get extremely voluminous or simply stick out whimsically. Does it mean you should make good friends with a flat iron? Well, it’s quite tiresome to struggle with the curly structure of your hair on a daily basis, especially in wet weather. So wouldn’t it be better to look for more convenient, on-trend hairstyles, flattering for your face and suitable for your life style? Here are 60 stylish hairstyles for curly hair you can adopt for your chic looks.

Your Options for Curly Hairstyles

  • Short curly hair. Short bouncy curls look fantastic with long side-swept bangs. You can flat iron the bangs or keep them curly, same as the remaining tresses. Subtle highlights enhance the texture and add dimension to your hairstyle. Punk-inspired hairstyles with messy curls and edgy bangs will also go fine with short hair.
  • Medium-length curly hair. Large loose waves, medium springy curls and smaller ringlets match perfectly with shoulder-length haircuts. Stylists recommend tousled hairstyles with waves and curls as well as beachy waves and maximally natural looks. Most girls who have naturally curly hair are not sure about bob haircuts, since curly locks normally shrink and look not only shorter than expected, but also overly voluminous. If your hair is very dense, it can be thinned out from the inside to get a more appealing hairstyle shape eventually. The length should also be considered. Other than that, don’t be in a hurry to turn down an idea of a bob haircut even if your hair is naturally curly. Below you can see some very nice examples with wavy and curly bobs.
  • Long curly hair. Long lengths also provide you with multiple options: defined polished curls, natural breezy waves or messed up tendrils/ringlets with braiding sections or without. To lighten up long curls, it’s recommended to use layering that offers a flawless revitalized look to your long hairstyles with curly texture.

Best Ideas for Hairstyles with Curly Hair

And now let’s see the most inspiring examples of curl trends.

#1: Elegant Updo for Natural Curly Hair

Your natural texture is your secret weapon of sexiness and elegance, so next time you have a formal event, don’t reach for a straightener. Instead, create a loose french braid and hide its end into a full messy bun. Pull out some wispy bang pieces to complete the look.

#2: Medium Curly Combover Hairstyle

If you’re finally ready to take your long curly hair into the medium length world, try it with a side-part combover that lands right at the shoulder. Your hair look will livelier than ever, and instead of curls weighed down by gravity, the cut gives them fresh bounce.

#3: Pretty Curly Black Bob with Side Bangs

There’s no question; a long jet black bob is one of our favorite ways to wear cute hairstyles for naturally curly hair. It’s a style that works great for women who don’t have overly curly locks. The side part and the loose waves frame the face. You can also tuck the shorter side behind one ear for a more casual appeal.

#4: Long U Cut for Curly Hair

U-cut natural curly hairstyles look great if your hair has long, loose waves. The dark-brown color proudly shows off your hair’s natural shimmer and shine.

#5: Medium Length Curly Layered Hairstyle

Layers can be used on medium length natural, curly hair to generate volume at the roots and enhance the organic texture of your locks. Ask your stylist to include a few extra layers around your face for a softer, more flattering look.

#6: Bob Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Curly hair ideas for shorter locks can be challenging to find, so why not keep things simple and just opt for a classic bob? However, choose your length carefully – your mane might be more difficult to manage if you go too short.

#7: Mid-Length Curly Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

A full set of thick and luscious bangs brings out all the best aspects of your medium curly hair, and the brown base color with dark blonde highlights helps it look especially well-nourished and healthy. If you have brown eyes, a pop of bright red lipstick can make an excellent addition to the face-framing shoulder-length cut.

#8: Gorgeous Medium Curly Bouncy Hairstyle

There’s a lot of flexibility in this shoulder length curly hairstyle because it looks equally attractive when parted on the side and down the middle. The subtly highlighted brown tone is neutral and low-key. You can easily grab a handful of curls and pull them into a ponytail or a topknot for an extra-sporty style.

#9: Ravishing Golden Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Bey, Bey, Bey, Bey-ond cute, you’ll look just like Beyonce with a fabulous star-struck hairstyle shown here. The messy long and loose girly curls create a fullness that takes the style to new “heights.”

#10: Messy Curly Brunette Shag

We just love naturally curly haircuts that show off your eyes and frame the face. If you like your curls to appear tousled and effortless, you’ll appreciate the style. There’s something about the shag that attracts modern day fashionistas. It’s a wash and wear cut that’s simple to style and maintain.

#11: Medium Layered Cut for Loose Curls

Curly haircuts done on dry hair guarantee that your curl pattern will fit into the cut. If you don’t want extra volume on top, style with straighter roots. When you part your hair off-centre or on the side and allow the sides to drop down to the clavicle, the curls have a natural way of framing and slimming down your face. The chocolate brown color is luxurious and rich.

#12: Caramel Brown Natural Layered Hair with Bangs

What style should you go for when you want a haircut for long hair that’s super-curly? How about a Nicole Kidman inspired hairstyle in a trendy, delicious color? The curlicue tendrils and long wispy bangs set off the eyes and taper down to emphasize the lips. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

#13: Adorable Bob with Bangs

Short naturally curly hairstyles can skew dated when not done right. (Think of your lovely grandma with short curls.) The barely perceptible A-line angle and light shaping in the back make this bob both simple and youthful.

#14: Beautiful Layered Lioness

Who doesn’t have an inner lioness? Curly girls are lucky, because they can let it out. There’s a reason all of our favorite curly-haired divas have tried this look: it’s incredibly sexy. The dark eyebrows and roots only make this style that much better.

#15: Pretty Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob

Haircuts for naturally curly hair are always in style, after all, not every woman wants to spend her precious morning time fussing with a blow dryer. To update your lob, finger-comb it, add a bit of mousse, and let it air dry.

#16: Long Curly Hairstyle for Balayage Hair

Balayage hair differs from ombre. Both are typically darker at the roots and become lighter towards the ends, but balayage is designed to make your tresses look like they have natural, sun-kissed highlights. It’s smoother and less high maintenance than ombre coloring, and particularly beautiful in long curly hairstyles.

#17: Mid-Length Light Pastel Pink Curly Hairstyle

If you’re running out of unique hair color ideas for your wispy, curly locks, look no further. The long pink-blonde tendrils float around the cheeks and eyes in the sea of tender waves. If your hair is soft, fine and light, it’s a beautiful hair color choice.

#18: Medium Curly Brunette Shag with Babylights

Curly hairstyles can be worn in a variety of ways, which is quite practical, because as the weather changes, so does the tightness of your curl. One way to avoid surprises is to cut your hair into a medium length shag. These shaggy layers have a sparkle of babylights, and the big curls do a great job of framing the face.

#19: Layered Curly Style with Medium Size Curls

This layered style is for medium hair that’s very curly. Ask for layers around your face to develop a gradient of thickness from the roots to the ends, so that the focus is on your face and attention is drawn to your features.

#20: Long V Cut for Curly Hair

When you think of choosing one idea from many beautiful hairstyles for naturally curly hair, you might be overwhelmed. It’s even more difficult when your hair is super-long and has a tendency to be frizzy. The key to keeping your copper brown curls controlled and orderly is a calming hair cream or an extra-strong mousse.

#21: Medium Voluminous Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls

If you’ve been blessed with a full head of super-curly hair, show it off proudly with a voluminous layered hairstyle. The dark color of this bouncy lob makes your hair look dense yet lightweight.

#22: Inverted Black Bob for Curly Hair

When you leave the length a little longer in the front, hairstyles for naturally curly hair gain a nice structured look. Jet black and stacked in the back: it’s a sophisticated option that works great with wavy or curly hair. Make sure your stylist remembers to cut it in the length that will still look fabulous in climates with high humidity.

#23: Medium U Cut with Defined Curls

Defining your curls with a product is one of the best ways to enhance your waves and make them look even curlier than they already are. It’s a flexible hairstyle that can be parted on a side or down the middle, and you’ll create a more detailed look by adding strategically placed copper highlights.

#24: Collarbone Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

When you are dealing with the in-between stages of growing your hair out from a shorter cut, try a shaggy, tomboyish style. Shags are ideal for short naturally curly hair because they’re cute and easy to style.

#25: Medium Layered Curly Hairstyle

Oodles of textured copper bronze curls cascade on the shoulders and soar around the face like a soft cloud. Natural curly hair is so beautiful, as it is, it just needs a suitable layered cut and some subtle highlights.

#26: Medium Highlighted Style with Loose Curls

This highlighted style with loose curls is incredible on mid length hair. It looks windswept and beachy, like you’ve just spent a good week in the sunshine. It’s chic and effortless, without being too loud and overpowering. It also suits any age and any face shape.

#27: Short Blonde Balayage Hairstyle for Natural Hair

One of the most standout hairstyles for curly hair is the short blonde balayage style with dark roots. Even though the light blonde hue at the ends is distinctive and vibrant, the gradient color effect appears beautifully sun-kissed and authentic.

#28: Medium Natural Hairstyle with Brown Balayage

The fun and frolicking naturally curly bob is anything but straight laced. Chocolate brown loop-de-loop curls trickle around the forehead, sides and nape of the neck in a flirty, careless way.

#29: Messy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Medium length naturally curly hairstyles can sometimes become overly voluminous. Not here! Calm, cool and neat, the shoulder-length layered chocolate brown cut is easy-going and not over-the-top. The simple wavy lines and a tousled side part make it a spectacular choice for tomboy girls who want to inject a little femininity into their style.

#30: Mid-Length Curly Layered Cut

For ladies with super-thick curly hair, a shaggy layered cut with bangs can be a creative way to control and taper down the volume. If you have dark brown hair, add some light chocolate highlights to help define each ringlet. Use your fingers to poof it up a little bit in the back.

#31: Curled Layered Brunette Hairstyle

If you have naturally thick and wavy hair that tends to be unmanageable, curly styles with layers will work for you. Layers give the unruly curls shape, and a part further structures the cut.

#32: Chocolate Brown Bob with Luscious Curls

The amazing full-bodied brown curls create an envious mane that grazes the shoulders to emphasize the wearer’s femininity. An excessive volume and frizz is tamed with a product suitable for your hair type. A quality mousse will cope with the task in most cases.

#33: Pretty Long Curly Hair with Bangs

If you’ve been wearing your long curls in too-tight ponytails, you might be noticing that your hairline is getting thin and your forehead is more prominent. One good way around the problem is to cut your hair into a shaggy style with curly bangs. Your hair will get lift and show a lot more body and texture when the curls are slightly shorter and allowed to spring up naturally.

#34: Low Curly Bun with Loose Curls

Another type of long-length hairstyles for curly hair is relaxed low updos. The loose, thick, side braids help bring details to the feminine and romantic up style full of delicate curls. The subtle highlights enhance your complexion and give depth to the base hair color.

#35: Messy Lob with Large Messy Curls

Your long, loopy curls can look amazing in voluminous tousled hairstyles. “Messy” is the key word here, and that’s just what you should be thinking when you are styling this look. Part it on a side, work product into your curls, scrunch, and let your blonde waves dry naturally to reduce the frizzies.

#36: Medium Layered Dishwater Blonde Curls

Thin curly hair doesn’t have to be boring or flat. Your first step to liven it up is to give it a healthy dose of blonde highlights. Then, part it on a side and let some of the tendrils flutter around the face, framing the forehead and cheekbones. Match the tone of your eyebrows with your roots to give this casual layered cut a bit more of edgy sophistication.

#37: Wavy Messy Bronde Bob

Keep your waves and curls messy and easy to style by choosing simple bob haircuts for curly hair that only need a quick finger comb to look amazing. The partial sun-kissed highlights help define loose tendrils on the sides making the style more detailed and visually interesting.

#38: Short Stacked Curly Bob

Cute and sassy, this short chocolate brown bob with babylights works wonderfully for thick hair. The extra long tendrils in the front act as an extension of the curly bangs and soften the face. The curls have been cut into an inverted shape, which helps the ringlets stand out and adds a lot of fullness in the back.

#39: Messy Updo for Curly Hair

One of the easiest hairstyles for naturally curly hair, a messy updo only takes a few minutes to construct. Simply take small sections of hair, make loose twists and pin them into place. And remember, it’s meant to give a laid-back and effortless impression.

#40: Short Curly Bob with Subtle Highlights

One of cute, curly hairstyles for shorter hair is a neat natural bob with subtle highlights. Due to the length, this style often works better with thinner hair. Thick hair can seem too bushy or overgrown. The highlights add a sun-kissed, romantic touch for a feminine and youthful-looking ‘do.

#41: Romantic Pinned Updo for Shorter Curly Hair

Ideal for a formal event or special occasion, a pinned updo is ultra sassy and sensual when paired with a pretty ruffled or floral dress. Simply take small sections of hair and twist them before pinning at the nape of your neck. Make sure that you leave some curls alone to hang softly around the face for added drama.

#42: Inverted Bob for Curly Hair

Women with curls can embrace the natural body of their hair with an inverted bob. For curly hair it’s much more appealing than the average one-length bob that is chopped blunt above the shoulders. Here the back is stacked and more voluminous, while the front is longer and pretty in the way it frames the face.

#43: Curly Messy Blonde Bob

Meant to be worn messy to appear effortlessly cool, like you’ve only just got out of bed, this curly bob looks seriously stylish. If you are not particularly fond of your natural curl pattern, all you have to do is work on small sections with a curling iron to shape some prettier curls.

#44: Messy Angelic Look

This ethereal hair style reminds us of everything we love about the seventies. To get this look, treat your curls to a defining cream and a leave-in conditioner and then let hair dry naturally, fluffing and separating curls as they dry.

#45: Long Highlighted Hairstyle with Spiral Curls

Tame your frizzy, uncontrollable spiral curls by wearing your mane long and adding highlights as a point of interest. Part to the side or off-centre for a less predictable look.

#46: Soft and Sexy Curls

When you have natural curls, styles like this can seem out of reach since frizz is so common with curly hair. It’s all about finding out what your hair truly wants. Infrequent washes along with products formulated with natural oils and nut butters can be life changing.

#47: Natural Braid Crown

Natural curly hairstyles can be challenging if your hair is ultra thick and coarse. Keep things under control with a fancy braid crown that shows off natural hair without letting it go wild. This throwback hairstyle has been popular with black women for generations – and with good reason.

#48: Curly Bob with Blonde Balayage Highlights

A dark, curly bob can be given an edgy and alternative look by throwing in some high contrast blonde balayage highlights. The stark color contrast might not be for the faint-hearted, but it doesn’t mean that it’s any less fabulous. All you need is confidence to rock it.

#49: Extra Long Hairstyle for Curly Hair

If you’ve always dreamt of having mermaid-like tresses, this extra long hairstyle for curly hair is cool and quirky for the younger generation. Whether it’s your natural hair or an easy way to gain length – extensions – you’ll be attracting admiring glances!

#50: Brown Curly Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

If you’re searching for a curly style that is slightly different and more eccentric than the others, your best bet is to go for two contrasting colors, like this example of dark brown and light blonde. Less natural-looking, but still spectacular, it adds unbelievable dimension and flawless definition to your curls.

#51: V-Cut Long Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Long curly hair gives off a less voluminous appearance as your locks are pulled down by their natural weight. For a unique and fashion-forward style, choose a V-cut instead of a blunt chop. Tres chic.

#52: Adorable Red Breezy Tresses

You believe the hands of a stylist have never touched these delightful locks. It’s rather a job of the sea breeze that shaped them into fantastic natural waves and the generous sun that charged them with exquisite brightness.

#53: Tousled Bronde

It looks like wind was playing with her hair: swept bangs to one side, disheveled the curls and even blurred the parting line. And the effect is stunning, as you can judge yourself.

#54: Curly Messy Medium Cut with Bangs

Are your curls full and fluffy? Do you think you look your best with curly bangs? Go for a layered cut that offers a rounded shape and freedom for your curls to show off their texture.

#55: Chocolate Delight

Here the rich curls are forwarded on the face, framing it in a flirty manner. The rounded shape of this classy hairstyle in tandem with the broken curls and edgy contours look pretty harmonious and up-to-the-minute.

#56: Medium Loosely Curled Hairstyle with Highlights

Reminiscent of the 1980’s, big curly hair is making a comeback! The loco loose curls dance around the head and take on a life of their own. Softly highlighted with honey tones, each curl gently falls into one another. Go big, or go home!

#57: Elegant Loose Updo for Wavy Hair

Natural curly hairstyles that are accented with gorgeous highlights look very elegant when they are arranged in simple yet snazzy updos. The loose tendrils drape over the ears and eyes, while the rest is pulled backward to balance out this gentle wildness in the front. Think Charlize Theron in her breakout movie the Devil’s Advocate circa 1997.

#58: Curly Black Bob with Babylights

Revamp your shoulder length dark locks by incorporating babylights in a lighter hue. These will bring out texture and dimension of your hair for a beautiful, natural, sun-kissed look.

#59: Curly and Bold

When choosing a hair color, why stay mundane? Or commit to one color for that matter. Instead, go for some vibrant streaks of purple, pink and blue. Curly hair showcases highlights beautifully, but cute pops of color are even better.

#60: Bold Bandana Updo

Naturally curly hair is the best candidate for wearing bandanas. This easy style has an edgy, fresh feel to it that never fails to get noticed. To achieve this look, pin your hair up and wrap the bandana around your hairline, knotting it tightly to one side. Pull out a few locks for a messier look.

Well, that’s how you can rock your curly styles. If you are willing to try something new, make sure you will go to a professional stylist. Hair will grow back anyway, but it’s extremely important that you are happy with your cut and style right away, because we know: it’s going to make your day/week/month brighter.

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/natural-curly-hairstyles/
Trendy Long to Short AMAZING Hair Transformation - Lob \u0026 Short Haircut - ASMR Haircut Barber Sound

65 Different Versions of Curly Bob Hairstyle

It may seem at first sight that curly bobs are all alike. In reality you can experiment with finishes and textures, the size of the curl and highlights to make your bob unique and special. Messy curly bob styles with a bedhead effect are appropriate for every day, while neater elegant curls are expected to be seen at an office or any other setting where you want to look more sophisticated.

Curly Bob Hairstyles for Varied Lengths and Hair Thickness

Below we are listing bob hairstyles for any taste.

#1: Messy Blonde Balayage Bob

A short curly bob naturally lends itself to a messier style, which is actually a good thing. Tousle your coils with a bit of mousse to give your hair lots of body and an effortlessly cool finish. It’s a casual look to turn to any day of the week.

#2: Naturally Spunky Spirals

Let glossy black curls be the focal point of your chin-length cut. Define them with artful layers and a little bit of mousse, but don’t overdo with it, because you may change the pattern of your naturally curly hair. Just let it do its thing!

#3: Medium Curly Scrunched Hairstyle

Nothing tames “wild” and unruly curls better than a layered, scrunched hairstyle. The copper-toned curly bangs and tendrils tumble over the ears and gently caress the forehead to softly frame the face and neck area.

#4: Curly Chocolate Bob with Caramel Highlights

A curly bob can be very charming, but an A-line cut gives it just enough edge so that your style comes off as more fashion-forward and less cutesy. A blend of highlights will dial up the cool factor even more, giving the hairdo a fresh feel.

#5: Perm Bob with Tousled Curls

Have got naturally straight hair? You can enjoy curls too with a perm. Keep it moisturized with hair lotions or nourishing oils like coconut oil. You’ll want to maintain your hairdo with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to fight dehydration and frizz. It’s the key to defined coils.

#6: Curly Messy Bob with Elongated Pieces

The key to making the most of the short, curly bob is to let a few extra-long tendrils drop all the way down to the collarbone, while the rest of the curls densely frame the face and neck.

#7: Ravishing Red Bob

Go edgy with your spiraled locks by opting for an angular, chin-length cut. Keep the layers long and slightly longer toward the front. If you are a brunette who wants a color update, opt for a rich mahogany or burgundy hue.

#8: Side-Parted Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Every curly bob is unique. Comb over the longer side of your asymmetrical bob to create a fun and flirty peek-a-boo effect.

#9: Shaggy Curly Bronde Bob

Tousle your curly long bob to create a fuller, more voluminous hairstyle that looks great on everyone. Blonde highlights over chestnut brown hair illuminate the surface of the haircut, providing a radiant and shiny texture that makes your hair look healthy and glowing.

#10: Rounded Copper Brown Perm Bob Hairstyle

When you have textured hair that can hold a curl, set it in medium-sized rollers and you’ll end up with curls that look like you were born with them. The subtle sprinkling of copper highlights helps to define those curly loops, and also contributes to the sense of fullness.

#11: Curly Messy Brunette Bob with Golden Highlights

Natural curls were meant for hairstyles that show off the healthy sheen of loopy locks. A scattering of metallic highlights elevates the style, giving it depth and sophistication.

#12: Lovely Curled Bob Hairstyle

Curls are so nonchalant and romantic! They let you be unabashedly feminine. The sweet style is polished enough for special events, yet with a little tousle good for wearing anywhere. The short length completes the charming package.

#13: Dark Curly Bob with Blonde Highlights

Bring some dimension to your curly hair bob with high-contrast highlights. It’s bold and stylish. The stark difference between the blonde highlights and dark brown roots ensures that those big, beautiful curls aren’t lost in the volume of your wild, textured hairstyle.

#14: Luxurious Angled Curly Bob

The triangular wedge shape of this angled curly bob frames the face with touchable curls and adds nice height to the crown section.

#15: Curly Rounded Caramel Brown Bob

Your naturally curly bob takes on a life of its own when the twists and turns are left to do their thing! It might not look like it, but these golden locks are still long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail or an updo.

#16: Short Stacked Bob for Curly Hair

A short stacked haircut brings balance to full-bodied curls. Curly bob hairstyles are naturally eye-catching because of how voluminous they are, so the layering at the back ensures that people like what they see. Most importantly, you’ll love how confident you feel with a perfectly flattering cut.

#17: Voluminous Curly Brunette Lob

Sexy and feminine, the combover lob with an indistinct side part sets off the cheekbones and chin in a sensational way. When you have hair that tends to be thick and coarse, an angular cut helps to reduce the volume exactly where you want it to appear more toned down.

#18: Well-Shaped Chin-Length Curly Bob

The soft copper highlights set off each and every curl of the curly hair bob and help to frame the cheekbones and eyes in a dramatic way. The short style is youthful, girly, cute, friendly, and easy to style.

#19: Classy Nape-Length Bob for Thick Curly Hair

The short straight-across cut offers a flattering shape for the hair that can otherwise look unruly. For extra shine and a greater sense of volume, choose a solid light brown or copper color to really show off the curls.

#20: Gorgeous Rounded Bob with Glazed Curls

Naturally curly bob cuts look their best when you have healthy tresses. The healthier they are the shinier they will be. It is hard for curly hair to stay hydrated, so it’s important to moisturize those coils with lots of hair lotion. This will cut back on frizz and maximize curl definition.

#21: Angled Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

A balayage is super cute on curly bobs, not just straight locks. Balayages are known for the depth they can bring to a hairstyle. Team that with the texture of big curls and you’re looking at a truly multidimensional coif.

#22: Curly Inverted Bob Style

Have your stylist use the razor technique to thin out your curly cut. It’ll give your tresses a wispy finish, which is perfect if you’re looking for that intentionally messy style. It’s the ideal marriage of casual and chic vibes.

#23: Spunky Scarlett Bob

Curly red hair may make you think of Annie the musical, but this chic, short ‘do is anything but theatrical. Rich, crimson curls are incredibly flattering, especially on those with warm, olive skin tone.

#24: Choppy Bob for Wavy Hair

Yes, you can rock a curly bob with bangs. If you have loose curls, this works well with bangs, because they will have a natural bend, so that your fringe won’t flair out. It works with straight hair too. Just wrap the rest of your hair in rollers at night to maintain those feminine spirals.

#25: Wavy Brunette Bob with Subtle Highlights

The subtle chocolate highlights that enhance this curly long bob are almost imperceptible, but they’re there, doing the job of defining the waves and angles of the long, curly, angled bob. The chocolate brown base color keeps it sophisticated and down-to-earth.

#26: Brown Curly Bob with Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold isn’t just reserved for jewelry. It’s also a pretty cute complement to brown-hued hair. The pinkish notes really pop against a dark base. The contrast makes your curls pop too. It’s a very fresh and youthful look.

#27: Cute Bob with Messy Glossy Curls

If you love your natural hair color, make things interesting with an inverted curly bob cut. The angle towards the front dials the visual interest up a notch. Plus, with all the texture and volume of your curls, you don’t need to do much to leave a stylish impression.

#28: Short Inverted Curly Brown Bob

Super thick and curly locks are easier to manage when they are cut into an inverted bob. The longer side pieces and short bangs are flirtingly tomboyish. The chocolate brown color is rich and helps to show off each swirly curl.

#29: Asymmetrical Curly Brown Bob

If you have the type of curly hair that is not overly kinky, then you will find an asymmetrical bob easy to manage. The extra-long, side swept bangs cover one eye in a classic peek-a-boo style. Tousling it at the top provides some height just where you want it.

#30: Jaw-Length Curly Brown Bob with Caramel Highlights

The classy curly bob with bangs is a wonderful choice when you want your curls to appear neatly trimmed on the bottom yet messy through the length. Scrunch them up with some mousse, and then let them rule the roost! The caramel highlights add a boost of color and a finishing touch.

#31: Inverted Messy Curly Bob

Make the most out of your long and loose ebony curls by cutting them into an angled bob that falls to the collar bone in the front and hikes up higher in the stacked back section. The combover at the top also helps with some extra height.

#32: Disheveled Wavy Light Brown Bob

Choose a stacked inverted bob cut to give a flattering shape to your loose waves and select a soft color to enhance the feminine appeal of the final look.

#33: Inverted Wavy Bronde Bob

Curly bob hairstyles always look amazing when the tendrils are updated by the balayage coloring that is strategically placed to bring out the depth and volume of the curl. The bronde balayage makes each curl shimmer and shine!

#34: Short Stacked Bob with Voluminous Curls

One of the sassiest ways to wear your naturally curly hair is in a short, stacked bob with lots of loops and volume on top and in the back. Each curl is further defined by a rust-toned highlight that runs through it, creating sheen and stylish, vibrant texture.

#35: Short Walnut Brown Curly Bob with Glossy Finish

Keep it short and simple with a choppy brown bob that makes the most out of your natural curls. Easy to style and maintain, it’s a curly ‘do that will look fabulous, even after sleeping on it. Just refresh it with a little water and some mousse and you’re good to go!

#36: Tousled Angled Curly Bob Hairstyle

When you’ve got it, flaunt it! A short curly bob with a solid black color is one of the best ways to show off the beautiful pattern of your curls. The haircut is structured by the shape yet softened by the texture.

#37: Dark Brown Bob with Messy Scrunched Curls

What’s the difference between a short curly bob and a messy short curly bob? To us, it’s all about the natural, effortless feel of the latter. This messy curly hairstyle is purposely disheveled; the wearer decides to tousle it in a way that enhances the natural wave.

#38: Short Side-Parted Wavy Brunette Bob

With a cropped voluminous bob your jawline and long neck will really stand out, and by tucking a couple of curly locks behind one ear, you’re left with a snazzy style that is modern and edgy.

#39: Short Flared Bob for Wavy Hair

The chin-length curly bob with bangs has a slightly bohemian and artistic appearance. It’s a modern style that embodies some of the best looks from the 20s, 60s and 80s. The loose wavy curls can be blown straight for extra-special occasions.

#40: Layered Curly Chocolate Brown Bob

Chin-length bobs are a go-to for low-maintenance ladies. The texture of loose waves conveys a modern feel to the classic cut. And even though it’s a solid chocolate hue, the bob hairstyle has plenty of depth and dimension thanks to subtle layers.

#41: Jaw-Length Scrunched Bob for Curly Hair

For those of you with naturally curly hair, you know how much of a struggle it can be to tame your whimsical locks. A super short chin-length look is definitely one easy option. To style it, just scrunch-up the ends with a light-hold product when you get out of the shower.

#42: Rounded Curly Caramel Brown Bob

Warm coppery tones go so well with a rounded curly cut. They are both statement makers but complete each other so elegantly. The main elements of the look are as simple as a solid color and texture, which proves that sometimes less is more.

#43: Wavy Messy Brunette Bob

The curly long bob is the cool girl’s go-to. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your curls out into loose waves. The frizz and messiness work to your advantage in this scenario. They emphasize the elegant nonchalance all it-girls have.

#44: Jaw-Length Side-Parted Curly Bob

If you have thin wavy hair that tends to lie flat, consider cutting it into a short curly bob with bangs. Part it on the side and plump it up by teasing the roots and scrunching the curls with a light hold product. The dark coffee-brown color provides a fine contrast to pale skin tones.

#45: Vintage Curled Hairstyle for Medium Length

Looking to channel Old Hollywood glamour? Try it with curls. The bigger the better. The cascading spirals will deliver drama and elegance in equal measure. They will be great for your next special event. Just make sure to use a light hair oil to keep that sheen shining.

#46: Tri-Color Curly Bob Hairstyle

Just because you don’t have long locks, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your hair. Experiment with different colors to give your bob a sense of personality. This warm mix of colors is bold, but not too bold, because it incorporates natural hues.

#47: Choppy Combover Bob for Curly Hair

If you have loose curls, then messy curly bob hairstyles are a great choice for you. Choppy locks and the combover bangs frame your cheekbones and eyes, and the blunt, chin-length ends call attention to your neck and jawline.

#48: Perfectly Angled Curly Bob

Looking for something a little bolder? A crisp angled bob will do the trick. Not enough? Opt for a mix of blonde, caramel and brown highlights to elevate the coif. The stark combo of colors and curls is reminiscent of a whimsical piece of art.

#49: Modern Marilyn Bob with Curls

A platinum blonde curly bob is about as chic as it gets in the hair world. Reminiscent of Old Hollywood glam, this look is classic and always in style. But, caring for light and bright locks is not something to take lightly. Make sure you are using the right color-enhancing shampoos and hair care products to keep your color as vivid as possible.

#50: Shoulder-Grazing Curly Bob

When you are finally ready to cut your long, wavy hair, you’ll need to decide which one of the many curly bob hairstyles will look best on you. Now’s the time to show off all your amazing curls by allowing them to spring to attention in a shoulder-grazing bob.

#51: Inverted Bob for Loose Curls

The short inverted bob with stacked loose curls is an ultra-sophisticated hairstyle that draws attention to the jawline and neck area. The combination of the height in the back and the long, layered front pieces results in a hairstyle that looks great from every angle.

#52: Pretty Reddish Brown Curled Bob

Whether naturally curly or curled, this bob amazes with its color and texture. The center part helps to emphasize your eyes and nose area, and the bouncy, red curls give a mature nod to the world-famous cinematic and Broadway icon “Annie.”

#53: Silver Lining Bob

Instead of hiding your grays, embrace them and put them out on display. When rocked in a short, curly bob, streaks of silver brighten up a darker mane perfectly. Make them intentional with natural-looking gray highlights!

#54: Curly and Confident

Of all the curly haircuts and hairstyles out there, au naturel is best. Sometimes it’s better to let your wavy locks fly free and natural. To keep them in control and frizz-free, make sure you enlist the help of a curl-taming serum!

#55: Balancing Act

When you want a short cut, but still need some length around your face, curly bobs like this one are ideal. A lot of ladies with curls tend to worry about frizz, especially around the nape of the neck. This style gives you the freedom to live an active live, while looking flirty and feminine.

#56: Lovely Curly Dark Blonde Bob

A short length works well with curls, because all of that hair can get heavy. Layers will help cut back on the weight and volume, as curls of above-the-shoulder lengths have a tendency to flare out into a pyramid. A strategic haircut will eliminate this.

#57: Bob Cut with Defined Curls

Even if you don’t have perfect natural curls, you can still choose to rock a curly hair bob and style it with a product and curling iron. Luckily, modern curls are quick and imperfect. This hairstyle works best when you find the right gel or hair cream to help keep each curl separate.

#58: Curly Angled Brunette Bob

The longer bob is currently trending, and the curly lob is no exception. Curls are susceptible to frizz. Keep yours fresh with the use of mousses, gels, and other special products for your spiraling locks. An angled cut will also help your curls look their best.

#59: Honey-Dipped Curly Cut

Sporting sweet, caramel-colored spirals is a great way to give your ‘do some richness and life. Try adding some long layers to your shoulder-length bob to give it a nice shape and make it a bit more manageable in the styling department.

#60: Curly Brown Bob with Golden Babylights

Golden highlights make curly brown bobs look unique and rich. Such hairstyles work great on hair that has a natural medium-sized curl…not too tight, not too loose — just the right one. The side part and long bangs also enhance the curves of the jawline.

#61: Blonde Layered Curly Bob

Find a cut that flatters your face the most, so that your full locks don’t flair out in an unsightly way. Very dramatic layers won’t come off as edgy as they would if your hair was straight. Instead, they feel natural and give your cut movement.

#62: Airy Tousled Curly Bob

Wash-and-gos are a favorite in the curly-hair community. Don’t let the name deceive you, however, because sometimes there are a couple steps in between washing and going. Apply a gel or mousse to wet curls to help them hold their shape, and let your locks air dry throughout the day!

#63: Inverted Jaw-Length Bob for Curly Hair

This a-line haircut teeters on the line between bob and pixie. The length at the front gives a super feminine finish to the cut, while the stacked back works as an edgy element of the look. When you have naturally thick hair, creating a flattering cut is all about finding that equilibrium.

#64: Sexy Spirals

Layers are essential for curly hair because they provide your mane with structure and keep the overall style from looking bulbous and shapeless. Plus, the side part is perfect for round faces because it is slimming around round cheeks.

#65: Hot Highlighted Long Bob

Give your hair a much-needed boost with some sporadically placed highlights. This is a great way to add dimension to your curled ‘do. To frame the face nicely, try placing the highlights around the face and allow the bottom layers to be a darker, richer shade.

Your favorite bob hairstyles are being constantly upgraded. Don’t miss a chance to make yours all the rage. Visit the page with the latest bob hairstyles to sort out the new trends.

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/5-different-versions-of-curly-bob-hairstyle/

Curly lob long

14 Stunning Long Curly Bob Haircuts – The Curly Lob

Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

curly asymmetrical long bob with bangs

Instagram @sane.hair

With defined curls, this asymmetrical bob with bangs can set you apart from other ladies. The streaks of green hue on your long layered dark tresses will give your look a touch of quirkiness. Design a patterned undercut to create a little surprise.

Asymmetrical Bob

curly asymmetrical long bob

Instagram @alizaquefez

An asymmetrical cut on a curly long bob really does the trick of boosting the volume and body of the hair even more. This side part action makes you look younger and accentuates your curlies to the next level.

Angled Bob

curly angled long bob

Instagram @cristinacutshair

Don’t settle for just the normal brunette look. Give that lob the volume it deserves by curling them into nice tight curls. Trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Layered Bob

long layered curly bob

Instagram @milk.honey.hair

Long curls in a layered a manner that gives a bigger appearance. Try this with beige ombre curly Lob like this one for a modern approach to your simplistic but elegant cut.

A Line Bob

long curly a line bob

Instagram @danimichayene

A more defined cut, this one gives symmetry like no other cut. Factor in the curls that softens the curly a-line bob and you’ve got yourself a striking feminine look.

Concave Bob

long curly concave bob

Instagram @bthoma.z

What would make your curlies bounce even more? Arrange them in a concave bob that is shorter at the back and longer at the front! The voluptuous look is made friendlier by wisps of bangs to frame your face.

Face-Framing A-Line Curly Lob

Q&A with style creator, Teo Delima
Hair Stylist @ Lepetit Curl Concept in Cambridge, MA

How would you describe this look?

It’s called an A-line classic curly lob with lots of layers and angles around the face.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is very easy to maintain, elegant, and very modern. For 2A hair type, I suggest using a leave-in conditioner and medium hold gel (Ultra Defining Gel from Deva Curl).

For best results on any curly hair, you must apply all the products when the hair is still wet. Finger brush the products into the hair, starting with the leave-in conditioner and finishing with the gel. Scrunch then towel dry using a towel with microfiber material. Follow with a diffuser or air dry.

It allows any easy-going person to showcase her personality and lifestyle. I personally call this cut a modern-playful bob style!

Long Curly Bob

Q&A with style creator, Kyle Mallory
Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Anthony Garubo Salon in Maplewood, NJ

How would you describe this look?

This long curly bob cut is natural and effortless. It’s true natural texture, and it’s healthy! I used Anthony Garubo curl define #4 to achieve those curls, but the Deva Cut was what truly brought the curls back to life by getting rid of dead weight and over-processed ends. It really allowed the curls to bounce back.

She was blessed with an abundance of hair, so adding some deep internal waterfall layers gave this beauty some shape and get rid of dead weight but still allow to keep the hair long. Before adding in my styling agent, I detoxified the hair with Anthony Garubo charcoal exfoliating shampoo then condition with Curl Hydrate number 2 before finishing with the defining cream.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s great for naturally curly hair and for someone who needs a low maintenance hairstyle. Get the right product, scrunch it in, and go!

Layered Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Jenni
Hair Stylist @ Aoki Hair Salon in Mount Pleasant, WA

How would you describe this look?

I call this look “the reverse teardrop,” as, unlike a bob, the width and body is above the ear. I love this hairstyle because of the height and volume and especially the bangs. This is a much edgier, quirkier style and can be worn by women of all ages. This style will never date and reminds me of another version of Meg Ryan’s hair in the 1980s.

Any advice for someone considering it?

To achieve maximum results for this look, the layers need to be fairly short but also long enough to create width and height. Curl definition is a must.

I love Deva Curl, so this look could be styled using firstly a tablespoon of ultra defining gel and then a teaspoon of styling cream into wet hair from roots to ends into every area of the hair as you would do a foundation on your face. Your hair should feel like a “seaweed,” then diffuse for maximum body.

Don’t be shy! You could add a few pea sizes of righteous roots oil to the ends for shine and definition. Then rock it. This is perfect for the woman on-the-go. It’s quick to style, as it’s shorter so does not require a huge time or maintenance.

It’s flirty and fun, yet it still has some length could be pinned up with some hair jewels – great for a sassy evening look. In short, it’s a versatile, feminine, low maintenance style for women of all ages.

Inverted Bob

Q&A with style creator, Camille Janae
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Mahogany & Rose Hair Studio in Sacramento, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a curly cut, and the curls have been styled for long-lasting definition. My favorite thing about it is that these are her natural curls, so I was able to show her what her own hair could do with the use of the right products and techniques.

Any advice for someone considering it?

You need to have naturally curly hair. It’s important that you find a stylist that specializes in curly hair who can create a cut customized to fit your curls and who can recommend products specific to your needs.

Naturally Curly Lob

Q&A with style creator, Amber Rose Talbert
Hair Stylist @ Kelly & Co. Hair Salon in Hickory, NC

How would you describe this look?

This naturally curly Lob is trendy and fresh. This particular client came to me with long weighed down curls, and all she needed was a big chop to bring her curls back to life! My favorite thing about this style is the shape, as the length in the front really shapes her face while the back is a bit shorter and lays perfectly on her shoulders.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Find great quality products for your curls. Curls are like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike. That means that you need to find products that work great for your curls. As soon as you find the right products, this style is super low maintenance yet looks very put together.

Curly Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Irvin
Master Colorist @ Infinite Salon in Pearl District, OR

How would you describe this look?

The long curly bob with bangs or lob is a fun look, especially with a fringe! Taking the weight off of the length allows the curls to really bounce. This shape is easy to style and is still long enough to pull back. The fringe really opens it up around the face!

I love the versatility of this style and find that most curlies can wear a variation of this. This cut will give you plenty of movement in the hair without having to go full shag.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Having hair at or around shoulder length requires maintenance every 12 weeks to avoid having to lose too much movement. The fringe can be challenging to style, so be prepared for daily refreshes on the front and face-framing areas.

I teach guests how to pin or even pin curl their fringe to get it to lay correctly. There are times the hair needs more directing and with different curl patterns in different parts of the head, and it may take a little getting used to.

Stacked Bob

Q&A with style creator, Lorraine Rosen
Master Stylist/ Balayage Specialist @ Lajolie Salon and Spa in Stamford, CT

How would you describe this look?

This curly, long stacked bob is embracing your natural beauty and texture and letting it shine. My favorite thing about this long bob cut is how easy it is to style and how the hand-painted highlights add that extra special sparkle.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Make sure to ask your stylist what is the best product for your hair texture. For instance, do you need a product to enhance and hold your curl more? Or do you need a product that will enhance and hydrate your curls more?

I would also strongly advise that this look works for anyone from conservative to edgy. It’s all about how you wear it to fit your personality.

Graduated Bob

Q&A with style creator, Gerri Vereen
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Gerri Styles My Hair in Raleigh, NC

How would you describe this look?

The long curly bob look is a sexy, fun, carefree, summer beach look!

My favorite thing about this look is that this bob can be styled for the curls to be very defined, or it can be slightly teased to give a fuller messy bob look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Women considering this style have three ways to get this look! You can use a medium-size 1.25-inch curling wand iron. For naturally curly hair, you can use a curl defining gel and twist the hair, then roll the twist on perm rods. The last option is to get Virgin Brazilian Curly extensions installed into your hair.

This is the perfect look for the women with a bold personality, likes versatility, and wants a nice free-flowing look!

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How to Style a Lob - Short \

12 Curly Long Bob Hairstyles That’ll Be Everywhere Soon

Each curly hair is different. One of the most beautiful looks that can be done with long curly hair is the bob. There are so many different versions of the curly long bob and all you need to do is pick the right one.


How to Cut Long Bob on Curly Hair

how to get a long curly bob hairstyles

Cutting a long bob on a curly hair is slightly more difficult than on the short hair. One thing that you need to have in mind is that the curls tend to squeeze and become shorter. So, if you have set one length in mind, always expect the cut to be done a bit longer, and on a wet hair.

Your hairdresser should know this, but if you want to play it safe, pick a length that is at least 1 cm longer than your desired one, just to be safe. As the hair grows, the curls tend to change their form, so schedule a regular visit to the salon for small cuts that will make them look fresher and better.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Cut Long Bob on Curly Hair


Popular Long Curly Bob Hairstyles

Here is a list of the best 12 curly long bobs to try out in 2021.

1. Voluminous Curly Bob with Bangs

Voluminous Long Curly Bob

This is the look that you will get if your hair is afro curly, voluminous and wild. No matter the length you choose, this type of hair contains a lot of volumes so it will look big.

The curly lob is the perfect length so that you can manage it easily. The sides are equal, slightly layered to the sides for better framing and fringes are curly and falling over the forehead.


2. Sleek Curled Bob Weave

curly long bob with middle part

If your hair tends to curl not from the root, then you have on the option of wearing it parted in the middle. The middle part will divide the hair into two equal parts, and the straight hair can be straightened even more and made super sleek so that the curls that reach the shoulders create a balance to the curly long bob look.


3. Messy Bob

bouncy and curly long bob

The loose curls are great for styling. Their roundness and volume are enough for the hair to set itself up in a hairstyle. What you can do is to layer it to the sides so that it looks nicer and tidier.


4. Mid Parted Bob

long afro bob for women

Mini afro curls are very tiny and they make each hair big and dense. For a new long curly bob look, try setting the part in the middle. The sides must be layered because if they are not, the final result will be ridiculous rather than beautiful.


5. Gorgeous Curly Highlights

long curly bob with highlights

Highlights with a long bob for curly hair is an excellent option for trying something funnier and playful. The curls will be pulled back nicely and won’t fall over your face. The highlights will blend nicely to the rest of the bob.


6. Chin Length Bob

This is the minimal length considered in the long bob department. The spirals reach the chin, they are big, wavy, loose and rich. The front ones are shorter than the rest and the final look is very charming.


7. Round Curly Lob

girl with long curly bob hairstyles

The roundness in a hairstyle is done by gradual layering. In this case, the curls themselves give nice framing. The length goes a bit over the shoulders and the curls create a direction of the entire curly long bob hairstyle.


8. Long Side Parted Bob

side parted long curly bob

The side part of this curly haircut is what creates the entire look. The portion of the curls is not equal on both sides. The curls in the smaller portion are all the same length, while on the other side, as the hair is being pulled to the side, they are in different length. The look is very trendy and modern.


9. Curly Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical long curly bob presents a hairstyle where the hair is cut in the different lengths. One is longer, and the other one is shorter. The curls are looser and the difference in length is visible and divided by a side part.


10. Bouncy Short Twist

black women with curly long bob

When the hair is braided in dreads that look like ropes, half of the curly long bob hairstyle is already done. The other half can be achieved by a suitable length. In this case, the middle part is what direct the dreads, while their length is all different, the longest reaching the shoulders.


11. Blunt Bob

curly long blunt bob

The equal length and the straight cut is what is significant about the blunt bob. When done on a curly hair, it looks flowy and adds more volume to the hair.


12. Curly Blonde Hair

curly long platinum bob hairstyle

There are those hair types where the entire hair is extra curly and on the ends it just becomes straight. This curly lob is a good thing for those who want to achieve length and different visual perception of their hairstyle. The curls can be styled to the side or parted.


FAQs on Long Curly Bob Hairstyles

Q. Can You Try Blunt Bob on Long Curly Hair?

Ans: Yes. Blunt bob can be done on curly hair and it can look wonderful too. The secret lies in the fast and capable hands of your hairdresser and in the type of curls. Blunt bob is a neat option for those who want to keep the look framed and balanced.


Q. Can You Try Inverted Bob on Curly Hair?

Ans: Yes. The inverted bob is not a very popular choice lately, however not impossible. It means that the back is cut much shorter than the front. Be aware that you will need to have the back of your hair tapered faded. This all depends on how short you want it to be. As the hair moves to the front it becomes longer. The curls will maintain their direction and balance through the whole hairstyle.


The long curly bob is a perfect hairstyle for women who have naturally curly hair. Except for getting a proper haircut, the styling is pretty effortless. The hair should be treated with a special product for curly hair. As for the daily styling, a bit of mousse or other styling product is just enough to define the curls and keep them from tangling. Long bobs are trendy and popular and they never go out of style.

Sours: https://hairstylecamp.com/long-curly-bob/

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50 Curly Bob Hairstyles for Genuinely Marvelous Looks

For those of you who have curly hair, we know, it’s a lot of struggle to get the perfect haircut that won’t give you the pyramid look. A curly bob with properly cut layers is one of the best choices because it gives your hair a flattering shape and shows off your particular curl pattern. We have selected some cute angled and inverted, one-length and rounded, stacked and concave haircuts that you’ll truly love.

Choose a curly bob hairstyle for your pretty ringlets among these 50 eye-catching looks!

1. Curly Wedge Haircut. Treat your bob with some brightening highlights and messy styling. The curly bangs are a super cute addition.

2. Feminine Voluminous Bob. No wonder that everybody wants a bob haircut? It makes real wonders for your curls.

3. Elegant Afro Bob. Emphasize your natural curls with a voluminous layered lob haircut and frame your face with a fringe. To make your loops even more eye-popping, use some moisturizer before you style your mane.

4. Curly Asymmetrical Bob. Asymmetry on curls is not as sharp and evident as on straight hair, but it works and makes a simple cut a lot more interesting!

5. Asymmetrical Curly Angled Bob. The angled bob is so popular, and everybody loves it! Why? It’s suitable for any hair type and keeps your hair manageable when it comes to styling.

6. Tall Messy Olive Blonde Bob. Keep your roots natural and add a beautiful blonde shade on your curls. The effect is magical!

7. Short Curly Bob. Take a look at the back view of this fantastic rounded bob hairstyle. It’s like a soft curly cloud!

8. Dark Brown Curly Bob. This is not only an exquisite look but also a very glamorous one. Style with a side part to get the best out of this cute lob.

9. Short Bob with Curls. If you have well-defined curls, an inverted bob haircut will enhance their texture and volume. They won’t look rebel and wild, just glamorous and chic.

10. Big Highlighted Curls. A blonde balayage can highlight your curls and make your appearance fresh and cool. To get loops like that, use a curling iron. Add some hairspray to keep their shape.

11. Messy Curly Bob Haircut. If you have wavy hair, you can easily get a pretty messy look with a short one-length bob, combed over for a flattering asymmetrical look. If you are not blessed with beach hair like that, use a special curler for waves, and you’re ready to go.

12. Short Curly Stacked Bob. To achieve a sexy and fresh appearance, choose a short bob and use a curling iron to create some smooth waves.

13. Curly Bob with Bangs. This hair color and the voluminous stacked shape certainly won’t go unnoticed!

14. Curly Shaggy Bob. Here’s a subtle balayage at its best! Keep your hair longer in the back with shorter layers around the face for a pretty rounded style.

15. Voluminous Bob with Highlights. Let your curls loose! You can style them with a little bit of mousse but don’t overuse it; you just want them defined and springy.

16. Layered Curly Bob. Layers are the most significant option if you are searching to give volume to your hair. You can shine even more if you try some auburn highlights for dark hair.

17. Choppy Curly Bob. These smooth bubbly blonde curls are so beautiful – check how airy and bouncy they are!

18. Bob for Thick Curly Hair. A brown-auburn balayage can offer you a very natural yet glossy appearance. Style your curls with a bit of curl-defining product to enhance the texture and color.

19. Black Bobbed Curls. Short lengths go so well with curls because the latter tend to look tighter.

20. Middle Part Curly Bob. If you have ringlets, this short very curly bob will make you look astonishing. Split your bangs in the middle to get a nicely framed face.

21. Simple Long Curly Bob. If your curls are unruly, a bob haircut will help your hair sit in a beautiful shape.

22. Tight Bob Curls. Well-defined ringlets are achieved with a mousse that nourishes and separates them.

23. Short Curly Bob with Fringe. The rounded curly bob with height and fullness on top will flatter even a round face.

24. Sexy Inverted Brunette Bob. These well-defined ringlets tame overly voluminous hair and show off the perfectly shaped cut.

25. Messy Bob with Layers. You don’t need to tame your curls anymore. A bob with layers will help you quickly get a current everyday hairstyle without too much effort.

26. Curly Side Part Bob. A stacked curly bob gives height to the crown, thus instantly elevating your look. Add a bit of shine-boosting product.

27. Blonde Curly Bob. Curls are generally hard to manage, but not with the right haircut. Layers and balayage highlights can do wonders!

28. Lob with Deep Side Part. An above-the-shoulder combover bob will make you feel like you’re always on the road to the beach.

29. Fun Blonde Balayage Bob. If you want your curls to have a more pronounced texture, combine a bob haircut with a blonde balayage – your coils will look breath-taking!

30. Red Bob with Loose Curls. Why settle for a regular color when you can choose a beautiful shade of red? It works particularly well with fair skin and wavy hair.

31. Natural Curly Inverted Bob. This kind of bob is pretty ideal for someone who’s got rebel curls. It gives your kinky coils the shape and volume it deserves.

32. Curly A-Line Bob. The best part about this bob is that it draws all the attention to your face. It is a bit shorter in the back and longer in the front and looks impressive on any hair type.

33. Ombre Curly Bob. A good old ombre can completely change the way you look and feel. You’ll make your hairstyle eye-catching and glamorous.

34. Textured Dark Blonde Bob. If you want a light-colored natural look, dye your hair dark honey blonde. It will make your curls glow!

35. Medium Length Curly Bob. This bob uses shorter layers and combover styling to build the height suited to round faces.

36. Short Curly Bob with Bangs. A bob shag like this one gives volume on the sides, thus being flattering for oval and long faces.

37. Curly Graduated Bob. Searching for a fabulous look? A graduated bob haircut can emphasize your curls and make you love them even more.

38. Naturally Curly Bob. Moisture, moisture and then some more moisture! That is the key if you have natural hair and need to keep it tamed. Also, a bob haircut will help more than you think.

39. Glam Bob. Long or short, the bob is one of the best hairstyles for curly hair. The retro-style in this picture is a beautiful example. Girl, let your curls loose!

40. No-Fuss Curly Bob Cut. A perm bob is a smart solution if your hair is naturally straight, and you have been dreaming of well-defined curls.

41. Shoulder-Length Curly Bob. Easy to manage and style: when you have a flattering shape, your curls can go wild and look chic!

42. Wet Bob Hairstyle. A blonde ombre, a layered bob haircut, and a wet effect worked their magic on this fantastic curly hair.

43. Short Naturally Curly Bob. If your hair has natural curls, a very short bob haircut like this one will help you style it very easy every morning.

44. Curly Stacked Bob. A bob with stacked layers gives a lot of volume and a nice curve in the back.

45. Blonde Bob with Large Curls. The short yet pretty voluminous bob hairstyle is ideal for fine and medium texture hair.

46. Concave Curly Bob. The concave cut is not only for straight hair. Check how well it works for messy curls!

47. Jaw-Length Curly Bob. This is a perfect haircut for those who have slightly curly hair.

48. Curly Lob. The side-parted curly lob is a sweet look regardless of your curl pattern. It looks equally good with messy curls and well-defined spirals.

49. Curly Bob with Blonde Highlights. For a more spectacular effect, dye your ends with a high-contrast color such as blonde for dark roots.

50. One-Length Dishwater Blonde Bob. Add depth to your curly bob with blonde balayage highlights. This chin-length bob for fine hair looks marvelous when you define curls with some hair mousse.

There are so many curly bobs from which you can choose: longer in the front, with a fringe, one-length, asymmetrical ones, etc. Use your imagination and try one of those fantastic curly hairstyles tweaked to flatter your looks and personality.

Sours: https://www.hadviser.com/curly-bob/

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