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Craftsman Front Door Styles

Charmingly classic Craftsman style has become a staple in American design — and front doors are no exception. This guide offers a quick rundown on what defines a Craftsman-style entry door.

Ross Chandler www.chandlerphoto.

Often found on the porches of adorable bungalows and cottages, Craftsman-style exterior doors seem to elicit an all-American, handmade feel. Perhaps this is due in part to their wood construction or wood-like appearance as well as the timeless details of the design, both of which were influenced by England’s Arts and Crafts movement and implemented in California’s first Craftsman-style homes. Read on for more information about Craftsman front doors. 


If accompanying a true Craftsman-style house, it’s likely the front door is placed squarely on a charming porch — perhaps a wraparound or a just a long expanse that runs parallel to the home’s façade. The design of the door itself is iconic once you come to recognize its main features, which include panes of either clear or stained glass on the upper third of the door complemented by panels on the lower two-thirds of the door. Craftsman-style doors may also feature a small ledge with molding detail just below the glass panes. Three or six panes of glass along the top are the most common numbers. If you find a door with three panes, they will run as three vertical rectangles, whereas the options that feature six panes of glass are in a grid format. Of course, other options are available including doors that have a full pane of glass, which is typically outlined with molding to create the a similar grid-like design with the largest of the panes in the center. 


As for palette, again the doors tend to follow the lead of the homes. Muted earth tones are prevalent on Craftsman-style homes. This may include a range of colors from dusky blue and aloe green to warmer selections such as a reddish brown or a rich, stained wood mahogany. The most iconic versions of the doors feature stained wood; however, this earthy palette and neutral colors are also popular choices.  


Wood is the material of choice for most Craftsman exterior doors. This could be due in part to the architecture of the home — which often features wood railing, shingles, or other elements. It could also have to do with the fact that wood elicits the idea of a handcrafted piece — which is true of the doors on the original Craftsman homes in the early s as well as many of the ones that are produced now. Today, there are also numerous options available in fiberglass and steel construction. These doors are generally painted or coated in the hues mentioned above and have a wood grain texture that can be seen on closer inspection. 


Deep finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze are commonly seen on the hardware that accompanies Craftsman front doors. This follows and complements the rich, earthy palette. Handlesets that feature a deadbolt and a keyed entry are the most common type of hardware found on the doors; and they appear to be a good match for the home’s — and door’s — overall style.


New Craftsman Front Door from Masonite!

This post was most recently updated on January 1st,


Hello friends, and happy Friday! Awhile back, I talked about my love of Craftsman style homes. I am especially crazy about the charm and curb appeal of a Craftsman front door. In &#;Get the Look: Craftsman Home from Builder Grade&#;, I  even shared some ideas on how to get the Craftsman &#;look&#; from a builder grade home like ours.

Well, since I posted that article, we went ahead with some of those exterior changes. Oh, happy day. Today, I&#;m going to tell you a little about the change that has made the biggest difference: a new Craftsman front door from Masonite!

Masonite Craftsman front door

Before we upgraded to our Craftsman front door, our entry had a standard, run-of-the-mill steel door. I had lots of fun playing with its colour over the years in an attempt to create more curb appeal. (For example, see How to Paint a Front Door, Door Color Ideas: 10 Pretty Blue Doors, 10 Fabulous Front Door Colors). 

before craftsman front door installed

Still, whenever I spotted a Craftsman front door on another home, I had door envy. So, when Masonite approached me about a partnership, it was a match made in heaven.

masonite-craftsman front door

Although Masonite has hundreds of door styles to choose from, I knew exactly what I wanted!  I&#;d already been dreaming of upgrading to a Craftsman front door for years. I knew I wanted a simple, shaker style recessed-panel door, with a &#;dentil shelf&#;.  But, apparently, an entry door is more than just a pop of pretty. (Pish posh.) Yep. As it turns out, a front door also does things like keep your family safe and your home warm. Who knew? ;-). So, before I charged forward, I figured it was wise to learn bit more about the door of my dreams!

Masonite Craftsman front door options

Source: Masonite

I discovered that a fibreglass front door is likely a better option than wood if you are looking for long-term durability. This is particularly true in a wet, damp climate like ours. I live in Canada, on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. (It doesn&#;t get much damper than that!) Sadly, a solid wood door can be vulnerable to fading, warping, splitting, cracking, and &#; eeek &#; rotting. By contrast, a fibreglass door won&#;t warp or rot, is resistant to wear and tear, and is very energy  efficient. And, just like a wood door, Masonite&#;s fibreglass Craftsman door options include an authentic wood grain finish, and can be painted or stained.

Craftsman front door fibreglass Masonite

For all those reasons, we chose to go with a fibreglass door from Masonite.  It just seemed like a solid win on both beauty and performance. 

With that worry out of the way, I moved on to picking my dream door.  Of all Masonite&#;s door options, I narrowed it down to the popular Barrington door.  I love the Barrington door from Masonite because it has all the signature trademarks of a classic Craftsman door, with its recessed panels, rectangular window, and the option to add a &#;dentil shelf&#;. 

Masonite Barrington Craftsman front door

Source: Masonite

For the glass, I picked the Naples option.  I loved the privacy and sparkle that all the glass detailing provides. I&#;m also a big fan of the authentic black caning in the glass.

Craftsman front door Naples glass Masonite

Source: Masonite


Craftsman front door Barrington Naples Masonite

Source: Masonite

Once the door arrived, we had it installed professionally by Masonite&#;s local dealer (locally, Eastern Siding). I know some of my readers are avid DIYers. But, listen. This is one project you might want to think twice about weekend warrior-ing.  There are just too many factors that go into a perfect entry door install. Why mess with your investment when you can leave it to the experts?


I had to take a picture of the ugly &#;During&#; stage. There&#;s just something unsettling about seeing your home without a front door! Thankfully, our new door arrived and everything seemed worth it!

Within a few hours of hard work by our installers, the ugly hole was transformed to this loveliness&#;

masonite-Craftsman front door

Craftsman front door Barrington Naples

I can&#;t tell you how happy I am with this Craftsman front door from Masonite!  Along with some other Craftsman style changes, it really helped to change the look of our home.

Masonite Craftsman front door

Here&#;s a look at the before and afters&#;

Before & After:

Upgrading to a Craftsman Front Door from Masonite

masonite craftsman front door-before-and-after

Masonite craftsman front door before and after - house

So do you love Craftsman style like me?  If so, maybe the Barrington Craftsman front door from Masonite is a great option for your home.  If you are looking for front door ideas for another style home, not to worry.  I found so many gorgeous styles while reading about Masonite&#;s entry door options.  I plan to do another post here next week where I&#;ll suggest some other doors for other tastes &#; whether you love modern, traditional, or cottage homes.


I hope you have a lovely Fall weekend!

See you again next week!


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1 hours ago Entry units are hung with solid brass 4 x 4 square corner ball bearing hinges. Your choice of hinge finish. 1 &#; thick weather-stripped exterior door jambs with adjustable mahogany threshold is standard. Brick molding can be included or excluded. Matching craftsman screen doors available. Craftsman Style Interior Door Features:

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7 hours ago This particular Craftsman entry door with dentil shelf design stems from classical Greek and Roman architecture. Our Rocky Point Front Door delivers a nod to classic architecture with a rustic flair all its own. Made from double-paned, insulated, tempered glass, this door gives a room added light while maintaining sufficient privacy.

Brand: Rustica

Price: $

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8 hours ago Shop Masonite Craftsman Full Lite Decorative Glass Right-Hand Inswing Arctic White Painted Fiberglass Prehung Entry Door with Insulating Core (Common: in x in; Actual: in x in) at Lowe' Unlike the traditional steel or wood doors, this low maintenance, high performance Masonite fiberglass door resists cracking, warping, splitting and denting

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5 hours ago MMI DOOR. in x in Fiberglass Craftsman Naval Painted Prehung Single Front Door with Brickmould. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Masonite. Painted Caribbean Blue Insulating Core Naples Heritage Craftsman Right Hand Inswing Single Prehung (Common: in x in; Actual: in x in) Model #

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7 hours ago What Is a Craftsman-Style Door? Craftsman-style home and door designs date back to 19th century England. Front entry doors of this style typically consist of wood materials and use rectangular windows and panels to establish depth. These designs are notorious for stylish glass inserts and dentil shelves seen during the Arts and Crafts movement.

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3 hours ago 32"x79" Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Mission Craftsman Solid Wood Wooden Back Side Entry Exterior Door 9 Windows Glass Panes. PennAntiqueRestore. 5 out of 5 stars. (87) $ Only 1 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Add to Favorites.

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5 hours agoCraftsman Front Entry Doors. The Glenview Doors Craftsman Collection of front doors reflects the simplicity and quality of American arts and crafts movement, reflecting furniture makers such as Shaker, Stickley, and Mission. The doors showcase the smaller decorative, true-divided glass window with v-groove rustic panels, as well as alternatives

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5 hours ago Upgrading to a Craftsman Front Door from Masonite. So do you love Craftsman style like me? If so, maybe the Barrington Craftsman front door from Masonite is a great option for your home. If you are looking for front door ideas for another style home, not to worry. I found so many gorgeous styles while reading about Masonite’s entry door

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All Information You Need About Craftsman Style Metal

Just Now Masonite. Pembrook in x in Steel Craftsman Left-Hand Inswing Primed Prehung Single Front Door with Brickmould. Model # Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Therma-Tru Benchmark Doors. in x in Steel Craftsman Right-Hand Inswing Ready to paint Unfinished Prehung Single Front Door with Brickmould. Model # TTBS

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2 hours ago Repair or update your Craftsman home's doors with sturdy hardware from our Craftsman door hardware selection. We carry a wide selection of Arts and Crafts door hardware including Craftsman Entry Door hardware, Arts and Crafts door hinges and Craftsman door knobs and door knob plates. Our door hardware has been lovingly recreated from the original designs, so you're sure to find just …

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Craftsman Doors ETO

4 hours ago A craftsman door is an American classic, as suitable for the Northeast as it is for Southern California. Their sensible, utilitarian design brings a lot more to the table than "just a door" — especially when they are constructed from solid woods, include several panels, and even more so when they include a few glass panes, usually along the top of the door.

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Craftsman Exterior Door Rustica

4 hours agoCraftsman Exterior Door. $ $ Price. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $ Learn more.

Brand: Rustica

Price: $

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of door is a craftsman door?

Craftsman-style home and door designs date back to 19th century England. Front entry doors of this style typically consist of wood materials and use rectangular windows and panels to establish depth. These designs are notorious for stylish glass inserts and dentil shelves seen during the Arts and Crafts movement.

What kind of stain does a craftsman front door use?

Our mahogany stain brings out the beauty of the wood and creates lustrous contrast over the natural stone threshold. Vertical sidelights complement the design of this craftsman front door and invite more natural light into the home. Designed in traditional craftsman style, the smaller glass panes provide more privacy, too.

How big is an arts and Crafts entry door?

Arts & crafts exterior entry doors. Series Available in Oak or Mahogany Doors in 6/8 and 7/0 Sidelights 12 x 80 Inches.

What to look for in an entry door?

Enhance the look of your home’s square columns or exposed beams with this shaker style while providing your entryway with more natural light. Consider transoms and sidelights for additional architectural details. Typically constructed from wood, craftsman entry doors stand up to life's demands.

Fall 2018 Sneak Peek and Front Door Makeover

Smooth-Pro™ Fiberglass Exterior Door: Top View Craftsman 6-Light 2-Panel

Impact Resistant

We offer optional impact resistant protection, which is engineered and tested to stand up to the strong impacts of windborne debris, as well as the harsh conditions inherent to coastal areas. The glass used in our door systems is certified for use in various entry systems to meet Florida and Texas code requirements. The glass is also designed to maximize natural light, making it an attractive alternative to hurricane shutters. These doors with impact resistant glass protection can withstand a nine-pound piece of lumber striking the glass head-on at approximately 34 miles per hour. Impact doors are available in 2’0, 2’4, 2’8, 2’10, and 3’0 door widths and 6’8 and 8’0 door heights. Impact glass designs are available for 1/2 View and 3/4 View doors in 1- and 2-panel options. Single door, double door, and single/double door with sidelights configurations are available. Multiple glass designs feature impact-resistant laminated glass in a paintable white powder coated aluminum frame. Glass options include Clear, Cadence, Compass, Double Glue Chip, Greenfield, Heirlooms, Impressions, Jacinto, Majestic, Mohave, Paris, and Topaz designs. Impact resistant protection is also available with designs that feature blinds between the glass as well as grilles between the glass. Contact your dealer for glass availability in your area.


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