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Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro&#;

Frequently Asked Questions.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™ is included in the Smart Home Video plan, which starts at $ per month. When purchased by itself, the doorbell camera costs $

The Ring doorbell is not compatible with the Vivint Smart Home system. Vivint provides a wireless doorbell camera in conjunction with its own technology.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™ operates with a lithium battery that lasts for up to 5 years. In the event of a power outage or your doorbell camera coming unplugged, it is equipped with a backup battery that will power it for hours.

  1. Press and hold down your doorbell camera button for seconds.
  2. The bell will chime when you first press it. Keep holding it until the light turns yellow for a second time.
  3. Release the button and wait for the light to turn solid white. When the light turns white, that means that the doorbell has been reset.

Some doorbell video cameras continuously record, while others only record when motion is detected. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™ is motion-activated, and begins recording with movement.


A doorbell is like a virtual butler, and a security provider all rolled into one. It helps you get the door before you even get to the door using the doorbell camera. You can see who is at your door whether you are at home hundreds of miles away.

You can also record videos of people coming to your door for security reasons. Not to forget the motion detector, which helps you know if someone is at the door when you are out. Reliance on intelligent doorbells has become so prevalent that lack of access to your doorbell makes your life seem less convenient.

Not to worry, this how-to and troubleshooting guide will help you be better versed at operating your Vivint doorbell. And be able to fix it if it has any minor issues.

How to install Vivint doorbell camera

Items needed;

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wire nut
  • Pliers (optional)

Installation steps;

  1. Start by turning off the power to your doorbell. Do this by turning off the power to the circuit your chime box is on at the breaker box. Do not touch your doorbell wiring until the power is off.
  2. Then remove the front cover of your chime box. Take a photo of the wiring to enable you to rewire them properly.
  3. Disconnect the chime wires from their existing screw terminals. Once the wires have been disconnected, make sure the wires do not touch any metal.
  4. Next, remove your old doorbell and unscrew the wires and gently pull them away. Then bend the wires at a right angle, so they don&#;t get pulled back into the wall.
  5. Pull the wires through the two small holes near the top/middle of the backplate. Pull the wires until there is no longer any exposed metal and the waffle side is against the wall.
  6. Then open the top seal and partially tighten the top screw through the hole behind the waterproof seal. Ensure you align the backplate with your existing screw holes for easier installation.
  7. Install the new doorbell by tightening the top and bottom screws. Open the waterproof seal to access the bottom screw hole. Be sure to level the doorbell before you tighten the screws.
  8. Prepare the doorbell for wiring by loosening the two wire terminals and bend the wires into hooks. You can use the tip of the screwdriver to bend the wires into a hook shape. Bending the hooks clockwise makes them easier to secure later.
  9. Reconnect the wiring by directing the wire hooks behind the screw terminals and tighten them. For easier connection, face the hooks rightward. Then place the excess wiring in the holes.
  10. Align the doorbell to the bottom of the backplate and snap the doorbell into place. Ensure the screw peg on the backplate aligns to the hole at the bottom of the doorbell.
  11. Then reconnect the chime box wires and replace the cover.
  12. Finally, turn on the power connection as the circuit breaker box and wait for the LED indicator on your doorbell to run green. Once the camera says, &#;Hello, let&#;s get your camera set up,&#; and starts breathing green, press connect.

How to remove Vivint doorbell camera from the wall

Fortunately, Vivint gadgets are designed to be easy to install and uninstall. You should aim to remove the camera without damaging it. All you need is a screwdriver, and you are good to go. The process should only take a few minutes.


  1. Disconnect the camera by disabling the sensing feature on the Vivint smartphone app. This prevents the doorbell alarm from going off while you are removing the camera from the wall.
  2. Then disconnect the power to prevent the risk of electrocution while working on it. You can do this by turning off the power at the circuit breaker box. Then disconnect the camera wires and part them while you remove the camera.
  3. Next, remove the doorbell panel cover. You will need a screwdriver to unscrew the cover. It is attached to the circuit with two tabs mounted on the top. Push the tab gently and pull the cover out and down. Store the panel safely to avoid damage.
  4. Then remove the wires from the panel. Remove the power wires using a screwdriver, the batteries wire, and the Ethernet cable.
  5. Detach the back plate from the wall by removing the screws.
  6. Then remove the power wires from the doorbell by pulling gently. You may need to remove the outlet cover before removing the wires.
  7. Reassemble the doorbell by placing the front cover on top of the panel. You should hear a click sound once the doorbell exterior case is closed. Then screw the pieces together to keep everything together.
  8. Then screw the doorbell hole cover onto the wall to prevent accumulation of dust and touching of the power wire in the doorbell outlet.

Note: The doorbell indicates the opening of the cover with the beeping sound. So do not worry if you hear the beeping alarm. It will only last a few minutes.

Vivint panel lost connection to the doorbell. How do I set it back up?

To reconnect your panel to your doorbell, follow the following steps;

  • Click on the Menu icon on the bottom right of the panel.
  • Then click on Devices and key in the 4-digit code that appeared in Site Manager after unlocking the Installer Toolbox.
  • Click on Add new device> Doorbell Camera option.
  • Click on the orange Connect button at the bottom to connect the panel to the doorbell camera. Then wait for the panel to find the camera and connect.
  • Then go to your Doorbell Camera and press the Doorbell camera button and hold it for at least three seconds. Hold it until you hear a tone.
  • The camera will announce it&#;s connecting to your Vivint system. which will take a few minutes.
  • Once the connection is successful, the camera will announce it is finalizing, then ready to view.
  • Then name your camera on your panel.
  • You can then proceed to view your live feed.

Vivint panel lost connection to Wi-Fi.

This can be a result of different issues. Here are the most likely culprits and how to resolve the problems;

The Wi-Fi router is not connected to power.

Check to see if your Wi-Fi router is connected to power or unplugged. Then plug it into a power outlet or switch to a different power outlet if the current one is faulty. Also, check to see if the circuit breaker is tripped and replace the fuse.

Router speed is lagging.

Your internet signal may be down, and you can boost it by simply restarting your router. This helps to reboot the router causing it to load fresh memory. This may, in turn, improve the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Panel connection is lost.

Check to see if the panel has disconnected from the router and reconnect it. Ensure you have input the correct Wi-Fi password, as this may be preventing your panel from connecting to the Wi-Fi router.

Wi-Fi signal and bandwidth are too low.

Check your internet connection to ensure it is sufficient to support your doorbell. Ensure there are no distractions between the router and the doorbell. Also, ensure that you get adequate bandwidth to connect your doorbell as well as outer internet-based gadgets.

Note: if this does not work, reboot your panel to see if it is the reason for the lost connections. And if this fails, contact the Vivint support center for assistance.

How to connect Vivint panel to Wi-Fi

Follow these simple steps to connect your panel to Wi-Fi;

  1. Go to the home screen of your panel and click on the Menu icon in the bottom right corner. Then click on General under the Smart Home Settings and enter your PIN.
  2. Then click on Wi-Fi settings>Connectivity>Wi-Fi> click on the line above Info and diagnostics.
  3. Click on your Wi-Fi network name (SSID), then enter in your Wi-Fi password. Then wait for the panel to connect to Wi-Fi. It could take up to 5 minutes for the panel to reconnect.
  4. Ensure you enter the correct Wi-Fi password and your router is turned on.

Note: If the Wi-Fi network does not show up on the list, click Refresh list, then repeat step 3. If you cannot see it after refreshing, click on Join other network and manually enter your network name and password, then click OK.

If this does not work, contact Vivint support center for help.

How to connect the panel to Wi-Fi via the Mobile App

Alternatively, you can connect your Panel to your Wi-Fi using the Vivint Mobile phone app.

  • Click on the Menu icon. Then tap on Device Settings.
  • Then select the panel you want to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi line and input the Wi-Fi password.
  • Then connect your panel to Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure you enter the correct Wi-Fi password and your router is turned on.

Note: If the Wi-Fi network does not show up on the list, click Refresh list, then repeat step 3. If you cannot see it after refreshing, click on Join other network and manually enter your network name and password, then click OK.

If this does not work, contact Vivint support center for help.

How to reboot your Vivint panel

Tap on the Menu icon in the bottom right corner of the panel. Then click on Devices under Smart Home Settings and enter your PIN. then click on Displays>Reboot, then click Yes to confirm the reboot.

How to reset the Vivint Panel

Your panel screen may get frozen or blackout from time to time, making it impossible to view our live feed or set your doorbell. This could be due to a software glitch, Wi-Fi connection problem, heat damage, or weather damage. When this happens, a reset is necessary to resolve the issues.

The easiest way to reset the panel is by pressing the factory reset button at the back of the panel. Press and hold the reset button for at least one minute, then release it. The panel will reset the system and activate the process again as usual.

How to do a hard reset

Alternatively, you can perform a hard reset which pretty much restores the panel to its original settings. The process takes minutes and is easier than it seems. Here are steps to follow when resetting your Vivint panel;

  1. Disable the alarm before you start working on the doorbell.
  2. Then disconnect the power to ensure you do not get electrocuted while fixing the panel.
  3. Unscrew the panel from the back plate.
  4. Disconnect the power wires and remove the batteries if it is battery powered.
  5. Wait for five minutes, then rewire the panel and replace the batteries.
  6. Then reassemble the panel and mount it back on the wall.
  7. Reactivate the panel and ensure it connects to the Wi-Fi router and the doorbell.
  8. The panel will update software, perform error checks, and restore default settings.
  9. If this does not work, contact the Vivint support team for assistance.

This reset process ensures that you have completely drained the panel of its memory, enabling it to load fresh code.

How to reboot your doorbell camera

Press and hold the doorbell camera button for seconds. Keep pressing until the doorbell camera LED indicator blinks yellow twice. Then release the button and wait for the light to turn solid white. The reboot is complete when the light turns solid white.

How to change the battery on Vivint doorbell camera

Vivint batteries can last up to five years without needing replacement. Once they run low, you will get notified to replace them. To change the battery, follow the steps below;

  • Locate the door sensor and press the tab on the side to open the sensor.
  • Then remove the old batteries and replace them with the new CR batteries.
  • Close the sensor cover and make sure that it snaps shut with no gaps.
  • Safely dispose of the old batteries.

Why is my Vivint doorbell camera not recording?

Start by checking that the camera has been programmed to record when motion is triggered. To change the settings, Log into your Vivint Sky app and tap the camera icon in the bottom navigation bar. Then click on the Vivint Indoor Camera> Settings, and toggle on or off recordings for motion detection.

Next, check to see if motion detection is enabled, then adjust the settings.

  • Go to your panel and click on the camera icon.
  • Then tap your camera> settings and enter your PIN.
  • Click on Detection settings and adjust the size and placement of the motion detection area.
  • Go back to the camera settings menu to save your changes.

Note: Refer to your user manual for more clarification.

Vivint doorbell how to change Wi-Fi password

Log in to the configuration interface and go to the Basic Setup tab. Then enter the new router administration password twice to confirm it and click Save.

How to update the firmware on my Vivint doorbell camera

Your Vivint camera&#;s firmware will update automatically as long as the Smart Hub is connected to the internet.

Why isn’t my Vivint doorbell turning on

Check to see if the doorbell is powered or if it is running low on battery. Then turn on the power at the circuit breaker box. Replace the fuse if it is burnt. Hire a licensed electrician to fix any faulty wiring you may find. Inspect the doorbell and check to see if it is damaged. Contact Vivint help center if you need help.

Check this too: Nest Camera How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Vivint doorbell camera offline problem

If your doorbell camera is offline, you can reconnect it using the following methods;

  1. Reboot you panel
  2. Reboot your doorbell
  3. Restart your Wi-Fi router
  4. Check to see if the camera is powered.

If these methods do not work, contact Vivint support center.

Can I use the Vivint doorbell camera without service?

No. Vivint cameras cannot be used without service. You have to purchase the Smart Home Video Monitoring monthly subscription plan. Additionally, you can use up to four Vivint cameras on one subscription plan; but there is an extra cost for the third and fourth cameras. Refer to Vivint’s service and contract options for more details.

Vivint doorbell not ringing inside the house

Check to see if the power is faulty using a voltmeter to check for continuity. Then inspect your doorbell&#;s chime box to see if it is functioning and replace any damaged parts. Lastly, check if the speaker volume is too low, thus preventing the doorbell from producing any sound.

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The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is a smart product that works on a wireless connection. It has several incredible features that help you stay aware of all activities happening at your doorstep, even when you’re away.

The mission statement for the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is ‘Don’t just record crime, prevent it’. Let’s have a look at the various features that help the company claim their statement.

Features of Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro:

Smart Deter

Smart Deter

In case of someone trying to steal a package kept at the doorstep, the doorbell immediately activates an LED ring and a siren of 65 Db startling the burglar, letting them know they’ve been caught red handed and thereby preventing a potential robbery.

X Field of View

 X Field of View

It facilitates X field of view, which enables you to view the visitor entirely, their activities and the packages placed at the doorstep, too. The field of view provided by Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is by far, the tallest and widest field as among its peer companies. The view is enhanced by sharp infrared night vision and p HDR Resolution.

Custom Zones

One of the best features of this product is that it allows you to customize the regions of your home entrance that you want to be under surveillance. This is to prevent potential false alarms caused by pets or pedestrians.

Delivery Notifications

The smart product is designed in a way that it can differentiate people and packages from other objects and cars passing by. You get an instant notification when a visitor or a package arrives at your doorstep.

2-Way Talk

You can be anywhere away from your home and still communicate efficiently with the visitors arrived at your doorstep. The p HDR sensor enables detailed live streaming and recording, too. The 65 dB speaker enables clear 2-way communication between you and the visitor.

Smart Clips

Smart Clips

The feature known as ‘Smart Clips’ facilitates a recording of up to 90 seconds completely clear of any sort of interruption. You can also upgrade the service and opt for 24/7 continuous security recording for 30 days.

Smart Device Integration

To make its products easier and more convenient to use, Vivint works with smart platforms and devices like Google Home, Nest Thermostat, Amazon Echo, Kwikset Smart Locks, Phillips Hue Smart lights and more.

Does Vivint doorbell have a battery or is it hardwired?

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is a wireless device and has a replaceable battery. The batteries which are present beneath the sensor can be replaced with two CR battery.

The lifespan of these batteries is years, so you just replace them once and forget about it for the next years. Another incredible feature of the device is that it notifies you when the life of the battery is low.

The Vivint backup battery can keep the device for hours, in case of a power cut. In case of your panel going without power for too long, you will receive a panel low battery alert.

How Do I Change the Battery in My Vivint Doorbell?

Follow the steps given below to change the batteries of your Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro:

  1. Buy four Triple-A batteries
  2. You will need to slide the cover up from the inside of your door. Off your door lock.
  3. Get the old batteries out and insert the four alkaline Triple-A batteries.
  4. Next, replace the battery pack by pulling it up and out. Also replace the cover on your door lock.
  5. Dispose of the old batteries responsibly.

Can the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro be used without Service?

The Vivint doorbell camera is designed in a way by the company that it cannot be used without their monitoring service. No third-party alarm monitoring company can meddle. In case any other monitoring service is tried to be introduced to the Vivint camera, the device will reject it.

What is the Monthly Cost for Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro?

The pricing can be divided into three categories: equipment fees, monthly monitoring fees and the initial installation fees. Let’s have a look at all three of them in detail.

Equipment Fees

Equipment Fees

Vivint equipment ranges from $ to $ These prices are relevant if you pay upfront cost for the equipment via Vivint’s Flex Pay plan. The plan becomes cheaper if you plan to pay monthly, coming down to as low as $12 per month to $30 per month. Although the upfront cost is a little costlier than what other peer companies manufacturing a similar device would charge, Vivint offers the highest quality sensors, cameras, and control panels in the market.

Monthly Monitoring Fees

Monthly Monitoring Fees

The monitoring plans range from $ per month to $45 per month. This depends on the features you choose. These prices are average in the market, when compared to Vivint’s peer companies.

Professional Installation Fees

Vivint requires professional installation that will cost you $ This remains the same for all plans and packages. Getting the doorbell camera installed by a professional technician will ensure everything is set up in the right order.

After that, you will have to pay anything between $40 per month to $75 per month for home security and automation. But if you buy the equipment at the upfront cost, the charges for professional monitoring will reduce to as low as $

How to Buy the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

Make a Call

You will first need to make a call on the official helpline number. After a few questions, the Smart Home Pros of Vivint will learn about your requirements and help you customize your system accordingly.


Next, you will customize your system based on your home requirements and budget. The building of every system begins Vivint Smart Hub, Vivint Security Sensors and 24/7 monitoring systems. The Smart Home Pros will help you choose the right cameras, door locks, safety alarms and other smart products.


Get your Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro professionally installed.


Although a little hard on the wallet, the Vivint Doorbell Camera is still indisputably a best friend of your biggest assets. Save this article for when you want to have one installed.


Does vivint doorbell camera have batteries?

The Vivint doorbell is one that white labeled for them and made specifically for Vivint. Some doorbell use a battery but they can drain quickly, so it is recommended to have one that has a wired power source if possible. There are other things you'll want to consider with any video doorbell..

Click to see full answer.

Also to know is, does vivint doorbell have batteries?

The doorbell has a battery which can be easily replaced by taking out the old batteries which is beneath the sensor and replacing it with two CR batteries. Vivint makes use of high quality technology to connect their doorbell system to a cellular network and the central security system.

Similarly, how do I use my vivint doorbell camera? From the home screen of the Vivint Sky app, tap the camera icon from the bottom navigation bar. If you have multiple cameras, scroll up or down to find the thumbnail for your Doorbell camera and select it. The live feed will begin to play and the microphone icon will turn black when it is ready to use.

Keeping this in view, how do I change the battery in my vivint doorbell?

From the inside part of your door, slide the cover up and off of your door lock. Grip the battery pack from the top and pull it up and out. Remove the old batteries and replace with four AA alkaline batteries Replace the battery pack and the cover on your door lock Remember to safely dispose of the old batteries.

What type of battery does vivint use?



Doorbell battery change vivint

Does Vivint Doorbell have a Battery, or is it Hardwired? 

Some users have been wondering whether the Vivint Doorbell has a battery or is it hard wired.

If you are wondering about the same, worry not, since we will be talking about the question and discuss what the Vivint Doorbell is, in case you are in the dark about the brand and what it does.

Before starting, one must know what the product is and what it does, after which we will discuss the brand.

What is Smart Doorbell?

We all know what a doorbell is, right? It is something that you ring to let the occupants of a particular house know that someone is standing outside. Now, coming to what a smart doorbell is.

This term smart seems to be one that is being labeled to every single product deeming itself to be smart.

In the context of the smart doorbell, most smart doorbells have cameras which allow the user to check who is at the door, since, usually you have to get up to see who is at the door, but, in the smart doorbell scene, you can view who is at the door through your smartphone. Seems interesting.

Vivint Doorbell, What is that?

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Well, most doorbells that claim to be smart allow the user to look who is at the door, but the Vivint Doorbell sends a notification to the user in case of both packages and humans, so you know when somebody leaves a package on your doorstep.

Some significant features are given below: &#;

Smart Notification: If someone approaches your delivery, the Smart Sentry mode activates the camera’s LED light ring and playing a sound deterrent through the 65db speaker.

Zooming Capabilities: The user can zoom in to check who is outside if one is standing far away. The camera itself is a p camera, meaning good quality even upon zooming. This also applies for the night, so you can check who is out there even at night.

Easy Integration: The camera and other devices from Vivint can be used together to make or create a seamless experience.

After reading all this, you may be interested in the question asked in the title, as in, does the Vivint doorbell have a battery or is it hardwired?

Does Vivint Doorbell Have A Battery?

Rest assured, since the answer is Yes, meaning you do not have to drill it into your wall. It is a truly wireless device that features a battery that can be replaced easily by taking out the old batteries (present beneath the sensor) and replacing it with the CR battery (two units are required).

After reading this, you may be wondering about the life of the battery since you may be wondering if you must replace the batteries every month. If you were wondering about this, no need to worry since the reliability of the batteries is one of its best suits. The batteries usually last for years.

Also, you do not need to keep checking on the battery to know whether the battery is about to die since the notification is sent when the life of the battery is less or low. This will result in ease of access; hence, you will find it to be very user friendly. 

What are some other everyday things asked by the users?

Many users of various products have similar questions in their minds and, we will try to explain some of them in brief so they do not have to find and read separate articles related to the same topic. Some common questions and their answers are given below.

How to Change the Batteries in Vivint Doorbell?

Vivint Smart Home App

In conjunction with the above question, many users want to know how to replace or change the batteries of the Vivint doorbell. If you too are wondering about the same, follow the steps given below: &#;

  • Get four Triple-A batteries.
  • Ensure that the alarm is disarmed, and your door is unlocked, since, while changing batteries, you need to keep the system off.
  • From the inside of the door, slide the cover-up and off your door lock.
  • Hold the battery pack to prevent it from falling, then pull it up and out.
  • Remove the old batteries and add the new ones.

How to Troubleshoot the Doorbell Camera?

One of the most critical questions related to the Doorbell camera is how to reset the device, in case of some issue. If you are wondering about that, do not worry, since that will be discussed in detail below.

  • From the home screen of the app, tap the Menu option in the bottom right corner, tap devices under SMART HOME SETTINGS, after which you will be required to enter your Pin.
  • Tap Cameras. Tap on the camera that you want to delete (in case you have multiple setups). At the bottom of the page present in the app, Tap Delete camera press Yes to confirm your action.
  • Your doorbell will show a green light, and it will start searching for your panel. This will turn off after 5 minutes, so be quick.
  • From the home screen, tap the Menu icon present in the bottom corner (as mentioned in the above steps), tap Devices under SMART HOME SETTINGS (also mentioned above), then enter your Pin.
  • This will result in the initiation of the search for the device.
  • In minutes (Maximum), it will announce that the pairing process is complete.

Can Vivint Be Hacked?

A question that may be in the mind of many consumers, the hacking of certain other home security brands has made people paranoid. Coming to the answer to this question, as of now, the answer is No.

The reason for this is that the Vivint cameras are highly encrypted to provide additional security.
Hence, these were some of the additional questions related to the Vivint Doorbell, we hope this article has been helpful, and it has helped you in clearing your doubts.

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Vivint doorbell is one of the most advanced systems for smart homes available in the market today. With the embedded camera that comes with this system, you may as well forget about relying on a peephole. All security systems differ in their making; they can run on batteries or they can be hardwired.

So, Does Vivint Doorbell have a battery or is it hardwired? Vivint Doorbell is a truly wireless device and you don’t need to drill any hole to get it hardwired. The doorbell has a battery which can be easily replaced by taking out the old batteries which is beneath the sensor and replacing it with two CR batteries.

The battery is quite reliable, and in most cases, it can last between three to five years. The homeowner is notified anytime the battery runs low. However, using electricity is better to minimize the risk of the system shutting down after draining of the battery.

Your house’s front door is considerably one of the essential parts of your home. It is the part through which people get in and out of the house. Anyone who approaches your house; whether a visitor or family member they need the front door to get in. This implies that you need a perfect system in place to keep track of whatever is happening on your doorstep.

You can also get a kwikset smartcode deadlock to protect your front door, believe me it is one of the best I have ever got!

Vivint makes use of high quality technology to connect their doorbell system to a cellular network and the central security system. There is a free mobile App that easily integrates the system with the smartphone. This enables to watch what is going on at the doorstep. It also let us to communicate in real time with whoever shows up at the door.

Features of the Vivint Doorbell Camera

Unlike other cameras in the market, the Vivint doorbell cameraOpens in a new tab. comes with high quality features. The most significant features of the device include:

  • Day and Night Vision – Most of the doorbell cameras out there give clear images and videos during the day. However, the camera used in the Vivint security system offers a vivid view even at night. Therefore, you can see anyone approaching the house 24/7. Two LED sensors produce infrared vision at night. Infrared vision is less visible, especially when recording, to people who approaches the house during the night.
  • Zoom in – Pinch to Zoom in is possible on the system, allowing the users to have a closer look at what is happening at the door.
  • The degree lens allow user to see the full front porch, including the doorstep.
  • Notifications – The Vivint Smart Home App when connected with the camera provides notifications using the doorbell chimes anytime someone is coming towards the door. This App is one of the highly rated security apps with and ratings on Google Play Store and Apple store respectively.
  • Video recording – The camera can capture, record, and store the footage of each and every activity that happens at the door.
  • Two-way talk and One-way video – You can see who is at your door anytime, regardless of your location. Additionally, the in-built speakers and microphone on your mobile device enables you to talk in real-time with the person at your door.
  • Smart Lock Integration – This feature allows you to lock and unlock your door for strangers or people you don’t want to meet. You can also use it to open or close garage door.
  • Voice Command – The system integrates with smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, enabling it to receive and interpret voice commands.

Why is this System Worthwhile?

Without a security system in place, your home stands a % chance of being burglarised. Investing in Vivint’s home security system protects your family and your property, and allows you to enjoy the Home Automation services that come with it.

There are several resons that explains why you need a security camera at home. You must first know how important security cameras are to you before getting one for your family security!

Some of the perks that come with the package include: &#;

  • Professional expertise in the installation process.
  • 24/7 reliable customer service.
  • A free consultation is done at your home to ensure that the system satisfies your need and the home occupants understand how to operate it.
  • There is round the clock monitoring of the system by experts from Vivint Smart Home.

Disadvantages of vivint Home Security System

Just like any other product, this particular one also comes with a few of its demerits.

The price of purchasing and installing this system is relatively high as compared to its competitors. This is probably caused by the many unique features that system offers.

Its storage capacity is low, and you cannot download the recorded clips directly from the Vivint Doorbell Camera onto an SD card. Back-up of the video footages should be done regularly to avoid losing them.

The camera only has p HD, which is less than the standard p HD. Although, you can zoon in and enjoy a degrees of field view, the images produced by the camera are not as clear as expected.

Therefore, this is not the device for anyone looking for the most precise video from a doorbell camera.


The Vivint Home Security system is one of the best home security systems available in the market today. It comes with several components, including a doorbell, a camera, and door sensors.

However, the number and type of components that are installed depend on the needs of an individual household. The camera is one of the integral parts of the system, when integrated with the Vivint Home Security App, the user can see anyone approaching their door and talk to them through the phone’s speakers and microphone.

Related Questions

Will Vivint doorbell work without service? No, the vivint doorbell and their cameras cannot be used without subscribing to their security service. They are designed exclusively to work with their monitoring system only.

How much does Vivint cost per month? Vivnt provides two monitoring plans, Smart security service and smart home service. They come at a cost of $ and $ per month respectively.

Do vivint cameras work without wifi? Vivint cameras are wireless and uses WiFi. However, if you don’t want a Wireless version then you can also go with a hardwired version of another company.


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Longing. I lay down on the hard bed by the stove, listening to the steps of the watchman, to the sound of the rattle outside the window. I closed my eyes so as not to see my lamp fading away, tried to sleep. It was not so.

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