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The award-winning skin care and cosmetics by Premier Dead Sea combine the benefits of nature and the knowledge of top skin care experts to revitalize your everyday self-care routine. Premier cosmetics have been internationally recognized for innovation and originality, as well as their ability to restore vibrance and vitality to all skin types. When you invest in Premier Dead Sea, you’re getting the best of what nature and science have to offer: a total skin care experience that is both rejuvenating and luxurious.

The Advantages of Dead Sea products

Premier cosmetics are infused with the age-defying natural benefits of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is rich in minerals and essential nutrients that nourish and enhance the skin. Even in Biblical times the water, sand and mud of the Dead Sea were said to have healing properties; in fact, Cleopatra, Pharaoh of Egypt, believed that her acclaimed beauty and physique were due to the secrets of the sea. Our Dead Sea cosmetics are infused with the very same minerals found in and around sea itself, like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and iodine - all of which have proven beneficial to overall skin health and appearance. Unlike most commercial products, Premier Dead Sea cosmetics are specifically designed to benefit your skin, and to restore or maintain the skin’s natural glow. That’s the difference of Dead Sea products, in comparison to traditional drug store brands; the health and wellness of our customers’ skin is the top priority of Premier Dead Sea, which is why we’re committed to using only the best ingredients in all Premier cosmetics.

Dead Sea Premier: Bringing Together Science and Nature

The mission of Premier Dead Sea has always been to bring together the natural healing properties of the Dead Sea and the science of modern skin care to create an elevated, luxury skin care product. The science team behind Premier cosmetic have succeeded in unlocking the power of the Dead Sea’s minerals, plant extracts and liposomes to create a formula that is simultaneously indulgent and revitalizing. When you use any one of our Dead Sea products, your skin is immediately able to recognize the healthfulness of the minerals and vitamins as a vital source of energy and nutrition. The oxygen and minerals tap into the skin’s natural ability to renew itself and develop a vibrant, healthy glow that also masks signs of aging. It’s this exact fusion of science and nature into one modern formula that has made Premier Dead Sea an internationally-recognized and awarded skin care brand.

What do customers love about Dead Sea cosmetics and skin care?

Customers choose Premier cosmetics because our products work to restore skin’s youthfulness and vitality, even after just a few weeks of use. The results speak for themselves; women continue to return to Premier Dead Sea products time and again because they know that an investment in our products is an investment in the overall health and wellness of their skin.

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Our mission here is to provide our valued customers with effective skincare products that utilize minerals that keep your skin looking immaculate all the time. We value all of our customers opinions and business, and work tirelessly to provide age-defying products that keep skin soft while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By combining the secrets of the Dead Sea, our unique wisdom of nature, and the continued advancement of science in this industry, we can continue to deliver the highest quality skin care products on the market.

Transparency is everything in this business, and we welcome any and all comments by our loyal customers and new fans to the Dead Seas products. On this page, we gladly encourage customer feedback concerning the magic of the Dead Sea products we offer. Our team is dedicated to delivering only the best, and our team of the world&#;s best skincare scientists utilize the power of this healing sea combined with the latest technological advances to deliver our customers products that provide synergistic benefits to your body.

Our team of skincare experts do more that develop the most amazing healing products for your body, we work tirelessly to ensure the entire shopping experience is exceptional. Our philosophy runs on the principle that without the support and feedback of our valued customers, these luxurious and healing skincare products derived from the Dead Sea would not be as effective. These Dead Sea products and treatments have been recognized for their ability to renew and rejuvenate the skin, and we can continue to do this based on the opinions and feedback our customers share with us.

The following feedback is from real customers who have taken time from their day to help us and other customers to get a better understanding of how these products are affecting real people. More than positive feedback about how these Dead Sea creams and lotions revitalize and heal the skin, we welcome comments about our dedicated customer support team, all the products we develop and sell, and even the ordering process. The only way we can continue to provide customers superior products and exceptional customer service is by listening to those people who are enjoying all those healing benefits.

The following customer reviews, comments, and suggestions, are just another way we want to help our customers to feel completely at ease and assured that these Dead Sea products will not only improve your appearance, they will transform your life.


Premier Dead Sea is one of the most trusted, leading skin care brands in the world. With stores across the globe and presence in Duty-Free outlets at International Airports, Premier has increased their visibility by leaps and bounds. Premier Dead Sea has received an overwhelming response from existing customers. This customer base has increased exponentially over the years with a rise in newer customers by word of mouth and recommendations.

Premier Dead Sea has major outlets, boutiques, spas, and resorts which cater to an exclusive clientele that believes in the Premier Dead Sea brand and skin care products. Premier have major outlets in Miami and California that enjoy a strong customer base and counters in New Town Plaza Hong Kong, Kowloon Hong Kong, Bangkok Thailand, and so on. These stores and outlets are run by highly trained staff that is eager to help and assist in finding the most suitable product for your skin type.


The Dead Sea provides close to 21 minerals that are essential in nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. These minerals also help activate the circulatory system to enhance your skin cells and return them to their original and unique state. The advanced technology that combines the qualities of the Dead Sea and latest innovations in skin care is what makes Premier so special. They only believe in premium quality products that leave your skin feeling nourished and balanced.

Premier Dead Sea has been awarded the Good Quality mark by the Israeli Manufacturers Association and the Israeli Cosmetics Industries Associations. Premiers’ advanced research team constantly strives to produce skin care products that deliver real, visible results. All Premier products are proven by aerospace dermatologists and chemists specializing in the biological nature of the skin. Premier products are Ozone friendly, are never tested on animals, and come in recyclable packaging.


Premier Dead Sea has combined plant based stem cells with nutrient rich creams to produce high-end skin care ranges. Premier has developed serums and treatments that work on all skin types and for all ages to give visible results. The company ensures that current and new customers are given exceptional skin care products that are quality tested to deliver the best results. Premier Dead Sea is committed to being accepted and acknowledged by their customers as the best in deliverable skin care products.

At Premier, customer satisfaction always takes priority over everything else. Satisfied customers are raving about Premier’s innovative, fun, and efficient products that have taken the world by storm. To achieve this on an ongoing basis, Premier Dead Sea’s Research and Development department strive to achieve their goals to deliver unique, results-driven products for all skin types. To this aim, they continue to produce products that are eco-friendly and Ozone friendly.

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Premier Dead Sea &#; the reviews are great

Also known as the Salt Sea, the Dead Sea lies in the Jordan Rift Valley and is home to some of the most critical minerals and salts in the world, twelve of which cannot be found anywhere else. Some of these elusive and exclusive minerals are quite similar to the minerals found in the body, particularly in the skin cells, and therefore could be perfect nourishment for your skin.

As such a valuable resource, the Dead Sea is now under heavy protection, which means only a few manufacturers and brands have been authorized to harvest directly from the rich sea. One of them is Premier Dead Sea, purveyor of a selection of high quality Dead Sea skincare products

Many around the world have been enjoying the Dead Sea healing benefits for years, from its great clearing and beautifying abilities to real health benefits. Minerals from the Dead Sea have highly potent restorative agents that could make skin look and feel healthier. They have been said to promote detoxification, improve blood flow and provide a relaxed feeling, all of which contribute to healthy and vibrant-looking skin.

Being the Dead Sea, it’s not very hospitable to bacteria. Premier Dead Sea Minerals have antibacterial and antiseptic properties that destroy harmful bacteria on the skin. Dead Sea minerals can help control skin disorders like eczema, acne, and psoriasis by accelerating the natural process of exfoliation and restoring pH balance. These minerals are especially beneficial for providing physical relief from the irritation and pain that accompanies these conditions. Take a look at these Premier Dead Sea instructional videos to learn more.

Most skincare products are petroleum/chemical-based and therefore could have harmful side effects, especially when used over an extended period of time. Many people avoid these products to prevent their side effects, especially people with highly sensitive skin, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and young children. Dead Sea minerals are % petroleum free.

Dead Sea minerals have the ability to heal many skin conditions that may cause the skin to appear dull and lifeless. Using Dead Sea Products from reputable Dead Sea brands such as Premier Dead Sea guarantees you will get the promised benefits of those minerals, but finding genuine Dead Sea products can be tricky as the market is currently flooded with counterfeit products. It is therefore important to choose carefully to avoid falling victim to shady distributors who commonly ensnare their victims online. Fake Dead Sea products do not carry Dead Sea minerals and are therefore ineffective. Worse, they may cause side effects and even damage the skin.

Premier Dead Sea&#;s PRESTIGE Miracle Noir Mask is a good example. It&#;s an award-winning, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested mask which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Unique in every way, this mask is a patented innovation. This new generation of skin treatment has an ultra-modern texture and contains powerful anti- oxidants that will leave your skin looking younger than ever. The mask’s action is intense and is still active 8 hours after it has been removed, which is why the mask must not be applied daily. An interval of at least 60 hours must be maintained between each treatment. Everyone, excep those who have acne-prone skin with open pimples, can use this mask. It is particularly good for dry skin and aging skin. The PRESTIGE Miracle Noir Mask key ingredients are: Black mineral bar, Essential Oils, Dead Sea Mineral Mud and Liposome Complex.

Many people sample and review Premier Dead Sea products. Reviews are the best way to learn of new products from people who actually tried and tested it. You can read some here. If you would like more information, please visit Premier Dead Sea Minerals website here.

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Premier Dead Sea Review - Peeling Mask \u0026 Moisture Cream

Premier Dead Sea Review - More Than a Skincare Product

Premier Dead Sea skincare products have been receiving rave reviews from all over the internet from its thousands of happy customers who couldnt be more satisfied with the results. In addition to a wide range of beauty products, skin treatments and anti-aging products, the Premier Dead Sea team is one of the most proficient worldwide in terms of customer service. Whether you already know your way around skincare products or are an absolute newbie when it comes to cosmetics, their experienced staff will guide you step by step and see to it that you get exactly what your skin needs.

Premier Dead Sea-More Than a Skincare Product

Premier Dead Sea Prestige Collection – Fast-acting Luxury

The Premier Dead Sea Prestige Collection is without a doubt their most luxurious and most effective skincare products. The premium cosmetics are made from nothing but the best natural ingredients and infused with the goodness of Dead Sea salt to give your skin a treatment like no other.

The Prestige collection consists of hypoallergenic creams that rarely react adversely with sensitive skin. Whats more, with the all-encompassing range of products in the Prestige collection, you can rest assured that you will find everything you need to make your skin look and feel as young as you want. Here are some of the best-reviewed skincare products from Premier Dead Seas Prestige Collection.

1.Prestige Moisture Complex

Premier Dead Sea Prestige Collection – Fast-acting Luxury

The Prestige Moisture Complex is the ultimate answer to dry skin. The innovative, award-winning formulation is perfectly balanced to ensure that your skin gets the best out of it on every application. Perfect for normal, dry and oily skin, the moisturizer is light enough to allow the skin to absorb it fast for quick results.

The gel-like constitution of the Aloe Vera extract combats skin irritation and redness while promoting faster healing and cell regeneration. Musk Rose Oil reduces facial redness by getting rid of blood capillaries that are close to the skin surface, thereby making your natural skin tone more prominent. Sweet Almond Oil is a brilliant anti-aging agent that contains vitamin E, which is vital for skin nourishment and skin cell regeneration. As such, it is specifically designed to counteract the effects of aging, enhancing and conditioning the skins texture and to keep you looking youthful.

2.Prestige Eye Cream –For Sensitive Skin

Your search for eye cream that will not react with sensitive skin ends here. The Prestige Eye Cream works wonders when it comes to eradicating wrinkles and crows feet around the eyes. It also helps to get rid of puffy skin around the eyes and protects the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The premium blend features vitamin A, which helps to get rid of dry, scaly skin around the eyes, therefore improving your natural contours. Vitamin E has cell-nourishing properties that ensure your skin is smooth, supple and possesses a youthful glow.

Prestige Moisture Complex

Finally, SPF 17 is a vital ingredient that protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, allowing you to forego sunglasses and still protect your eyes.

3.Prestige Night Cream Complex – All Skin Types

Giving your skin a relaxing facial treatment after a long day in the sun is essential, and nothing does a better job than the hypoallergenic Prestige Night Cream Complex for all skin types. Featuring the hydrating Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and the skin-rejuvenating Aloe Vera Gel, your skin will feel fresh as new by the time you wake up in the morning.

The Aloe Vera helps to rejuvenate the skin by healing any damaged cells and promoting the growth of new tissue. Evening Primrose Oil on the other hand, is known for its blood-stimulating properties and its effectiveness against age-induced wrinkles on the face. The formulation also contains the nourishing Avocado oil which keeps your skin hydrated throughout the night and ensures that it retains a smooth, even texture.

4.Prestige Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E

As featured on Glossybox's September edition, brimming with vital, all natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and C, Orange Oil, Rose Hip Kernal Oil and the world renowned anti-aging substance Retinol, the Prestige Concentrated Facial Serum is made for saggy, wrinkly and dry skin.

The facial serum features a powerful combination of vitamin C and E, which work together to combat the effects of aging on the skin. A known anti-oxidant, vitamin C eradicates cell-damaging free-radicals from your skin while vitamin E promotes the growth of new skin cells to ensure that your skin is left supple and smoothly textured. Rose Hip Kernal Oil specifically targets the damaged areas of the skin, getting rid of age spots, scars, fine lines and sun-damaged spots.

The addition of Retinol to the formulation boosts its anti-aging effects to ensure that your skin is left looking youthful and tight. A dash of Orange Oil gives your skin a prominent glow and brightens your complexion dramatically.

5.Prestige Professional Peeling Mask

The Prestige Professional Peeling Mask contains natural extracts such as Witch Hazel, which is good for purifying the skin and giving it a deep clean, and the all-essential honey which cures dehydrated skin and helps to balance its natural colors. The formulation also contains Dead Sea mineral water that is rich in natural salts such as calcium, magnesium and bromide, which help to tighten the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles.

The purifying properties of the Witch Hazel extract have been tested before by scientists who use the substance to polish the skin and its pores. Honey works wonders for dehydrated skin and is an essential ingredient in this wrinkle-reducing peeling mask. The peeling mask exfoliates the skin, ridding it of dead cells and excessive sebum among other impurities. It also improves blood flow to the skin, effectively getting rid of pale or unhealthy complexions while enhancing its natural sheen.

6.Prestige Moisturizing Emulsion

The lightweight composition of the Prestige Moisturizing Emulsion makes it the best fast-acting skin-brightening formulation in the market. The formulation features natural botanical extracts such as Gingko Biloba Extract, a great antioxidant, and the all-important Dead Sea Minerals which is rich in texture-enhancing salts.

The emulsion contains a liposome complex that penetrates into the deep layers of the skin to ensure that even the deepest layers of skin get moisturized. The gingko extract is rich in flavonoids and anti-oxidants which prevent cell oxidation on addition to eradicating wrinkles and unevenly colored skin. Dead Sea Minerals will give your skin a radiant shade and give it the nourishment it needs.

7.Prestige Day Cream Complex

The Prestige Day Cream Complex offers optimum protection when outdoors from harsh weather conditions. It contains the sun-protection in the form of SPF 17, which protects your skin from the UV rays of the sun. It also possesses moisturizing and anti-aging properties to ensure that your skin is not adversely affected by dust, pollutants and other skin irritants you encounter during the day.

While Vitamin A gives the skin a firm lift and tightens loose areas of skin, vitamin E promotes cell regeneration and ultimately the growth of young, supple skin. Combined with the highly potent antioxidants in the Billberry Extract which slow down the effects of aging on your skin and protect it from pollutants, your skin will retain its youthful vitality all through the day and will be better equipped to tackle the harsh outdoors.

With an avalanche of positive reviews, Premier Dead Sea skincare products promise consistency and visible, long-lasting results. The state-of-the-art formulations are hypoallergenic, gentle on the skin and perfect for all types of skin. With world-class customer service, you can rest assured that your skin is in expert hands.

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Read more Premier Dead Sea Customer Service Reviews


Sea reviews dead premier

Hype or Not: Premier Dead Sea Review

We don&#;t talk about the benefits of beauty sleep for nothing, but that alone isn&#;t enough to make you all shiny and bright. What you do before you go to bed is essential to keeping your skin radiant and smooth. It also makes a big difference in your skin complexion too.

There&#;s nothing a good cream or night mask can&#;t take care of, as long as you look for products that are proven to have actual benefits. With that in mind, we&#;re here to present the Premier Dead Sea in-depth review and reveal whether you should use their products.

What Is Premier Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea is one of the biggest manufacturers of cosmetic products from Israel. Their aim is to provide the most effective high-quality skincare. The Premier Dead Sea team says that they combine the latest scientific achievements with minerals found in the waters of the Dead Sea to get the best natural products.

The quality and effectiveness of their cosmetic treatments have been confirmed by lots of satisfied users. They&#;re a true bastion of innovation and their products perform well when it comes to renewing and rejuvenating the skin.

In fact, many celebrities have praised their products. There’s a great example on YnetNews of how pop icon Mariah Carey promotes Premier Dead Sea products.


There are a few factors that determine the overall performance and those are:

1. Scent

Of course, the scent is the first thing you notice when you start using Premier Dead Sea products. They offer a careful selection of aromatic oils combined with vital minerals. This means a light yet refreshing scent that reminds you of a sun-kissed beach. You can find out more about it in this YouTube video channel of Premier Dead Sea products. Since they have a variety of products, you can expect a wide selection of other scents as well.

2. Packaging

On a more aesthetic note, since Premier Dead Sea is a renowned name in the cosmetic industry, they keep their packages simple and smart.

Just enough text on the package to give you all the necessary information and an elegant blue container. They have a very sharp eye for details and all their products come in great packages you’ll be happy to have on your shelf.

3. Formula

The complexity and efficiency of their formula make them one of the best in the world. Premier Dead Sea products are said to have medical benefits and the best example are countless positive reviews of satisfied users and being called the best Japanese night moisturizer.

With a careful selection of ingredients such as Dunaliella seaweed black mud, water, botanicals, and precious salts, they have been able to come up with a unique formula that provides excellent skin care. Lots of tests have confirmed that these products are safe and use the purest ingredients.

4. Result

Premier Dead Sea products are known for their extremely strict procedures and standards so I was expecting great quality. This mixture provides a silky feeling, nourishment, and necessary moisture for all types of skin. It feels cool to the touch and it spreads evenly. I found that I could apply it quickly and smoothly, and it did a great job moisturizing my skin and keeping it nice and soft throughout the day.

The Peeling Mask wasn’t too aggressive and really made my face feel fresh. Some peeling products leave me with a red face that feels sore, as I have sensitive skin, but this time it was a pleasant experience. Overall, the Peeling Mask and Moisture Cream are a great combo that gives you a smooth and less oily face, and I found them to be perfect even for my sensitive skin.

The Final Verdict

Here are the pros and cons of Premier Dead Sea so that you can make an educated decision on whether to use these products.


  • Great results after only a few days
  • A wide variety of products
  • Safe formula
  • Suitable products for all skin types
  • Perfect for a daily skincare routine
  • Countless satisfied consumers


  • Fragrance can be mixed or confused
  • Some packages lack a proper expiration date
  • A certain feeling of unease on the skin with some consumers
  • Some slight problems with online purchases

I’ve had a great experience with their peeling and moisturizer combo. Also, judging by the number of satisfied users, chances are that you will find what you are looking for as well. Premier Dead Sea products are simple and straightforward, with natural ingredients, mild scent, and smooth texture. They’re easy to apply, they start working within a few days, and the results are impressive.

On TrustPilot you can find more Premier Dead Sea reviews, so check them out if you want to find out more about a specific product that I haven’t mentioned here.

Where to Buy?

If you are looking to make a purchase online, feel free to visit their official website and make a direct order or use to do the same. Other than that, their products are available in any cosmetic store in over 62 countries across the world.


Dead Sea Body Salt Scrub Review

When you invest in Premier Dead Sea, you get the best that nature and science have to offer: a total skin care experience that is both rejuvenating and luxurious. Premier Dead Sea's award-winning skin care and cosmetics combine the goodness of nature with the knowledge of top skin care experts to rejuvenate your daily skin care routine. Premier's cosmetic products are world-renowned for their innovation and originality, as well as their ability to restore vitality to all skin types.

Benefits of Dead Sea products

Our Dead Sea cosmetic products are infused with the same minerals found in and around the sea itself, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodine - all of which have proven beneficial to the health and appearance of the skin. Unlike most commercial products, Dead Sea's Premier cosmetics are specifically formulated to benefit your skin and restore or maintain its natural glow. The best cosmetics are infused with the natural, age-defying benefits of Dead Sea. Dead Sea is rich in minerals and essential nutrients that nourish and improve the skin. Even in biblical times, Dead Sea's water, sand and mud were said to have healing properties. In fact, Cleopatra, Pharaoh of Egypt, believed that her celebrated beauty and physique were due to the secrets of the sea.. This is the difference between Dead Sea products and traditional pharmacy brands. The health and well-being of our customers' skin is the top priority at Premier Dead Sea, which is why we are committed to using only the finest ingredients in all Premier cosmetic products.

Premier from Dead Sea: bringing science and nature together

Dead Sea's Prime Minister's mission has always been to bring together the natural healing properties of Dead Sea and the science of modern skin care to create an elevated and luxurious skin care product. The scientific team that created Premier Dead cosmetic has successfully exploited the power of Dead Sea's minerals, plant extracts and liposomes to create a formula that is both indulgent and revitalizing. When you use one of our Dead Sea products, your skin is immediately able to recognize the health of minerals and vitamins as a vital source of energy and nutrition. Oxygen and minerals harness the skin's natural ability to renew itself and develop a healthy, vibrant glow that also masks the signs of aging. It is this exact fusion of science and nature into a modern formula that has made Premier Dead Sea an internationally acclaimed and award-winning skin care brand.

What do customers like about Dead Sea's cosmetics and skin care products?

Customers choose Premier cosmetics because our products work to restore skin's youthfulness and vitality, even after a few weeks of use. The results speak for themselves; women keep coming back to Dead Sea's Premier products time and time again because they know that an investment in our products is an investment in the overall health and well-being of their skin.

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