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How to Remove a Car Battery

Taking out a battery

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Your car’s battery starts the car up, keeps it running, and helps power all the electrical components. However, you may need to remove and replace the battery when the charge runs down or to check for any signs of damage. While this is an easy task to do alone, it needs to be done right to avoid any injuries. Follow Toyota of Downtown LA’s guide to removing a car battery safely.


A car mechanic replaces a battery.

Batteries can hold enough charge to deliver a deadly shock, so be sure you’re wearing insulated work gloves. You should also wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from corrosive agents. Before starting, turn off your car, because running vehicles can produce a spark and ignite flammable agents.

You should also:

  • Get some zip ties or other forms of restraint to keep the battery cables in their proper place. If they touch, it will create sparks and become a fire hazard, so preventing them from touching is important.
  • Cover the positive cable end with a cloth once it is removed to avoid the risk of metal-to-metal contact.
  • Take off any jewelry — including necklaces, watches, and bracelets — to prevent getting a shock if they come in contact with the battery.
  • Ensure you’re in a well-ventilated area to prevent exposure to harmful gases.

If the terminal is used, then use a special battery cable removal tool to get it loose. You will find these available at our parts departments, as well as general auto parts stores.


When you are ready, follow these steps to safely remove your battery:

  • Find the negative terminal. It should have a black plastic cover or a minus sign and will be located either on the post or in close proximity.
  • Take hold of the bolt head of the negative terminal with a wrench or pliers and hold it still.
  • Use other pliers or wrench to remove the nut, then pull off the negative cable and secure it away from the battery.
  • Repeat the above step for the positive cable, taking care that the two battery cables do not touch.
  • If the battery is held by a securing bracket, use your pliers or wrench to take out the screws and bolts that hold it in place.
  • Lift the battery straight out of the bracket. Keep in mind that it may weigh up to 40 pounds.

Find Out More About Removing a Car Battery With Toyota of Downtown LA

If you want to avoid any breakdowns between Cerritos and Mission Hills, or failed starts in Los Angeles, you need to know how to remove a car battery. Contact us today for extra help or if you have any questions. We can also help with other service problems you’re experiencing like removing the smell of smoke from your car or deciphering your Toyota dashboard lights. You can also schedule a service appointment if you want a factory-trained technician to remove the battery.

Sours: https://www.toyotaofdowntownla.com/service/service-tips/how-to-remove-a-car-battery/

What size battery does a Toyota Corolla take?

Majority of Toyota Corolla cars come with Group 35 size batteries. However, a few do come with batteries of other sizes — Group 51, commonly. So, your battery is most likely to be a group 35 size battery.

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Keeping this in view, how much is a battery for Toyota Corolla?

The average cost for a Toyota Corolla battery replacement is between $445 and $453. Labor costs are estimated between $26 and $34 while parts are priced at $419.

Secondly, how do I know what battery I need for my car? In order to find the right battery for your car, you'll need to know the group size.

  1. Step 1: Check for the group size on your old battery.
  2. Step 2: Check your owner's manual for a group size.
  3. Step 3: Search online for the group size.
  4. Step 1: Look on your battery's label.
  5. Step 2: Check your manual.
  6. Step 3: Check online.

Beside above, what battery does a 2008 Toyota Corolla take?

AutoCraft Platinum AGM - Battery, Group Size 35, 650 CCA (Part No. 35-AGM) AutoCraft Platinum AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are specifically designed for today's power hungry vehicles.

How long should a Toyota Corolla battery last?

3 to 5 years

Sours: https://askinglot.com/what-size-battery-does-a-toyota-corolla-take
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Car Batteries for 2020 Toyota Corolla

2020 Toyota Corolla Battery Replacement & Size

Need more info about Toyota Corolla batteries? Check the chart to find the right car battery size and cold cranking amps for your Corolla.

Battery Engine Warranty Cold Cranking Amps
L4/2.0L Replacement months Performance months
L4/1.8L Replacement months Performance months


- Battery:

- Warranty: Replacement months, Performance months

- Cold Cranking Amps:


- Battery:

- Warranty: Replacement months, Performance months

- Cold Cranking Amps:

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Buying a Replacement Battery for Toyota Corolla

Your Corolla doesn't have an expiration date, but its battery does. On average, auto batteries last anywhere from three to five years. You want to replace your 2020 Toyota Corolla battery before it fails and leaves you stranded. Look out for symptoms of a faulty car battery. A lagging starter, a blinking battery or check engine light, swollen battery case, corroded battery posts, or weak lights can all signal that your battery is waving goodbye.

Or, you can get a complimentary battery check at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care. Our equipment can see how much charge is left in your battery. Stop by for a free battery test and, if needed, get your Toyota Corolla a replacement battery. Car batteries are one of our many specialties! Our technicians are familiar with Toyota-specific recommendations for Corolla battery cold cranking amps and reserve capacity. Get help choosing the battery size that fits your car perfectly, and schedule an appointment today for a quick car battery replacement.

Is There a DieHard Battery for Corollas?

We know what’s best for your Toyota Corolla, which is why we exclusively carry the best. Your vehicle needs a reliable, durable and powerful battery that can handle most extreme environments and weather conditions. DieHard Corolla batteries surpass expectations and house the latest technology to fuel the growing power requirements of new vehicles and their accessories. Don't call a DieHard battery ordinary. It's an extraordinary battery. Buy a DieHard battery for your Toyota Corolla and drive with confidence knowing that performance will be there when you need it most. That's the kind of battery we deliver.

Making Your Corolla’s New Battery Last

Got a new car battery installed in your 2020 Toyota Corolla? Congrats! Now, help it last longer and stay charged by caring for it from the get-go. turning off all of the lights when you leave your vehicle, decreasing the number of short trips you take, keeping your battery posts clean, and not playing the radio or using other electronics when the engine is turned off.

Answers to Your Corolla Car Battery Questions

Firestone Complete Auto Care has answers to your top car battery questions. If you have a Corolla-specific battery question, pay us a visit. Our technicians are happy to help.

  • Why won't my Corolla battery stay charged? A battery is in its final hour when it will no longer hold a charge. The battery may be too old. Or, you may have been leaving your car doors ajar and the lights on overnight. Stop by for a free battery test at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care and learn more about your battery's charge.

  • What happens to my old Corolla battery? We’ll recycle your car battery for you!

  • How much will replacing my Toyota Corolla’s battery cost if I get a DieHard battery? Toyota Corolla batteries can be affordable, especially when there's an available battery coupon. The best part is every DieHard battery comes with a free replacement warranty and extra coverage with DieHard Assurance.

Get a Battery for Your Toyota Corolla

Don’t let a dead battery stop you. Shop replacement car batteries for your 2020 Toyota Corolla at Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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Sours: https://vehicle.firestonecompleteautocare.com/toyota/corolla/2020/maintenance/batteries/
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Toyota battery 2020 corolla le

Toyota Corolla cars are some of the most reliable on the road. They perform well and last long, something that every driver wants.

A good car battery is essential if you want to enjoy the high quality performance of a Toyota Corolla. The market is, however, flooded with car batteries from different manufacturers and of various types.

Choosing the best one for your Toyota Corolla car can be hard, and that’s why I’ve prepared this list of 4 best batteries for Toyota Corolla.

I’ve looked into issues such as power, durability, and sturdiness, which affect how well your car battery performs.

Read on to discover these batteries that you can rely on for years of uninterrupted service on your Toyota Corolla.

Top 4 Best Batteries For Toyota Corolla Reviews


Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Automotive and LTV Battery
Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery
DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery - Group 35
NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35


Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Automotive and LTV Battery

Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery - Group 35

NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35




Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Automotive and LTV Battery


Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Automotive and LTV Battery


Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery


Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery


DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery - Group 35


DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery - Group 35



NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35


NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35


1. Odyssey 34R-PC1400T Automotive And LTV Battery

This Odyssey battery offers more durability and power than you’ll find in most car batteries in the market. It has a 70% longer cycle life compared to conventional batteries.

The Odyssey 35-PC14007 has a AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) design that eliminates spillage.

At the same time, it boosts power and durability. AGM is a better technology for high tech cars compared to conventional lead-acid batteries that may be less reliable.

It provides great starting power and has a deep cycling capability.

If you have a recent Toyota Corolla with tons of electronics to deal with, you can rely on this battery to provide the power that you need.

It can handle up to 400 cycles with a 80% depth discharge.

This allows it to last about thrice the time you’ll get with other batteries. It has a reserve capacity of 130 minutes, more than you’ll find in most car batteries.

Adding on to this, it recharges fast, taking only 4-6 hours to reach 100% charge. This recharging efficiency is one of the best you can find in a sealed lead battery.

It’s possible because this battery contains pure lead plates, different from other batteries that use lead alloy.

This allows for more plates to be packed, increasing the surface area for chemical reactions. The result is more power and lifespan, boosting the performance of the battery.

The pure lead plates along with a sturdy build make this battery reliable when handling impact and vibration.

It’s great for off-roads and rough terrains that would otherwise shake up a conventional battery.

Another notable feature of this battery is the 850 cold-cranking amps.

Thanks to this, it can operate optimally in temperatures ranging from – 40°F-113°F. You can, therefore, get your car started even in very cold weather without any trouble.


  • Sturdy build withstands heavy impact and vibrations
  • Fast recharge rate
  • Works well in extreme temperatures
  • Long lifespan

2. Optima Batteries 8020-164 Redtop Battery

The Optima 8020-164 battery is a great fit if you’re looking for powerful, eco-friendly energy. It can provide optimal starting power, even in cold weather when most conventional batteries jam.

It comes with a reserve capacity of 90 minutes, reliable for keeping your car electronics running for long enough if your alternator fails.

This battery is designed with spiral internal cells that are durable and able to withstand hard impacts.

If you do off-roading, you can expect this battery to hold its own thanks to the sturdy design. Compared with conventional batteries, it has 15 times more vibration resistance.

You can mount this battery in any position as it’s spill proof – another feature that makes it reliable while off-roading.

This is a maintenance free battery that you can install and get great service without having to check under your car’s hood every now and then.

Other desirable qualities of this battery are the long life span and fast recharging. It can take about 300 charging cycles.

You can get it recharged to full capacity fast, and still get a long period of power output. It’s hard to get a battery in the market that has both of these coveted qualities, so this is a great deal.

With 720 cold-cranking amps, this battery works just fine in cold weather. Therefore, you can expect the same starting power whether in good or bad weather.


  • Provides reliable, clean power
  • Performs well in bad weather
  • Long life span
  • Recharges quickly
  • Great for off-roading

3. Diehard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery GP35

The Diehard 38275 Advanced Gold is a heat-sealed and tamper resistant battery that has a lot to offer for your Toyota Corolla.

To begin with, it has 100 minutes reserve capacity. Designed with AGM technology, it’s able to provide great power for long and in elevated temperature conditions.

This also gives it a longer lifespan with twice more cycle life than most other batteries.

This is a spill-proof, no-maintenance car battery that’s great for off-road ventures.

It comes with an enhanced suspension system that absorbs more electrolyte and keeps the internal battery components from premature damage. Being leakage free, it’s quite flexible to mount.

It’s 20 times more resistant to vibration than a regular battery, enabling it to maintain great working condition for an extended period.

This gives it more resiliency compared to other batteries that may easily get damaged if subjected to extreme vibrations.

A 3-year replacement warranty allows you to get a free replacement battery if it fails to work under normal conditions.

This warranty is an assurance that this battery is indeed as durable and resistant to damage as claimed.

It’s a great fit for a Toyota Corolla, able to match the high quality performance and durability standards.

If you’re going to take your car on lots of bumpy rides, then you can expect this battery to work just as well as in more favorable conditions and come back looking great.


  • Maintenance-free
  • Spill-proof
  • Amazing protection against vibrations
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Comes with a 3-year replacement warranty


  • Installation may be a bit complicated

4. Northstar Pure Lead Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM 35

Made with pure lead AGM technology, this battery has high power and performance ratings.

It has more than 900 cycles to 50% discharge depth, which is so much more than you’ll get with most batteries.

It recharges fast, and has a reserve capacity of 115 minutes. In short, it’s one of the best batteries you can get for your Toyota Corolla if you’re looking for reliable and lasting power output.

If you find yourself having to restart your engine many times, this battery has enough capacity to withstand the power demands without dying on you.

The pure lead flat plates that this battery contains give it an upper hand in terms of cycling ability, CCA ratings, and reserve capacity.

This is because the plates at thinner and larger than the ones found in regular batteries.

They can therefore provide greater surface area for reactions in the battery, resulting in more energy.

These plates are also more durable than their alloy lead counterparts. This contributes to the battery’s life span, so that you can use it for long without coming across performance failures.

This battery has a cold-cranking ampere rating of 740, which is pretty decent. It can therefore work well in cold temperatures and will not give you any trouble at startup.

Like other batteries on this list, this too is quite resistant to impact and vibrations. This is thanks to its simple yet strong build that makes it resilient in less than optimal conditions.

It also has a strong handle which you can use to carry it around. This handle also makes installation easier.


  • Impact resistant
  • Fast recharging rate
  • Easy to carry and install
  • Spillage-free


What Should I Consider When Looking For The Best Battery For My Toyota Corolla?

Battery type, size, power ratings, and warranty are important aspects to consider before buying a car battery.

Power And Size

The battery power and size should match with the specifications recommended for your vehicle.

If you get a battery that does match the size or power requirements of your vehicle, you’ll not get the best performance possible.

Also, if it’s the wrong size, you may not be able to fit it into your car at all.

Power ratings that you should keep an eye on include cold cranking ampere and reserve capacity. The higher the CCA, the more reliable your battery will be in cold weather.

If the battery has a high reserve capacity, you’ll be able to use it for a longer period when you’re not using the alternator.

Battery Type

The two common types of car batteries are lead acid and AGM.

Standard flooded lead acid batteries are a good option when all you want a battery for is starting your car. It’ll be able to handle this function and other standards car applications well.

A flooded lead acid battery is, however, not suitable for vehicles with huge electrical demands. For this, you’ll need to look for an AGM battery.

AGM battery types have more power and are able to sustain the high electrical demands of most modern cars.

So if you want to keep systems such as your audio system running well after start up without straining your car battery, this is a better option.

Batteries constructed with the AGM technology also have longer cycle life and overall life spans. They have better performance in terms of recharge rate, reserve capacity, and impact resistance.


The warranty given for a car battery can give you a good idea on how long to expect it to work optimally without any issues. Most high quality car batteries come with a 3-year warranty.

This means that under normal usage conditions, you may not encounter problems with functionality or performance until this period has passed.

A 3-year lifespan is reasonable for car batteries and gives you plenty of time before you need to start thinking about a replacement.

How Long Does A Toyota Corolla Car Battery Last?

Most car batteries last between 3-5 years. After this, your battery’s performance may drop and you may find yourself dealing with a dead battery often.

When it gets to this point, it’s best to get a replacement. You should however note that how long your car battery lasts heavily depends on how you’ll treat it.

Tips that can ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your Toyota Corolla car battery include:

Tip 1: Avoiding Frequent Short Drives

Frequent short trips don’t allow your car battery to recharge enough when a lot of its power is being used at startup.

There’s therefore a high chance of fully draining your battery and faster depletion of cycle life.

Tip 2: Checking Battery Voltage Regularly

If your battery remains discharged for long periods, its lifespan will reduce dramatically.

Check your car battery’s voltage once in a while to see whether it’s at least 12.5 voltage. If it’s below this, make sure to charge it back to full capacity.

Top 3: Minimizing Electrical Power Usage On An Idling Car

Besides during starting your car, your battery’s power is also used by the various electrical components in the vehicle.

The higher the electrical power demand, the faster your battery will discharge.

If you leave these applications running when the engine is off, your battery will not get recharged simultaneously, and may die.

This is another thing that can reduces its overall lifespan if it happens repeatedly. To avoid this, ensure to turn off all electrical systems when the engine is off.


Your Toyota Corolla car needs a powerful battery that’ll allow you to enjoy the vehicle’s performance and durability without restrictions.

Failing to get a great battery can leave you with a lot of problems, even when your car is in great condition.

The batteries listed here have great specifications that allow them to work more powerfully and for longer compared to others in the market.

As you’ve seen, they make use of AGM technology, have sturdy builds, and are constructed for a spill-free and vibration resistant experience.

This not only protects your battery, but also the other components of your car.

Keep in mind the type, size, and power ratings of the battery your car needs before making any purchase.

Get one with a great warranty too so that it can serve you for long if you take good care of it.

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Sours: https://carproper.com/best-battery-for-toyota-corolla/
2020 toyota corolla SE how to Replace the battery

Toyota Key Fob Replacement & Programming Tips

Get More Service TipsSchedule Service

Do you need a Toyota key fob replacement?  When your Toyota key fob battery runs out of juice, or you lose it somewhere near Anderson, you’ll need to get it replaced (either the battery, which is inexpensive or the key fob unit itself) as soon as possible. Luckily for you, Toyota of Muncie can order the correct part for you and teach you how to program it for your Toyota model. This guide will walk you through both reprogramming your Toyota key fob replacement and replacing the key fob battery, so you can get back on the roads near Pendleton and start enjoying the benefits of keyless entry.

How to Program a Toyota Key Fob

  1. Turn the key in the ignition from “Off” to “On,” then repeat within five seconds. Remove the key from the ignition.
  2. Within forty seconds of removing the key from the ignition, close and open the driver’s side door twice, and then insert and remove the key from the ignition as in step 1.
  3. Make sure that you perform steps one and two within forty seconds. The door locks will cycle within three seconds after completing step two. The key fob programming will begin once the door locks are finished cycling.
  4. Open the driver door to exit remote programming mode.

Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re unable to use your Toyota key fob, then you’re probably due for a Toyota key fob battery replacement. To find out what type of battery your key fob uses, open your key fob case with the extra key you got with your new Toyota. If you have an older model, you can use a thin object to pry the case open. Once the Toyota key fob case is open, follow the instructions below:

  1. Lift the circuit board to remove the battery.
  2. What type of battery is in your Toyota key fob? The CR2032 battery is the most common and widely available online and at our parts center near Pendleton. These batteries cost around $5 to replace.
  3. Once you have the new battery, replace the old one with the new in the case, then close it.
  4. Test your Toyota key fob to make sure it’s working properly. If it isn’t, open the case and readjust the battery.

What to Do With a Broken Toyota Key Fob

Depending on the type of damage, our technicians may be able to fix your key fob. If the battery is fine and the key is damaged, we can cut you a new one. If the case is broken, but the electrical system works, we can replace the case. If your Toyota key fob has undergone significant water damage, you’ll need a Toyota key fob replacement.

Toyota Key Fob Replacement Cost

A complete Toyota key fob replacement can cost anywhere from $200 to $350. Browse our parts and service specials for applicable coupons, and contact us directly for an exact key fob replacement price quote.

Get Your Toyota Key Fob Replacement at Toyota of Muncie!

Whether you need a Toyota key fob battery replacement or another part or service, we’re here to help. Albany area car owners can turn to us for all their maintenance needs like your Toyota 30,000 mile service. Schedule an appointment at our service center for parts replacements or routine maintenance today.

Sours: https://www.toyotaofmuncie.com/parts/parts-tips/toyota-key-replacement/

Similar news:

This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the twelfth generation 2019 (hatchback), 2020, 2021, 2022 (and probably also the 2023, 2024 & 2025) Toyota Corolla sedan in changing the battery in the key fob remote control for the keyless entry system.

Owners of other Toyota and Lexus vehicles such as the Camry, C-HR, Venza, Avalon, 86, Sienna, Tacoma, RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, IS 350, RX 350, UX 200, GS 350, IS 300 and ES 350 may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

The compatible replacement coin cell (also known as a "button" or "watch") battery is part number CR2032.

The tools needed to access and replace the battery include a plastic pry bar tool and a small flat head screwdriver such as from a precision screwdriver set.

An optional first step is to separate your key ring and house key or other keys from the fob.

Press the chrome silver colored button on the top corner of the fob near the "Lock" button to release the "flip out" or "switchblade" style ignition key.

Set the back cover aside in a safe place.

Gently pull out the red rubber seal that prevents water, moisture, debris, dust, etc from entering the battery socket.

Set the red rubber cap aside in a safe place.

Make sure the two halves of the fob are flush together at every edge.

Swing the ignition key down into the folded (locked) position.

To test the new battery, stand near your car and press the "Unlock" or "Lock" button.

If the new battery was installed correctly and working properly, you should see the parking lights flash and hear the door locks opening or closing.

(You should not have to re-program the key fob. Just changing the battery should not clear the original programming from the factory.)

Be sure to write down the battery change in your vehicle's service records.

Please check out all of my 2020 Toyota Corolla DIY Repair & Maintenance Guides.

Sours: https://www.paulstravelpictures.com/2020-Toyota-Corolla-Key-Fob-Battery-Replacement-Guide/index.html

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