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GQ: Ned, your son is eleven years old. Did he flip out when you told him you were going to be in Grand Theft Auto V?

**Ned Luke (Michael): **He’s not going to play the game until he’s in college. [Laughs]

GQ: But I’m sure he’s heard of it. He knows it’s a big deal.

**Ned Luke (Michael): **Yeah, he knows it. All his buddies have it. I let him do a few missions with the sound off. [Laughs] But, yeah, he’s so thrilled. He thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.

GQ: Steven, what about your son?

**Steven Ogg (Trevor): **No, no. We’ve got copies of it and he wants to play it, but he’s just too young. The funny thing is, I’m from western Canada and my nephew is old enough to play it and he now has street cred. I’m like, “Really? Street cred in Alberta? What the fuck is that? What does that get you? A great Alberta Beef Burger or a twelve pack of maple donuts?” [Laughs]

GQ: Shawn, in your TMZ interview you mentioned that Franklin is you and you are Franklin. How do you guys relate to each other?

**Shawn Fonteno (Franklin): **[Laughs] We relate tremendously, man. I feel like changing my name to Franklin. Everything he’s doing, I’ve done it. I don’t want to put myself out there on blast, but I’ve done it. I’m an ex-gang member. I’m an ex-thief. I’m an ex-car stealer. I’ve done it. I know what it feels like to be on both sides of the gun, go to jail, et cetera. We’re tied together forever.

GQ: What about you, Steven? You’re not crazy, right? You’re not totally Trevor, are you?

**Steven Ogg (Trevor): **I like to call it a crazy little thing called… acting. [Laughs] It’s one of those forgotten arts in this culture. There’s a lot of talk nowadays about how “acting is you, you are who you are” but no, it’s acting. That’s my job. That’s what I do for a living. I’m an actor. [Laughs]

GQ: Were there any concerns about working on game that’s gotten some criticism about its violence and treatment of women?

**Shawn Fonteno (Franklin): **Nah, not at all. It has to be treated the same way as the movies. Scarface. Boardwalk Empire. You see all the same stuff that’s happening in these games in comic books and TV shows. It’s just a script. We’re having fun. They have to treat this the same as they treat the movies.

**Ned Luke (Michael): **GTA is what it is. Anybody that expects anything different is fooling themselves. I love women. I’m crazy about them. I have a beautiful wife, who’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I teach my son to respect women and other people’s position in the world, whatever it is.…People are always looking for something to hate on. If this is something for them to target and hate on, that’s their thing. I look at it as satire.

GQ: Is there a stigma attached when you do voice work for video games versus film or TV work?

**Steven Ogg (Trevor): **I want to take “voice acting” and send it up to space.…this was a motion capture performance. This was not me sitting in my underwear in a booth watching some character that was like Trevor and saying my lines. No. That was me up there in my motion capture suit with the camera directly in my face and the light in my eyes. It’s a huge thing. It’s not just voice acting. You put three years of your life into something like this and you certainly, if nothing else, want the recognition of what you’ve done—it is an entire performance that has been “captured”—your body, your face, and your voice. It wasn’t just three years of talking into a microphone. It was three years of shooting a movie that was motion captured.


The Cast Of GTA 5 Is Gorgeous In Real Life

By Jessica Reyes/Aug. 10, 2021 2:15 pm EDT/Updated: Aug. 10, 2021 2:16 pm EDT

"Grand Theft Auto 5" has had an astounding amount of talent and pretty faces working on it behind the scenes. That might not be too surprising for a game that's made more money than any Hollywood films (via MarketWatch). The game features three protagonists — Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton — all of who have their own network of connections and backstories. Naturally, that means the game has an extensive supporting cast lending their voices to all of the minor characters with dialogue.

What people might not know is what these voice actors look like in real life and what they do outside of voice work. Some of them also act on stage, model, and make a living with jobs that might require what people call a "face for television."

Here's a rundown on who some those performers are, as well as a refresher on some of the lesser-known characters in the city of Los Santos. In other words, here are just a few of the gorgeous "GTA 5" cast members.

Joe Curnutte - Dale O'Neil/Lenny Avery

Joe Curnette has worked both on screen and behind the scenes in a number of short films, plays, and other video projects. He's also one of the co-directors for The Mad Ones, a New York City-based production company focusing on "ensemble-driven work." It seems like live action and stage work is his strong suit, though it isn't his only calling. He's also provided supporting voices for both "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Red Dead Redemption 2."

Curnette voiced Dale O'Neil and Lenny Avery, two minor characters in the story mode of "GTA 5." First up is Dale O'Neil, one of the drug-making O'Neil Brothers killed by the unhinged Trevor Philips. Beyond that, he doesn't play much of a role in current events. 

On the other hand, the character of Lenny Avery might be more memorable, seeing as he's the actual target of an entire mission. Avery runs a realty gig — a sleazy one. In fact, the reason he's so successful may be because he backstabbed his former business partner, Josh Bernstein. Playing as Trevor, the player can take on the mission "Closing the Deal," in which Bernstein hires the drugged-out criminal to sabotage Avery's business.

Benton Greene - Daryl Johns

Benton Greene mostly acts in television series and films. Just to name a few, he's played small roles in popular series like "FBI", "Law & Order," and "Gossip Girl." He also played main character Derek in "The Battle Below," a fantasy series about a man who comes back to his old neighborhood to find many unsettling changes, including kids fighting with swords and axes. 

Greene lends his smooth voice to Daryl Johns, one of the gunmen that the player can hire to aid in heists in "Grand Theft Auto 5." Daryl is an arrogant gunman who won't hesitate to boast about his own skills and never admits to his mistakes. Tragically, Johns apparently has one of the lowest skill caps in the game, making him more of a wannabe mastermind than a superstar hitman.

In addition to Johns, Green also voiced a crowd member in "Grand Theft Auto 4," as well as other characters for "Red Dead Revolver" and "Red Dead Redemption," making him a bit of a Rockstar Games mainstay.

Abdel Gonzales - Andreas Sanchez

Abdel Gonzales acts in television shorts, series, and films as well as video games. Some of his standout work includes roles in two short series, "Without Glasses" and "Bananas." Aside from "Grand Theft Auto 5," he also provided background voices for "Red Dead Redemption."

Gonzales isn't just an actor, either. His long list of talents and hobbies includes modeling and bartending. He also speaks fluent English and Spanish, which likely helped with his role as Mexican-American double agent Andreas Sanchez in "GTA 5." Despite the character's heritage, Gonzales is actually Puerto Rican. According to his IMDb profile, he immigrated to the United States during his teens for a better education.

In "GTA 5," Sanchez is the right-hand man of corrupt Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) agent Steve Haines. However, it's later revealed that he's relaying information to rival team International Affairs Agency (IAA). Yes, these are parodies of similarly named real-life organizations.

Jackie Long - D from Ballas

Arnold Turner/Getty Images

Jackie Long, who plays D in "GTA 5," also starred in a number of notable film projects, including "ATL," "The Comebacks," and "Idlewild."

Some notable television appearances include the BET drama "Games People Play," Nick Cannon's improv comedy show "Wild 'N Out" on MTV, and "Real Husbands of Hollywood," Kevin Hart's parody reality television series. In addition to his lengthy acting resume, Long also has his own apparel collection, which he can be seen modeling on his website and his personal Instagram account.

D, whose full name still remains a mystery, is one of the main faces of the Ballas gang in Los Santos. Franklin and Lamar Davis (the former's childhood friend) try to kidnap him to hold him ransom for $40,000. However, in the process, the two accidentally give away their location to the police and need to let him go. The situation only goes downhill from there.

Claire Byrne - Debra

Outside of the world of video games, Claire Byrne seems to focus on live action and promotional appearances, as well as modeling. "Sleepy Hollow," "Talentless," and "Reasons Why I Don't Have a Boyfriend" are just some of her most recent television appearances.

However, acting isn't her only calling in life. Byrne primarily supports women as a "heartbreak coach," guiding them as they work to move on from past relationships. She's also contributed to Kourtney Kardashian's lifestyle site POOSH. In an interview with "Authority Magazine," Byrne revealed her inspiration to become a heartbreak coach comes from a past experience with an abusive ex, which led her to want to help others heal dealing with similar traumas.

In "Grand Theft Auto 5," the multi-talented actress and relationship guru plays Debra, a high-maintenance lawyer. Trevor Philips, one of the three protagonists, witnesses a lethal fight between her and her fiance Floyd Hebert. It's the first and last time players meet Debra.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support attheir website.

Lenny Platt - Gianni

J. Kempin/Getty Images

Television fans might recognize Lenny Platt from his support appearances in popular series like "NCIS: New Orleans," "Gotham," and "Blue Bloods." One of his first reccuring roles was Griffin O'Reily, the boyfriend of the ill-fated Lila Stangard in "How to Get Away with Murder." 

In "GTA 5," his character Gianni works as a personal bodyguard and right-hand man for Rocco Pelosi, a former gangster of the Ancelotti Crime Family and conniving Vinewood talent agent. The Italian-American thug often shows up alongside his partner in missions throughout "GTA 5," where they serve as minor antagonists to retired criminal Michael De Santa.

However, his voice acting role in "Grand Theft Auto" stands out among his body of work, which includes much more than acting. In an interview with ESPN Front Row, the charismatic performer revealed that he previously worked as a legal assistant and lawyer before landing his leading role in "Quantico" as FBI recruit Drew Perales.

Rebecca Henderson - Karen Daniels, a.k.a. Michelle


Rebecca Henderson has made a name for herself as an actress and producer. One of her most well-known roles is that of Lizzy in "Russian Doll," which was co-created by her spouse, Leslye Headland. She's also landed roles in other well-known and acclaimed television series throughout the years, including "Manhunt," "Westworld," and "Orange is the New Black."

Henderson's "GTA" character, Karen Daniels, first appears in "Grand Theft Auto 4" as Michelle, Niko Bellic's girlfriend. However, players later find out that she is an undercover IAA agent and "Michelle" was only an alias. She eventually breaks up with Niko and continues to work in the organization in hopes of earning her freedom.

Karen would later return in "GTA 5" and "Grand Theft Auto Online," still working for the IAA after all of these years. In "GTA 5," she brutally interrogates a suspect for her superiors, which is likely to leave an impression on the player.

Yasha Jackson - Tanisha Jackson

Yasha Jackson's part in "Grand Theft Auto 5" was actually one of the first few significant roles on her resume. Most recently, she's played recurring roles on TV like "The Bold Type," "The Flight Attendant," and "Blue Bloods." According to her IMDb profile, she's also racked up plenty of movie roles, including one in the feature film adaptation of "Clifford the Big Red Dog." 

TV viewers are probably very familiar with Jackson's face. She has appeared in over 50 commercials — one of which even aired during the Super Bowl. Jackson's other passions include religion and social justice, which she isn't shy about sharing on social media.

However, her character in "GTA 5" isn't quite as justice-oriented. Tanisha Jackson, who shares her last name, is Franklin Clinton's ex-girlfriend and his main love interest that he's trying to woo throughout the game. She, Clinton, and Lamar Davis all went to the same high school and grew up together. She and Franklin apparently broke up because she didn't want to participate in a life of crime anymore. However, it's clear she still cares about the two when she begs Franklin to save Lamar in a time of need. Later on, she even invites him to her wedding.

Olivia Negron - Patricia Madrazo

Olivia Negron has made her mark on camera and on stage as an actress in television and film, as well as on Broadway. Some of the striking performer's TV appearances include "Everything Relative," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and "Love, Lies and Murder." She debuted on Broadway in "Cuba and his Teddy Bear" as the understudy for Lourdes, the leading female role opposite Robert De Niro. With such an impressive body of work, it may come as a surprise to learn that Patricia Madrazo in "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Grand Theft Auto Online" is one of her only voice acting roles. 

Patricia acts as a love interest to protagonist Trevor Philips in "Grand Theft Auto 5." She and Trevor meet when he kidnaps her from Martin Madrazo, crime boss and all-around terrible husband, after he catches him abusing her. Then, he unexpectedly falls in love with Patricia, who shares Negron's bright eyes and kind smile. Patricia stays with himTrevorfor a bit, not even trying to leave and actually helping with household chores. However, she eventually goes back to her husband for the safety of everyone involved. Her continuing messages to Trevor after the fact suggest that she still cares for him.

Lauren McFall - Kerry McIntosh

Lauren McFall mostly stars in movies and shorts. One of her more prominent roles includes a pitch perfect turn as newscaster April O'Neil in "Splinter and April," a comedy series which stars Master Splinter recovering from empty nest syndrome after the (not-so-teenage) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have all grown up and moved away. Fans can still find some of the episodes on YouTube. Some of her other recent acting work includes two shorts, "The 716th" and "I Can Change." 

Kerry McIntosh is one of McFall's few voice roles, one that's carried over between "Grand Theft Auto 4" and "Grand Theft Auto 5." One of the hottest celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame, Kerry McIntosh is a head-turning blonde bombshell in the "Grand Theft Auto" world. She's also a total mess, The character appears to be based in part on celebrities who have had tragic public struggles, such as Britney Spears, and McFall gives the performance everything she's got.

Michal Sinnott - Tracey Townley

The multi-talented Michal Sinnott hasn't had many recent acting roles — probably because she's busy crowd-funding, producing, co-writing, and starring in a feature film. Her film "Born That Way" promotes itself as a "magical realist present day fable for the people." Sinnott said in a Reddit AMA that the film dives into questions like "why this life" and especially explores themes of judgement. Outside of her work on "Born That Way," she has acted primarily in television series and films. Some of her appearances include roles in "Law & Order," "One Life to Live," and "Tomorrow's Thespians."

Among video game fans, of course, Sinnott's claim to fame is her role as Tracey De Santa from "Grand Theft Auto 5," for which she recorded the voice and motion capture. Tracey De Santa is the daughter of Michael De Santa, one of the three main protagonists of the game. Throughout the game, Michael takes on multiple missions involving his daughter, typically bailing her out of one of her stunts to become famous. 

Sinnott looks back fondly on her time as Tracey, as can be seen in an Instagram post where she shared an old photo from a publicity shoot. "Working on 'Grand Theft Auto V' was a humbling experience because it brought a lot of fans of the game and the character of Tracey De Santa into my life," she wrote.

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GTA 5: The voice actors behind the characters

Voice acting is one of the most difficult jobs out there and a lot of work goes into making the characters lively and vivacious, particularly in games such as GTA 5. Actors and Directors work their heart and soul to give voice to the characters and also ensure proper potential reactions of the characters. Voice actors may not be as famous as movie actors but they do work hard to give you a great gaming experience.

You might have played GTA 5 multiple times but do you know the actors who gave voice to your favourite characters? Check out the following actors who are the voices behind the interesting characters of GTA 5

Voices behind the characters of GTA 5

Michael De Santa (Ned Luke)

Michael De Santa (Ned Luke). Image: Pinterest.

One of the three main protagonists of GTA 5, Michael De Santa wanted to live a calm and relaxing life in Los Santos only to have his past demons to pull him back into his old ways of living. Giving voice to this morally complex character is the American actor, Ned Luke. Ned Luke has been the inspiration behind the physical build of the character as well.

Trevor Philips (Steven Ogg)

Trevor Philips (Steven Ogg). Image: Pinterest.

If you have seen The Walking Dead, then you probably know Steven Ogg by now. Ogg is also the voice of Trevor Philips, another one of the three protagonists. Ogg does a good job of giving the voice to this aggressive but loyal character. Being a Canadian actor, Ogg was a great fit to portray Philips’s Canadian background through his accent.

Franklin Clinton (Shawn Fonteno)

Franklin Clinton (Shawn Fonteno). Image: Pinterest.

Shawn Fonteno also known as Solo is not only the actor who voiced Franklin Clinton, one of the main protagonists, but also a famous rapper. Motion capture technology was used to record his voice for GTA 5 and hence you can see a lot of similarities, between the actor and the character, based on their body language and way of speaking.  

Amanda De Santa (Vicki Van Tassel)

Amanda De Santa (Vicki Van Tassel). Image: Imgur

An actress with a wide range of talent, Vicki Van Tassel, is the one who portrayed the character Amanda De Santa, wife of Michael De Santa. Even though Amanda is not a main character, she is one of the reasons why Michael reignited the criminal activities of his past.

Devin Weston (Jonathan Walker)

Also Read

Devin Weston (Jonathan Walker). Image: Imgur

Popular TV show actor, Jonathan Walker is the voice behind the main protagonist of GTA 5. The malice and angst in the voice of Devon Weston is beautifully portrayed by Walker.

GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh

Here's what the three stars of GTA 5 look like in real life

One of the most interesting things about Grand Theft Auto 5 is that players take on the role of three, not one, chief protagonists. It's a narrative trick that Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser believes will push the medium of video games forward.

Here's a look at what the three voice actors who helped give life to the trinity of thugs look like in real life.

Moving from left to right in the image above, Steven Ogg plays Trevor, Shawn Fonteno plays Franklin and Ned Luke is Michael. You can see what they look like in the game below. Gta-5-michael-franklin-trevor-art_1280

At least one of the voice actors was walking the streets of New York City last night voice bombing a GTA 5 line at a local GameStop too.

Check out our review of the game, and another interview with Houser for more details about the title.


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GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh

You see. Very often I miss the feeling of helplessness in the hands of a man. Feelings of powerlessness and power. They take you because they want to. And they want it because you allow it to be wanted.

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