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Sometimes small spaces pack a big punch indeed. That is definitely the case with powder rooms; generally tiny spaces that make a big impact both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. One of the advantages of the powder room is the way in which it allows you to try out a style that is entirely different from the rest of your house. Instead of seeming like an oddity, this actually comes as a welcome change – transporting your guests into a pleasantly different world. While you can try out any style, theme and color scheme in the powder room, its size is often the biggest constraint.

Light blue and white powder room with beach style and innovative rope towel hangers

Homeowners prefer a powder room that is smart, stylish and feels a lot airier than it really is. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Everything from the colors chosen and lighting to connectivity with the outdoors plays a major rile here. But shaping all these factors is the style of the powder room itself. Today, we showcase the three best styles for the small powder room; styles that give it a spacious and cheerful look. These 3 styles are also super-trendy and you will love how any modern powder room can be morphed into a space with one of these styles.

Coastal is a Hit Every Time!

If there is one style that epitomizes light, brightness and a sense of joy all year long, then it is undoubtedly beach style. You can add coastal touches to this basic version and create a powder room that feels like a breath of fresh air! It is easy to create and once again, white is the color that binds it all together in here. Throw in pops of blue (the shade you pick can vary between light and navy) and add coastal-themed décor and accessories for the perfect little space. From ropes and star fishes to ship wheels and more, ushering in the coastal look is all too easy!

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Scandinavian Makes a Statement

Another style that is trendy, easy to create from a modern ‘base’ of sorts and always bright and smart is Scandinavian. Scandinavian style inherently places emphasis on minimalism, simplicity and an ability to do more with less. You also do not get an overload of color in here and there is no shortage of natural light as well. Décor in this style is often crafted in wood and that gives the tiny powder room a cozy appeal. There are obviously plenty of variants that you can try out and some feel a bit more ‘contemporary’ than others. But no matter which way you veer, Scandinavian style powder rooms are always delightful.

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Shabby Chic Powder Rooms

Unlike coastal and Scandinavian looks, the shabby chic theme gives you more freedom and more of a chance to express yourself. You can even bring in a touch of eclectic beauty to the small powder room, but overdoing it can be a cluttered and costly mistake. The best way forward is to keep color to a minimum, not to use more than two or three hues and to link it all using a common element. The best shabby chic powder rooms are often those in white. But you need not shy away from all color in here.

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Powder Bathroom Coastal Farmhouse Makeover

Hey guys! I’m so excited to finally reveal my powder bath makeover with you! I’ve been talking about redoing this space since I first started this page. I finally decided a few weeks ago it was time to turn this dark, depressing powder bathroom into a light bright space with the help of Walmart.

The original design of the bathroom was a bit of a mistake from the beginning. I knew I wanted this bold tile in here, but I had actually picked out the gray version of it. I picked out this original dark gray wall color to coordinate with the gray tile. Well on the day the tile was installed and we visited the house, we realized they had installed the black and white version of the tile instead. In the end, we actually loved this tile better than the gray version&#;so it was a happy accident. The problem was that the wall color didn’t really look great with the new tile. We opted to just live with it instead of asking our builder to repaint the space (a decision I soon came to regret). I’ve always felt that the powder bathroom felt dark and cave-like. So now after living here for years we are finally correcting the issue and giving the space a little coastal farmhouse makeover.

Shop the products by scrolling below

I thought about different paint color options in here, but we settled on just keeping it cohesive with the rest of the house and painting it 50% Repose Gray. After removing the toilet and all the fixtures, we taped the molding and doorways and covered the vanity with plastic. We then primed the walls first and had to do two coats because the paint was so dark to being with. The whole project took nearly a week! We finally got it put all back together and I’m so happy with the final result!

So what did we change in here?

Aside from obviously the paint color, we changed out the mirror from a dark silver one to this cute {distressed wood mirror}. I love the beachy, casual vibe of this piece. At first I wasn’t sure how the little specks of blue in the wood would work, but after I got it up I realized it was perfect for the coastal farmhouse look I was going for. I got the mirror from   It is super affordable and perfect for small spaces like bathrooms!

Shop farmhouse style mirrors below

I also changed out the light fixture from a two light vanity light to a three light vanity fixture. I felt like the space was too dark, not only from the dark paint, so adding more lights was a must. This similar {3 light industrial style vanity light} from Walmart has the perfect farmhouse vibe.

Shop Farmhouse Style Vanity Lighting below

Another way I tried to lighten up the space and give it more character was to add this {removable shiplap wallpaper} from Walmart.  Ideally, I would add real shiplap paneling to this space, but this $60 addition is a great way to test out a design element to see if you like it! Hopefully my husband can get some tools and learn to install the shiplap himself in the near future! I&#;ve got lots of spaces which I&#;d love to add wall paneling, but for now, this removable wallpaper does the trick!

The {Marmont Hill &#;Beach Life&#; framed print} was a way for me to bring more beachy vibes to this bathroom. It’s available from Walmart and comes in several different sizes up to 40&#;x60&#;.  It&#;s such a gorgeous print with such soft pastel colors! Check out;s other {beachy and coastal inspired prints}. They have such a great selection!

I also needed to add some storage above the toilet, so I found this fabulous {rustic style shelf unit}. I love the industrial/farmhouse feel of the piece. It’s also available on and comes in different sizes and colors. We got the brushed brass color&#;it appears a little more silver in person.

We are so happy with how this powder bathroom makeover turned out. Gone, are the dark moody colors and the cave-like feel to the bathroom. It&#;s so much brighter and cheerful in this space now.  Head over to to check out all their {lakehouse/coastal inspired home decor and furniture} and give your space a coastal farmhouse makeover. They have tons of inspo pics and list products to achieve those looks. Walmart has really stepped up their game with home furnishings and it is one of my go-to places for all things home! Thanks for stopping by and for supporting the great companies, like Walmart, that make my page possible! 

Shop all the Coastal Farmhouse Inspired bathroom Products from Walmart below
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The Top 34 Coastal Bathroom Ideas

“Don&#;t take anything too literally. When throwing a coastal theme dinner, don&#;t just put seashells on the table. Instead, think about the colors and tones of seashells, what they remind you of and go from there.” &#;  Jeremiah Brent

The beach vibe is a laid-back one that inspires thoughts of the perfect vacation. Consider channeling the feeling of your favorite coastal location during your bathroom makeover.

Start with a new shower curtain and then take it a step further. Change the wall color, switch out the tiles, and add beach-inspired decor.

These coastal bathroom ideas will have you dreaming of your next oceanside getaway.


1. Blue Accent

Blue is the color of the sea and the perfect paint color for your beach-themed bathroom. The traditional approach is to simply paint the walls blue. However, this isn’t your only option. Paint your flat panel cabinets blue and give the vanity a fresh and modern feel.

Blue Accent Coastal Bathroom Ideas -claire_ccinteriors

Source: @claire_ccinteriors via Instagram

Blue Accent Coastal Bathroom Ideas -moore_creative

Source: @moore_creative via Instagram

For a bold design, paint the ceiling blue. A pale shade will mimic the sky, while a deeper hue will look more regal and sophisticated as it mimics the color of the ocean. If you’re doing a bathroom remodel you could choose a bold blue color to mimic the colors of the water.


2. Boho

Embrace your creative side and wanderlust nature with a boho coastal look in your beach bathroom. Choose a mosaic tile design for your shower or vanity area.

If small tiles are too busy for your bathroom, consider a larger handmade tile. Handmade Moroccan tile Comes in a variety of blue and green shades. You could also get it in a fish scale design for a beachy feel.

Boho Coastal Bathroom Ideas -our_build_bourne_boulavard

Source: @our_build_bourne_boulavard via Instagram

Finish your bathroom with a vintage clawfoot tub. This will give your bathroom an eclectic feel and balance the bold tile. Add a handmade wooden stool or hand-carved wood shelves. This will give your bathroom an organic feel. It also helps to look for pieces that are made in far-off tropical places.


3. Farmhouse

Combining coastal design and farmhouse decor is the perfect combination for creating a coastal theme while also giving your home a warm and lived-in feeling. Add shiplap to the walls and paint it white. You don’t have to do the entire bathroom; just an accent wall is enough.

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas -aligninteriorsgroup

Source: @aligninteriorsgroup via Instagram

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas -linenandbasil

Source: @linenandbasil via Instagram

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas -mavellahome

Source: @mavellahome via Instagram

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas -mbc.interiordesign

Source: @mbc.interiordesign via Instagram

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas -novelinteriors

Source: @novelinteriors via Instagram

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas -sonyaburgessblog

Source: @sonyaburgessblog via Instagram

Look for salvaged or handmade wood pieces, such as a shelving unit, vanity cabinet, or chair. It should look well worn and imperfect. Add authentic nautical decorative items, such as markers, brass light fixtures, or a pulley.


4. Metallic Accent

Metal and the ocean don’t generally get along well. The salt in the water and the oxygen in the air work together to corrode and rust your metal.

A similar effect happens in your bathroom since it is also a high moisture environment. This is why using nautical metal fixtures is perfect for your master bathroom.

Metallic Accent Coastal Bathroom Ideas -andyanddeb

Source: @andyanddeb via Instagram

Metallic Accent Coastal Bathroom Ideas -zigzag.developments

Source: @zigzag.developments via Instagram

Try using a nautical-inspired sink faucet with your vessel sink. Or mount brass wall sconces on either side of the vanity mirror.

Use boat-worthy metal accents and hardware for the drawer pulls and other metal elements in the room. Not only will this give your bathroom an authentic feel, but it will also give it more durability and corrosion resistance.


5. Minimalist

You shouldn’t use a lot of coastal decor in your minimalist master bath.

Stick with a floating vanity, glass pane shower enclosure, mirror, and toilet for the bathroom design. Bathroom decor would add clutter, which goes against the main principle of minimalism.

Minimalist Coastal Bathroom Ideas -clayandclover_

Source: @clayandclover_ via Instagram

Minimalist Coastal Bathroom Ideas -strittdesignandconstruction

Source: @strittdesignandconstruction via Instagram

Channel a coastal feel by using wood, shades of blue, sea glass, and coastal plants. This keeps the design minimal while also creating a calming and bright bathroom. Consider also adding texture with strategically placed woven baskets and matching pendant light.


6. Modern

A coastal design theme and modern trends blend well together to create a sophisticated and almost elegant master bathroom.

Start with a marble countertop that is in a fresh white color. Then combine it with a darker wood. You could do this by oiling teak or using mahogany. Then use gold for the metal fixtures.

Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas -house.becomes.home

Source: @house.becomes.home via Instagram

Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas -nickyhousesnaps

Source: @nickyhousesnaps via Instagram

Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas

Source: via Instagram

Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas -zigzag.developments

Source: @zigzag.developments via Instagram

Choose pieces that have minimal detailing and design. Focus on clean straight lines for the vanity, shelving, and shower. Slab-style cabinet doors are perfect for the vanity to create hidden storage space.

The shower area could have large glass sheets as the enclosure. You could also leave everything open and build a wet room.


7. Nautical

Embrace the open ocean with nautical bathroom ideas. This is slightly different than a beach-style themed bathroom. Use a mirror that has rope for the frame. Or a round mirror that looks like a porthole.

Use a dark blue color and pair it with crisp white. Then use bright red and yellow as accents. If you have a tub, look for a white or slightly off-white shower curtain that’s a canvas to mimic the sails on a ship.

Nautical Coastal Bathroom Ideas -bayswaterhome

Source: @bayswaterhome via Instagram

Nautical Coastal Bathroom Ideas -hallidaybuilders

Source: @hallidaybuilders via Instagram

Nautical Coastal Bathroom Ideas -kefi_storeuk

Source: @kefi_storeuk via Instagram

Nautical Coastal Bathroom Ideas -lindross_remodeling

Source: @lindross_remodeling via Instagram

Nautical Coastal Bathroom Ideas -the.adventures.of.el

Source: @the.adventures.of.el via Instagram

Nautical Coastal Bathroom Ideas -todashtondesign

Source: @todashtondesign via Instagram

Use elements that you would find on a yacht or sailboat as decor, for example. Nautical lamps have a cage over them to give them durability and a unique look. You can find similarly inspired designs for use in your bathroom.


8. Neutral

Neutral colors are perfect for creating a calming yet beachy feel. Choose colors that resemble the colors of the sand, such as light beige and cream. Use a few shades that are both light and dark. This adds depth to the room and keeps it from feeling stark and sterile.

Neutral Coastal Bathroom Ideas -aligninteriorsgroup

Source: @aligninteriorsgroup via Instagram

Neutral Coastal Bathroom Ideas -ccg_interiordesign

Source: @ccg_interiordesign via Instagram

Neutrals are also good because you can find them easily in natural materials. This makes it easy to add texture, which brings warmth to the bathroom. You can easily do this with beach materials, such as rope, wicker, wood, and shells.


9. Powder Room

Your powder room is small, with just a bathroom vanity and toilet. You can give it a beach house feel by adding decorative sea glass in the form of a chandelier. Or a beachy vibe with a teak framed vanity mirror.

Powder Room Coastal Bathroom Ideas -duckhomes

Source: @duckhomes via Instagram

Powder Room Coastal Bathroom Ideas -house.becomes.home

Source: @house.becomes.home via Instagram

Use more delicate decor in your powder room that isn’t durable enough for a master bathroom that you use every day. It’s the perfect place for displaying your collection of seashells or shark teeth. Arrange clear glass jars on floating shelves to display your collections.



Your bathroom walls are the perfect place for creating the kind of coastal vibe you want accent wall. You could use clear glass tile that is the colors of the water. It should be a range of blues and greens with a few white or clear tiles thrown in. Small pebbles or stones will give you the durability of tile but with a more organic feel.

Wall Coastal Bathroom Ideas -akwdesignandhome

Source: @akwdesignandhome via Instagram

Wall Coastal Bathroom Ideas -delpinocustom

Source: @delpinocustom via Instagram

Wall Coastal Bathroom Ideas -tamrablair_interiordesign

Source: @tamrablair_interiordesign via Instagram

You can get more creative on the walls that won’t get wet. You could paint or wallpaper them. Another option is to use wood shiplap or cedar shingles.



The all-white design theme was one that was in full swing for several years. However, it is starting to fall out of favor because it’s so hard to keep clean. It also feels a bit bland and cold. Giving your all-white bathroom a coastal vibe is perfect for adding warmth and comfort to a sterile white room.

White Coastal Bathroom Ideas -renovating_as_5

Source: @renovating_as_5 via Instagram

Keep the white walls and white tile. Add to it natural materials like metal and wood. Gold metal fixtures add color and warmth without taking away from the white theme. Wood has a similar effect and can give your bathroom a coastal feel. Try using the wood for the vanity, countertop, flooring, mirror frame, or shelving.


Wicker/Bamboo and Furniture

To give your bath the ultimate coastal feel, you need bamboo or wicker furniture. It should have a woven rattan design. This is the furniture you typically see on decks and patios but is actually commonly used in coastal environments. It’s durable to the high humidity and provides a level of breathability that keeps things fresh.

Wicker or Bamboo Decor and furniture Coastal Bathroom Ideas -a_house_is_built

Source: @a_house_is_built via Instagram

Choosing traditional rattan furniture will give your bathroom a boho or vintage feel. There are also modern designs that can keep your bathroom looking fresh and in line with current trends.


Wood Accent

Skip the pressed wood and plywood as these have no place in a coastal environment. The high humidity will cause them to swell, warp, and split. It also makes them a terrible idea in your bathroom. Instead, use hardwoods that are impervious to water. Teak and bamboo are popular options.

Wood Accent Coastal Bathroom Ideas -our_build_bourne_boulavard

Source: @our_build_bourne_boulavard via Instagram

Wood Accent Coastal Bathroom Ideas -the.bowen.edit

Source: @the.bowen.edit via Instagram

Driftwood is also a great option. This is wood that’s been exposed to salt water and the elements for so long that it goes through a decomposition process. It becomes impervious to water and incredibly durable. You can find driftwood on all coastal shores throughout the world that’s formed from a variety of wood types.

Our 5 Favorite Powder Rooms

15 Pretty Powder Room Ideas

Call it a powder room, a half bath, a guest bathroom, or a WC—basically, it's a utilitarian space that houses just a sink and a toilet. But it's also placed in a convenient spot that immediately introduces guests to your home and style. That means your powder room needs to be as inviting as it is functional.

Set the stage with the right paint color, flooring, a sink, mirror, or light fixture that becomes the focal point in the room, and keep the space free of clutter. Decide whether you want your powder room to blend in with the rest of your home's decor, or if you want it to stand out on its own in terms of color and style. From vintage to contemporary, you'll find fixtures, plumbing, and accessories to fit your vision.

Tiny Bath, Large Tiles

Though counterintuitive, larger format tiles for walls and floors work well in powder rooms. Fewer grout lines tend to open up a space.

Here are 15 of our favorite powder room ideas in varied styles and colors to inspire your project.


Room coastal ideas powder

15 Sea-Inspired Decorating Ideas for Bathrooms

Coastal Powder Room

Powder Room With Shell Wall

Green Contemporary Bathroom With Fish

Fishy Feel

Powder Room with Fish Wallpaper

Coastal Bathroom With Fish Wallpaper

School of Fish

From: Corey Damen Jenkins

Contemporary Warmth

Designer Bruce Palmer veers away from the traditional blue and green color palette when designing this modern bathroom. In fact, he uses smooth pebbles along the wavy back wall and floor to create a natural, sandy look reminiscent of the beach. With that, the bath maintains its modern and coastal appearance. Design by Bruce Palmer. Construction by Dewson Construction Company. Architecture by Olivieri, Shousky & Kiss, PA. Photography by John Jenkins

Mixing With Modern

In this guest bathroom, designer Brian Patrick Flynn uses a summer-inspired driftwood gray as the room's primary color palette. Set off by neutrals, the room evokes a comfortable, coastal feel. Although surrounded by contemporary decor, a round mirror covered with reclaimed twigs pulls the entire organic look together.

Charming Display


Sky-blue walls along with the white beadboard and navy-blue vanity create the ultimate coastal color palette. Designer Erica Islas ties in simple decorative elements, like glass cabinet pulls and pebble flooring, to bring an ultra-beachy effect to a clean and streamlined bath.

Coastal Bathroom With Fish-Patterned Gray Wallpaper

Turquoise Retreat

The tropical master bathroom from HGTV Green Home pulls its inspiration from the home's location on Florida's Treasure Coast. To mimic the hues of the water, designer Linda Woodrum uses sea-blue mosaic-glass tiles on the walls and inside the shower. As a contrasting element, she keeps everything else — including the walls, vanity and trim — a crisp shade of white.

Oceanfront Resort

This master bathroom showcases the stunning ocean views by integrating windows, sliding doors and shutters into the available wall space around the room. A spacious shower even connects to the oceanfront patio, making it feel alfresco. To create this contemporary coastal look, designer Bruce Palmer uses copper, reclaimed wood and more modern pieces to form a resort-esque retreat. Design by Bruce Palmer. Construction by Dewson Construction Company. Architecture by Olivieri, Shousky & Kiss, PA. Photography by John Jenkins

Tropical Haven

The natural textures and palette of this tropical-style bathroom nod to contemporary oceanfront living. Designer Joseph Cortes uses seagrass, rattan, decorative moss balls, seashells and other natural materials to create a room that feels simple yet representative of its outdoor surroundings.


15 powder room ideas that will instantly elevate your home

Powder rooms are a great opportunity to go bold with your styling choices.

Apr 30, am
If you have the space for it, a powder room can be the perfect addition to any home both big and small! To help you create the perfect space for your home, we've pulled together 15 of our favourite powder room ideas to inspire you.
Powder rooms occupy kind of a funny space in the sphere of home design and renovation, especially when you think about renovating a bathroom.
You either have one as the result of a somewhat outmoded floorplan where the wash closet is separate from the main bathroom, or you need to create one within an existing layout to add convenience and functionality to a multi-storey or family home.
No matter the purpose, powder rooms – though small – are a great opportunity to go a bit rogue with your styling. Don't be afraid to use wallpaper, vibrant colours and show a little personality!
Here are 15 of our favourite powder room ideas that will undoubtedly make a lasting impression.


In this renovated terrace home a White Emperador marble basin and shelf were custom-made to be the heroes of the powder room. White subway tiles laid vertically on te walls helps to accentuate a sense of space, while a ceramic pendant light adds task lighting.

Styling: Claire Delmar | Photography: Pablo Veiga | Story: real living

This heritage home was given a sophisticated and contemporary update that oozes luxury. In the powder room a statement white onyx vanity instantly draws the eye and contrasts beautifully with the deep timber floors and timber-clad walls.

Design: Alwill Interiors | Photography: Prue Ruscoe | Story: Belle

Two different tiles from Popham Design created the striking foundation of the powder room in this contemporary Art Deco-style home. Contrasting with the green patterned tiles are brass fixtures and finishes, as well as a simple white basin, an arched mirror, and Kelly Wearstler sconce.

Styling: Kerrie-Ann Jones | Photography: Maree Homer | Story: real living

Bespoke joinery was the hero in the area leading into the powder room, so a large mirror reflects the details of that timberwork in this multigenerational home in Balmain. The recessed sliding door is a great space saver, allowing the bathroom to disappear alongside the joinery when a streamlined look is needed.

Design: Benn + Penna | Styling: Claire Delmar | Photography: Prue Ruscoe | Story: Inside Out

When it comes to creating a luxurious bathroom, the best place to start is by investing in a quality material palette that is sure to stand the test of time. In this powder room an Arabescato marble benchtop instantly draws the eye, which is perfect, as the space is the first thing you see once you enter the home.

Interior Design: Studio Gorman | Builder: Destro Renovations | Story: Belle

In this revamped mid-century home the powder room was inspired by the idea of creating a "jewel within a jewel", pairing an all-white palette with gleaming gold fixtures and de Gournay 'Fishes' wallpaper.

Design: Luigi Rosselli and Alwill Interiors | Photography: Prue Ruscoe | Story: Belle

The brief for this powder room was the creation of something beautiful and functional for the owners. "I really wanted to make the home high-end but with a touch of warmth and handmade elements," says interior architect Georgia Ezra of Studio Ezra. "I wanted it to be quite masculine and sexy but with a mix of African touches throughout and earthy materials – lots of timber and raw features."

Design: Studio Ezra | Styling: Georgia Ezra | Photography: Amelia Stanwix

In the modern Mediterranean-inspired home of interior architect Georgia Ezra, the bathroom has been partitioned with a door, splitting it into a chic powder room space, and a wash room. In the powder room an ornate mirror complements the brass tapware and basin, while a timber vanity adds warmth to the tiled benchtop.

Styling: Rebecca Simon | Photography: Derek Swalwell | Story: real living

The powder room in this Georgian-style home opens to lush gardens and features a dramatic steel-framed door to lead the way. The timber vanity is topped with a marble benchtop and inset sink, while Armani Casa 'Refined Structures Versailles' wallpaper from South Pacific Fabrics adds warmth.

Design: Alexandra Kidd Design | Styling: Megan Morton | Photography: Pablo Veiga

A private, hidden part of the coastal home, the powder room in this luxe coastal home boasts dramatic dark stone surfaces and the glamour of a vintage mirror. The twin wall sconces add a striking touch while the marble vanity is the crowning feature of the space.

Design: Decus Interiors | Photography: Anson Smart | Story: Belle

Copper metallic tapware add a sense of luxury to this powder room in a renovated semi-detached Edwardian home. The rose copper mirror adds a splash of colour in the mostly-white space.

Photo: Armelle Habib | Styling: Heather Nette King | Story: Inside Out

In interior designer Meryl Hare's harbourside home, a dark and moody colour palette was adopted for the powder room. The dark feature wall is paired with a dark basin and accessories, with a cleverly placed skylight adding ample natural light.

Styling: Janet James and Meryl Hare | Photography: Maree Homer | Story: Australian House & Garden

This refined family home in Sydney features couture touches throughout to help take it to the next level. In the powder room Giverny Mandolin fabric from Unique Fabrics adds a romantic touch, especially when paired with the dark timber tones that run throughout the space.

Design: Lawton Hurley and Lynda Kerry Design | Photography: Maree Homer | Story: Australian House & Garden

The mosaic wall tiles in the powder room of this glamourous Sydney home make a bold impact, and are paired with a pared-back white vanity that features brass tapware. A chic framed mirror and mirrored wall-sconce provide the finishing touches.

Design: Greg Natale | Photography: Anson Smart

A powder room is the perfect place to add some playful personality, and the bathroom in this family-friendly Sydney home has it in spades! Osborne & Little Folia Derwent wallpaper from Seneca Textiles is paired with jewel-like mosaic tiles from Di Lorenzo Tiles, creating a dramatic effect.

Styling: Ashley Pratt | Photography: Maree Homer | Story: Australian House & Garden
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    Makeover Reveal: The Powder Room Transformation is Complete!

    I&#;ve cranked out huge rooms in the past, from start to finish, in six weeks time. But our tiny little powder room &#; the smallest room in the house &#; well, it took almost two years. Today, it&#;s finally finished! I&#;m sharing all the details below but first, before I reveal our completed modern, coastal powder room, let&#;s chat about why the smallest room took x longer than the others.

    *Posts on may contain affiliate links. Click HERE for full disclosure.*

    *All room sources and details can be found at the bottom of the post*

    Coastal Powder Room Design

    Well, the answer is simple. Typically, when I take on a project, I go all in and work on it continuously. The powder room though was never made a focused project until recently. When we did our kitchen update (HERE), we had our contractor add picture frame moulding and wall details so while he was here, we went ahead and had him add the moulding in the small powder room. I wasn&#;t even kind-of ready to take on the powder room at that point so for probably a year, we sat with pen-scribbled, unfinished walls and no mirror. Last year, I started re-visiting previous plans (see the initial inspiration possibilities HERE), revising them, fine tuning them, and started ordering some of the larger features. We had it painted, had the vanity installed, and then, when I determined the wallpaper (see the wallpaper options I considered HERE), things changed a little. I went into the room re-do thinking I was going to go traditional and more on the feminine side (this mirror was even one of the first things I ordered) but once I decided on a wallpaper, I modified my former plans (again) and made a few switches. I still used some traditional finishes but it has a way more streamlined, modern feel to it. Let&#;s go ahead and take a look at the coastal powder room that almost never was.

    Powder Room Makeover Reveal

    | Light Fixture (acorn shape with antique copper finish) |

    Powder Room Makeover Reveal

    I couldn&#;t find a &#;total before&#; before but I did manage to grab a &#;sort of&#; before &#; after the art was taken down and the picture frame moulding had been added. So, here is where we started(ish)&#;

    Powder Bath Makeover Before

    and here is the finished space today!

    Powder Room Design Ideas in this Makeover Reveal, featuring picture frame moulding and blue palm wallpaper

    Scroll & Tap to Shop the Room

    It was a slow moving process but I&#;m grateful that I had the time to adjust as I went along because I absolutely love the result. The blue palm fronds won the wallpaper debate and I couldn&#;t be more pleased. It&#;s definitely more bold than I typically do but in a small space like this, it was fun to step out of my comfort zone a bit. Even before I started though (two years ago), I knew while I wanted wallpaper, I only wanted about 1/3 of the upper wall covered. I love the balance of the bold top with the classic picture frame moulding on the bottom. By the way, I was new to measuring for wallpaper and while I had a lot of scraps left over, it took the wallpaper installer every bit of two rolls to install it properly. When in doubt, order more than you think you need to make sure you get the same rolls from the same dye lot (you can always return any unused rolls).

    Coastal Powder Room &#; The Design Details

    One of the first big decisions was A. a larger pedestal sink or B. a small (had to be 24&#; or less) vanity. I actually like pedestal sinks &#; especially with my original vision &#;  but the one I had was way too small (it wouldn&#;t even hold a bottle of soap without the small faucet handle hitting it) and I really wanted some downstairs bath storage. Here is the before&#;

    Powder Room Before Makeover

    and this is the finished result of switching the tiny pedestal to a small (but way bigger than what I had) vanity.

    Modern Coastal Powder Room Ideas

    My final decision was made when I saw this vanity go on sale; it comes with the marble top and soft-close cabinet doors with dual shelving inside. I actually switched the basic hardware to this pair of Tuva knobs I already had on hand (I loved them so much from another project, I got additional sets for future projects). I purchased the widespread faucet when I bought the vanity (it comes in seven finishes), had great reviews, and was easier on the budget than comparable designs. It has a more traditional structure that I wasn&#;t sure about after I changed up my plan but after everything came together, I actually love the juxtaposition between the faucet and the more sleek, streamlined elements in the room.

    Powder Room Vanity and Design Ideas

    Small Coastal Modern Powder Room Makeover Reveal

    The budget-friendly West Elm towel ring and toilet paper holder are on sale often and if you&#;re outfitting an entire bathroom, they also have towel bars and hooks in the same collection.

    Modern Coastal Powder Room Design and Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

    The Visual Comfort double-sconce light fixture, well, that was one of my splurges. I really wanted sconces flanking the mirror but with the limited space and current wiring, it wasn&#;t a viable option. I purchased this fixture early on (it comes in five finishes) and while it was pricey, I love it (and justified it by scoring some of my other big pieces on sale 😉 ).

    Visual Comfort Bathroom Sconce Lighting for the Powder Room

    I went through THREE mirrors throughout the process, though. I mixed a warm, brassy metal with chrome (which I love) but after switching gears and ditching my first (more feminine) mirror (with too many details next to the sconce), I had a hard time finding something that wasn&#;t too gold. I also wanted something more sleek with a really slim frame (the second mirror I got was off on coloring and the frame was just too chunky for the look I was going for). I ended up going for this 24&#; x 36&#; infinity mirror in copper, but it totally reads a more aged brass and coordinates well with the other brass elements in the room. The &#;copper&#; color has been discontinued but &#;brass&#; has been introduced and they look incredibly similar &#; maybe even the same with a different name?

    Small Powder Room Design Ideas -- Coastal Modern Design and Decor

    Scroll & Tap to Shop the Room

    Modern Coastal Bathroom Design with Mixed Metals

    Powder Room Decor & Design Ideas

    Powder Room Decor Ideas

    Powder Room Decor Ideas

    I still need to add a rug pad under this Dash & Albert rug but after looking for a long time, I was so happy to find this little coastal addition.

    Blue and White Bathroom Rug

    Coastal Powder Room &#; The Window Treatment Debate

    I was originally considering a linen-fabric roman shade for the single, small window but after the wallpaper was installed and I saw just how much white was in the room, I decided that something rattan-looking would better suit my modern coastal powder room decor and that it would be the perfect place to bring in my favorite woven shades (c/o Select Blinds). If you&#;ve been a reader for a while, you have seen these shades pop up in almost every space I&#;ve tackled. The color I&#;ve used most often is the Bali White (a sandy, light natural) with color variants that make it so easy to incorporate them into almost any room&#;

    Bathroom Window Shades and Treatments

    and I always choose the cordless option. They&#;ve elevated my windows beautifully each place I&#;ve installed them (Dave does it easily, in minutes).

    Powder Room Shades and Window Treatment Ideas

    I opted for the privacy liner on these&#;

    Small Powder Room Makeover Reveal -- Before & After

    and these in our bedroom, which you may recall&#;

    Cordless woven shades for the bedroom sitting area

    but if you remember my nursery window shades, I went for the blackout liner option.

    Window treatment ideas for nursery with blackout liner

    (See the full nursery reveal HERE)

    I typically go for the inside mount option (I like how clean it is), but I have an outside mount on our doors&#;

    Cordless Woven Shades for a Window Door




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