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Internationally recognized composer, arranger and bandoneon teacher, Daniel Binelli performs extensive concert tours, as a soloist and with his musical alliances. Binelli is recognized as the greatest exponent of Astor Piazzolla's music. In 1989, Daniel Binelli joined Astor Piazzolla's New Tango Sextet, with whom he made several international tours.

Orchestras with which Binelli performed as a soloist include the Philadelphia Symphony, Atlanta, Virginia, Sydney, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Petersburg and the Tonhalle of Zurich.

Some of the directors he has collaborated with include: Charles Dutoit, Lalo Schirin, Franz Paul Decker, Robert Spano JoAnn Faletta, Giselle Ben Dor, Giancarlo Guerrero Isaiah Jackson, Michael Christie, Lior. Shambadal and Daniel Schweitzer, Binelli directed the opera: "María de Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolla, together with the Italian singer Milva.

Maestro Binelli's collaborations include his duet with the pianist Polly Ferman and the guitarist Eduardo Isaac as well as the Binelli- Ferman-Isaac Trío. Daniel Binelli is the Musical Director of the Tango Metrópolis company, and has appeared in the PBS documentary "Tango the Spirit of Argentina" and one that the BBC created about the life of Astor Piazzolla '.

Binelli is a renowned composer who has created music for solo instruments, quintet, chamber and symphony orchestras, ballet, and film. His versatility has allowed him to work with languages ​​ranging from tango to contemporary.

Some of the orchestras and ensembles that have commissioned compositions and arrangements by Daniel Binelli include the Zurich Symphony, Edmonton, Buffalo Philharmonic, Colorado Music Festival Music Festival, Montevideo Philharmonic, Colombia Symphony, Buglisi- Foreman Dance Company , Tango Metropolis Company, GlamorTango Company, Milva as well as Orquesta Typica Osvaldo Pugliese Orquesta y Tango 7.

Binelli has composed music for the lms India Pravile, Funes un Gran Amor, Tango Baile Nuestro and Tango Shalom.


  • Piazzolla Hoy (with the Orquesta Stable del Teatro Colón conducted by José Carli), EMI, 1993
  • Classic Piazzolla (with the Camerata Bariloche), MILAN SUR, 1994
  • Tango! (with Daniel Binelli's Septet) , DORIAN, 1994
  • Atardecer Antiguo / Bandoneón (with Hugo Romero), MELOPEA, 1996
  • Piazzollando live , KUARUP, 1997
  • Borges & Piazzolla, MILAN, 1997
  • Milva El tango by Astor Piazzolla (Quinteto Argentino de Daniel Binelli), KING (Japan), 1998
  • Argentine Masters , WITNESS, 1998
  • El Bandoneón , RANDOM, 1999
  • El Tango (with Cecilia Rossetto), BLACK SUN, 1999
  • Encuentros ... con el Tango (with Alicia Terzian & Grupo Encuentros), DOM, 1999
  • Argentine Music and Tango (with Eduardo Issac), KING (Japan), 2000
  • Rojotango (with Cecilia Rossetto), LA CASONA, 2000
  • Tangazo (Charles Dutoit and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra), DECCA, 2001
  • Pictures (with Polly Ferman), EPSA Music, 2002
  • Tangos de Buenos Aires (with Linda Lee Thomas), CBC, 2002
  • Tango Metrópolis (Quintet of Daniel Binelli), 2002
  • Pictures (with Polly Ferman), ROMEO RECORDS, 2002
  • Orchestra (with Polly Ferman & Philharmonic of Montevideo), SONDOR, 2003
  • Tango Natural (with César Angeleri), RANDOM, 2003

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Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman

Argentine bandoneón and piano duo

World-class musicians Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman have united their talents to develop and further the appreciation of the tango, milonga, candombe, and other Latin American musical forms in the rarely heard partnership of the bandoneón and piano. Their performances reflect the elegance and the subtlety of the traditional tango, the sauciness of the milonga, the romance of the waltz, and the temperament and power of the contemporary tango.

The Binelli-Ferman Duo’s ability to reach out to their audiences in conversation and through music has made its performances an amazing experience for concert enthusiasts worldwide. Since their debut in January 2000 in New York City, they have toured extensively throughout the world including performances in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Rome, Paris, Munich, Berne, and St. Petersburg, as well as in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami. In addition to concert appearances, they have presented master classes on the music of Argentina and the tango in the United States, Canada and in cities throughout Japan and China.

The Duo also performs worldwide as featured artists with chamber and symphonic orchestras in a project called Orquestango that highlights the music of Binelli, Piazzolla and Horacio Salgán, among others.

The Binelli-Ferman Duo has performed as soloists in North America with: the San Francisco, Colorado and Vancouver Symphonies, internationally with the Eskisehir Symphony (Turkey) and Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra and in Latin America with the Montevideo Philharmonic (Uruguay), the Symphonic Orchestra of Concepción, Chile, and the Symphony orchestras of Mendoza, Parana and La Plata, Argentina.

The Duo has recorded Imágenes de Buenos Aires for Romeo Records and Epsa Music, Orquestango vols. I and II with the The Montevideo Philharmonic, for Sondor Records and New Tango Vision with the guitarist Eduardo Isaac.

About Daniel Binelli (bandoneón)

Internationally renowned composer, arranger and master of the bandoneón, Argentine Daniel Binelli tours extensively in concert and recital. Binelli is also widely acclaimed as the foremost exponent and torchbearer of the music of Astor Piazzolla. In 1989 Daniel Binelli joined Astor Piazzolla’s New Tango Sextet, touring internationally .

Daniel Binelli is the Music Director of Tango Metropolis Company, featured at a PBS Documentary “Tango the Spirit of Argentina“ and on a BBC documentary on Astor Piazzolla’s life.

A seasoned composer in his own right. Binelli has created and arranged music for solo instruments, quintet, chamber and symphonic orchestras, dance and film music. His versatility allowed him to work from all tango styles to the contemporary language.


About Polly Ferman (piano)

One of the leading interpreters of the music of the Americas, Polly Ferman has been precognized as a “Musical Ambassador of the Americas.” (The Japan Times). She has been featured soloist with the Symphonies of San Francisco, Colorado, Vancouver, Indianapolis, Tokyo Philharmonic, Kharkov Philharmonic, Philippines Philharmonic, Sâo Paulo State Symphony and the National Symphony of Argentina., in addition to recitals at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Tokyo’s Suntory and Takemitsu Halls, Virginia’s Wolf Trap, London’s St. Martin in the Fields, Koncert Halle of Munich, and the Buenos Aires Teatro Colon among others..

Polly Ferman has created, directs and performs as pianist: GlamourTango, a musical celebrating Women in Tango with an all female cast.

Her numerous recordings constitute one of the world’s most extensive collections of Latin American repertoire,


Some critical acclaim

“. . . Nostalgia, lyrical passion and throbbing dance rhythms that mark Piazzolla’s works. . . the two musicians  engaged in ravishing improvisatory flights of fancy that spelled pure jazz”  (Washington Post)

“Masterly wedding of authentic native impulses in the context of a refined classical construction.” (La Nacion, Argentina)


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Music samples:

Verano Porteño (Astor Piazzolla):
[audio:binelli-ferman/VeranoPorteno.mp3|titles=Verano Porteño]
Tango de los Cuadros (Daniel Binelli):
[audio:binelli-ferman/TangodeLosCuadros.mp3|titles=Tango de los Cuadros]


Binelli-Ferman Duo performing “Libertango”
at Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico DF





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daniel binelli

A researcher of Argentina music, Daniel Binelli has become one of the foremost in-depth connoisseurs of the tango in all its stylesstyles that date from the beginning of the century up to the present. He is an internationally reknown composer, musical arranger, bandoneónist and Argentinian musical director. Binelli is considered the best instrumentalist of the Tango genre (Argentina) and is the honored recipient of the 1995 Konex Prize.

From 1968 through 1982, Binelli toured as a member of the Orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese as a bandoneónist and musical arranger. In 1989, Binelli was invited by Astor Piazzolla to be a part of his New Tango Sextet, and toured with Astor Piazzolla throughout Europe and Latin America. He has also performed with Paquito de Rivera in Buenos Aires, and the Orchestra of Dizzy Gilespie.

Sours: https://www.harmonies.com/biographies/binelli.htm
Daniel Binelli's - BANDONEORAMA -

Daniel Binelli

Binelli is also widely acclaimed as the foremost exponent and torchbearer of the music of Astor Piazzolla. In 1989 Daniel Binelli joined Piazzolla´s New Tango Sextet and toured internationally.

Orchestras with whom Mr. Binelli has appeared as guest soloist include, among others, the Philadelphia Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony, Virginia Symphony, Sydney Symphony, Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich, Montreal Symphony, Ottawa Symphony, Dayton Philharmonic (OH) and St. Petersburg Symphony, (Russia).

Some of the conductors with whom Binelli has worked include Charles Dutoit, Lalo Schifrin, Franz Paul Decker, Robert Spano, JoAnn Falletta, Giselle Ben-Dor, Isaiah Jackson, Michael Christie, Lior Shambadal and Daniel Schweitzer. Binelli conducted Piazzolla´s operetta: María de Buenos Aires in Sicily (Italy) with Italian singer Milva.

Mr.Binelli’s collaborations include duo performances with pianist Polly Ferman (http://www.pollyferman.net) and guitarist Eduardo Isaac, as well as the Binelli- Ferman- Isaac Trio (http://www.binelli-ferman.com).

Daniel Binelli is the Musical Director of Tango Metropolis (http://www.tangometropolis.com/, recently featured in a PBS Documentary” Tango the Spirit of Argentina “ and in a BBC documentary about Astor Piazzolla’s life.

"A researcher of Argentine music, Daniel Binelli has become one of the foremost in–depth connoisseurs of the tango in all its styles—styles that date from the beginning of the century up to present day. Binelli is an internationally reknowned composer, musical arranger, bandoneónist and Argentinian musical director. Considered the best instrumentalist of the tango genre (Argentina), Binelli is the honored recipient of the 1995 Konex Prize."


A seasoned composer in his own right. Binelli has created and arranged music for solo instruments, quintet, chamber and symphony orchestras, dance and film music. His versatility allows him to work from all Tango styles up to the present. Binelli has composed three concertos: one for bandoneón, one for piano and another for guitar and orchestra. He was commissioned by Utah State University for a concerto for piano, bandoneon and orchestra. The piece, Homage to Tango, was premiered on March 2008. See a performance of the work on YouTube. His work “Golden Gate Fantasy” has been funded by a grant from the American Music Center.

Some of the many international orchestras, ensembles, Tango companies and soloists that have requested arrangements or commissioned works from Daniel Binelli include the Zurich Symphony (Switzerland), Edmonton Symphony (Canada), Buffalo Philharmonic (NY), Colorado Music Festival, Montevideo Philharmonic, Colombia Symphony, and Buglisi/Foreman Dance Company (NY) as well as Osvaldo Pugliese Orquesta Tipica (Argentina) and Tango 7 (Switzerland).

Additionally, Binelli has composed music for the Argentine films India Pravile, Funes un Gran Amor and Tango Baile Nuestro.

His website is at http://www.danielbinelli.com


Daniel Binelli´s Quintet
Daniel Binelli´s Quintet

Binelli - Ferman Duo
Binelli - Ferman Duo

Daniel Binelli with Chales Dutoit
Daniel Binelli with Chales Dutoit

Binelli with Piazzolla
Binelli with Astor Piazzolla - New Tango Sextet

Binelli - Isaac Duo
Binelli - Isaac Duo

Binelli with JoAnn Falletta
Binelli with JoAnn Falletta
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Binelli daniel

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