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Dodge Ford GMC Mazda Universal Air Suspension Kit

Pacbrake - Heavy Duty Rear Air Spring / Air Suspension Kit for select Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet / GMC and Mazda trucks

Have you ever noticed a difference in ride control when driving empty vs. driving fully loaded? Your truck's factory suspension was designed as a compromise between capability and comfort. When hauling heavy loads, the rear springs can be pushed to the limit - resulting in excessive bounce, sagging ride height, and an overall feeling of instability. With the simple addition of a Pacbrake Air Spring / Air Suspension Kit by Pacbrake, you can distribute weight evenly to your tires, supporting any load without overtaxing your existing system.

Pacbrake Heavy Duty Double Convoluted Air Spring / Air Suspension Kits are the only air springs (or air helper springs) on the market with one piece aluminum end caps and 20 support wires giving you maximum strength and durability!

Each Pacbrake Double Convoluted Air Spring / Air Suspension Kit is equipped with corrosion resistant roll plates, precision laser cut powder coated steel brackets, grade 5 plated hardware, airline and all accessories required for the perfect bolt on install.

Pacbrake Air Springs by Pacbrake come with a Lifetime Warranty. Please refer to the warranty document for more details.

With Pacbrake you can level your truck's stance and eliminate your vehicle's sag, sway and bottoming out while providing added support for an overall smooth and safe ride.

CALIFORNIA P65 WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm –

Technical Support

Please see the support documents to help you with your install. If you need more assistance, please call us at and speak with a customer service representative

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How To Build and Install an Air Lift Universal Kit

Can’t find an air spring kit for a coil-sprung vehicle? Air Lift Universal Air Spring Kits fit almost any open coil spring to provide up to 1, lbs. of load-leveling support*. Just take two simple measurements and use the chart below to find the correct kit for your application.

Finding the correct application

Follow the following four simple steps to match your ride up with the perfect custom application:

  1. Unload your vehicle first, so that you can take the most accurate measurements of your coil springs. This means unhitching the camper, ditching the bike rack, and pulling your cinder block collection out from under the back seat. Once the car is at normal ride height, totally unloaded, then you’re ready for step two.
  2. Take two measurements. Measure the inside height (X) — the available height within the coil spring. Then measure the inside diameter (Y), or the width available inside the coil from side to side at its widest point. (see diagram)
  3. Find the corresponding part number. Input your measurements into the kit finder below. Or use the below chart to find the row that contains the correct inside height and inside diameter, and see which part number lines up with those values. It is better to be slightly undersized than oversized.

Air Lift Universal Air Spring Kits contain everything needed for a full installation!

  • Two Air Lift air springs
  • Air spring spacers (if applicable)
  • Two heat shields with clamps
  • Air line, tee, zip ties, and two schrader values
  • Detailed installation guide with advice for a proper installation

Air Lift Universal Kit Finder

Input your coil spring measurements below and we'll find the appropriate universal kit for your vehicle.

Air Lift Universal Air Spring Kit Chart

Kit #Min. Diameter (Y)Max. Length (X)
  1. 1996 chevy silverado blower motor
  2. Vw shreveport
  3. 15 foot jon boat cover

Universal Rear-End Kit | Boss Air Suspension


Heavy motorhomes with fixed loads are often fitted with simple control systems, such as Schrader (tyre) valves or Schrader valves and a gauge block. These work very well for vehicles carrying a fixed load/weight.

When the load in your motorhome or van varies significantly, On-Board Air (OBA) is normally required, and can add a lot of additional function. This enables you to get the very best from your kit at all times. OBA allows the ride height to be adjusted for road, weather and load conditions, and for those experiencing grounding conditions it allows the absolute maximum lift to be achieved when needed (for instance on ferries, petrol stations and rough site entrances). The vehicle can then be returned to the most comfortable setting for driving. There is also an &#;element&#; of levelling available, although its certainly no substitute for a jacking system.

OBA is also great for towing, where loads are added or removed, or for commercial vehicles that start the working day at one weight and end it at another as deliveries are completed.

OBA packages come in various specifications as outlined below which range from the most basic to a fully automatic system. If in doubt, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Schrader valve kits

The simplest kit available. One fitting at the airbag, a length of line and a Schrader (tyre) valve at the other end. The valve can be fitted anywhere convenient to the user and can be inflated anywhere a tyre can be inflated (e.g. garage, petrol station).

Recommended for: Vehicles with a fixed load that does not alter and users who want an entry-level system. Ideal for motorhomes because they are always very heavy vehicles but the weight does not usually vary considerably. Users need to find an air source (i.e. at a garage or petrol station) to adjust the pressures (emergency tyre inflators rarely last if asked to inflate air suspension regularly), but remember suspension systems usually require up to psi which may not be available everywhere.

Schrader valve gauge blocks

A gauge block with two Schrader valves and two gauges. No moving parts to go wrong, such as taps or levers. Pressure can be monitored from the gauge block, which can be fitted anywhere convenient. Several versions available. This option does not come with a plate that can be fitted to the dashboard.

Recommended for: Vehicles with a fixed load as above but with two gauges for those who always want to know the pressure in the bags.

Budget Duty OBA

Includes a 10% duty cycle compressor, maximum PSI but only a tiny 10% duty cycle and 1 USG tank. Comes with an OBA hook-up kit to match the compressor, which comes with an on/off button to get to pressure. Please note that the left and right air bags are not independent, i.e. they cannot be set to different pressures.

Recommended for: Infrequent adjustment. When the load varies, due to towing or adding payload to a commercial vehicle, air-managed solutions get the very best from the system but this system is NOT rated for commercial use. This is the same spec. as many competitors &#;standard duty&#; default kit.  This is an entry-level, compressor control package and our most basic OBA kit

Economy Duty OBA

Includes a low duty cycle compressor, maximum PSI. Please note: The left and right air bags are independent but cannot simply be set to different pressures at the touch of a button. Higher specification than the entry-level kit, making this kit very good value for money but the best value in terms of spec for your buck is the Standard Duty OBA.

This kit is simple to install and operate. As the video below shows, it has a single button to simultaneously lift both sides. To deflate the air and lower the vehicle requires use of the Schrader valves at the bottom of the controller.

Recommended for: Users who want a better controller with a heavier-duty compressor but who perhaps don&#;t adjust the suspension every time they use it and don’t mind waiting seconds to lift or drop the vehicle.

Standard Duty OBA

Includes a low 33% duty cycle compressor (better than many OEMs), maximum PSI, small USG steel tank, twin-button-and-gauge controller and an OBA hook-up kit to match the compressor. Please note: The left and right air bags are independent and can be set to different pressures. Used for regular adjustment. Twin paddle switches (like old style electric window switches) allow almost instant adjustment through the whole range.

Recommended for: Users who regularly adjust the suspension and want to do so in a few seconds. If you have grounding issues on a motorhome then this is the controller for you. This is the minimum recommended for commercial vehicles. Ideal if you have a steep drive, problems with ferries or regularly change the weight of your vehicle.

This is considered our best value OBA system in terms of its modest price and high spec.

Premium Duty OBA

Includes a % duty cycle compressor, maximum PSI, PSI tank, twin paddle/gauge controller. Used for daily adjustment. Top general spec. This is a far higher spec than the Standard Duty but essentially the same principle. Single, combined button for up and for down, and a single gauge for both left and right (twin needle).

Recommended for: Ideal control for commercial use and for motorhome users who just want the confidence from fitting the best compressor and a simpler/smarter controller. If you adjust multiple times per day then this is the ideal option.

Ultimate OBA

Includes a % duty cycle compressor, maximum PSI, PSI tank. Used for daily adjustment. Top spec, includes computer controller with programmable pre-sets and standard height adjustment for general running but can be overridden when conditions require.

This system is designed for adjusting four corners and, as the name suggests, is the ultimate controller. Everything is located in one integrated unit, which makes installation simple, and the remote function from any Android or Apple phone or tablet is a real bonus.

Recommended for: Users who want the best computer we offer and a remote control. Anyone who wants the best On-Board Air money can buy should go for Ultimate OBA.

Automatic OBA

Includes a % duty cycle compressor, maximum PSI, PSI tank. Used for hour by hour adjustment, to maintain a pre-set ride height (set at install) . Top spec, includes computer controller. This system is currently only available for leaf spring vehicles and perfect for load support kits. Automatic is ideal where you want a high quality system but dont want to bother having anything to do with it &#; no manual controller, no gauge and no tank.

If you need further clarification or your needs are not listed, please do call or email [email protected] and we will be very happy to help, or to raise a personal quotation.


AirRide Direct Limited offer a warranty on Boss Air Suspension kits for a period of 5 years from time of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and subject to registration at the time of fitting. If you fail to register then a 1 year warranty is offered.

If the kit does not appear to fit &#; STOP and call us, as a vehicle misidentification may have occurred. Kits will be accepted for return and exchange only if they are undamaged. The buyer must cover the return postage.


Delivery on Air Assistance kits is currently £ for Mainland UK excluding Highlands. Please get in touch to find out an exact date for dispatch. We ship worldwide but our website cannot calculate international shipping costs. International customers can email their requirements to [email protected] and we can raise an invoice including international postage. Please do call if you need more information or to know the stock situation which changes from hour to hour. Please do not assume that because you phoned last week and found it was in stock that it is still in stock.

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Universal kit air suspension

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Air suspension install, universal vs top brand

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