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Our Eucalyptus furniture from Outdoor Interiors is made from Plantation Grown (C.O.C. and F.S.C. Certified) Eucalyptus Hardwood from Brazil and New Guinea. Eucalyptus is a fast-growing, environmentally friendly, dense hardwood that is prized for its strength, durability, and weathering characteristics in all climates. Like teak, eucalyptus is naturally resistant to insects and decay.

Note: Several items require some assembly.


Eucalyptus Folding

Danish Eucalyptus

sku: 20420

Eucalyptus & Brown Sling
Stacking Arm Chair

Eucalyptus Swing Lounger with Beige Pillow 

Eucalyptus Dark Brown Swing Lounger

Eucalyptus Square
Bistro set

cushions included, beige or blue)

sku: S60040 blue


48” Round Folding Table 

sku #10025

43″ Round Folding Table

30” Folding Bistro Table

sku 30450f

End Table

some assembly required
sku: 19470

Eucalyptus Round
End Table

some assembly required
sku: 19422
Folding Side Table

Sku 10070

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What is White Glove Delivery?

For the ultimate hassle-free delivery and set-up experience for your furniture investment we offer a premium White Glove Delivery option for customers in the continental United States.

White Glove Delivery means personalized service for your shipment. Our trained Delivery Specialists will receive your order at their local warehouse, inspect it for defects or shipping damage, and assemble your furniture. You will then be contacted by the Delivery Team to set up a convenient delivery day and time. On delivery day your items will be carefully transported to your location and set in place in the location of your choice.

There is an additional cost for this service.


How is this different from Standard Delivery?

Standard Delivery orders are shipped via truck to a shipping hub in your area and then a representative will contact you to arrange a delivery day and time. Shipments are generally delivered at the end of your driveway and you will be responsible for inspection, assembly, carrying the items to their desired location, and disposing of packaging debris. This is included FREE with all orders in the continental U.S. (oversize fees may apply).


What is the cost for White Glove Delivery?

Costs may vary depending on the items ordered, the quantity ordered and where they're being delivered. Whether you're considering placing a new order, or your order has already been placed but has not yet shipped, our Customer Care team will be happy to provide a Free Quote for White Glove Delivery.

Please call 1-800-762-5374 or email [email protected] for more information.

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Eucalyptus & Brown Sling Stacking Armchair

For cleaning, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning products. To maintain the stained finish on your Outdoor Interiors Eucalyptus furniture, we recommend teak, refined or boiled linseed oil to be used at least 2 times in the spring and summer. The number of applications vary depending on direct sunlight, temperature and dry climate versus more humid regions. The look of your furniture will provide tell-tale signs along the way, so “Please Oil” accordingly.

Many items can be oiled in actual work time under 15-20 minutes with light cleaning first. Do not apply any oil in direct sunlight. Apply oil generously and wipe away excess oil with a dry cloth approximately 1-2 hours after application and potentially the next day as well.

Hardwood oils will not harm the sling, however, it should be wiped free during oiling projects. If sling or hardwood becomes soiled or dirty, use water and mild detergents for cleaning.

Always cover or store away your furniture during harsh weather and winter.

CAUTION: Oil soaked rags should be disposed of carefully.


See Our Care & Maintenance Products

Sours: https://outdoorinteriors.com/10555dk-eucalyptus-brown-sling-stackable-arm-chair/
Stacking and Foldable Chairs Great To Have Around

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Stacking outdoor chairs interiors

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