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5in1 Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan Buy Online 5in1 Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan

The Inflatables Sofa Bed is the latest multifunctionally piece of furnitures that you must have arounds. It look good and the comfortably seats 3-peoples, instant converting into the bed if you wants. Simply unfold the base of the sofa into a bed, throw in a couple of pillows and a duvet and chill-ax to your hearts contents. Air Lounge, the amazings comfortables, amazings convenient sofa, lounge, recliner and the fold out bed, all in one. Plugs in the jet propulsions Pump and in less than 3-minute, the Air Lounge inflates into the full sizes sofa that the fits perfectly into any room in your home. Unfolds it and the instantly, it convert into the an incredibly comfortables air mattress. Andflip it overs and you’ve got the chaise lounge recliner. The Air Lounge Surrounds Suspension Air Technology support your body comfortably on the air.


The 5in1  Air Lounge sofa Inflatable Sofa/Bed can be the quickly and easily set up

The full pull-out sofa bed in the just minutes

The Air Lounge Inflatable Sofa/Bed come with its to own jet propulsions pump which can be fully inflated the Air Lounge in the 3-minute.

It's light enough to be the transported to the any part of the house

In additions to the beings the comfortables sofa, the Air Lounge Inflatables Sofa/Bed can easily becomes the comfortable bed and recliner

Made of the high quality superior materials that could be last a lifetime


Original Bestway 5in1 Inflatable Air Sofa Queen Double Bed Mattress in Pakistan

This is a multifunctional air bed/couch. It can be use as high double bed, sofa/couch or as sun bed. It is perfect for living room, TV room, bed room and camping. It can also be used for a guest bed. It can be stored away neatly and there would not any much space needed for it to be stored. There is free pump comes with this pack and you don't need to spend for it.


Double Bed
High Single Bed
Sofa / Couch
Easy to Store
Easy to restore
Free Hand Pump Included
Dimensions/Size: 188cm x 153cm x 64cm (74" x 60" x 25")
Brand New in Its Coloured Packaging for Carrying


1 x Set DOBLE Sofa 75038 Air Inflatable 
1 x Dual - Action Turbo Power Pump
3 x Air Nozzles
1 x Travel Recycle Carry Bag

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Air Lounge Sofa Bed In Pakistan( Air Sofa)

Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan

Air Lounge Sofa Bed In Pakistan Inflatable 5 of every 1 Sofa bed. The Perfect Seating and Sleeping Solution Why make due with only an inflatable ruler measure bed when you can have the 5 of every 1 Sofa Bed. It is something beyond an inflatable Air Lounge Sofa Bed Price In Pakistan, it is additionally a more prominent incentive for your cash The 5 of every 1 Sofa Bed is a definitive dozing and seating arrangement. It will furnish you with more space in little living quarters and furthermore give you an extraordinary place to rest. Air Lounge Sofa Bed Price in Islamabad

The 5 of every 1 Sofa Bed will make an incredible expansion to any parlor, room, visitor room, amusement room or any studio loft. You can even utilize the Original Air Lounge Sofa Bed In Pakistan 5 of every 1 Sofa Bed outside around the house, outdoors, and even in the pool. Additional visitors over to watch the defining moment. Air Lounge is anything but difficult to gather as it is inflatable, the Bestway Air Lounge Sofa Bed is ideal for homes with restricted space. Air Lounge Sofa Bed Price in Lahore

Utilize it as a chair, twofold bed, single bed or for relaxing. Made of great PVC, this Air Lounge Sofa is extremely sturdy. It can be swelled in a matter of seconds, with the complimentary electric pneumatic machine. It is an ideal answer for lone rangers or for individuals who continue moving. You have the choice to look over two astonishing hues Vibrant Orange and Lime Green. They come in extremely convenient when startling visitors touch base at your doorstep. You can even utilize it for outdoors. Give a dash of shading and punch to your family room style with this Bestway Air Lounge Sofa Bed Price in Karachi is bringing a deal such low price that you can't even imagine. So what are you waiting for? Come and get this deal only at! (Air Sofa In Pakistan) at best price in Pakistan with fast shipping in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan and all the other cities of Pakistan!
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Inflatable Sofas

Buy Inflatable Sofas for Comfort and Convenience:

Do you have friends who end up spending the whole night at your place when you host a house party? Or, relatives who love visiting you? But, the problem is you do not have space for any extra furniture for seating? You should check out the air lounger online for creating seating arrangement according to your need.

These days the size of living spaces are growing smaller day by day, especially in urban areas. The increasing number of people in cities is leading to less and less living area. And small living area means less furniture. To make the most of a living space, it is important to optimise each and every nook and corner of your house. When it come to furniture, people are now looking for convenient and comfortable options.

Inflatable sofas tick all the right boxes. They are convenient, comfortable, and portable. You can buy inflatable sofas for your living room, garden area, your patio and poolside. You can also carry them for camping and picnic. These sofas are even good for kid’s room and offices.

You can find a variety of inflatable sofas online that are designed for different requirements. You can choose the size, color, and style of these sofas as per your need and then make a choice. Adil, Adornare, Airsofa, Amazing Health & Fitness, Benison India, and Bestway are among many brands selling inflatable sofas online.  

Finding the Right Inflatable Sofa Online:

There are many types of inflatable sofas. You can buy the airbed style sofa, or one with the armrest. You can also check out the bean-bag-styled inflatable sofas or the funky ones especially designed for kids. 

Seating Capacity of Inflatable Sofas:

You can buy inflatable sofas according to their seating capacity. From one seater to five seater sofas, you can make your choice as per your requirement. You can replace the regular sofa set in your living room with one of the five seater inflatable sofas, or place anyone seater on your balcony to enjoy a relaxing sunset. These sofas are available in many colors. You can buy inflatable sofas to match your interiors. These sofas come with an electric pump to inflate them and you can easily release the air to comfortably fold and carry them anywhere you want.  

Advantages of Buying Inflatable Sofas Online:

You can buy air lounge online after checking out all your options. While buying online, you can read reviews posted by other buyers to make an informed decision. You also get multiple payment choices, including net banking and cash on delivery option. If you are not happy with the product, then you get the facility to either return or replace the product. While shopping online, you usually get lucrative deals and offers to get value for your money. Apart from these, the product that you buy online is delivered on your doorstep making it a hassle-free experience for you. So, check out as many inflatable sofas you want and buy them online.   

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Air sofa bed 5 in 1 with air pump (Bestway Inflatable Sofa ) Just 3443/ Rs

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