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If you're looking for high-quality and affordable pelican kayak replacement parts - you'll find the best pelican kayak replacement parts at great prices on Joom - from 3 to 25 USD. A wide range of available colours in our catalogue: Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Multicolor, Coffee, Brown, Khaki, Camouflage, Gold, Pink, Purple. Only high-quality materials: Synthetic, Fabric, Plastic, Faux leather, Metal, Rubber, Alloy, Silicone, Foam, Latex, Emulsion, Mesh, LED; and popular brands: AUDEW.

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Our Top Pelican Sport Accessories Recommendation For Kayaks

Do you have a Pelican brand kayak?

Are you looking for Pelican kayak accessories to repair or modify your kayak?

Is it difficult to find products that work for Pelican kayaks?

If you have a Pelican brand kayak, you’re not alone! This is a very popular kayak company, and many customers are proud to own one of their products.

However, just like any products, Pelican kayaks may eventually need some pieces replaces. They may also need some attachment parts to make them work better for your specific kayaking setup.

If you find yourself searching for a specific part to use with your Pelican kayak, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you several useful replacement pieces you may need for your kayak, whether it’s old or new. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for kayak parts: 

  • These pieces all come directly from the Pelican company, so you never have to worry about whether or not they’ll actually fit. 
  • You also don’t have to worry about quality, as these pieces will be made from the same durable materials as the Pelican kayak.
  • When buying a replacement or modification part from the same company that made the initial product, you’ll be getting a piece of the same quality that is designed specifically for the product itself. It will fit and function the way it’s supposed to every time.

Read on to find out more about the parts you can purchase from Pelican.

Pelican Sport Add Ons #1. Pelican Boats Universal Kayak Drain Plug

Pelican Boats - PS0145-2 - Universal Kayak Drain Plug with...

The Pelican Boats Universal Kayak Drain Plug is designed to fit most Pelican products. It works to keep water from flowing into the hull of the kayak and ensures that the kayak will remain afloat without taking on too much weight.


  • This drain plug is easy to install by simply screwing it into the appropriate location on the hull in just a few short seconds.
  • The product is built of sturdy material that holds up for a long time.


  • It may be more difficult to lock this plug into place on some Pelican models than on others.
  • The product doesn’t fit all Pelican kayaks and will not fit Pelican children’s kayaks at all.

Pelican Sport Add Ons #2. Pelican Boats Deck Mount Kayak Fishing Rod Holder

Pelican Boats - Deck Mount - Kayak Fishing Rod Holder - PS0649-2...

If your kayak doesn’t include a fishing rod holder, install this Pelican Boats Deck Mount Kayak Fishing Rod Holder in just a few minutes. You’ll be on your way to a more convenient fishing experience in no time!


  • This holder is watertight and resists water leaks while using your kayak.
  • The holder is designed to work with most standard fishing rods.


  • The included instructions may make this product more difficult to install than it has to be, so customers often prefer looking up videos on how to install it instead.
  • It can be tricky to get the product flush with the boat.

Pelican Sport Add Ons #3. Pelican Boats Sit-on-Top Kayak Scupper Plugs

Pelican - Sit-on-Top Kayak Scupper Plugs 4 Pack – Fits Most...

Keep yourself and your gear safe and dry when you use these Pelican Boats Sit-on-Top Kayak Scupper Plugs . These plugs are designed to fit into the holes on top of your kayak and prevent water from sloshing up and into the seating area.


  • The plugs have attached cords so you can remove them any time you want.
  • The plugs come in a handy pack of four.


  • Although the plugs fit most kayaks, they don’t fit every model.
  • The plugs may need to be adjusted now and then to remain watertight.

Pelican Sport Add Ons #4. Pelican Boats Universal Carrying Shoulder Strap

Pelican Boats - Universal SUP & Kayak Comfortable Carrying...

The Pelican Boats Universal Carrying Shoulder Strap is the perfect add-on for anyone who needs assistance carrying a kayak or SUP. This product allows you to attach an ergonomic shoulder strap to your boat and carry it slung over your shoulder from your vehicle to the water and back again.


  • The strap has a built-in loop for holding your paddle so you can keep your hands free for carrying other items and gear as needed.
  • The shoulder strap is padded for comfort and support.


  • The mesh fabric used on this product may be very uncomfortable to some customers.
  • Wider kayaks may not be able to use this strap.

Pelican Sport Add Ons #5. Pelican Boats Sit-on-Top Kayak Seat

Pelican Boats - Sit-on-top Kayak or SUP Seat – PS0480-3 -...

Try the Pelican Boats Sit-on-Top Kayak Seat  when you need to replace the default seat that comes with your kayak. Kayak seats tend to wear out quickly, and this replacement part is the perfect fit for Pelican brand kayaks in need of a new seating option.


  • This is an adjustable seat that can be used on sit-on-top kayaks as well as on SUPs.
  • You can easily install this seat with the included hardware and D-rings.


  • Depending on the style of kayak you have, you may need additional hardware to install the seat.
  • The seat may shift around a little bit on some kayaks.

Pelican Sport Add Ons #6. Pelican Kayak Paddle

Pelican Kayak Paddle Accessories | Aluminum Shaft with Fiberglass...

Bring home the Pelican Kayak Paddle  for an ergonomic and user-friendly paddle you can enjoy for a long time to come. This paddle is made of aluminum with polypropylene blades to keep the design lightweight and easy to operate, whether you’re a beginner or very experienced.


  • The paddle comes in black, orange, blue, and yellow, so you can find the right color for your preferences.
  • The paddle is a great length for kayaking.


  • Some customers find this paddle to be slightly too heavy for long-term kayaking.
  • The paddle features smaller blades than some others, which may make paddling slower.

Pelican Sport Add Ons #7. Pelican Boats Universal Cart Carrier

Pelican Boats - Universal Canoe, Kayak & Stand Up Paddle SUP Cart...

The Pelican Boats Universal Cart Carrier  is an easy-to-use, collapsible cart you can bring along for all your outdoor adventures. This cart is made of aluminum with inflatable tires, and it features a rugged design that can support many Pelican brand kayaks, SUPs, and canoes with no trouble.


  • This product is designed to hold up to 110 pounds of weight, so it’s great for many different watercraft.
  • The carrier itself weighs only 7.6 pounds and is easy to operate solo if needed.


  • Some customers report this cart wearing out sooner than some other similar products.
  • Pontoon style boats may not fit into this carrier without scratching.

All Accessories and All Parts For Pelican Kayaks

Were you able to find the replacement pieces you need? Or are you just looking to stock up and prevent kayak mishaps down the line? What are three of the most important must-have products from this list? Why are they so important?

  • Cart carrier: This is an important item for anyone who cannot carry their own kayak from their vehicle to the water and back again.
  • Drain plug: This piece is crucial to have for the operation of your kayak, so it’s important to have a spare or two available in case something should go wrong.
  • Paddle: Having a spare paddle may make it a lot easier to continue enjoying your kayak adventure if yours happens to get lost! 

There may be other pieces you need to stock up on when buying Pelican parts, too. Keep this in mind when checking out the list above, and don’t be afraid to order ahead and have certain parts prepared for times when they may fail on your existing kayak.

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Kayak replacement parts pelican

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