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Kindle Unlimited in India &#; everything you need to know

I've been a Kindle Unlimited(KU) Subscriber and Kindle Device Reader for quite a few years now.

My device is a basic 6-inch reader with no colors and nothing fancy. And yet I continue to read at least 2/3 books on it, for it's sheer ease and features. Read on to know why.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Everybody now has heard of Amazon and Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s digital reading subscription. Imagine a digital library, only better. Millions of books ready to be devoured at a click.

 Education or Entertainment could never have been easier. 

How does Kindle Unlimited work?

Contrary to the belief that you need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle Unlimited, the Kindle Unlimited App is absolutely free.

You can download it on your phone, your laptop, or your tablet and of course it’s in-built on a Kindle device. To download or borrow books you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Your books on the KU App can be read anywhere, everywhere (I’ve read them in my toilet too). You get access to millions of books available in the digital format and some audiobooks. What’s more there are no restrictions of the date on how long you can have these books but there is a restriction on the number of books you can borrow at a given time – Ten. Plenty, I say.

Due to the huge community of book loving Indian readers, India is the first country in Asia and the 10th country worldwide that Amazon has launched Unlimited in.

Here's where you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited

Here's where you can download the Kindle Reading App.

And here's the entire catalog of Kindle Books

You can browse books on Amazon. Select a Book and against the book you will see a tag for Kindle Unlimited.

Select The Kindle Edition and Click read for free. If you have multiple devices, select the device you need the book to be delivered on and your ready to read. The book will be delivered instantly.

How can I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited in India?

The link below will take you to the subscription page 


go to and type in Kindle Unlimited on the search bar.

All you need is an account with a valid credit card.

You can easily enable 1-click payment (another very convenient feature) for your KU subscription.

What is the price or charges for the subscription in India?

The subscription fee for Kindle Unlimited in India is Rs. per month.

For even more savings, users can subscribe for six months at Rs. or for a yearly subscription by paying Rs. (save Rs. ).

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it in India?

Let me answer this question by making a comparison of this digital subscription with traditional subscriptions – Libraries. Then you can decide for yourself.

How can I get Kindle Unlimited for free?

Amazon offers a 30 day free trial. Download 10 books you love and read away. After 30 days the subscription is Rs. per month. The Kindle Unlimited Free Trial.

Are all books free in Kindle Unlimited?


The books that are free will be marked as Rs against their cover and Read for free if you go to the details of the book.

However, let me give a few examples where I can show you how even if some books have to be paid for, they work out cheaper than anywhere else.

I have created a chart of 8 books I want to read this month, put in their prices on KU and prices for books. Be the judge.

Price of A Paperback Copy of the Book

Price of the Kindle Edition of the same book

Rs. 0 with KU

Which books are free on Kindle Unlimited?

You can find all the books under KU here.

The best in Free Books keep changing based on new releases and reader's ratings. But here's a list of books I was delighted to find free on KU. 

What are the best books on Kindle Unlimited in India?

This list will be based on my personal choice of course. But includes many bestsellers.

50 best self-help books to read in on your Kindle

Non-fiction best reads on Kindle Unlimited

Man's Search for Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust 

Untamed – Glennan Doyle



Think Like a Monk BY JAY SHETTY

The Room Where It Happened BY JOHN BOLTON

Fiction best reads on KU

Pride & Prejudice Paperback – 1 January

The Tuscan Child

Anxious people by Fredrick Backman

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

How many books are on Kindle Unlimited?

Unlimited – literally. How many can you read in your life? ? ? ? Definitely much more than that.

Amazon’s official claim is 1 million and a catalog that is growing every day.

Do you have to pay for books on Kindle Unlimited?

Yes and No. Depends on the book. Majority books are free. The ones that are not are available at a very low price.

Can Kindle unlimited be shared?

Although you cannot share you Ku subscription you can read books from your KU subscription on multiple devices: Kindle Devices, Phone, Tablet or PC. Every device will ask for your KU login credentials.

What are the best book series on Kindle unlimited ?

2 popular book series worldwide that aer vaialble as a kindle edition are

  • The Harry Potter series – 7 books series
  • Hunger Games – 3 books series
  • The Shiva Trilogy - 3 book series

How to read books in Amazon Kindle?

10 reasons why I love the Kindle Reading App.

  1. Free - It's a free reading app. No charge whatsoever and you can download it to any device with a single Amazon account. 
  2. Highlights – just select the text and highlight in 4 different colors. I use the pink color for quotable sentences and the yellow color for spelling errors or editing errors I find as a book reviewer. You can share the selected text directly as a quote, or search for it on the internet or even just copy it. 
  3. Taking notes – making notes in the margin of physical book looks messy and untidy. Just tap on the screen and a context menu appears that let’s you take notes on the App. Penning my thoughts has never been easier.
  4. Inbuilt dictionary – I love learning adding new words to my vocabulary. Its so much easier when while reading all you have to do is select the word and the dictionary automatically pops up with the meaning, synonyms and so much other stuff.
  5. Back color of the pages of the book – again 4 options. I love the black background when reading in the night and the white background when reading in daylight. It’s super easy to switch and I can adjust the brightness to suit my tastes.
  6. Font settings – I can go as big or as tiny as I like. My eyesight is still good enough to go easy on the smallest.
  7. Progress bar in the bottom that tells me how long I have to finish the book/chapter. Its so easy to track.
  8. No bookmarks need. Just switch off the phone screen or switch to another app without worrying of losing track of your last read page. The next time you open the app it will automatically take you to the last page read across multiple devices. Isn’t it amazing? You can even switch between books in the library that easily.
  9. Didn’t like a book, Click - return it, Click - pick another one, click – start reading the next. A matter of seconds, literally.
  10. Goodreads linked – if you’re on Goodreads, the app automatically updates your bookshelf, current reads and finished books to your Goodreads account. As a book reviewer I find this super useful.

Download it Now

How to turn off auto renew kindle unlimited?

You can cancel or disable Auto Renew for your Membership by visiting this page.

What are the best finance books on kindle unlimited?

This list is in no way exhaustive, there are hundreds, if not thousands of more books on Finance, but I cannot link all of them here. So I am penning down my favorites. 

What is Prime reading?

Amazon Prime subscription in India has two subscription options. You can take the annual subscription pack that costs Rs per year, or a monthly subscription package which is priced at Rs per year. Prime reading is a toned down version of the Kindle Unlimited, which is a massive library of books.

Is Kindle Unlimited free for Prime members in India?

No. both are separate subscriptions. If you are on Amazon Prime member, the prime reading membership is inclusive, but the Kindle Unlimited subscription is separate.

How to Manage your kindle subscriptions? "

Go to the page and sign into your Amazon account. You can manage your membership by visiting Your Account, Memberships and Subscriptions.

Where can I find the entire Kindle unlimited catalog?

KU India catalog 

How do I cancel kindle unlimited subscription?

You can cancel your kindle unlimited membership for magazines or books by visiting Your Account and adjusting your Kindle Unlimited membership settings.

Go to the page and sign into your Amazon account. You can cancel your membership by visiting Your Account, Memberships and Subscriptions.

Under Manage Membership, select Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership.

Select End Membership on 31.07.2021 making sure to fill in the desired end date. Your membership remains active until the next billing date. After the billing date passes, you lose access to content that you have checked out.

How does my Kindle Unlimited library look?

Here's a screenshot of my current library. It includes Books I am about to review, self-help books and books in other genres like mystery. 

Does Kindle Unlimited have magazines?

You can access the current issue of each magazine subscription title in Kindle Unlimited by clicking on the “Read for Free” button on the specific magazine page. You will have access to borrowed issues until you return them or until you cancel your Kindle Unlimited membership.

Some popular magazines/comics/graphic novels available on Kindle Unlimited include

For kids and young adults


If you’re an avid reader like me, and you don’t mind reading books by independent publishers and authors, you should subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

It is worth every penny spent. 10 books is a lot, I read at least 4 on my Kindle and a few physical books (limited edition) every month.

It’s the best of both worlds. Also I love that I can highlight quotes, take notes and read on my phone, or laptop. So I don’t have to carry books. I always carry my phone, so I’m always carrying 10 books.

And what’s more you can cancel for a month you think you’re going to be super busy with work and continue again when you’re free.

Tip : A Kindle Subscription also works as an awesome gift for a book lover friend. Try it, they’ll love you for it and forever remember your thoughtful gift.

Happy reading!

Further Reading


On Wednesday, Amazon India launched the Kindle Unlimited subscription service that allows customers to "borrow" Kindle library books which they can read and return, up to 10 at a time. Confirming what NDTV Gadgets had reported last week, Kindle Unlimited is available in India for Rs. per month, and you can sign up now to get access for the first month for Rs.

This is different from the US model where the first month is free, but then, the monthly fee there is $ (or around Rs. ), so Indian users are still getting a good deal on this.

It's worth noting that you need to have an India account in your country settings - if you had not already done this, then you're going to have to do so now to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited. This will take away one-touch ordering from the Kindle though; of course, if you bought your Kindle after August , when Amazon launched the Kindle Store in India, then your settings were most likely on India anyway.

As we noted last week, with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you get access to ebooks and audiobooks (which are still in the pipeline for Kindle Unlimited in India) , on any of your devices - if you don't own a Kindle, then you can still make use of the subscription by using the Kindle app on your iOS or Android device, or on the Web. You can "borrow" up to 10 books or audiobooks at a time, for as long as you'd like.

While the low pricing makes Kindle Unlimited sound like a great deal, it's worth noting that not all the books on offer will be the bestsellers that most people want to read. Not all the books you'll find on the Kindle store are going to be a part of Kindle Unlimited.

(Also see:  Amazon Kindle Unlimited Review: Limited Selection)

Our first look through the Kindle Unlimited catalog has also not been too promising. While there are some books which are popular, such as Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend, Making India Awesome, Immortals of Meluha by Amish, The One You Cannot Have by Preeti Shenoy, Daily Inspiration from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, War Brides by Helen Bryan, All I Need Is You by Julia London, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal, 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck by Ashwin Sangh, we couldn't find too many books we wanted to read.

There's no easy way to browse through the Unlimited library without coming across a small mountain of self-published books; and while there can be some gems there, it's often a collection worthy of a publisher's slush pile.

At the face of it, Kindle Unlimited seems like great value, but if finding a good book to read among millions is such an uphill struggle, then how many people are actually going to make use of the subscription?

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Kindle Unlimited Launches In India

Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s “all-you-can-read” subscription service, is now available in India. Pricing currently starts at 99 rupees (about $) for a one-month plan, though that will increase to rupees at the end of this month.

Amazon was one of the first companies to launch an e-reader in India when it made the Kindle available there in , but the devices now compete with Kobo and a host of smartphones and tablets. In terms of content, the Kindle Unlimited plan is up against Flipkart, which operates India’s largest e-book platform (according to a report by BMS Index, Flipkart’s e-book market is also the second largest in the world behind Kindle, ranking ahead of Barnes & Noble, FNAC, Waterstones, and The Book depository).

The launch of Kindle Unlimited in India helps Amazon ramp up its competition with Flipkart. Though Flipkart’s share of the Indian e-commerce market is still ahead of Snapdeal and Amazon, monthly unique visitors growth to Amazon’s India site is growing the quickest out of the three, according to comScore, and the Kindle Unlimited catalog may help it pull in even more shoppers.

Making Kindle Unlimited available in India also taps into a market with a lot of growth potential. According to Digital Book World, e-books currently account for just two percent of the country’s $2 billion market, but that amount is expected to grow as more people get their hands on inexpensive smartphones and tablets.

This is the first Asia launch for Kindle Unlimited, which is currently also available in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

5 WAYS TO GET FREE BOOKS ON KINDLE - Best Sites To Download Unlimited Paid Books For Free

Amazon&#;s Kindle Unlimited service: How to sign up, what it offers

The advantage with a subscription service like this is you don&#;t have to pay individually for each book, and there is only a monthly cost involved.  For those who are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you will not have to pay for each of these books.

How does one sign up for Kindle Unlimited? What is the cost ?

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription can be accessed from the Amazon website itself. Just search for Kindle Unlimited and you will find details of the subscription. The first 30 days are free. After that trial period, the subscription service is renewed at a cost of Rs per month.

You will need to enter your debit or credit card details on Amazon, so that the auto-charge can be applied each month. You can also use a card which is already saved to your Amazon account when signing up for service.

Alternatively, at the time of payment, Amazon Kindle Unlimited also offers the following options: Just one month subscription at Rs , subscription for six months at Rs and a month subscription at Rs 1,

If you have a Kindle device, go to the Kindle Store tab on the reader, and you will see Kindle Unlimited showing as an option. Tap on this, and Amazon will take you to the page to sign up for the subscription service.

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I don’t have a Kindle. Can I still access the subscription service?

Yes. Even if you do not have a Kindle e-reader, you can download the Kindle reading app on your smartphone be it Android or iOS or on your tablet, and then sign into your Amazon account to access the Unlimited subscription service. Kindle will let you read your books from any device with the subscription service, and you can download books directly to these devices.

Read more: Google 3D animals: How to watch 3D tiger, duck, dog and other animals in your room

How do I know which title is part of the Kindle Unlimited?

Books which are part of the Kindle Unlimited service will usually have a tag on top of them highlighting the same. The Harry Potter books are part of the Kindle Unlimited service, as are Tinkle comics, Amar Chitra Katha titles, the Immortals of Meluha series, etc. There are books in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Tamil also available as part of the Unlimited subscription services. Some Manga comics such as Battle Angel Alita are also listed as part of the service.

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How many books can you download as part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service?

Kindle Unlimited has a limit. You can only keep ten books from the service in your digital library. If you cross more than ten books, you will be asked to return one title to Amazon’s library.

Can I cancel this service?

Of course, you can cancel the membership at any time. Just go to your Amazon Account and change the Kindle Unlimited membership settings. Amazon says if you cancel, you will not be refunded any membership fees, which has already been paid. All titles and books that were part of the account under Kindle Unlimited will be removed from your devices and applications.


Price kindle unlimited india

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Kindle Unlimited?

A: Kindle Unlimited is a service that allows you to read as much as you want, choosing from over 1 million titles. Freely explore new authors, books, and genres from mysteries and romance to sci-fi and more. You can read on any device. The first 30 days are free, after which it&#;s available for Rs a month. You can also subscribe for the 6 or 12 month plans. As a member of Kindle Unlimited, you have unlimited access to a growing catalog of over 1 million Kindle books for so long as you are a member of the program. Try it free for 30 days.

Q: Who is eligible for the Kindle Unlimited 30 day free trial?

A: Free trial is only available on the Rs monthly plan. If you have not tried Kindle Unlimited before, or it has been more than 13 months since you last used Kindle Unlimited, you are eligible for a 30 day free trial. After the 30 day free trial period, you will automatically get enrolled in the Rs per month subscription.

Q: How can I access Kindle Unlimited books?

A: You can find Kindle Unlimited books everywhere you shop for Kindle books today. Look for the Kindle Unlimited icon throughout the Kindle Store and click on the "Read for Free" button on Kindle book pages to start reading.

You can find popular titles and recommendations from our editors on the Kindle Unlimited page page or browse our entire catalog and refine by your favorite genre.

Q: Do I need a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle Unlimited?

A: No. You can read Kindle Unlimited books on your Kindle device or your phone, tablet or computer with our free Kindle Reading apps.

Q: How can I sign-up for Kindle Unlimited on my iOS device?

A: To sign-up for Kindle Unlimited on your iPhone or iPad, visit in your browser. You can find and download Kindle Unlimited books from your browser the same way you shop for books in the Kindle Store and read them with our free Kindle Reading app .

Q: Is Kindle Unlimited available to customers living outside India?

A: Kindle Unlimited is currently available only to India customers on Customers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Canada can sign-up for Kindle Unlimited in their local Amazon marketplace. We also plan to expand this service to other countries. Please stay tuned.

For more information about Kindle Unlimited, visit our help page and terms and conditions.

(FREE) How to Get Amazon Prime Or Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30 Days Trial Free

You can get a 6-month Kindle Unlimited subscription for 50% off for Prime Day

Score access to more than one million books, audiobook and magazines for half the normal price.

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Amazon Prime Day may have been delayed this year due to the COVID pandemic but it seems the online shopping giant is making up for lost time. Already, the company has released a slew of amazing deals for Prime members (sign up for a free day trial here; $ after that), including one heck of a discount on its Kindle Unlimited service.

Need help finding products? Sign up for our weekly newsletter. It’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Right now, Prime members who don’t already have an existing Kindle Unlimited subscription can receive 50% off a six-month membership, dropping the cost from $ to $ A Kindle Unlimited subscription typically costs $ per month, so you’ll essentially be getting three months of free reading! After the six-month trial period, you’ll be charged the full $ each month, plus any applicable taxes. 

With this membership, you'll get unlimited access to more than one million book titles, thousands more audiobooks and a wide selection of magazines that you can read on on any laptop, tablet or phone of their choiceof your choice via the Kindle app.

Cozy up with a good book for less.

We happen to think Kindle e-readers—particularly the Kindle Paperwhite (from $)—are the best e-readers on the market for their waterproof casing and stellar brightness, so if you want to purchase one and save some coin on the monthly subscription, now’s your chance. Even if you've already got a device you love, however, Prime members can still enjoy this deal on any laptop, tablet or phone of their choice by using the Kindle app. 

With cold weather on the way for many, there's no better time to enjoy an endless supply of books and magazines that are just clicks away. Shop the rest of Amazon's early Prime Day deals here. 

Get 6 months of Kindle Unlimited at Amazon for $ (Save $) 

The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. Follow Reviewed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest deals, reviews, and more.

Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.


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This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy we may make a commission, at no additional charge to you. Please see our disclosure policy for more details.


If you’ve been reading books from Amazon, you’ve probably heard about the Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading programs.

Both programs boast of offering “unlimited reading” on a vast choice of books and popular magazines for their members, at a surprisingly low monthly fee.

But how do the two programs differ from each other?

And which would benefit you more, Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading? Or would you be better off with neither?

Let’s answer the questions one by one.

What Is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited Vs Prime Reading: Which Is Better?
Click Here to Join Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service offered by Amazon and has been available since July In a nutshell, the service is like Spotify for music or Netflix for movies.

Kindle Unlimited allows unlimited access to, at the time of writing, more than million titles, including hundreds of thousands of titles in various foreign languages.

That includes not only books, but also comic books, audiobooks, and popular magazines (think Outdoor Life, Parents, and Popular Science!)

  • Comic Books
  • Audiobooks
  • Popular Magazines
  • And.. of course&#; regular Books

The books available belong to various genres, from romance, to finance and science.

Thousands of them also come with a narrated Audible audiobook. This means you can make use of Whispersync for Voice to continue reading a book right at the page you were listening to and vice versa.

With a focus geared more toward independent authors and a few specific books and genres, you’ll be able to explore writing styles, genres, and authors that you may have not otherwise found out about.

Kindle Unlimited offers the perfect way to reach past typical genres and authors that you are most used to reading, allowing you to step out of your reading comfort zone while still getting to enjoy popular and fun classics.

Read More: What Is Kindle Unlimited and How Does It Work?

Kindle Unlimited also covers public domain titles, all of which are synched with their free audiobook companion.

Kindle Unlimited vs Prime Reading

What Is Prime Reading?

Prime Reading is a benefit available as a free trial or for paid Amazon Prime members, including those joining the Prime Student program.

It allows Amazon Prime members to browse and read more than a thousand eBooks, magazines, comic books, and more.

Similar to Kindle Unlimited, Prime Reading includes books to borrow for free with Audible narration.

Thanks to that, you can enjoy switching between listening to an audiobook and reading it on your device seamlessly.

Basically, it is “Kindle Limited.&#; It offers a pared-down catalog of the content of the Unlimited program.

What Selections of Books Do Each Offer?

Kindle Unlimited Vs Prime Reading: Which Is Better?

Both Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited have a great variation of books on different topics for you to discover.

However, there are differences in the size and the quality of the content offered with each program.

Kindle Unlimited Books

With Kindle Unlimited, you can discover more than 1 million titles of books, magazines, comic books, audiobooks, and more.

However, a majority of the titles are self-published by new writers and authors.

The Kindle Unlimited library includes the occasional new release and some massive bestsellers such as:

However, there is generally a lack of titles from the big five publishing companies, including Penguin Random House and Macmillan.

While you can find several classics and best-sellers, most finds will be smaller titles.

This means you may have difficulties looking for some books from your favorite authors.

However, Kindle Unlimited gives you access to hidden gems that may have not made a huge splash.

So, it&#;s a great program for avid readers always looking for the next great novel or author.

Amazon Prime Books

Prime Reading, meanwhile, looks more like a subset of the selection from Kindle Unlimited. However, it is known for the quality of the books that are available.

All the titles available to Prime Reading members are handpicked by the editors.

They include best-sellers and popular books from trusted publishing houses.

The number of books you can keep at one time is the same for both programs — ten.

On Which Devices?

Both the Kindle Unlimited program and the Prime Reading program allow you to read on the Amazon Kindle app from any mobile device.

You can download the app for free from your App Store or Play Store and immediately start using it.

So, you don’t even need a Kindle e-reader for either of these programs.

What Are the Costs of Each Program?

 Kindle Unlimited Vs Prime Reading: Which Is Better?

Kindle Unlimited Pricing

The Kindle Unlimited eBook subscription costs $ a month. With this membership, you can read any book you want that is available, but you can only keep a maximum of 10 books at once in your account.

Of course, you can always return and read other books at all times and at no additional cost!

With your monthly Kindle Unlimited subscription, you will still be able to use your regular Amazon subscription in any way you wish, including buying other books and goods on the marketplace.

If you&#;re not ready to commit to the paid subscription, you can sign up for a day free trial to see if the program is right for you.

Amazon Prime Reading Pricing

Amazon Prime Reading, on the other hand, is free — if you’re already an Amazon Prime member.

The Amazon Prime program costs $ a month. If you choose to go on an annual plan, the price is $ per year.

With Prime Reading, you can also sign up for a day free trial.

The Verdict – Which Program Is Better?

Overall, the Kindle Unlimited program is ideal for voracious readers who want to explore new authors and experience the newest literary trends.

If you read five or more new books a month, it&#;s worth the price. Especially if you prefer to read the more expensive books or audiobooks that are available.

However, if you’re a very occasional reader, Kindle Unlimited may not be your best option.

Keep in mind that several of the e-books available are affordable on their own (ranging between $ and $). So, if the books you read are in the lower price range, you’ll need to read five to nine books per month for the subscription to make sense economically.

Most avid readers, however, will be able to quickly make up the cost of the subscription after reading a few books throughout the month.

Prime Reading, meanwhile, is better for readers that want a more “mainstream” reading experience with better-known books and authors.

As part of Amazon Prime, the subscription also comes with Prime Video (free instant access to video streaming), Prime Music, free unlimited photo storage, and free two-hour, one-day, and two-day delivery. You can even save on Netflix and Spotify!

So, if you frequently shop on Amazon, and also want access to Amazon&#;s music and movie libraries, the Prime program is a better deal.

Since both programs offer a free 3- day trial period, you can register for each or both for a month and see which one is more suitable for your needs!

Another choice is to go on and off the membership depending on your needs. If you’re on vacation, for example, it’s a good time to try Kindle Unlimited.

No worries about the risks, because it’s free to cancel any time.

Click Here to Join Kindle Unlimited

FAQ Section

The following are a few of the more commonly asked questions regarding these subscription programs and a summary of other pertinent information.

How does Kindle Unlimited work and what are the limits of Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited Vs Prime Reading: Which Is Better?

When you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you&#;re gaining access to over a million Kindle titles including eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines.

You can then read these titles on any Amazon device or the Kindle app and borrow titles as often as you wish with no due dates. Ten titles can be kept at a time.

Kindle Unlimited is separate from Amazon Prime and the Kindle Owners&#; Lending Library.

Instead, it is a service that stands apart and comes with a monthly fee of $ with no limit on how many books you read in a month. The only limitation is having ten titles at one given time.

What are the best Kindle Unlimited Books ?

The best Kindle Unlimited books of come from several genres, so there is plenty to choose from.

The following are just a few of the best titles taken from genres like biographies and memoirs, business and money, graphic novels, romance, mystery, thriller, and suspense, literary fiction, and young adult.

How does Kindle Unlimited work on the app?

When you download Kindle Unlimited for your mobile device (iPhone or Android), it is almost the same as having an actual Kindle in your hands.

You can read the books you purchase on Amazon, have access to over a thousand titles that are included with Prime.

And you can read and listen to titles with Audible narration. It is a way to carry all of your Kindle eBooks with you wherever you go.

All of the titles you purchase on Amazon will automatically appear in the app. If you are a Kindle Unlimited or Prime member, you can also select and download eBooks from the app directly.

You also gain the advantage of sampling any eBook for free, discover what other readers are interested in via the newsfeed, and have a much more customizable reading experience right from your mobile device.

What is included in Kindle Unlimited?

With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you will have access to over one million titles in the Kindle store.

Among these titles, you will find books, audiobooks, and magazines.

You can keep up to ten titles at one time, but you have unlimited access with your subscription to any other titles you want for the duration of the year.

What is the difference between Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime?

Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime are both Amazon programs.

When you look at what these two programs do and how to use them, you will find that they are very similar.

You can access a variety of titles and can get them on an Amazon device or through the Kindle app.

There are also no due dates. Amazon&#;s program, Prime Reading, is just one of the many benefits Amazon Prime offers.

It is included in the annual Amazon Prime membership. Kindle Unlimited, on the other hand, is a standalone subscription service that is separate from Amazon Prime.

Also, you can purchase a Kindle Unlimited subscription even if you do not have an Amazon Prime membership.

The next biggest difference is what titles are available for each of these programs.

With Prime Reading, you only have access to around 1, titles, and they are rotated in and out.

With Kindle Unlimited, you have access to over one million titles.

Can I give Kindle Unlimited as a gift?

Kindle Unlimited Vs Prime Reading: Which Is Better?

Yes, you can purchase a Kindle Unlimited Gift.

Simply go to Amazon&#;s Kindle Unlimited Gift landing page, select the membership duration you desire − 6, 12, or 24 months.

You can then click the orange button to add this gift to your cart. There is also an area that allows you to personalize a message to go alongside the gift. You can also choose which day to deliver the gift if you want to schedule it in advance.

Once they receive the gift, they can load up the Kindle Unlimited months they were gifted onto the Amazon account. Or they can refuse the Kindle Unlimited gift and instead obtain a gift card with the purchase price and have the gift card directly added to their Amazon account.

You can also give a 3- or month Amazon Prime subscription as a gift for holidays, a wedding, or just because.

Buy a Kindle Unlimited Gift

What are the best Kindle Unlimited books of all time?

Several Kindle Unlimited books have made it on top Kindle bestseller lists, and we have a few of those titles to share with you today.

When you acquire a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you will want to see how many eligible titles there are that are worth reading.

All three books in the Hunger Games Trilogy written by Suzanne Collins are on the list of the top fifteen Kindle Unlimited books of all time.

On this list, you can also find A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer&#;s Stone by J.K. Rowling under the young adult category.

You will also find The Hangman&#;s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch and The Handmaid&#;s Tale by Margaret Atwood under literature and fiction as well as The Complete User&#;s Guide to the Amazing Amazon Kindle by Stephen Windwalker listed under the reference genre.

Can you keep Kindle Unlimited books?

You are able to keep up to ten titles from Kindle Unlimited in your account at all times. Therefore, you can&#;t plan on building an extensive collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines from them.

Is Kindle Unlimited free for Prime members?

Kindle Unlimited is not free for Amazon Prime users and still costs the same $ monthly fee as it does for non-Amazon Prime users.

With this subscription, you can read an unlimited number of books each month, but keep in mind you can only hold onto ten titles at a time.

Is there a free trial of Kindle Unlimited?

Yes, you can try out the service for a month using the free trial. With your first month free, you can try out any aspect of the Kindle Unlimited subscription and read any of the books and magazines or listen to any of the Kindle audiobooks available.

The free trial gives you the option to see if you’re going to enjoy the service before you commit to spending $ a month on it.

How do you purchase a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Amazon members can purchase a Kindle Unlimited subscription using their active Amazon account. Just search for “Kindle Unlimited” under the “Kindle e-readers and Books” tab on the main menu.

First, you can sign up for the free trial, and then you’ll automatically be charged after your trial ends.

If you do not have an Amazon account, you can sign up for the day free trial of Kindle Unlimited using this link.

Once you sign up, you’ll have to enable 1-Click Ordering in your Amazon account to use the service on your preferred reading device.

To activate 1-click ordering, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings.
  2. Next to your address, click “make default.”
  3. Change settings.
Sign Up for Kindle Unlimited

How do you return books on Kindle Unlimited?

You’ll have to get familiar with the process behind returning books on Kindle Unlimited since you can only have ten books at a time.

While there are no due dates, you’ll still want to continue to return books so that you can try more of the books, audiobooks, and magazines.

Here’s the easy process:

  • Log on to the Amazon site and navigate to the Kindle store.
  • Click on “Your Account.”
  • Select “manage your content and devices.”
  • Click on your book, and then select “Return This Title.”

How do you cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription?

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to continue with your subscription, either during or long after your free trial, it’s simple to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Since the subscription is on a month-to-month basis, you aren’t entering into a binding, year-long subscription.

Here are the steps to cancel:

  • Log into your Amazon account, and navigate to your settings.
  • Navigate to Kindle Unlimited settings, and then “Manage Your Membership.”
  • Select the option to cancel your membership.

Remember to cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid getting charged.

However, if you do cancel after the start of a new billing period, you&#;ll still have access to your subscription until the end of that billing period.

Kindle Unlimited Vs Prime Reading: Which Is Better


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