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The Pokemon Black Version 2 is a direct sequel to the Pokemon Black Version, which is part of the fifth generation of the Pokemon video games series. The game is developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. 

Game Plot


The game mainly focuses on the legendary Pokemon distinguished by Junichi Masuda as Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. Following the events of the first version, the criminal organization Team Plasma has come back as Neo Team Plasma, and the player must prevent their plans throughout the game. Here, the player must even trade between the versions in order to achieve the Pokedex. 




The players here send out their Pokemon to lower the health points of the opposing teams while battling. Players achieve this with their Pokemon moves, and they can perform different purposes like debuffing, attacking, and striking status effects. 


Best Emulator for Pokemon Black Version 2 ROM


Before downloading the Pokemon Black Version 2 game, you need to download and install a Nintendo DS emulator on your device. This emulator helps you to play your game.


For Windows PC, there are few fantastic emulators like DraStic DS Emulator, which has the option to save states, controllers support, and button mapping. In the case of MAC, Citra Emulator is good as it has Graphic optimization and is highly active.

Similar Games


Even though Pokemon Black Version 2 is a sequel, it has its own new features to play and enjoy. Similarly, there are few other games that are related to Pokemon Black Version 2, which you might like. Three of them are listed below.


  1. Pokemon Ranger : The player in the Pokemon Ranger controls the Pokemon in the Fiore region and temporarily captures Pokemon using a device called Capture Style. The game is set in 10 missions and three sub-mission, according to the storyline. The only Pokemon that explores permanently with the player in this version is Minun if the player chooses a male character or else Plusle if the character chosen is female.

  2. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia : The game here is set in the Almia region and features Pokemon, including a new Pokemon that was not featured in the original Pokemon Ranger. At the Ranger School, the player begins as a Pokemon Ranger in training, instantly graduates, and later advances from there. The player can choose their character gender here, and the choice does not affect their partner Pokemon. The Shadows of Almia also introduces quests that are mini-missions and not major ones.

  3. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs : Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs is an action role-playing video game, unlike the rest of Pokemon games. Here the game revolves around capturing the Pokemon using Capture Styler by drawing circles around them. The styler's health goes down if the Pokemon breaks the circles by attacking them. Hence, the styler runs out of energy. The player can use Guardian Signs by drawing certain symbols, and it's like summoning. 
Sours: https://www.gamulator.com/roms/nintendo-ds/pokemon-black-version-2

Download Pokemon - Black 2 (Patched-and-EXP-Fixed) ROM

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File Name:Pokemon - Black Version 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced) [b].zip
Region:US Country (US)
Console:NDS (Get Emulator)
File Size:unknown

About Pokemon - Black 2 (Patched-and-EXP-Fixed) Game

Its a story about zekrom and reshiram but there lurks among the 2 legendarys there lurks a icy dragon this icy dragon can merge among the 2 legendarys after merging they become a powerful foe

It's a story about Zekrom and The Mysterious Legendary Pokemon Combined. There is a Child who's dream is to see the mightiest pokemon. Will his dream come true? Or it will not? It depends on you!

Sours: https://www.retrostic.com/roms/nds/pokemon-blackpatched-and-exp-fixed
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Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Black and White 3: Genesis Rom

Version: 9th January, Demo

Updated: January 9,


(9th January, Demo)

Useful Stuff


Name: Pokemon Black & White 3
Type: GBC
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English
Creator: Azure_Keys


Black and White 3: Genesis is intended as a further sequel to Black 2/White 2 Versions. It takes place in Unova, around 5 years following the events of B2/W2. In this game, you play as a young trainer from Humilau City, and will embark on a journey around the region to catch Pokemon, collect Gym badges, and thwart the plans of a mysterious group claiming to be Team Plasma, a terror group that was supposedly disbanded years ago.


  • Pokemon available, selected from throughout the first 5 generations
  • moves from throughout the first 5 generations
  • Physical/Special split on moves
  • Move power changed to fit Gen 5 stats
  • Fairy type added, and type chart adjusted to account for it
  • Various items from newer games
  • Reusable TMs
  • Trade evolutions changed to normal level-up, level-up with item, or stone evolutions
  • Reusable Repels


Azure_Keys, JaceDeane, Rangi, PiaCarrot, Bloodless, Bees, JaceDeane, Morlock, Luna, Mmmmmmmmmmm, FroggestSpirit, TriteHexagon, Regen, Solo, FiQ



Sours: https://www.gbahacks.com//01/black-whitegenesis.html
Top 5 Best NDS Pokemon Rom Hacks

Pokemon Black Rom GBA free download from Pokemonlog.com, the best website that provides the % working downloading links of Pokemon rom hacks. Pokemon Black has the new cast crew this time. The most updated version of Pokemon FireRed hack is ready for play. You can play this game on the emulator.  Entirely new Storyline will amaze you to play and know about the characters present in the game. Pokemon Sage was one of the versions in which some pokemons were not allowed to move in the specific areas.

pokemon black rom

Pokemon Black ROM File Basic Info:

  • File Name: Pokemon Black ROM
  • By: Games Freak
  • For: Nintendo
  • Setup Size:  MB

Pokemon Black GBA ROM Hack Free Snapshots:

pokemon black version

pokemon black gba version

pokemon black rom download

What&#;s new in the Gameplay of Black version:

In the previous version of pokemon hack of fire red rom, there are some games in which areas are limited. Now in the Pokemon Black version GBA hack you will not face any difficulty in the gameplay. Entirely new cast in the form of new characters. Some of the characters are less in number while you move to their place.  Most of the places are abandoned for several years, which are not yet discovered. For discovering those places, please find out some pokemon for yourself to help you out in this case.

More teams are present this time, which can be accessed in the game. You as a starter Pokemon are also in the team which is quite powerful. The battle system of this game is quite amazing. You will see some big challenges ahead and changes made in the overall environment as well.  In Pokemon Black Rom, you will have to face some challenges from the opposing teams. The opponents are in the form of groups like two Clans name as Dark and light clans. They are quite powerful in the sense of advanced weapon and powers.

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Let’s Discover the Storyline of Pokemon Black GBA Hack:

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss black and white as yet another pokemon game. And yes, it is very similar. You are playing the role of young Kid with no Dad and Mom. As your parents have died in an incident. While moving forward in the land you fight with all those who are responsible for this act.

You get eight badges as soon as you defeat all the teams who are coming in your way. There are some evil group of people on the land who are constantly involved in finding you and disturbing you in any way. You will be amazed to see some notable improvements of the pokemon games.

One of the amazing facts is that Pokemon Black ROM gba hack is more like story driven. The villains are the team plasma and you have to fight with them at the end of this amazing game. The amazing feature is that the gym leaders are a real character, not any fake ones. They are responsible and have a team of 8 people as well.  Some time ago there was a region name as Baradar, in which clans were there.

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Let&#;s Discuss Graphics and all that Stuff:

The Pokemon Black hack is constantly running on the graphics engine from the last couple games. But the camera angle has been shifted so that the 3D elements are more noticeable. Also, the graphics of this black rom are really amazing to see. The 3D elements are used a lot more this time and can be discovered here and there.

There are a ton of bridges in the game, if you are the person who loves to play on bridges then you are the lucky one. The Gyms are more dynamic this time and can be found more advanced from the previous version of pokemon rom hacks from pokemonlog. In Gyms some amazing puzzles and roller coasters are present.

These clans are then finally divided into two different clans and they were named as Dark Clans and Light Clans.  The main character is responsible for the clans to manage them wisely. Actually, both of the clans want to live a peaceful life. They are very committed to this deal and want to establish a new prosper area.

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Some of the Advance Features of Pokemon Black GBA ROM Hack:

  • Amazing features in Gyms.
  • New Puzzles and roller coasters in Gyms.
  • 3D Elements.
  • Amazing UI and Graphics.
  • Special Fighting mode.
  • New missions are present
  • Walls made of Honey.
  • You can move in every direction.
  • Extra flourish in the movement of pokemon.
  • Pixelated pokemon is present.
  • Monsters battle each other.

Download Pokemon Black Version GBA ROM hack for Free

Download Here

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Black rom pokemon

Pokémon Black and White

Pokemon is already in the most loved games of all time over the past 20 years. They have released thousands of Anime episodes along with many different versions of games. More than ten games under the main plot and countless other non-canon products have contributed to great success. Even until there is still a game launched for players to enjoy with top-notch graphics as well as appropriate gameplay for modern players&#; tastes. In contrast to the seasoned history of the series, its perfection comes from the Black and White version as it underpins many later versions of the game. It forms the basis for the plot of the games that are later released with complex character systems, completed in a clear order. Besides, 3D graphics with increased pixel density also make things sharper. Moreover, in this game also mentioned very special aspects that the previous version did not mention. Players will experience the real feeling, not like a virtual, emotionless game like previous products.

In this Pokémon Black and White section , players will take part in the training of these cute monsters as before. You still get to choose between two young trainers who want to hit the road to become a Master. But this time there will be other changes that players will feel clear if they play it seriously. The first will be the division between two different worlds in a game version. There are Pokemon that can only be captured in the Black world and the same in the other. The seasonal change is also the game&#;s remarkable innovation. It means that scenes, Pokemon, and different types of food also change differently from season to season. Players will have to adapt them to achieve their own goals during the game. Three new Starter Pokemon &#; the Snivy Grass-type, Oshawott&#;s Fire-type Tepig or the Water-type is also a noticeable change.

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Sours: https://romsfun.com/roms/nintendo-ds/pokemon-black-and-white.html
How to Download Pokemon Black and White on Android Easy Way *Working 2021*

Where do I get Pokemon Black roms?

Where do I get Pokemon Black roms?

Pokemon &#; Black Version ROM download is available to play for Nintendo DS. This Pokemon game is the US English version at EmulatorGames.net exclusively.

What is the emulator for Pokemon Black?

In short, Pokemon Black and White is the game that fans have long been demanding, and which Nintendo has finally given them. No$GBA Nintendo DS Emulator with multiplayer linking support for trading Pokemons from one rom to another. DeSmuME NDS and DSi XL emulator that is compatible with the latest Poke games.

What is black white rom?

What is Pokémon black and white ROM mean? Pokémon black and white ROM means permanent storage for Pokémon black and white game, its is also Read-Only Memory, but now became slang for the gamers. To download ROM for Nintendo 3DS. You can download Pokemon Black ROM from: Link1 here.

How do I play DS games on DraStic?

Once the ROM file is downloaded and saved on your phone&#;s storage, open Drastic DS Emulator and it should automatically search the downloaded ROM file for you. Tap the game and everything should be ready to go. Adding another game is easy, just repeat what was done when adding the first game.

Where can I download Pokemon Black 2 for free?

You can download Pokemon black version 2 ROM for free using the above direct download link. This ROM works fine in any Nintendo DS Emulator. So before using this ROM make sure you have downloaded the Nintendo emulator for Windows. You can also download Pokemon White 2 ROM from here.

Where can I download pokemmo black / white ROM?

PokeMMO &#; BLACK/WHITE ROM download &#; Link in Descript. &#; YouTube If playback doesn&#;t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV&#;s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

Is there a ROM game for Pokemon Black 2?

Pokemon Black 2 ROM game is a third-person role-playing video game. There are three screens available in the game. First is the overworld in which the player navigates the character. The second one is the battle screen and the third is the menu.

Can you play Pokemon Black on a Nintendo DS?

Be the first to vote! Have fun playing the amazing Pokemon &#; Black Version game for Nintendo DS. This is the Japanese version of the game and can be played using any of the NDS emulators available on our website. Download the Pokemon &#; Black Version ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone.

What are Pokemon Black?

Pokémon Black Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ブラック Pocket Monsters Black) and Pokémon White Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ホワイト Pocket Monsters White) are Nintendo DS games that are the first core series Pokémon games of Generation V.

What is Pokemon Black Version 2?

Pokémon Black Version 2 (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ブラック 2 Pocket Monsters Black 2 ) and Pokémon White Version 2 (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ホワイト 2 Pocket Monsters White 2) are Nintendo DS games that are the second and final paired versions of Generation V. They are sequels to Pokémon Black and White, respectively.

What is Pokemon ROM?

The Pokemon Sapphire ROM is an all-new version of the game that has a lot to offer and definitely makes the game even better. All about the Pokemon Sapphire ROM. The Pokemon Sapphire ROM comes with additional pokemons, a much better graphics, and new features.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/word-games/where-do-i-get-pokemon-black-roms/

Now discussing:

Playing Pokemon Black rom on No$GBA DS Emulator
 What are the common Pokemon Black and White version bugs that could affect my Pokemon game and how to fix them using action replay codes:

In NO$GBA menu enter the following as RAW action replay code
action replay code pokemon black

Use these Raw Action Replay codes to fix the blue screen and the freezes in Pokémon Black & White on No$Gba b.Go to Nogba top menu : Utility -> Cheats
Enter them as 'ACTION REPLAY' and RAW!

start with these 2 lines:


after that the code is different for the each version of Poke B&W

for Pokemon Black Version

f2c fdd8f1d8
b8c d1fc
b8c c0

for Pokemon White Version

f2c fde8f1d8
bac d1fc
bac c0

Enter the codes, Click [v] AR at the menu, and RESTRAT the rom by going to
No$GBA menu : File -> Reset Cartridge

Pokemon Black Rom No$GBA emulator
Pokemon emulator best app for playing Gameboy games online in browser.

How to play Pokemon Black on No$GBA DS Emulator

How to play PoKeMoN Black and Pokemon White FIX for No$GBA. Get rid of game freezes and solve non working save game problems for white & black roms on No$GBA DS emulator.

No$GBA- Nintendo DS emulator + all plugins for it
Year of manufacture:
Genre: Emulator DS / Programs for PC
Language: English
File size: MB

Description: A simple DS and GBA emulator. Strongly nothing can not but the quality of emulation in terms of braking, etc. on high. Works on all Windows xp, Vista Seven 32 / 64bit.

A small description of the emulator plugins:

  • 1. FIRMWARE.exe allows you to change the bios of the emulated DSKi to your liking.
  • 2. No$GBA2X.exe increases the size of the emulator in 2 (for those who do not see anything in the usual version :))
  • 3. NOZ.exe program that imposes an emulsion on the skin and allows you to rotate it allowing you to play games like "Dr Kawashima's Brain Training"
  • 4. ds-icon.exe allows you to see the icons of games as in the usual DSK + there is the possibility of launching games by clicking on their names. (PS in order to display the games you need in the Options menu to specify the location of the folder with games and emul)
  • 5. Few plug-ins that are honestly unnecessary, but can be useful to anyone.
    PS. The emulsion is bios from the DS and GBA.

The old Desmume was slow and laggy, the new one is better and much different from NoCash, but NoCash can play GBA games without even unpacking files from the archives and the screens upscaling for GBA is available there, but not for DS games and NoCash is now paid, so I do not know what features there are cramped into the paid version, but the latest free version did not make screen resizing possible, and in Desmume the screens for DS games can be upscaled for a long time.

As for me, it's better to have both at once and not to sweat. And better get the console and an R4 3DS card and just do not forget about emulation.

Sours: https://www.nogba.com/pokemon-black-white-fix.htm

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