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Roblox Client-Server Model


There are some client-side actions that replicate instantly and don’t require the server’s permission. These are generally linked to things that a player should see right away, while others are for your convenience.

HumanoidThe and properties will replicate from a client to the server instantly. Note that this only works for the local player's humanoid object — if a tries to update another player’s humanoid, the command will be ignored.
SoundThe and properties will replicate from a client to the server, so if a client starts playing a sound, all the other clients will play it too. See the documentation for more details.
AnimationTrackIf a client calls or on an , the animating model will animate on the client and replicate to the server.
BasePartWhile part properties do not technically replicate, there are a few exceptions. If the part is created by a client and that client simulates physics (the part falls, hits other objects, moves by constraints, etc.), the resulting changes will get copied to the server.
ClickDetectorMost events will fire on both clients and the server, including the input events , , , and .

Cross-server Comunication Service

What about the 4 other use cases?

Trading, social aspects to singleplayer games, server browsing, and matchmaking are all pretty common features in non-Roblox games. I would call them more than just “cool” and consider them legitimate use cases, especially considering how common they are.

My actual original use case – for which I developed my own HttpService-based Cross-server Communication Service – was for a large open would game where servers are connected at the edges. Players could talk between nearby servers and you could see updates to players and blocks in nearby servers.

I never tested this game with more than 2 players and last I checked it had some errors preventing it from running.

I can think of some more:

  • Setting up parties to raid a dungeon across multiple servers. This could be from a singleplayer server or a server with many players in it. Letting players party up across servers will let players enjoy older dungeons a ton easier, as it may be hard to find party members in your current server.
  • Notifications/auto-join for when you can join a server that is waiting for players with long-running games. Think games like Risky Strats or other RTS where the rounds can last for many minutes and you can only spectate or hop servers. Having to wait for players to finish is boring and can drop the player count. Cross-server friend or party chat is also great here.
  • A synced, shared music playlist that players can suggest entries to, possibly for a price.


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Cross-Server Messaging


publishes a message to a specific topic, upon which the callback function for any matching topic will be triggered. For instance, when a player joins a new server, could notify all other players about who just joined that server, along with its .

local MessagingService = game:GetService("MessagingService") local Players = game:GetService("Players") local MESSAGING_TOPIC = "FriendServerEvent" Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function(player) -- Publish to topic local publishSuccess, publishResult = pcall(function()local message = player.Name .. " joined server with 'JobId' of " .. game.JobIdMessagingService:PublishAsync(MESSAGING_TOPIC, message)end)if not publishSuccess thenprint(publishResult)end end)

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MessagingService Playground

Now that you understand basic cross-server messaging, see how it works within a sample game.

Teleportation Playground

Monitor when players teleport between places in a game and which specific server they teleport to.

Roblox (client) and C++ (server) communication using winsock2.h in action

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