1982 25 hp mercury outboard

1982 25 hp mercury outboard DEFAULT

Ignition Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 25 Hp Engine 1980 1982-

Ignition 即納送料無料! Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 1982- Hp 25 1980 Engine 44円 Ignition Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 25 Hp Engine 1980 1982- Automotive Replacement Parts Coils,44円,1982-,Mercury,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Hp,1980,/allogamy123783.html,Ignition,25Hp,Engine,Outboard,for,www.twinmountainoffroad.com,25 Ignition 即納送料無料! Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 1982- Hp 25 1980 Engine 44円 Ignition Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 25 Hp Engine 1980 1982- Automotive Replacement Parts Coils,44円,1982-,Mercury,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Hp,1980,/allogamy123783.html,Ignition,25Hp,Engine,Outboard,for,www.twinmountainoffroad.com,25

Ignition 即納送料無料 Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 1982- Hp 25 1980 引出物 Engine


Ignition Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 25 Hp Engine 1980 1982-

Ignition Coils for Mercury Outboard 25Hp 25 Hp Engine 1980 1982-


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Mercury Marine


For the unrelated former Ford automobile marque, see Mercury (automobile).

Not to be confused with Mercury Mariner.

Six cylinder two-stroke engine in 1984

Mercury Marine is a marine engine division of Brunswick Corporation. Its main product is manufacturing and selling outboard motors. It also produces the MerCruiser line of sterndrives and inboard motors.



The Kiekhaefer Mercury company began in 1939 when engineer Carl Kiekhaefer purchased a small outboard motor company in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Kiekhaefer's original intention for the Kiekhaefer Corporation was to make magnetic separators for the dairy industry. The purchase included 300 defective outboard motors. Kiekhaefer and a small staff of employees rebuilt the motors and sold them to Montgomery Ward, a mail-order company. The motors were much improved, so the buyer purchased more. Kiekhaefer designed motors that withstood the elements better than his competition and called the motor Mercury (taking advantage of the "Mercury" Motor Car popularity at the time) whilst adopting the logo of the Roman god Mercury.[1]

Kiekhaefer took more than 16,000 orders at the 1940 New York Boat Show.

World War II[edit]

World War II changed the corporate climate, and Kiekhaefer sought a government contract to design two-man air-cooled chainsaws. Army engineers had been unable to design a lightweight motor. Kiekhaefer designed a new lightweight chainsaw in 2 months. The Kiekhaefer powered chainsaw was able to cut through a 24-inch (610 mm) green log in 17 seconds, while it took the nearest competitor 52 seconds. Mercury was awarded the contract, and was the world's largest chainsaw manufacturer by the end of the war.[citation needed]

Post-war 1940s[edit]

Kiekhaefer Mercury foresaw that the average American's interest in boating would increase after the war. Kiekhaefer introduced a 19.8 cubic inch, 10 horsepower (hp), two-cylinder alternate firing design engine at the 1947 New York Boat Show called the "Lightning" or KE-7. This engine, also called the "Super 10", actually developed around 14 horsepower. Its designation was updated to KF-7 for 1949. For 1951 the engine block, though still displacing 19.8 cubic inches, was updated a great deal, and given the name "Hurricane". The 1951 kg-7 "Super 10" featured this engine, which developed around 16 horsepower. For 1952, this model was updated with a "forward, neutral, reverse" gearset, and a twist grip throttle. It was renamed "Cruiser" at this point, and no longer called "Super 10". This engine later became the heart of the "Mark 25", of the mid to late fifties. Initially rated at 16 horsepower, this engine was soon beefed up to 20. There was also an "H" version, which produced more power but carried no rating. "H" version Mercurys were mostly used for racing.

In 1949, the company also introduced its first large outboard, the approximately 40 cubic inch, 4 cylinder in line, "Thunderbolt". This engine was rated at 25 horsepower, but actually put out around 28. There was soon an "H" version designed for high rpm use. This version put out nearly 40 horsepower, while being rated at "25+". The Thunderbolt engine benefited from upgrades and updates, eventually becoming the Mark 40, Mark 50, and Mark 55 engines of the mid and late fifties. All of these were rated quite accurately at 40 horsepower. The Mark 55H (high speed) developed more, but carried no rating.

Due to a rather large gap between the Mark 25 (20 hp) and the Mark 55 (40 hp), Mercury brought out the 4 in line, approximately 30 cubic inch "Mark 30" (30 horsepower) engine for 1956, and produced versions of its "TurboFour" engine for several years. It, too, was available as an "H" version, producing much extra horsepower for racing and sporting use.

Why these Mark engines (and other Mark engines) carried number names which were not horsepower ratings, not displacement numbers, and not consistent from one motor to another, is a real mystery. Why was the 20 hp Mercury a Mark 25, and the 40 hp Mercury a Mark 55, while the 30 hp job was the Mark 30? No one really knows.

Of course, there were also smaller Mercs during both the K era and the Mark era, such as the "Super 5" and later, such engines as the "Mark 6" and the "Mark 10".


In 1957 Kiekhaefer started testing at a Florida lake he called "Lake X" to keep the location secret. Later that year the Kiekhaefer Mercury company designed a new inline 6-cylinder, 60 cubic inch, 60 hp (45 kW) engine named "Mark 75". Like its 2- and 4-cylinder brethren, the Mark 75 featured internal reed valves. The reed valve blocks served as intermediate main bearings. Because the valves occupied space already necessary for the main bearings instead of mounting to an extension of the crankcase, crankcase volume was minimized, resulting in a higher crankcase compression ratio, and more power in proportion to displacement than the competition.

Mercury's first 6-cylinder engines featured "direct reversing". Instead of a lower unit with forward, neutral and reverse gears, its lower units were more compact, with only drive and driven gears, and no submerged shift mechanism required. Reverse was selected by turning off the engine and restarting it in opposite rotation, and neutral by simply switching off. Mark 75s, like many of their smaller brethren, were available in an "H" (high speed) version. Many of these large H engines sported open headers for competition and produced 90 horsepower from 60 cubic inches. Two totally stock Mark 75s set a world endurance record on Lake X, running 50,000 miles at an average of 30.3 mph, while being re-fueled on the fly. The boats were stopped only for driver changes and standard maintenance. After the record-setting run was completed, the motors were torn down and inspected for wear. They were found to be well within factory tolerances. The amazing distance has never been topped, even with modern advancements in outboard technology.

For 1958, an enlarged version of this engine was introduced. The new "Mark 78" boasted 70 horsepower from 66 cubic inches of displacement. No "H" version was offered. Also in 1958, a stock Mark 75H set a new world speed record for outboard motors, of 107 mph.

NASCAR racing[edit]

Main article: Carl Kiekhaefer

Kiekhaefer decided to promote his company by owning a NASCAR and AAA team. The team dominated NASCAR Grand National (at one point winning 16 straight races), even though it only competed in 1955 and 1956. The team won the 1955 and 1956 NASCAR championships with drivers Tim Flock and Buck Baker. One of Kiekhaefer's innovations was using dry paper air filters, which are still standard in automobiles today.[citation needed]


When Kiekhaefer Mercury's top-of-the-line, 80 horsepower (74 cubic inch) model "Merc 800" was introduced for 1960, direct reversing as standard equipment was optionally replaced by full forward, neutral and reverse gear shifting, as on Mercury's 2- and 4-cylinder models, and "thru-hub" exhaust was introduced. Previously, as with other outboard brands and Mercury's smaller models, exhaust exited from a chute at the rear of the cavitation plate above the propeller. Thru-hub exhaust was claimed to be more efficient by omitting the added drag of an exhaust chute, and using the low-pressure area necessarily created by the gear housing and propeller moving through the water to assist in exhaust evacuation. Over the next several years, thru-hub exhaust became a standard feature of all Mercury models, and later was adopted near industry-wide for both outboards and stern-drives.

With Mercury Marine outboards typically having smaller displacement per horsepower and better fuel economy than the competition's motors, an ad ran in publications showing a Mercury-powered boat pulling an elephant on a large ski-like platform. The caption simply read "Mercury, pulls an elephant. Runs on peanuts."

In 1961 the company merged with the Brunswick Corporation.

The company introduced the MerCruiser stern-drive line at the 1961 Chicago Boat Show. The line would later take over 80 percent of the world market.[2]

For 1962, the Merc 1000 became the new top of the line in line 6, offering 100 hp. It was somewhat of a sensation. It also introduced the new "Phanton Black" paint scheme which soon spread to the entire line and became famous.

In 1966, 6-cylinder Mercury models featured the introduction of electronic ignition, another first that eventually became an industry standard.

Carl Kiekhaefer resigned as President of Kiekhaefer Mercury in 1970, and the name was changed to Mercury Marine in 1972. During this time, Mercury produced snowmobiles, like many other companies in the late 1960s. The first ones incorporated a 250 cc two-man chainsaw engine.


In 1971, they came out with the Rocket and Lightning models of snowmobiles. These sleds combined aluminum tunnels with Canadian Curtiss Wright (CCW) engines. The Rocket was a 340, and the Lightning a 400 with electric start. By 1972, Mercury started production of the Hurricane, a more modern snowmobile with optional slide rail suspension (as opposed to bogie wheel). In 1974 Mercury introduced the Sno-Twister 400cc snowmobile designed primarily for racing. It featured a Kohler free-air engine and succeeded in dominating the 400cc class.

In 1975 Mercury introduced 340cc and 440cc versions of the Sno-Twister and both were dominant at the track. 1976 saw a change in the Sno-Twister, this time 250cc, 340cc, and 440cc versions were all introduced. These were radical for their time and were the result of Mercury Sno Pro sleds developed and raced the previous year. These 1976 sleds were featured water-cooled Kohler engines. The chassis were small, lightweight, very low profile, with curved handlebars and seat cushions that were designed for left turns (oval tracks).

In 1975 and 1976 Mercury also produced the Trail Twister snowmobiles which were available in 340cc and 440cc which were fan-cooled. These were some of the fastest lake racers around in their day. This started off a new era in snowmobile construction for the whole industry and the sled's basic format set up what is seen today in modern snowmobiles.

Mercury was renowned in the 1970s as one of the best racing and performance snowmobile manufacturers, as well as an industry leader in marine engine production. Sno Twisters and Trail Twisters are highly sought-after sleds due to their ahead of the time design, power, and unique styling.[citation needed]

Engine specifications[edit]

Year'1982''ModelmercruiserDisp. 4.3lx Gen +(CID)TypeComp.HPTKS/MPIWOT (RPM)Weight (lbs)Alpha Ratio (lbs)Bravo One Ratio (lbs)Bravo Two Ratio (lbs)Bravo Three Ratio (lbs)
1991–1995 5.0L 5.0L (305) V8 9.3:1 190 Carb 4200-4600
1991–1995 5.0LX 5.0L (305) V8 9.3:1 205 Carb 4200-4600
1991–1995 5.7L 5.7L (350) V8 9.3:1 235 Carb 4200-4600
1991–1995 350 MAG 5.7L (350) V8 9.3:1 250 Carb 4400-4800
20103.0L (181)I49.3:1135TKS4400–48002.00, 2.40 (635)
20103.0L (181)I49.3:1135MPI4400–48002.00, 2.40 (695)
20104.3L (262)V69.4:1190TKS4400–48001.62, 1.81, 2.00 (848)2.00, 2.20 (893)2.20, 2.43 (902)
20104.3L (262)V69.4:1220MPI4400–48001.47, 1.62, 1.81 (865)2.00, 2.20 (912)2.20, 2.43 (921)
20105.0L (305)V89.4:1220TKS4400–48001.62, 1.81 (946)1.50, 1.65 (987)2.00, 2.20 (1004)2.00, 2.20, 2.43 (1013)
20105.0L (305)V89.4:1260MPI4600–50001.47, 1.62, 1.81 (952)1.50, 1.65 (993)2.00, 2.20 (1010)2.00, 2.20, 2.43 (1019)
2010350 MAG5.7L (350)V89.4:1300MPI4800–52001.47 (946)1.36, 1.50, 1.65 (987)2.00, 2.20 (1004)2.00. 2.20, 2.43 (1013)
2010377 MAG6.2L (377)V89.0:1320MPI4800–52001.36, 1.50, 1.65 (993)2.00, 2.20 (1010)2.00, 2.20, 2.43 (1019)
2010496 MAG8.1L (496)V89.1:1375MPI4400–48001.36, 1.50, 1.65 (1199)1.81, 2.00, 2.20 (1214)1.26, 1.35, 1.50 (1224)
2010496 MAG HO8.1L (496)V89.1:1425MPI4600–50001.36, 1.50, 1.65 (1199)1.81, 2.00, 2.20 (1214)1.81, 2.00, 2.20 (1224)
20108.2 MAG8.2L (502)V88.75:1380MPI4400–480010801.26, 1.35, 1.36, 1.50, 1.651.81, 2.00, 2.201.65, 1.81, 2.00, 2.20, 2.43
20108.2 MAG HO8.2L (502)V88.75:1430MPI4600–500010801.26, 1.35, 1.36, 1.50, 1.651.81, 2.00, 2.201.65, 1.81, 2.00, 2.20, 2.43
2019 300 Verado 4.6L (279) V8 300 5200–6000 600

Present day[edit]

A 2007, 3.5 horse power Mercury engine.
A 2008, 250 horse power, Mercury ProXS series engine.

At present, Mercury product brands include Mercury, Mercury Racing, MerCruiser, and Mariner outboards (sold outside the U.S.). Outboard sizes range from 2.5 horsepower (1.9 kW) to 600 horsepower (450 kW). MerCruiser sterndrives and inboards range from 135 to 430 horsepower (320 kW) and Mercury Racing outboards produce up to 450 horsepower (340 kW) and sterndrives to 1,750 horsepower (1,300 kW). Subsidiaries include Mercury Precision Parts and Accessories as well as Mercury propellers and Mercury Jet Drives. Mercury outboards 30 hp and below are manufactured by Tohatsu in Japan.

Mercury has recently[when?] developed a processor-enhanced line of outboards called the "Verado" outboard engine.[3] The "Verado" system integrates the outboard into an entire system, including "fly-by-wire" steering and advanced diagnostics. Verado engines are available in 250 hp and 300 hp (V8), 350 hp and 400 hp (supercharged inline 6), and 600 hp (V12) as of early 2021.

In 2007 Mercury Marine began selling its Zeus drive system.[4] Developed by Mercury and its joint venture company Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (CMD), the Zeus drive is a dual-engine pod drive system. Some of the most notable benefits from this class design for boaters will be enhanced helm control. While underway an automated trim control feature simplifies operation. Also, Zeus includes Skyhook Electronic Anchor which will keep a vessel in a fixed location within a tight range. The system might be called all weather as it will maintain location in strong currents and winds.[5]

Mercury Marine is one of the world’s leading providers of marine propulsion. As a $2.3 billion division of Brunswick Corporation, Mercury and its 6,200 employees worldwide provide engines, boats, services and parts for recreational, commercial and government marine applications.

Mercury’s brand portfolio includes Mercury and Mariner, Mercury MerCruiser sterndrives and inboard engines, MotorGuide trolling motors, Mercury and Teignbridge propellers, Mercury inflatable boats, Mercury SmartCraft electronics, and Mercury and Quicksilver parts and oils. MotoTron[6] electronic controls was also a part of Mercury Marine, but as of October 2008 Brunswick Corp. sold MotoTron and its intellectual properties to Woodward Governor of Fort Collins, Colorado.[7]

SeaCore is a brand of sterndrive marine propulsion systems manufactured in the United States by MerCruiser. The SeaCore engine design utilizes materials, technologies, and systems, created specifically for Mercury Marine, to prevent galvanic corrosion within its engine, transom and drive. SeaCore propulsion includes models generating between 220 and 425 horsepower (317 kW). SeaCore is designed for a wide variety of vessels operated in or moored on saltwater.

Mercury Marine also provides various training programs through its training arm called Mercury University.[8]


Mercury Marine and Beneteau Strengthen Partnership to offer award-winning outboards to Global Customers

External links[edit]

Media related to Mercury Marine at Wikimedia Commons

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_Marine
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Thread: Mercury 25 Hp mods

There used to be some small boat racing classes that ran the 25 Merc. An older prop list I have from merc shows an 18 inch chopper, P/N 48-43592 A5, and an 18 inch thru hub cleaver, P/N 48-821212 A1. I suspect that both of these are nla from Merc, but some should be around used. A lower bucks option is to by another 14 inch pitch as an experiment, and have a prop shop add an inch of pitch and a bit of cup, plus add cup out to the tips of the blades. The Merc booklet- "All you wanted to know about Propellers", on -line at the Merc site gives info on where the tip cup should be placed. The tip cup adds bowlift and seems to grab the water better at high engine settings, the cup added to the back edge of the blade will make the little alum prop a bit more efficient since in stock form it has very little cup. Other possible options with this modded alum prop include machining off the bell shape on the hub to increase venting on hole shot, or drilling vent holes thru the hub, also for aid in holeshot with the extra pitch.

Sours: https://www.screamandfly.com/
1980 Mercury 25hp
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In Your Cart:

THRU 1996
Mercury did not publish model year information for 1997 & newer outboards.
The year is now normally noted on the serial number sticker.

NOTE: Mercury DOES NOT Use Model Years For Parts Lookup. This Chart Is For
Reference Only, Since Many Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers DO List Parts By Year

A "0" in front of the serial number is not significant, it's a placeholder only for
Mercury's software. So if your serial number is "01234567" you would use  only
the "1234567" part of it when looking at the chart below
If there is no Canadian number listed they were not produced there in that year


151989M, MLB385500 - C222346 201991MLD000750 - D081999 
151990M, MLC222347 - D000749 201991MD000750 - D081999 
151991MD000750 - D081999 201992MD082000 - D181999 
151992MLHD082000 - D181999 201992ELD082000 - D181999 
151992ELRCD082000 - D181999 201992MLD082000 - D181999 
151992MHD082000 - D181999 201993MLHD182000 - D277999 
151992EHD082000 - D181999 201993MHD182000 - D277999 
151992ELHD082000 - D181999 201993ELD182000 - D277999 
151993ELHD182000 - D280999 201994MLHD278000 - G044026 
151993MLHD182000 - D280999 201994MHD278000 - G044026 
151993EHD182000 - D280999 201994ELD278000 - G044026 
151993ELRCD182000 - D280999 201994MLH TR D278000 - G044026 
151993MHD182000 - D280999 201994MH G044027 - G113012 
151994MLH SeaProD281000 - D255071 201994MLH G044027 - G113012 
151994MH SeaProD281000 - D255071 201994EL G044027 - G113012 
151994EHD281000 - D255071 201995MHG113013 - G286099 
151994ELRCD281000 - D255071 201995MLHG112775 - G286099 
151994MLHD281000 - D255071 201995ELG112918 - G286099 
151994ELHD281000 - D255071 201995MLH TR G119991 - G286099 
151994MHD255072 - G077360 201996ELG286100 - UP 
151995MHG077361 - G286099 201996MHG286100 - UP 
151995MLHG077362 - G286099 201996MLHG286100 - UP 
151995EHG112701 - G286099 201996MLH TRMM G286100 - UP 
151995ELRCG112924 - G286099 
151996EHG286100 - UP 251980ML5705532 - 59420407166920
151996ELHG286100 - UP 251980M5705532 - 59420407166920
151996ELRCG286100 - UP 251980E5705532 - 59420407166920
151996MHG286100 - UP 251980EL5705532 - 59420407166920
151996MH SeaProG286100 - UP 251981ML5705532 - 59420407166920
151996MLH SeaProG286100 - UP 251981EL5705532 - 59420407166920
151996MLHG286100 - UP 251981E5705532 - 59420407166920
251981M5705532 - 59420407166920
181980ML5860332 - 59549107173723251982EL5942041 - 61851887181198
181980M5860332 - 59549107173723251982ML5942041 - 61851887181198
181980EL5860332 - 59549107173723251982M5942041 - 61851887181198
181980E5860332 - 59549107173723251982E5942041 - 61851887181198
181981M5860332 - 59549107173723251983ML6185189 - 64533427200418
181981E5860332 - 59549107173723251983E6185159 - 64533427200418
181981ML5860332 - 59549107173723251983EL6185159 - 64533427200418
181981EL5860332 - 59549107173723251983M6185159 - 64533427200418
181982E5954911 - 61716067182108251984EXD6453343 - 65938487209933
181982EL5954911 - 61716067182108251984MLXD6453343 - 65938487209933
181982ML5954911 - 61716067182108251984MXD6453343 - 65938487209933
181982M5954911 - 61716067182108251984ELXD6453343 - 65938487209933
181983E6171607 - 64439727200763251985MXD6593849 - A1737617219218
181983EL6171607 - 64439727200763251985ELXD6593849 - A1737617219218
181983M6171607 - 64439727200763251985MLXD6593849 - A1737617219218
181983ML6171607 - 64439727200763251985EXD6593849 - A1737617219218
181984EXD6443973 - 66176307209533251986MLXDA173762 - B114230A709071
181984MLXDL6443973 - 66176307209533251986MXDA173762 - B114230A709071
181984ELXD6443973 - 66176307209533251986ELHXDA173762 - B114230A709071
181984MXD6443973 - 66176307209533251986ELXDA173762 - B114230A709071
181985MXD6617631 - UP7219868251986EXDA173762 - B114230A709071
181985MLXD6617631 - UP7219868251987MLXDB114231 - B238463A719725
251987MXDB114231 - B238463A719725
201963Short & Long1558310 - 1606902 251987EXDB114231 - B238463A719725
201964Short & Long1606903 - 1755848 251987ELXDB114231 - B238463A719725
201965Short & Long1755849 - 1866495 251988MLHB238464 - B385499A730816
201966Short & Long1866496 - 19979891959827251988ELB238464 - B385499A730816
201967Short & Long1997990 - 22962661997990251988MHB238464 - B385499A730816
201968Short & Long2296267 - 25500642300067251988EB238464 - B385499A730816
201969Short & Long2550065 - 28276762556740251989MLHB385500 - C221499A742200
201970Short & Long2827677 - 29916782833037251989MHB385500 - C221499A742200
201971M Short & Long2991679 - 32269572996584251989EB385500 - C221499A742200
201971E Short & Long2991679 - 32269572996584251989ELB385500 - C221499A742200
201972M Short & Long3226958 - 35375303233833251990MHC221500 -D000749 A753000
201973ML3537531 - 37558847012358251990ELC221500 -D000749A753000
201973M3537531 - 37558847012358251990MLHC221500 -D000749A753000
201974ML3755885 - 41027897024648251990EC221500 -D000749A753000
201974M3755885 - 41027897024648251991MHD000750 - D081999 
201975ML4102790 - 43515897044783251991ED000750 - D081999 
201975M4102790 - 43515897044783251991MLHD000750 - D081999 
201976ML4351590 - 45800357067848251991ELD000750 - D081999 
201976M4351590 - 45800357067848251992ELD082000 - D181999 
201976E4351590 - 45800357067848251992ED082000 - D181999 
201976EL4351590 - 45800357067848251992MD082000 - D181999 
201977ML4580036 - 48192487089698251992MLHD082000 - D181999 
201977M4580036 - 48192487089698251993ELD182000 - G079448 
201977E4580036 - 48192487089698251993MHD182000 - G079448 
201977EL4580036 - 48192487089698251993MLHD182000 - G079448 
201978EL4819249 - 51833927108948251993ED182000 - G079448 
201978ML4819249 - 51833927108948251994JET 20G079449 - G113104 
201978E4819249 - 51833927108948251994MHD278000 - G044026 
201978M4819249 - 51833927108948251994EL TR D278000 
201979E5183393 - 56064917124213251994ELD278000 
201979EL5183393 - 56064917124213251994MLHD278000- G044026 
201979M5183393 - 56064917124213251994ED278000- G044099 
201979ML5183393 - 56064917124213251994EL TR D278000- G044026 
201980M5606492 - A9109707148238251994MH
G044027 - G106666 
201980EL5606492 - A9109707148238251994MLH
G044027 - G286099 
201980E5606492 - A9109707148238251994E
G044100 - G106727 
201980ML5606492 - A9109707148238251994EL
G044027 - G106734 
201981EL5606492 - A9109707148238251994MH SeaPro
G044027 - G286099 
201981M5606492 - A9109707148238251994MLH SeaPro
G044027 - G286099 
201981ML5606492 - A9109707148238251995MHG106667 - G286099 
201981E5606492 - A9109707148238251995JET 20G113105 - G286099 
201986MLXDA910971 - B114230A708966251995EG106728 - G286099 
201986MLXDA910971 - B114230A708966251995ELG106735 - G286099 
201986MXDA910971 - B114230A708966251995EL TR G112484 - G286099 
201987EXDB114231 - B238463A719661251996EG286100 - UP 
201987MLXDB114231 - B238463A719661251996ELG286100 - UP 
201987MXDB114231 - B238463A719661251996MHG286100 - UP 
201987ELXDB114231 - B238463A719661251996MLHG286100 - UP 
201988MHB238464 - B385499A730816251996EL TR G286100 - UP 
201988MLHB238464 - B385499A730816251996EL TR G286100 - UP 
201989MLB385500 - C221499A742200251996JET 20G286481 - UP 
201989MB385500 - C221499A742200     
201990MLC221500 - UPA753000     
201990MC221500 - UPA753000 

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Mercury outboard 1982 25 hp

Jetunit Trigger for Mercury Outboard 98450A10 93880A1 98450A1 98450A3 98450A5 6-25HP(1982-1988,1991-1993)

Jetunit Trigger for Mercury Outboard 98450A10 93880A1 98450A1 98450A3 98450A5 6-25HP(1982-1988,1991-1993)


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Item Weight5.3 ounces (150.26 grams)
Package Dimensions5.79 x 5.43 x 1.93 inches (14.7 x 13.8 x 4.9 cm)
Manufacturer Part NumberJE-X03ME0009


Jetunit Trigger for Mercury Outboard 98450A10 93880A1 98450A1 98450A3 98450A5 6-25HP(1982-1988,1991-1993)

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25 HP Mercury Restoration 1983 (Part 1)

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