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Revenge of the battery hack - 32 AAs inside a 6v Lantern Battery. BUT IS IT PHONEY?!

Ok, there's not really much that I can say to top this one. After the amazing work that Kipkay did over at Metacafe, the folks at gagfilms have gone one better. They've discovered not 10 or even 20 but 32 AA batteries inside a standard 6v battery. Yup, I'm floored.

NOTE: One astute guest has pointed out that this could be all a bunch of hokum, which I fell for like so many others out there on the web. I hacked up my 6v battery and found 4 1.5v batteries inside. If you are willing to hack up yours and tell us what you find, I'd love to get to the bottom of this one.

As a rule, I don't usually like to post just one video in isolation but this one deserves it. And I found a battery like this one for just $1.99 in my local hardware store. I think that equates to around 7 measly cents per battery. Did I just hear parents everywhere rejoice?

And here's a guy experiencing just what happened to me...

What is surprising me more though (although it probably shouldn't) is the way the battery industry seems to be pulling the wool over our eyes. Why does a simple 2-pack of AA batteries cost anywhere from $2-$5, when they are obviously so cheap to produce? No wonder the Energizer bunny can keep going and going, it's costing almost nothing to replace the power source. And Duracell, a Proctor & Gamble company, generates over $1 billion a year from the sale of just AA batteries. Indeed, the humble AA seems to be the backbone of the battery industry.

So, I did a little digging. Actually, a lot of digging. In total around six hours of web-surfing and phone calls and came up with nothing. No-one wants to talk to me about the production costs of batteries, and a recent theft of trade secrets at Duracell has the industry very, very wary indeed.

At this point I'm throwing it over to you. Do you know anyone who works in the battery industry? DO you know why they can sell 32 AAs for $1.99, hidden inside a 6v shell, and then sell just 2 AAs for around the same price? Is this just the way the battery industry works and if they changed things the prices would go up? I have way too many questions and no answers. But until I get them, I'm getting all my AAs from inside a 6v lantern battery. It's going to save me quite a pretty penny.

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Claim:   Video demonstrates that 6-volt lantern batteries contain 32 AA batteries.

Example:[Collected via the Internet, October 2007]

Received this video and I’m not sure if it is valid or not. Guess I could disassemble a 6 voltlantern battery and find out. But as I recall from my high school chemistry days, and the warning on the side of the battery, it is full of stuff that could be dangerous to the average lay person.

Essentially it states that if one needs a cheap source of AA sized batteries, by disassembling a 6 volt lantern battery, you will find 32 AA batteries inside of the 6 volt battery.

Origins:   This video purporting to demonstrate that 6-volt lantern

batteries are actually made up of a casing enclosing 32 AA batteries is just a gag, another form of “Fool’s Errand“ intended to lure people into trying (or at least believing in) something non-existent.

Exactly what’s inside 6-volt lantern batteries can vary a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer; they typically contain four individual cells that can be extracted (opening up a battery is not a recommended procedure), but those cells aren’t necessarily batteries that would be of much use to the ordinary consumer. A page displaying the removal of four 1.5V zinc-carbon cells from a 6-volt battery can be found here, and the following video also shows the extraction of cells from within a 6-volt battery:

Likewise, 9-volt batteries also contain individual cells, but again those cells aren’t necessarily batteries of a kind that the typical consumer would have much use for.

Last updated:   28 December 2011

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Lantern battery

6 volt & 4.5 volt lantern batteries

A lantern battery is a rectangular battery, typically an alkaline or zinc-carbonprimary battery, used primarily in flashlights or lanterns. Lantern batteries are physically larger and consequently offer higher capacity than the more common torch batteries. Lantern batteries comprise multiple cells inside a housing.

The most common variant in the US is the 6 volt square-base battery with spring terminals. In Europe the most common one is the 4.5 volt flat-pack.[1]

Common variants[edit]

6 volt[edit]

The 6-volt variety typically has spring or screw terminals. Using various internal construction styles, the same package size may be made up with "D" size or "F" size cells, offering various capacities. A rechargeable version, comprising a three-cell sealed lead-acid battery with a lower capacity than primary versions, has also been marketed.[2] They are also used in the construction industry for powering flashing lights at roadworks.[3]

4.5 volt[edit]

More common in Europe and Russian Federation, this is a smaller, flat-pack battery mostly used in flashlights. It uses two metal strips as terminals. The shorter strip is the + terminal.

7.5 volt[edit]

The 7.5-volt version has screw terminals and rectangular base. A carrying handle is usually connected between the terminals.

12 volt[edit]

The 12-volt version has screw terminals and a rectangular base. Since it is 12-volt, this type can be used to power car accessories outside of an automobile, using extra wiring or an adapter.

Specifications and designations[edit]

Main article: List of battery sizes

Name IEC number ANSI/NEDAManufacturer designations Capacity (Ah) [4]Dimensions (mm)
4.5 Volt [5]3R12, 3LR12 3R12, 3LR12, 4.5v G3LR12, 1289/AD28, 210, GP312S, MN1203, 3336 3 – 4.8 67 × 62 × 22
6 Volt, Spring fitting[6]4R25X, 4LR25X 908AC, 908C, 908CD, 908D EN1209, EN529, MN908, EV90, EV90HP, GP908, PJ996 12 – 26 115 × 68.2 × 68.2
6 volt, Screw fitting[7]4R25Y, 4LR25Y 915A EN528 26 109.5 × 66.7 × 66.7
6 Volt, double[8]4R25-2, 4LR25-2 918A EN521, MN918, GP918S, GP918G, 918/1231 52 125.4 × 132.5 × 73
7.5 Volt[9]5LR25-2 903AC EN715, PC903 43 97 × 184.2 × 103.2
12 Volt[10]8R25 926 EN732, PC926 7.5 125.4 × 136.5 × 73

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Lantern battery inside

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Battery Hacking 4 Different Brands of 6V Lantern Batteries for AA Batteries

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