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Item Manufacturer:

Energy Plus


Lithium Ion (LiON)


3.0 Volts, 1200 mAh


0.58 x 1.04 x 0.58 inches


Allen Bradley PLC Battery

Compatible Replacement Battery Part Numbers:
Allen Bradley 1746-BAS, Allen Bradley 1747-BA, Allen Bradley 1747-BA2, Allen Bradley 1747-PT1, Allen Bradley 1769-BA, Allen Bradley A-40063-043-01, Allen Bradley HHT, Allen Bradley SLC-5/01, Allen Bradley SLC-5/02, Allen Bradley SLC-5/03, Allen Bradley SLC-5/04, Allen Bradley SLC-5/05, Allen Bradley SLC-500, Allen Bradley TL-2150/C

PLC Battery

This is a 1 cell lithium battery designed to work in Allen Bradley 1746-BAS, 1747-PT1, HHT, SLC-5/01, SLC-5/02, SLC-5/03, SLC-5/04, SLC-5/05, SLC-500 series programmable logic controls and industrial computers.

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Batteries Direct offers our unmatched Power Porformance Pledge™ one year money back guarantee on your 1769-BA Battery Pack.
This 1769-BA Battery Pack is guaranteed to meet and exceed the

original 1769-BA battery specifications.


BatteryGuy 3 Volt 1800 mAh replacement battery for Allen Bradley 1756-BA1.

  • Only $13.45.
  • Next day Nationwide delivery available.

It meets or exceeds the Allen Bradley 1756-BA1 PLC specifications defined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer but at a much lower price.

Note this product can also replace:

  • Allen Bradley 1756 BA1
  • Allen Bradley 1756BA1

(This is one Battery – Please verify quantity needed for your application before ordering)

BatteryGuy PLC and Industrial Computer Batteries are Manufactured to Meet or Exceed the Quality of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Only the Highest Grade of Materials are Used to Manufacture our Batteries, with Safety and Performance in Mind.  Please be Aware of Online Pirate Companies who Make Their Own Batteries with Insufficient Safety Circuits and Low Grade Materials.  Insufficient Circuits and Parts Can Result in a Possible Fire or Explosion in Some Cases.

Chemistry: Lithium

Dimensions: 0.68" Diameter X 1.38" Long

Connector Type:  Wire Leads with Connector

Description: 1 Cell Lithium Battery

Works With:  Allen Bradley 1756-L1, 1756-L1M1, 1756-L1M2, 1756-L1M3, ControlLogix Logix 5550, Logix 5555, Logix 5563 series programmable logic controllers and industrial computers

Shelf Life: Approx. 10 Years

Stable voltage and broad temperature range: (-60° to +85°C)

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How to Change an Allen Bradley PLC Battery (10 Steps)

Step 1

Investigate the location of the battery. If it is in the front of the processor module, leave the PLC plugged in. If it cannot be located without removing a module from the chassis, unplug the PLC.

Step 2

Press the retainer clips at both the top and bottom of the processor module, and slide it out. If the battery is located in the front of the processor module, this step is not required.

Step 3

Inspect for damage to the battery casing or leakage of electrolyte. According to Allen-Bradley’s Guidelines for Handling Lithium Batteries, if the old battery is damaged or leaking, put the damaged battery in two polyethylene bags; add 1 oz. of calcium carbonate to the inner bag; and heat seal both bags. Contact a battery disposal company for proper disposal.

Step 4

Unplug the battery connector, and remove the battery from the retaining clips.

Step 5

Inspect the replacement battery to ensure that it is identical to the removed battery.

Step 6

Write the current date on the new battery with a marker. If there is no space to write the date directly on the new battery, use the labels that were provided with the new battery. In addition, place one date label on the front of the battery compartment, and write the current date on this label.

Step 7

Plug the new battery connector into the socket, and push the battery into the retaining clips.

Step 8

Slide the processor module into the chassis until the retainer clips click.

Step 9

Restore power to the PLC.

Step 10

Ensure that the "Battery Low" indicator located on the front of the processor is off.


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Writer Bio

Alissa Crowe-Scott has been writing technical documentation, specifically life-cycle documentation, since 1995. She uses her background in project management and engineering experience to write her articles. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering and received her certification as a project management professional in 2003.

How-To Troubleshoot: 1756-L62 ControlLogix Processor/ Allen Bradley Training Video

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Allen-Bradley PLC-5 - Effects Of Power Cyclng Without Battery

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