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Vortech Supercharger Remanufacture / Rebuild


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Let Jon Bond Performance re-manufacturer your SUPERCHARGER like new and include a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty! If you suspect that your supercharger is making noise- STOP using it and check your belt idler pulley or other items for noise. If it continues, waste no time sending it in for a rebuild.

Please use the Repair Request Form to send with  your supercharger for repair.  It is not required, but you can schedule your supercharger repair (CLICK HERE) if you wish to have an exact day to better coordinate turn-around time with your shop.


  • All superchargers are 100% disassembled, inspected, and an itemized estimate. Diagnosis of the failure will be provided. Repairs are not conducted without full approval. If you supercharger cannot be repaired, we may be able to offer a new or rebuilt replacement and allow you to trade in any parts that are good out of your old unit. We offer free inspections and estimates.


  • Full rebuilds are $240 USD general rebuild labor plus parts. All consumable parts are replaced with OEM or higher quality name brand parts. If the proper parts are not available, JBP is the only company that pays to have the correct parts produced. We do not glue, epoxy, or silicone incorrect parts in place. We do not offer lower quality tiers of parts to bring the cost down, nor do we reuse consumables. We use only the best parts on all rebuilds. All other parts are based on condition. All old parts are returned. There are extra labor fees for damaged or seized hardware, damaged components that require additional repair, or to repair damage from someone else’s disassembly using incorrect methods.
  • We also charge extra labor plus parts each, to rebuild jackshafts, or multipiece manifolds, bypass assembly.
  • An inspection will be the only way to determine if your supercharger can be repaired. We will not assemble or repair any unit that cannot be properly re-manufactured or warrantied. Final testing is provided on an electric dyno for noise testing.
  • For self contained superchargers, JB Performance also provides an exclusive oil developed and tested by Tribodyn and JB Peformance. The 3 Stage technology developed delivers 40F to 90F degrees lower gear case temperatures.


  • 1 year limited warranty when properly maintained. Limited warranty covers bearings, seals, and JBP labor to replace the failed part. It does not cover damage from improper maintenance, exceeding manufacturer’s maximum RPM, damaged to rotor timing from engine detonation, continued use when making noise, shipping, or the labor to remove/install it on the vehicle. Requires supercharger head/drive snout to be returned for analysis. Directions on proper care and how to prevent failures is supplied with a rebuild.. Please see Warranty Request for more information.


  • If you would like to know when the item arrives at JBP, please use tracking. JB Performance will contact you as soon as the inspection and estimate are completed as well as when the rebuild is completed.


Return shipping:

  • Return shipping is about $1 to $1.50 per pound and is based on size, weight, and address, and carry $100 minimum insurance with signature confirmation and tracking. Extra insurance is available at cost and is estimated to be around $10 per $1000 of coverage. Failure to declare insurance in the repair request does not pose liability back on JBP.


  • Drain any oil, fuel, and intercooler coolant. Remove any sensors, fuel injectors, throttle body, if possible. Protect any plastic parts, pulleys, intercoolers, from damage. Use at least 2” of rigid packing material such as layered cardboard, solid pink construction foam board, Instapak, ect. Extra fee of $10 is charged if packing peanuts are used. They do nothing to protect your investment. We recommend a dual wall box for heavy items (50lbs or better).

International Customers:

  • Please mark your package as Temporary Import for Repair. Send us this form by email and we can help with import paperwork. Return shipping is conducted by UPS or USPS. We have over 40% off fees for return shipping. No charge to process return customs paperwork. Taxes and duties are not pre-paid, nor are they estimated here.


    We accept check, wire transfer, electronic bank payment, Paypal, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express.


Additional information

Weight28 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 16 in

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Sours: https://www.jonbondperformance.com/product/vortech-supercharger-remanufacture-rebuild/

Vortech and Paxton Supercharger Repairs
CAPA Performance carries out a wide range of repairs to Vortech and Paxton Superchargers. We are the only authorized company outside of Vortech who are able to offer repair services on Vortech and Paxton Superchargers.

We offer the following services on Vortech and Paxton Superchargers:
  • Supercharger Inspection
  • Supercharger Rebuild
  • Replacement of Bearings and Seals
  • Impeller and Housing Upgrade / Replacement
  • Housing Modifications
  • Impeller Modifications and Repairs / Rebalancing
  • V-7 YSi-B Billet Impeller and Housing Upgrade
  • Replacement Oil for CAPA and USA Spec Superchargers
CAPA Sealed Vortech Supercharger Oil Refill - 200ml
  • Enough oil to do one service of your Vortech Supercharger.
  • CAPA Sealed Superchargers take approx 160ml of Oil.  Do not overfill.
  • Suitable for Sealed Superchargers built by CAPA Performance Only.
  • NOT Suitable for American Style V-3 Superchargers.
  • Please let us know what supercharger kit you have (eg BA XR8 Crank Drive) so we can provide you with the correct service instructions.
Vortech Sealed Supercharger Oil Refill Instructions
Vortech V-3 Supercharger Oil (Vortech Oil System) - 4oz x 3
  • Includes 3x 4oz Bottles (12oz Total)
  • One Bottle (4oz) is Enough oil to do one service of your Sealed Supercharger. Do not overfill.
  • Suitable for American Style V-3 Superchargers Only.
  • NOT Suitable for Sealed Superchargers built by CAPA Performance.
  • Please let us know what supercharger kit you have (eg VF Engineering VW Golf VR6) so we can provide you with correct service instructions.
Vortech Sealed Supercharger Oil Refill Instructions
Vortech Compressor Upgrade (SI / TI)
  • Exchange Impeller & Compressor Cover
  • NOTE: Further repair may be needed inside the supercharger for this upgrade.
  • NOTE: Supercharger must have a Big Bearing Gearbox.

Input Bearing Normal

Input Bearing Heavy Duty

Input Bearing Heavy Duty V-7

Output Bearing Heavy Duty, Small Bearing Gearbox

Output Bearing Normal, Large Bearing Gearbox, Sealed Unit

Output Bearing Heavy Duty, Large Bearing Gearbox, Oil Feed

Output Bearing Extra Heavy Duty, Large Bearing Gearbox, Oil Feed

Ceramic Impeller Seal

Ceramic Impeller Seal Thrust Washer .088"

Ceramic Impeller Seal O'Ring

Input Seal

1 Bolt Compressor Retaining Tab

2 Bolt Compressor Retaining Tab

Compressor Retaining Tab Bolts - Qty 6

3/8" Copper Washer For Oil Feed Fitting

3/8" NPT Gearbox Bung Magnetic

3/8" NPT Gearbox Bung STD

Output Wave Washer 40mm O.D.

Output Shim .025" Thick

Vortech Name / I.D. Tag

S.U. Dipstick

Gearbox Brass Side Plug

Oil Feed Nozzle, Short (suit superchargers without Air Assist)

Oil Feed Nozzle, Long (suit superchargers with Air Assist)

Air Assist One Way Valve

Impeller Nut CW

Impeller Nut CCW

Impeller SI CW Rotation

Impeller SI CCW Rotation

Impeller TI CW Rotation

Impeller TI CCW Rotation

Impeller JT, CW Rotation (10mm Shaft)

Impeller, V7 JT, CCW Rotation

Impeller, V7 YSi, CW Rotation

Impeller, V7 YSi, CCW Rotation

Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet), CW Rotation

Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet), CCW Rotation

Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet), Exchange
  • Outright, add $250.00
  • NOTE: Old Impeller MUST be in good condition.

Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet), Exchange w/ Super Mondo Valve
  • Outright, add $250.00
  • NOTE: Old Impeller MUST be in good condition.

Impeller, V7 Ysi-B (Billet) w/ Super Mondo Bypass Valve - Outright

1/8" Volute Bung

Input Shaft, V2 / V3 CW Rotation

Output Shaft, V2 / V3 CW Rotation

Input Shaft, V7 CW Rotation

Output Shaft, V7

V2/V3 Bare Gearbox Set

Gearbox Lid Bolts - Qty 10

Compressor Cover SI Straight Outlet, CW Rotation

Compressor Cover SI Curved Outlet, CW Rotation

Compressor Cover SI Straight Outlet, CCW Rotation

Compressor Cover TI Straight Outlet, CW Rotation

Compressor Cover JT Straight Outlet, CW Rotation

Compressor Cover V7 YSI Straight, CW Rotation

Compressor Cover V7 YSI Curved, CW Rotation

Compressor Cover V7 YSI Straight, CCW Rotation

Compressor Cover O Ring

Gearbox Cover O Ring

Sours: http://www.capa.com.au/repairs_vortech.htm
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Member Credit: Matty

Here is a list of parts you will need if you plan on purchasing my V1 Starter Kit and want to finish off the kit with custom items.

  1. Vortech V1 or V2 Blower (Counter Clockwise Rotation, Straight Discharge)
    • The blower NEEDS to have this fitting on it in the front
    • Also a drain line on the bottom of the blower
    • Blower can be found between $500-$700 on eBay. Search “Vortech

      Photo3 Zps915bd4c8

  2. SC Pulley: Up to you what size you go with. Stock is 3.6 at about 6lbs of boost. MUST be 6 Rib Pulley. Can be had at Vortech or Ebay. $30-$40
  3. FMU: The Vortech Unit is probably the best to use. Add a disc and it works perfectly. With the Cartech, you’ll need to set it just right for fuel adding. I think the Vortech is most feezable and easy unit to use. Can be had new at Vortech or www.superchargersonline.com or used on Ebay. $60-$100
  4. Blow Off Valve + Flange:  You Will NEED Both. Can be Vortech or any other type of Blow off valve will work. It also uses the same flange as any Greddy BOV so you can switch down the road if you like. Anywhere they sell new BOV’s or Ebay for used. $150-$200 w/flange

Other NON-Vortech Related Parts

  1. Super Charger Drive Belt: Good year Gator-back belt Size will be different for every size pulley. Any Good Year Dealer $40
    • 3.6 (stock)…….4060705 6PK1790 70 1/2″–71 1/4″
    • 3.33…………….4060705 6PK1790 70 1/2″–71 1/4″
    • 3.48…………….4060705 6PK1790 70 1/2″–71 1/4″
    • 3.25…………….4060695 6PK1765 69 1/2″–70 1/4″
    • 3.125…………..4060695 6PK1765 69 1/2″–70 1/4″
    • 3.00…………….4060690 6PK1755 69 “–69 3/4”
    • 2.87…………….4060690 6PK1755 69 “–69 3/4”
  2. SS Feed line with T: SS -4AN approx. 3 to 4 feet in length

  3. Rubber Drain Line: Stock Nissan Part #11823-31U00 $21 **Will Need to be Cut to Fit**
  4. Rubber Power Steering Lines: This kit requires the installer to install rubber PS lines in place of the metal bent ones that are there from the factory. GXE and GLE do NOT have those lines. I would think 9 feet of 3/8″ High pressure P/S hose will suffice the install. 5/16″ High pressure line will also work. GLE/GXE guys will have to get 5/16 Brake Hardline and Bend a Cooler for the front of your car. Small Pipe bender also needed.
  5. Small Hose Clamps: Power steering lines, Fuel lines, Blower Drain Back Hose. Local Auto Parts Store $10
  6. Large Hose Clamps: For Charge pipe. Should need 9 to 11 depending on how you set your Charge pipe up.  $1 a piece Do yourself a favor and invest in t-bolt clamps. They are twice the price, but you will not be sorry that you got them. You need to go up 1/4″ in size (so for a 3″ pipe, you need the 3.25″ t-bolt.
  7. Charge Pipe 3″ or 2.5″: Any type of 3″ or 2.5″ SS or Aluminum Tubing. Then get a U Bend of 3″ for the Upper Bend. You’ll have to do some fitting and such. You can use silicone couplings for the entire thing, every bend, or you can have it welded completely to eliminate silicone couplings. Up to you. You can purchase from https://www.intakehoses.com/
  8. MAF Adaptor
  9. In-Tank Fuel pump: Walbro in tank High Pressure GSS342 High Pressure. Part #GSS342-400-954
  10. Gas Tank Sender Seal. Nissan Part #17342-01A00 $9
  11. Pancake Filter: K&N Part #RA-0980. You have the option to do a Cold Air System.
  12. Radiator Over-Flow Relocation Bracket: You’ll need to make this work somehow. Its a simple piece of sheet metal and holds the over-flow bottle behind the battery. Alot of guys wedge it there and tie it to the battery posts. Use your creativity.
  13. Coolant Line: 48″ of 5/16 thin wall hose to reach the New bottle location.
  14. Crank Case Breather: The front crank case no longer breaths to the intake stream. A Small filter for that end on the valve cover $5
  15. Fuel hose/Vacuum hose: Some of this to complete the entire job will be necessary. Fuel hose is 5/16″ and Vaccum hose is 5/32. Any local auto Parts store $10-$15
  16. 5/32 Vaccum T. Each thing you have will need a vaccum source depending on what your engine bay looks like. BOV, FMU will both need vaccum sources. Local Auto Parts store $2
  17. Boost Gauge: Not needed, but I would recommend it to make sure your running properly with no Vacuum leaks or Boost leaks. Find vacuum source right off of Intake Manifold NOT OFF T.

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Sours: https://www.my4dsc.com/mattys-vortech-v1-v2-supercharger-parts-list/
Rebuilding a Centrifugal Supercharger
Vortech Overhaul / Repair services V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V7, V9 / A, B, E, F, G, SC, SCi, S, Si, T, Ti, YS, YSi, X, XX-trims, etc, etc.

$465.00 – V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V7,V9 ABEC 7 (59K rpm) repair service
$615.00 – V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V7,V9 ABEC 7 Ceramic hybrid (62K rpm) repair service
$265.00 – Shaft seal only repair service

$1095 – A, B, S, SQ, or Si to Si or T trim conversion with 8/8 billet impeller, bearings, and seals.
(prices include $40 domestic return shipping – add $60 for Express International shipping)

MACHINE SCROLL / VOLUTE for larger trim

$225.00 – machine scroll to larger trim profile (from A, S, Si, etc. trim, up to T trim)
$400.00 – fabricate/weld/machine scroll up to Ti trim profile (from A, S, Si, T, etc., up to Ti trim)


Shipping and payment details on Repair Form here:

Sours: https://www.superchargerrebuild.com/vortech/

Supercharger parts vortech replacement

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