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Flowering Vine Rub On Transfer Mural -Decorative Painting Wall Tattoo

Simply dry rub this decorative painting onto your wall! This is the easiest way to apply decorative painting-no paint, no mess, with instant results!!

Use these vines with or without the flowers to create a hand painted touch in your home.

You get 16 feet (approximately) of vine, with flowers to add as you wish. 4 of the sheets of vine and flowers with every order.

Details: We show our flowering vine with our molding design, because they work very well together, but this is such a universal design that it can be used almost anywhere you would like to add a little meandering vine. The flowers are separate from the vine, so you can use them or not!You can overlap leaves and flowers. This design is addictive!

Wall Dressed Up Mural Transfers are not a shiny vinyl sticker, but a high resolution, semi-matte transfer that is like a dry paint tattoo for your wall. It truly looks like a hand painted mural, with no edges to lift because it incorporates into your wall finish. No removal necessary, simply paint over, like you would a custom mural.

Mural transfers give you the look of a custom mural for a fraction of the price! Applies to flat or textured walls beautifully. Can be used on walls, ceilings, floors, mirrors, hard surfaces. Instructions and a rub on applicator tool are included with every order.


Painting Stencil Stylish Vine


I love vine stencils. Don&#;t you? The options of how to use it are just endless!

Trail it over a piece of furniture, stencil vines on your deck or patio, use it to stencil trailing vines around a doorway or create a unique art piece for your walls by stenciling it on painted canvas.

Want a high end look? Paint your walls pale gray then stencil this vine in metallic silver paint all over the wall. Talk about drop dead gorgeous!

Re-usable stencil. Stencil as many as you like!

Wall stencils are not made for just walls! Use this stencil design repeated over the surfaces of a tired, old dresser, stencil plain curtains or use it as a back splash design in the bath.

Focal walls are all the rage and this stencil design gives that wall a super elegant design.

Try doing it in metallic craft paints which come in just about every color of the rainbow!

Cover a wall quickly by using a small roller instead of a stencil brush. No worries, we send the instructions with the stencil. It&#;s super easy!

Design, photos and text copyright Victoria Larsen All rights reserved.


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How to Paint Vines on a Wall

  • Sketch a basic pattern on your wall with a piece of chalk. Focus on drawing the trunk and the stems of the vine, not the leaves.

  • Mix acrylic paint on a plastic plate. The stem of a vine tends to be darker than the leaves. Mix in a few drops of matte medium if the paint is too thick. Thin the paint enough so you can make a fluid line. Test the paint on a sheet of scrap paper and adjust the consistency accordingly.

  • Paint the trunk and stems on the wall with a thin lettering brush. Let the paint dry. Wipe off any chalk lines with a damp sponge.

  • Spray the backs of your leaf stencils with spray adhesive. Let the adhesive dry to a tacky finish.

  • Mix some colors to paint the leaves of your vine. Consider that vines look different at different times of year. Vines in the fall may include some hints of red. Young leaves tend to be lighter in color than older leaves.

  • Start at the bottom of the trunk of the vine and work your way out to the tips of the outer tendrils. Press the sticky backing of the stencil to the wall.

  • Dip a make-up sponge in paint. Press the sponge against the openings in the stencil. Make sure that the whole leaf is filled in with a layer of color.

  • Remove the stencil. Wipe it off with a damp sponge to remove excess paint.

  • Reposition the stencil along another area of the vine. Do not put the stencil on top of wet paint. When the leaves you painted earlier are dry, you can go back to paint overlapping leaves on top. Continue adding leaves until your vine has the desired degree of complexity.

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